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Page I54 - Ive got the blues for my baby to I’m ready for love

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Tune nameSessions
Ive got the blues for my baby1
Ive got the blues for Rampart Street1
Ive got the blues for the blue grass down in Kentucky1
Ive got the blues in my mind1
Ive got the blues in the morning1
Ive got the blues so bad2
Ive got the blues thats all1
Ive got the blues when it rains1
Ive got the cryinst shoulder in town1
Ive got the dues1
Ive got the feeling Im falling1
Ive got the girl6
Ive got the groove1
Ive got the handle1
Ive got the Holy Ghost1
Ive got the jitters1
Ive got the jitters over you1
Ive got the joobie blues2
Ive got the joogie blues1
Ive got the joys2
Ive got the lowdown dirty good for nothing blues1
Ive got the man1
Ive got the map Im coming home1
Ive got the melody1
Ive got the minor blues4
Ive got the music in me2
Ive got the news1
Ive got the peace brother blues1
Ive got the potatoes I got the tomatoes1
Ive got the proof1
Ive got the red white and blues1
Ive got the right kind of lovin1
Ive got the right man now1
Ive got the right to sing the blues6
Ive got the San Francisco blues2
Ive got the shiniest mouth in town2
Ive got the stinger4
Ive got the strangest feeling1
Ive got the sun in the mornin1
Ive got the sun in the morning17
Ive got the sun in the morning and the moon at night1
Ive got the sweetest girl1
Ive got the sweetest girl in all the world1
Ive got the sweetest man1
Ive got the upper hand2
Ive got the whole world on a string1
Ive got the wonder blues1
Ive got the wonder where he went2
Ive got the world in a jug1
Ive got the world on a string511
Ive got the world on string1
Ive got the wrong man1
Ive got the Yes We have no banana blues1
Ive got the yes we have no bananas blues4
Ive got them feelin good today blues2
Ive got them feelin too good today blues2
Ive got those blues1
Ive got those charleston blues1
Ive got those classic blues1
Ive got those feeling too good today blues1
Ive got time1
Ive got to be a rug cutter10
Ive got to be a rugcutter1
Ive got to be me4
Ive got to be someone2
Ive got to be strong1
Ive got to be there1
Ive got to change1
Ive got to change my story1
Ive got to convince myself1
Ive got to cool my doggies now1
Ive got to cool my puppies now1
Ive got to dance1
Ive got to find my way back1
Ive got to find somebody1
Ive got to get another baby1
Ive got to get rid of you1
Ive got to get you out of my mind1
Ive got to go and leave my daddy behind1
Ive got to go back1
Ive got to go cry1
Ive got to have mama now1
Ive got to have my daddy blues1
Ive got to have my moments1
Ive got to have you4
Ive got to have you thats all1
Ive got to learn to do the mambo1
Ive got to live the life I sing about in my song2
Ive got to love somebodys baby1
Ive got to move5
Ive got to pass your house2
Ive got to pass your house to get to mine1
Ive got to pass your house to get to my house3
Ive got to pay the price1
Ive got to see my red hot mama every night1
Ive got to see you again4
Ive got to see you baby1
Ive got to set you straight1
Ive got to sing1
Ive got to sing a torch song8
Ive got to stop1
Ive got to swing1
Ive got to talk to my heart1
Ive got to thats all1
Ive got to think it over1
Ive got to use my imagination3
Ive got too many blues1
Ive got too much1
Ive got trouble1
Ive got twelve1
Ive got two eyes1
Ive got two lips2
Ive got what it takes44
Ive got what you want1
Ive got you1
Ive got you on my mind4
Ive got you on top of my list1
Ive got you to lean on2
Ive got you under my skin404
Ive got you under skin1
Ive got you where I want you1
Ive got your love1
Ive got your number34
Ive got your rhythm1
Ive gotta be me9
Ive gotta be on my way4
Ive gotta feelin1
Ive gotta find love1
Ive gotta get a message to you1
Ive gotta have you1
Ive gotta leave you2
Ive gotta right to love1
Ive gotta right to sing the blues2
Ive gotta woman1
Ive gotten over you2
Ive grown accustomed to her face206
Ive grown accustomed to his face48
Ive grown accustomed to the bass1
Ive grown accustomed to the race1
Ive grown accustomed to your face65
Ive had a hard way to go1
Ive had a little talk1
Ive had enough1
Ive had it2
Ive had it Jones1
Ive had my fun1
Ive had my fun if I dont get well no more1
Ive had my moments27
Ive had the blues all day1
Ive had the blues so long1
Ive had these lonesome journey blues all day1
Ive had this feeling before3
Ive have this feeling before1
Ive heard1
Ive heard it all before1
Ive heard it before2
Ive heard of a city1
Ive heard that blues before1
Ive heard that one before1
Ive heard that song1
Ive heard that song before73
Ive heard this before2
Ive hitched my wagon to a star7
Ive just begun to love you1
Ive just found love1
Ive just got about everything1
Ive just seen a face5
Ive just seen her14
Ive just seen her face1
Ive known rivers7
Ive learned1
Ive learned a lesson Ill never forget1
Ive learned a lot about the blues1
Ive learned my lesson1
Ive learned to do without you now1
Ive lived my life1
Ive longed and searched for my mother1
Ive lost her1
Ive lost my gal from Memphis1
Ive lost my head over you1
Ive lost my heart again2
Ive lost my heart in Dixieland3
Ive lost my heart to the meanest girl1
Ive lost my love1
Ive lost you1
Ive lost your love5
Ive loved you all my life3
Ive made a big mistake1
Ive made a change1
Ive made a habit of you1
Ive made it right1
Ive made up my mind3
Ive made up my mind to mind a maid made up like you1
Ive missed you1
Ive never been1
Ive never been a woman before1
Ive never been anything3
Ive never been blue before1
Ive never been in love1
Ive never been in love befoe1
Ive never been in love before260
Ive never been loved by anyone like you2
Ive never been on it before1
Ive never been so happy in my life1
Ive never been so low on love1
Ive never been to Cuba1
Ive never been to me2
Ive never ever loved before3
Ive never forgotten6
Ive never forgotton1
Ive never had the pleasure1
Ive never known such love in my soul before1
Ive never left your arms2
Ive never loved anyone more1
Ive never met a guy whos perfect1
Ive never really known you1
Ive never seen3
Ive never seen a smile like yours1
Ive never seen a straight banana1
Ive never seen an ocean1
Ive never seen anything like it1
Ive never seen anything like you1
Ive never seen such a sight1
Ive never waited for you1
Ive no place to live1
Ive only known a stranger1
Ive only known you a moment1
Ive only myself to blame9
Ive overlooked before1
Ive paid some blues1
Ive seen13
Ive seen fire & Ive seen rain1
Ive seen her in stones1
Ive seen it all3
Ive seen it in your eyes1
Ive seen my baby3
Ive seen that face before1
Ive seen what youve done1
Ive seen you before1
Ive something to say1
Ive started all over again2
Ive still got my health2
Ive stolen all of your being1
Ive stopped my man2
Ive surrendered1
Ive taken a fancy to you2
Ive thought of leaving too1
Ive thought of you1
Ive to those Carolina blues1
Ive told every little star48
Ive told evry little star6
Ive touched your soul2
Ive traveled so far1
Ive tried3
Ive tried & tried1
Ive tried and Ive waited1
Ive tried everything1
Ive tried so many times1
Ive waited a lifetime for you1
Ive waited a long long time1
Ive waited for you1
Ive waited long enough1
Ive waited so long1
Ive waited too long1
Iven space trek1
Iveragh moods1
Iverson oddity1
Iversons odyssey2
Ives 11
Ives 21
Ives 31
Ives 51
Ives 61
Ives 71
Ives eyes1
Ives suite1
Ivo gets his pivo1
Ivolginskij dacan1
Ivory Bill1
Ivory black1
Ivory burn1
Ivory call1
Ivory cliffs2
Ivory coast11
Ivory Coast blues1
Ivory Coast Suite1
Ivory Coast wedding1
Ivory dreams1
Ivory expidition1
Ivory flower1
Ivory forest1
Ivory horn1
Ivory horses1
Ivory isle2
Ivory Joes boogie1
Ivory moon1
Ivory moss1
Ivory pyramid1
Ivory rag10
Ivory romance2
Ivory smile1
Ivory strides3
Ivory tatoo1
Ivory tower5
Ivory tower blues2
Ivory towers1
Ivory TV1
Ivory wotura1
Ivre a Paris2
Ivresse de lumiere1
Ivresse divine1
Ivry 3h du matin 3 bouteilles de Chianti1
Ivry sur Seine1
Ivve for ever1
Ivy jazz band hall1
Ivy League1
Ivy League blues2
Ivy league march1
Ivy League medley1
Ivy Osborne1
ivy that clings to the wall1
Ivy towers1
ivy variations1
ivy walk1
Ivys lullabye2
Ivys theme1
Ivys tune1
Iwa darekere1
Iwan Iwanowitsch1
Iwashi no uroko1
Iwe wangu1
Iwy mara2
IX aphorismus1
IX Bubbelgesang1
IX Finale1
IX love6
IX The sky beneath my feet1
Ixi instead of Dixie1
Ixilon yps1
Iya alagua1
Iya ilu spirit1
Iya maase lobi shango1
Iya modupue1
Iyi geceler1
Iyone my own Iyone4
Iz beatdown time2
Iz isnt1
Iz teme za blues1
Iz zemlje gre v trsek1
Iza found a smile1
Izabellas dream1
Izane zembe gawuale1
Izarren inguruan1
Izgleda zaboravila me davno1
Izgrejla e mesechinka Sabrali se devet babi1
Izgubljeno jagnje1
Izgubljeno Janje1
Izipho Zam1
Izljal e deljo1
Izlyal e delyo haidoutin1
Izmar The mahatajah1
Izmir zeybegi1
Iznad svega1
Izos mood2
Izquierda y derecha for violin and MIDI piano1
Izuj se ostani1
Izven spomina1
Izwe lifile1
Izzat love1
Izzy and Lambchop1
Izzy whizzy1
Izzys last jam1
Izzys lullaby1
I’d rather be me1
I’d rather cry over you1
I’ll always be in love1
I’ll always be with you1
I’ll be a friend with pleasure4
I’ll be around1
I’ll be home for Christmas4
I’ll be seeing you2
I’ll be your baby tonight1
I’ll close my eyes4
I’ll fly away2
I’ll forget you1
I’ll get by2
I’ll know I love you so1
I’ll never be the same1
I’ll remember April7
I’ll see you in CUBA1
I’ll see you in my dreams2
I’m a fool to want you3
I’m a mighty tight woman1
I’m afraid that I’m dead1
I’m afraid the masquerade is over1
I’m alone because I love you1
I’m always chasing rainbows1
I’m an unemployed sweetheart1
I’m beginning to see the light5
I’m coming Virginia3
I’m confessin’2
I’m confessin’ that I love you1
I’m confessin’ trio1
I’m crazy about my baby1
I’m crazy ‘bout my baby3
I’m fallin’ in love again1
I’m getting tired of dreaming1
I’m glad there is you5
I’m going home1
I’m gonna Charleston back to Charleston1
I’m gonna haunt ya1
I’m gonna meet my sweetie now1
I’m gonna see my baby1
I’m gonna sit right down and write myself a letter2
I’m gonna tell1
I’m gonna tell my mommy on you1
I’m in love1
I’m in the mood for love3
I’m in the seventh heaven1
I’m just a lucky so and so4
I’m looking over a four leaf clover1
I’m lost1
I’m movin’ on1
I’m not in love1
I’m old fashioned3
I’m putting all my eggs in one basket1
I’m ready for love1

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