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This index refers to the 491,948 individual tune titles (1,483,810 total entries) included in over 231,004 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2017.

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Page I17 - If I ever get lucky to If the mood is right

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Tune nameSessions
If I ever get lucky1
If I ever had a dream1
If I ever had a home it was a slide trombone1
If I ever had another chance1
If I ever I should lose you1
If I ever lose my faith1
If I ever lose my faith in you3
If I ever lose this heaven2
If I ever lost you1
If I ever love again8
If I ever needed love1
If I ever needed you1
If I ever saw the seashore I believe Id die of joy1
If I ever say Im over you1
If I ever should leave you1
If I ever would leave you4
If I fall1
If I fall in love1
If I fall in love by morning1
If I fall in love too hard1
If I feel like this tomorrow1
If I feel this way tomorrow1
If I fell26
If I fell in love with you1
If I find the way1
If I find you again1
If I forget2
If I forget you7
If I gave my heart to you1
If I gave you2
If I get lucky1
If I give my heart to you7
If I give up the saxophone1
If I give you everything1
If I give you my love4
If I go away1
If I go to the promised land1
If I had1
If I had a camera I would have made this movie1
If I had a chance1
If I had a dozen hearts4
If I had a dream2
If I had a girl like you14
If I had a hammer12
If I had a magic carpet1
If I had a million2
If I had a million dollars16
If I had a penny3
If I had a ribbon bow13
If I had a ribbon to tie my hair1
If I had a rope1
If I had a sportscar1
If I had a talking picture5
If I had a talking picture of you52
If I had a ticket2
If I had a wishing ring2
If I had Aladdins lamp1
If I had another chance2
If I had any pride left at all1
If I had any sense3
If I had as many laughs1
If I had but one dream1
If I had Drew1
If I had faith1
If I had it to do all over again1
If I had it to give1
If I had known2
If I had listened1
If I had love1
If I had my druthers4
If I had my life to live1
If I had my life to live over27
If I had my life to live over again3
If I had my way38
If I had my way bout my sweetie2
If I had my way dear1
If I had my way Id live among the gypsies1
If I had my way pretty baby1
If I had my wish1
If I had one1
If I had only1
If I had only known3
If I had only known blues1
If I had only listened to my heart1
If I had possession over judgment day1
If I had rhythm1
If I had rhythm in my nursery rhymes2
If I had somebody to love2
If I had someone else1
If I had someone else before I had you1
If I had the chance2
If I had the money1
If I had to live my life over1
If I had to live my life without you1
If I had wings3
If I had wings I would fly away1
If I had you622
If I had you and you had me1
If I had you in my arms1
If I had your love2
If I hadnt been drunk1
If I have a ticket1
If I have to go1
If I have to go on without you2
If I have you1
If I hit the lottery1
If I hold on1
If I just keep still1
If I keep my heart our of sight1
If I keep my heart out of sight2
If I knew10
If I knew as much about you1
If I knew how to if I knew what muscles to relax1
If I knew it1
If I knew now1
If I knew Susi1
If I knew Susie2
If I knew the way1
If I knew then14
If I knew then what I know now1
If I knew where to begin1
If I knew where you were1
If I knew where youre at1
If I Knew You1
If I knew you were comin5
If I knew you were comin Idve baked a cake2
If I knew you were there2
If I laugh1
If I leave you1
If I let go1
If I let you get away with it5
If I let you get away with it once2
If I let you get away with it once youll do it all of the time1
If I let you go with it1
If I let you have your way1
If I live to see the day1
If I look like I feel1
If I loose its all your fault1
If I lose1
If I lose let me lose2
If I lost you2
If I love1
If I love again73
If I love you3
If I loved you96
If I loved you more1
If I loved youWhat if1
If I may1
If I move you1
If I needed someone2
If I needed you1
If I never1
If I never get to heaven4
If I never had a good thing1
If I never knew you1
If I never met you1
If I never see you again2
If I never see you as long as I live1
If I never sing another song2
If I only1
If I only had2
If I only had a brain67
If I only had a heart6
If I only had a match1
If I only had seven giant brains1
If I only had time3
If I only had wings1
If I only had you3
If I only if1
If I only knew4
If I owned the world1
If I perish1
If I put my heart in my song1
If I put my heart into a song1
If I ran the circus1
If I ruled the world29
If I said goodbye1
If I said so1
If I said the sky was falling3
If I saw this1
If I say goodbye1
If I say Im sorry1
If I see1
If I should care2
If I should come home1
If I should ever leave you1
If I should fall in love again1
If I should find you3
If I should give my love to you1
If I should loose you7
If I should lose you443
If I should lose you improvviso 21
If I should lose you Leo1
If I should love you3
If I should see you again1
If I sleep the plane will crash1
If I spoke French1
If I spoke my mind1
If I stay away too long from Carolina2
If I stay with you1
If I still have the time1
If I take you home tonight1
If I think again of this place1
If I think of a blues1
If I think of you1
If I thought you cared1
If I thought you needed me1
If I thought youd ever change your mind3
If I told you1
If I told you once1
If I want1
If I want to2
If I was1
If I was a itty bitty girl1
If I was a millionaire1
If I was Jehovah1
If I was me2
If I was you Id do just like I tell you to do1
If I was your woman2
If I wasnt hard1
If I were1
If I were a ball1
If I were a bell337
If I were a Bellson2
If I were a bird1
If I were a blackbird1
If I were a boy2
If I were a breeze1
If I were a carpenter8
If I were a itty bitty girl1
If I were a jazz man1
If I were a king2
If I were a magician1
If I were a rich man11
If I were a wind of spring1
If I were an evergreen1
If I were blue2
If I were directing this movie1
If I were Eve5
If I were in love1
If I were king1
If I were king of the forest1
If I were only sure of you1
If I were Pata1
If I were sure of you1
If I were the king of the forest1
If I were the moon2
If I were the one1
If I were the only girl in the world and you were the only boy1
If I were there1
If I were you18
If I were you baby Id fall in love with me1
If I were you baby Id love me3
If I were young again2
If I were your daddy1
If I were your girl1
If I were your woman1
If I would lose you1
If I would marry you1
If Id been on my way1
If Id knowd then what I knows now1
If Id only1
If Id only believed in you2
If Id only known you then1
If Im a fool2
If Im a fool for loving you1
If Im a welfare queen where are my jewels and furs1
If Im dreaming4
If Im elected1
If Im going to become a seminal artist Id better suck up to the critics a little better1
If Im gonna have to choose1
If Im lucky35
If Im still around tomorrow2
If Im without you1
If it aint Baroque1
If it aint baroque dont fix it1
If it aint broke dont fix it1
If it aint easy it aint right1
If it aint love23
If it aint mine1
If it aint one thing2
If it aint one thing its two1
If it aint Reverend1
If it be your will1
If it could be1
If it could happen1
If it doesnt Monday morning1
If it dont fit1
If it dont fit dont force it1
If it dont turn on you1
If it feels too good it must be a sin1
If it goes1
If it hadnt been for you2
If it happens1
If it hurts just a little1
If it hurts to be in love1
If it isnt love1
If it isnt one thing1
If it rains who cares4
If it really dont1
If it run1
If it should happen1
If it sounds good dont stop1
If it takes a hatchet1
If it takes forever1
If it was1
If it wasnt for a woman1
If it wasnt for bad luck1
If it wasnt for the moon1
If it wasnt for you1
If it wasnt for your love1
If it wasnt you1
If it were me1
If it were only you1
If it werent for you5
If it weren’t for loving you1
If its all night its alright1
If its any news to you1
If its as in love1
If its ever spring1
If its good4
If its good enough for the birds and bees1
If its good enough for Washington its good enough for me1
If its good then I want it3
If its in your heart its in your smile1
If its late pardon me1
If its love5
If its love you want3
If its love you want baby2
If its lvoe1
If its magic28
If its news to you2
If its not one thing its another1
If its only love1
If its so baby1
If its sunny Sunday1
If its the last thing I do37
If its too late please forgive me1
If its true14
If its true what they tell me1
If its wrong1
If its wrong to love you1
If its you2
If Ive done wrong1
If Ive offended anyone I apologize1
If kangaroos could dance1
If life is a tiger1
If life were all peaches & cream1
If life would be that simple1
If light were music1
If loneliness1
If looks could kill1
If lose you1
If love aint there2
If love is blind1
If love is good to me11
If love is like a lark1
If love is trouble5
If love leaves1
If love makes you give up steak and potatoes1
If love were1
If love were all18
If love were real2
If loving you is wrong3
If mama quits papa what will papa do1
If mama was married1
If memories drive you back to me1
If memory serves1
If men were only women1
If money grew on trees2
If mountains could sing2
If mumia dies1
If music be the food of love5
If musick be the food of love1
If my baby cooks1
If my baby cooks as good as she looks1
If my complaints2
If my fiends could see me now1
If my friends could see me now3
If my friends find you theyll steal you from me1
If my heart could only talk3
If my heart could speak to you3
If my heart could talk1
If my love were there1
If my parents could see me now1
If my shoes hold out1
If my sweetie comes back to me1
If my teepee could only talk1
If n1
If Ned were here1
If need be1
If not ecstatic we refund1
If not for1
If not for dreams1
If not for you8
If not in Heaven1
If not inertia1
If not love1
If not now3
If not now when4
If not nowwhen1
If not sooner1
If not today1
If on a winters night1
If one could only see9
If one more day1
If only31
If only for a time2
If only for one night7
If only for tonight1
If only for you1
If only I could read your mind1
If only I had a brain2
If only I had known3
If only I had known I was dreaming1
If only I had time3
If only I knew5
If only in your dreams1
If only is1
If only maybe were a possibility1
If only my chin had eyes1
If only once1
If only one could see1
If only she could1
If only there were time1
If only time would just stand still1
If only we could1
If only we knew2
If only we knew & TS Monk sir1
If only you knew6
If only you were here1
If only you would know1
If only you would listen1
If only youll stay1
If Ornette grew cacti1
If our love is real1
If pain persists1
If papa has outside lovin1
If Paul Simon were a Beatle1
If Peggy knew1
If people could talk1
If pork chops could sing1
If Ray Brown was a cowboy1
If right was wrong1
If Rushmore should fall1
If sadness happens to come1
If seven were 41
If seven were three1
If she be a wall1
If she breaks your heart1
If she can cook like she can love1
If she cant do it1
If she ever comes back1
If she had stayed1
If she still remembers me1
If she walked into my life6
If six was four1
If six was nine5
If six were mine1
If sixtynine was ninetysix1
If so2
If somebody told you1
If someday comes ever again3
If someday ever comes1
If someone had told me7
If someone has to wreck your life1
If someone would only love me14
If sorrow fills my heart1
If spirals had corners1
If spring were only here to stay2
If summer had its ghosts2
If swing goes I go too1
If tears could bring you back to me2
If tears didnt matter1
If that dont get it this sho will1
If thats the way you feel5
If thats the way you like it1
If thats the way you want it2
If thats the way you want it baby3
If thats true1
If thats what you feel2
If thats what you want here it is2
If thats what youre thinking1
If thats whatcha want1
If the animals had guns too1
If the blues was whisky1
If the blues was whisky I would stay drunk all the time1
If the cap fits1
If the cap fits wear it1
If the cherry tree still stands1
If the creek dont rise1
If the dance is over1
If the drum is a woman1
If the good Lords willin1
If the good Lords willing and the creek dont rise1
If the hat fits the suit1
If the hills told their secrets1
If the man in the moon1
If the man in the moon were a coon1
If the mood is right1

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