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Page I53 - Its a long lonely highway to Its gotta be real

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Tune nameSessions
Its a long lonely highway1
Its a long long journey1
Its a long long time2
Its a long long way to Tipperary12
Its a long long winter1
Its a long road1
Its a long story2
Its a long time between kisses2
Its a long walk1
Its a long way7
Its a long way down5
Its a long way home2
Its a long way to Mampong1
Its a long way to Tipperary101
Its a long way to Vase1
Its a long way to your heart2
Its a lot of idle gossip1
Its a love song1
Its a lovely day4
Its a lovely day today26
Its a lovely day tomorrow11
Its a lovely love affair1
Its a lovely way to spend an evening1
Its a lovely world1
Its a low down dirty deal1
Its a low down dirty shame11
Its a lowdown thing1
Its a lucky day1
Its a mad mad mad mambo1
Its a mad mad mad world2
Its a man1
Its a mans mans mans world4
Its a mans mans world4
Its a mans world9
Its a marshmallow world2
Its a matter of pride1
Its a me oh Lord1
Its a mean old mans world3
Its a mean old world1
Its a mean world to live in1
Its a mighty po rat that aint got but one hole1
Its a mighty pretty night for love1
Its a million to one youre in love4
Its a million to one youre in love with me1
Its a minor thing1
Its a miracle3
Its a monsters holiday1
Its a most desirable residence1
Its a most unusual day24
Its a movie about a woman who beheads her brother stabs her children and sends her lovers wife up in flames1
Its a mystery2
Its a natural thing1
Its a natural thing to do1
Its a new day5
Its a new world3
Its a New York thing2
Its a nice face1
Its a nice thought1
Its a night for love1
Its a nuisance having you around1
Its a pair of wings for me2
Its a party1
Its a perfect relationship1
Its a pity2
Its a pity to say goodbye2
Its a pity to say goodnight44
Its a pocketbook1
Its a poor rat that got but one hole1
Its a pose1
Its a precious little thing called love5
Its a pretty waltz1
Its a quiet thing5
Its a quiet town1
Its a raggy waltz28
Its a rainy day2
Its a ramble2
Its a riddle1
Its a rockin thing1
Its a sad night in Harlem1
Its a sad sad feeling1
Its a samba2
Its a sandman1
Its a secret1
Its a shame3
Its a shame to take the money1
Its a shuffle2
Its a sin3
Its a sin the way youve treated me1
Its a sin to tell a lie209
Its a sin towrite a letter1
Its a sing to tell a lie1
Its a small world9
Its a small world after all2
Its a smart affair1
Its a snap1
Its a start1
Its a step lightly1
Its a stony way1
Its a strange but funky world1
Its a strange world1
Its a sun of a beach1
Its a Sunday down in Caroline1
Its a thing5
Its a thing of the past2
Its a tincture1
Its a treat1
Its a U1
Its a very good year1
Its a virtual world1
Its a w1
Its a wack attack1
Its a waltz man1
Its a whole new thing1
Its a woman world1
Its a womans perogative1
Its a womans prerogative5
Its a womans world4
Its a wonderful day today1
Its a wonderful life3
Its a wonderful world153
Its a wonderful world after all1
Its aboteen time1
Its about blues time1
Its about everything1
Its about life1
Its about that time37
Its about that time of day1
Its about time60
Its about time its about love1
Its about time part I1
Its about time part II1
Its about time the rain came1
Its about timeThe onenote trumpet player1
Its about you1
Its about you and me1
Its after the end of the world3
Its alive1
Its all a dream1
Its all a joke1
Its all a mystery1
Its all a silly game1
Its all about breaking the wall1
Its all about life1
Its all about love5
Its all about me1
Its all about that time1
Its all about the cuica1
Its all about the waitress1
Its all about you3
Its all alright1
Its all bamboo1
Its all becoming so clear now1
Its all been done before1
Its all been said1
Its all cause of loving you1
Its all clear to me now2
Its all comin down1
Its all coming home to you5
Its all for you3
Its all forgotten now3
Its all gone1
Its all gone now1
Its all good12
Its all happenin1
Its all I ask of you1
Its all I want1
Its all in my hands3
Its all in my soul2
Its all in the game29
Its all in the mind4
Its all in the stars1
Its all in the the game1
Its all in your head1
Its all in your mind12
Its all inside2
Its all just words1
Its all left with me1
Its all love1
Its all money Johnny1
Its all my fault2
Its all OK1
Its all one Fun1
Its all over15
Its all over again1
Its all over baby1
Its all over but the crying2
Its all over but the memories2
Its all over but the shouting1
Its all over for me1
Its all over now28
Its all over now baby blue6
Its all over town2
Its all over your body1
Its all right20
Its all right baby1
Its all right for me1
Its all right for you1
Its all right Jack1
Its all right now4
Its all right to be afraid1
Its all right with me504
Its all so good but this is better1
Its all so new to me3
Its all the same3
Its all the same to me4
Its all Thelonious1
Its all there4
Its all there inside1
Its all too much1
Its all up to you2
Its all up with I1
Its all we do2
Its all we have to offer1
Its all worn out2
Its all you2
Its all your fault5
Its all yours5
Its allright ma2
Its allright with me7
Its almost dark1
Its almost five1
Its almost gone1
Its almost light again1
Its almost like being in love10
Its almost midnight1
Its almost spring1
Its almost tomorrow1
Its already better than ok1
Its already that1
Its already there1
Its alright14
Its alright by me1
Its alright ma3
Its alright now3
Its alright to be blue1
Its alright with me71
Its alright with me girl1
Its Alvin again1
Its always 4 AM5
Its always 930 in Zog1
Its always a friend1
Its always cold when youre leaving1
Its always Fairweather1
Its always four am2
Its always goodbye1
Its always jazz1
Its always like this1
Its always now1
Its always orange day in California1
Its always some kind of a freak1
Its always something1
Its always spring2
Its always time for tea1
Its always winter1
Its always you38
Its amazing1
Its ame o Lord1
Its amore to Johan Mariam & Andreas1
Its an angel on the door1
Its an ants life1
Its an attack The skys ablaze1
Its an ill wind that blows nobody any good1
Its an old southern custom3
Its an old Spanish custom1
Its an old Spanish custom in the moonlight1
Its an understatement1
Its an uphill climb to the bottom1
Its another day1
Its anybodys heart1
Its anybodys love song1
Its anybodys moon1
Its anybodys spring13
Its April1
Its April again3
Its as simple as that1
Its at times like these1
Its autumn3
Its awful lovely out tonight1
Its awfully nice to be with you4
Its back1
Its backwards no matter what I do1
Its bad1
Its bad for me17
Its bad for your soul1
Its bad to be forgotten2
Its beach1
Its beautiful when youre falling in love1
Its because of the sky1
Its because were in love1
Its bedtime baby1
Its been a hard days night1
Its been a long long time103
Its been a long night1
Its been a long road1
Its been a long time17
Its been a long time baby1
Its been a long time coming1
Its been a mad spring1
Its been a while5
Its been almost a year1
Its been fun1
Its been nothing nothing since the beginning of the game1
Its been raining1
Its been raining for most of my life1
Its been raining in my heart1
Its been said3
Its been so long92
Its been too long2
Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas10
Its beginning to look at lot like Christmas1
Its beginning to look like spring1
Its better1
Its better than nothing1
Its better than walkin out1
Its better this way1
Its better to be by yourself1
Its better to be taken for granted1
Its better to give than to receive1
Its better to have1
Its better to keep cool sometimes1
Its better to wait for love1
Its better with a band1
Its better you1
Its bicycle repairman1
Its bigamy1
Its Bird1
Its blowing1
Its blowing half a gale1
Its blue1
Its blues time1
Its Bologney1
Its boogie time1
Its born1
Its bout to break my heart in two1
Its breaking my heart to keep away from you1
Its called the blues1
Its cha time1
Its changed1
Its cherry pink and apple blossom white1
Its Christmas5
Its Christmas again1
Its Christmas again Jesus1
Its Christmas every day1
Its Christmas in New York1
Its Christmas time12
Its Christmas time again5
Its Christmas time baby1
Its clear1
Its cold I said1
Its cold in Ibiza1
Its cold out1
Its cold out there1
Its come to this1
Its coming3
Its complicated1
Its cool1
Its cool to be cool2
Its cool to be together text2
Its cooler inside1
Its coolin time1
Its crazy28
Its crazy but Im in love1
Its crazy wild and wonderful1
Its dance1
Its dangerous2
Its dangerous to be a bastard1
Its dark1
Its dark on Observatory Hill7
Its dark outside1
Its dawn again2
Its days1
Its de lovely2
Its decay a sigh1
Its December again1
Its deja vu all over again1
Its delightful its delovely its delicious1
Its delightful to be married1
Its delovely92
Its devine so devine1
Its different out there1
Its different when it happens to you1
Its dizzy1
Its dlovely4
Its done1
Its down to love1
Its dreamtime5
Its driving me wild1
Its easier said than done4
Its easy1
Its easy child1
Its easy for you to say1
Its easy to blame the weather7
Its easy to fall in love1
Its easy to remember226
Its easy to say3
Its easy to say goodbye1
Its easy to suppose1
Its easy when youre in love1
Its easy with you1
Its enough4
Its evening again1
Its evil hearted me1
Its expensive to be poor1
Its fabulous1
Its fantastic1
Its fantasy1
Its far away1
Its fate baby1
Its fine2
Its five oclock somewhere1
Its foolish but its fun1
Its for free1
Its for love the petals fall1
Its for sure1
Its for you12
Its forever1
Its forever with you1
Its foxy2
Its free to be good1
Its freedom8
Its freedom life1
Its from Lester actually1
Its full or it aint no good3
Its fun to be human1
Its fun to think2
Its funkito1
Its funkito 21
Its funny6
Its funny but1
Its funny how1
Its funny how things1
Its funny isnt it1
Its funny to everyone but me14
Its funny what a kiss can do1
Its futile I said1
Its George with Joe1
Its gettin awful lonely out tonight1
Its gettin kinda chilly1
Its getting awful lonely out tonight1
Its getting better2
Its getting dark4
Its getting harder to survive1
Its getting hot in here1
Its getting late5
Its getting late in the evening2
Its getting late now1
Its getting real dark1
Its glory2
Its go time1
Its going to be a beautiful day1
Its going to be all right1
Its going to be allright1
Its going to be funky1
Its going to take some time3
Its going to take some time this time1
Its gone2
Its gone in the air1
Its gonna be a cold cold winter2
Its gonna be allright1
Its gonna be alright1
Its gonna be good1
Its gonna be me1
Its gonna be some time this time1
Its gonna be you4
Its gonna change2
Its gonna come out in a wash someday1
Its gonna rain1
Its gonna take some time2
Its good enough for me1
Its good enough to keep2
Its good for you17
Its good in my neighbourhood1
Its good its a disease1
Its good like that2
Its good not to forget1
Its good to be alive3
Its good to be free2
Its good to be home again2
Its good to be seen1
Its good to have you near1
Its good to know you1
Its good to see you1
Its good to see you baby1
Its good to see you sweetheart1
Its good to see your face again1
Its good to talk1
Its good to want you bad1
Its goodbye1
Its goodbye Charlie1
Its got me going2
Its got my name on it1
Its got to be better outside1
Its got to be funky1
Its got to be love12
Its got to be me1
Its got to be something1
Its got to be this or that1
Its gotta be happy1
Its gotta be me1
Its gotta be real1

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