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This index refers to the 500,353 individual tune titles (1,511,575 total entries) included in over 234,275 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of November, 2017.

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Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page I29 - Impro intro to Improvisation uber Mehrklange

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Tune nameSessions
Impro intro1
Impro IV2
Impro K 183Sonata in F minor K 1831
Impro K 448Sonata in F minor K 4481
Impro K159K1591
Impro K208K2081
Impro K3K31
Impro K545K5451
Impro live1
Impro ljouwert1
Impro Lov1
Impro mother tongue1
Impro MSR1
Impro no 12
Impro no 22
Impro one2
Impro opus 11
Impro opus 21
Impro primo1
Impro scream & clutter II1
Impro SRM1
Impro Still1
Impro tamapiao1
Impro twee1
Impro ZoomTop1
Improbable day1
Improbable hip1
Improbable impromptus1
Improbable v1
Improbach 859Prelude in F minor BWV 8591
Improhandel 439Courante in G minor HWV 4391
Improline 21
Improline 31
Improline 41
Improline 51
Improline 61
Imprologue 11
Imprologue 21
Impromenade dun reveur solitaire1
Impromenade dun reveur solitare1
Impromptu & novelette1
Impromptu 11
Impromptu 101
Impromptu 111
Impromptu 121
Impromptu 131
Impromptu 22
Impromptu 32
Impromptu 41
Impromptu 51
Impromptu 61
Impromptu 71
Impromptu 81
Impromptu 891
Impromptu 91
Impromptu Ab major Op291
Impromptu and fantasy1
Impromptu ballad1
Impromptu bizarre1
Impromptu bizarre 21
Impromptu blues1
Impromptu dynamics2
Impromptu emsemble1
Impromptu ensemble40
Impromptu ensemble no 11
Impromptu esdur op 90 nr 21
Impromptu festival1
Impromptu for a mensch1
Impromptu for two pianos1
Impromptu from three little oddities1
Impromptu good night1
Impromptu I op291
Impromptu in bflat minor1
Impromptu in D1
Impromptu in F major opus 36 no21
Impromptu in G flat1
Impromptu in two keys2
Impromptu lateral drop1
Impromptu monderne1
Impromptu no1
Impromptu No 11
Impromptu No 32
Impromptu No 41
Impromptu no 4 in Csharp minor op66 Fantasie impromptu1
Impromptu no 51
Impromptu of blue1
Impromptu op 90 no 31
Impromptu opus 661
Impromptu samba1
Impromptu sentimental1
Impromptu too1
Impromtu ensemble2
Impromtus necio1
Improptu dynamics1
Improscope 11
Improscope 21
Improscope 31
Improscope 41
Improscopics 11
Improscopics 21
Improscopics 41
Improscopics 51
Improstinato I1
Improstinato II1
Improtale 11
Improtale 21
Improtale 31
Improtale 41
Improv 116
Improv 1 Approaching sea level1
Improv 1 Clothespins in a row1
Improv 1 Philipp Wachsmann1
Improv 101
Improv 111
Improv 11 caveman reverb1
Improv 121
Improv 217
Improv 2 drum solo1
Improv 2 Evan Parker1
Improv 2 from second session1
Improv 2 Thats what you get1
Improv 311
Improv 3 Barnacle living1
Improv 3 Eddie Prevost1
Improv 3 part 1111
Improv 48
Improv 4 Hugh Davies1
Improv 55
Improv 65
Improv 74
Improv 83
Improv A2
Improv B2
Improv box set1
Improv C1
Improv challenge1
Improv D1
Improv five1
Improv for Aubrey1
Improv for Mulgrew1
Improv four2
Improv G1
Improv Grachan1
Improv I1
Improv in a minor1
Improv on The mood for love1
Improv one1
Improv six1
Improv sparrows1
Improv three2
Improv two3
Improv variation1
Improv with didgeridoo in bell 11
Improv with didgeridoo in bell 21
Improve your groove1
Improvement and impoverishment1
Improvisacao livre1
Improvisacio serial1
Improvisacion 901
Improvisacion en siguirilla1
Improvisacion I1
Improvisacion II1
Improvisacion III1
Improvisacion libre1
Improvisacion libre 11
Improvisacion libre and a tree grows in Treptow and Albanian summer1
Improvisacion libre II1
Improvisacion No 71
Improvisacion sobre Txoria1
Improvisaciones sobre boogie woogie1
Improvisaciones sobre yemaya1
Improvisando cha cha1
Improvisatio I1
Improvisatio II1
Improvisatio III1
Improvisatio IV1
Improvisatio IX1
Improvisatio V1
Improvisatio VI1
Improvisatio VII1
Improvisatio VIII1
Improvisation & nebula1
Improvisation & prelude1
Improvisation 01
Improvisation 072992 a1
Improvisation 072992 b1
Improvisation 072992 c1
Improvisation 178
Improvisation 1010
Improvisation 1021
Improvisation 102a1
Improvisation 102b1
Improvisation 102c1
Improvisation 102d1
Improvisation 102e1
Improvisation 102f1
Improvisation 102g1
Improvisation 102V1
Improvisation 102W1
Improvisation 102X1
Improvisation 102Y1
Improvisation 102Z1
Improvisation 1031
Improvisation 1041
Improvisation 104a1
Improvisation 104b1
Improvisation 1051
Improvisation 118
Improvisation 1111
Improvisation 1111881
Improvisation 124
Improvisation 121891
Improvisation 132
Improvisation 13 en la mineur1
Improvisation 142
Improvisation 151
Improvisation 161
Improvisation 171
Improvisation 170420061
Improvisation 181
Improvisation 191
Improvisation 19491
Improvisation 19611
Improvisation 19881
Improvisation 267
Improvisation 2 blues1
Improvisation 201
Improvisation 212
Improvisation 2107971
Improvisation 222
Improvisation 232
Improvisation 242
Improvisation 251
Improvisation 261
Improvisation 268871
Improvisation 271
Improvisation 273761
Improvisation 281
Improvisation 354
Improvisation 441
Improvisation 411
Improvisation 471
Improvisation 531
Improvisation 50101
Improvisation 50121
Improvisation 50161
Improvisation 50181
Improvisation 50201
Improvisation 50211
Improvisation 5361
Improvisation 5371
Improvisation 5381
Improvisation 5411
Improvisation 623
Improvisation 616961
Improvisation 717
Improvisation 731
Improvisation 771
Improvisation 814
Improvisation 911
Improvisation 9111
Improvisation 9121
Improvisation A1
Improvisation A plus opening and closing1
Improvisation A22
Improvisation and tukras1
Improvisation and variations1
Improvisation at the Echo Tower Vaxjo Sweden1
Improvisation B2
Improvisation based on Lustige Khsidim1
Improvisation before breakfast1
Improvisation blues1
Improvisation C3
Improvisation CJB1
Improvisation D1
Improvisation D plus the national rock n roll1
Improvisation de la cuff1
Improvisation de la tete1
Improvisation en moderato1
Improvisation en Si B1
Improvisation excerpt 12
Improvisation excerpt 22
Improvisation exercises1
Improvisation Exhibit A1
Improvisation five2
Improvisation for Daff1
Improvisation for dance1
Improvisation for dancers1
Improvisation for four1
Improvisation for four saxaphones1
Improvisation for guitar conch shells and percussion1
Improvisation for guitar trombone and percussion1
Improvisation for klarinett1
Improvisation for march of time1
Improvisation for Mr Low1
Improvisation for orchestra 21
Improvisation for orchestra 31
Improvisation for the march of time15
Improvisation for Tombak1
Improvisation for trio1
Improvisation for unaccompanied saxophones1
Improvisation for voice piano and guitar1
Improvisation four4
Improvisation Freddy1
Improvisation from Five piano rhapsodies1
Improvisation from Tensakunohana1
Improvisation group1
Improvisation I23
Improvisation I Statues1
Improvisation II24
Improvisation II Letter to the editor1
Improvisation II When I think about you I hate myself1
Improvisation III15
Improvisation III Be still now1
Improvisation IIIIV1
Improvisation IIV1
Improvisation in 2 parts1
Improvisation in 441
Improvisation in 741
Improvisation in Amoll1
Improvisation in Bb1
Improvisation in blue1
Improvisation in blues1
Improvisation in C Minor1
Improvisation in five1
Improvisation in fourths2
Improvisation in G1
Improvisation in G minor1
Improvisation in linear B1
Improvisation in several keys1
Improvisation in thirds1
Improvisation in zero gravity1
Improvisation Inspiration1
Improvisation intro1
Improvisation Invention1
Improvisation IV10
Improvisation IVIV1
Improvisation IX2
Improvisation LabarriereChevallier1
Improvisation LabarriereRobert1
Improvisation live Trilok Gurtu & Don Cherry1
Improvisation mainly in 981
Improvisation marine1
Improvisation med tema1
Improvisation Meditation1
Improvisation n 11
Improvisation n 21
Improvisation no 114
Improvisation no 1 for AEOC1
Improvisation no 1073 excerpt 11
Improvisation No 1Teen town1
Improvisation no 224
Improvisation no 2 for B Higgins1
Improvisation no 312
Improvisation no 3 for Syd1
Improvisation no 47
Improvisation no 4 for Descartes1
Improvisation No 471
Improvisation no 57
Improvisation no 5 for Alex1
Improvisation No 531
Improvisation no 62
Improvisation no 6 for Dewey1
Improvisation no 71
Improvisation no I1
Improvisation no32
Improvisation no43
Improvisation no53
Improvisation no62
Improvisation no71
Improvisation nocturne1
Improvisation nr 11
Improvisation nr 22
Improvisation nr 31
Improvisation nr 41
Improvisation nr 51
Improvisation of an Afghanistan theme1
Improvisation on1
Improvisation on a Finnish folktune1
Improvisation on a Monday afternoon1
Improvisation on a theme1
Improvisation on a theme by Bach1
Improvisation on a theme by Carl Edson Jefferson1
Improvisation on a theme by Granados1
Improvisation on a theme by Quincy Jones1
Improvisation on a theme by Tikhon Khrennikov from the film True Friends1
Improvisation on a theme by Tomas Svoboda1
Improvisation on a theme of Schoenbergs Verklarte Nacht1
Improvisation on Antouni1
Improvisation on Bach lute prelude1
Improvisation on Beethovens Pathetique sonata 2nd movement1
Improvisation on Beethovens Pathetique sonata 3rd movement1
Improvisation on Beethovens sonata op 109 3rd movement1
Improvisation on Bela Bartoks dragons dance1
Improvisation on blues1
Improvisation on Bolero1
Improvisation on confirmation1
Improvisation on Cycle logical1
Improvisation on Debussys reverie1
Improvisation on Die Fefriesten1
Improvisation on Die Soldaten1
Improvisation on fugue X1
Improvisation on Greigs Norwegian dance1
Improvisation on halfinet1
Improvisation on How deep is the ocean1
Improvisation on message in a bottle1
Improvisation on No11
Improvisation on No21
Improvisation on No31
Improvisation on Pinetops boogie woogie1
Improvisation on prelude in E minor1
Improvisation on promenade theme from pictures at an exhibition1
Improvisation on Psalm1
Improvisation on Raeba1
Improvisation on red1
Improvisation on Reedeemed1
Improvisation on Robert De Visees Minuet II1
Improvisation on Robert De Visees Sarabande1
Improvisation on Russian songs1
Improvisation on Snow tiger1
Improvisation on solo for unaccompanied bass1
Improvisation on Subatomic dominant1
Improvisation on Sweet Space1
Improvisation on The Cryptosphere1
Improvisation on the melodic idea of Dolores1
Improvisation on the theme from Pather Pancheli1
Improvisation on Tschaikowskys Starry night1
Improvisation on two themes1
Improvisation on VillaLobos Prelude no 4 in E minor1
Improvisation on waltz no 7 in Csharp minor op 64 21
Improvisation on Was it to blame by Ruby Braff1
Improvisation one4
Improvisation panels1
Improvisation part I1
Improvisation part II1
Improvisation PI1
Improvisation pour toms et gangs1
Improvisation pt 11
Improvisation pt 21
Improvisation R la batterie1
Improvisation R la contrebasse1
Improvisation sentimental1
Improvisation suite1
Improvisation sur la danse Norvegienne1
Improvisation sur la Norvege de Grieg1
Improvisation sur un berceuse Basque1
Improvisation sur un danse Norvegienne1
Improvisation sur un theme mineur2
Improvisation temple block1
Improvisation three3
Improvisation two4
Improvisation uber Mehrklange1

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