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This index refers to the 513,784 individual tune titles (1,547,601 total entries) included in over 238,908 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of November, 2018.

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Page I12 - I think it was a coincidence to I want it all

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Tune nameSessions
I think it was a coincidence1
I think it was a dream1
I think its1
I think its going to rain today28
I think its gonna rain today5
I think its gonna work out fine1
I think its time to say goodbye1
I think its time to say goodbye again3
I think its understood1
I think its wonderful1
I think its you1
I think Ive met you before3
I think Ive suffered enough1
I think Kristeva likes this song1
I think my wife is a hat1
I think not2
I think of it1
I think of what you used to think of me2
I think of you30
I think of you my sweet1
I think of you with every breath I take1
I think so2
I think somebody loves me1
I think that maybe I should go away1
I think thatll be ok1
I think thats right1
I think therefore I dont know1
I think we have to make some changes1
I think were almost there1
I think you always knew1
I think you get what I mean1
I think you gonna hate me Cole1
I think you know3
I think you really like me1
I think youll like it2
I think youre a honey1
I think youre absolutely wonderful1
I think youre lying1
I thirst1
I thot you ought to know1
I thou1
I though I heard Robert Johnson say1
I thought3
I thought about her1
I thought about it1
I thought about you717
I thought but not1
I thought I could1
I thought I found love again1
I thought I had loved1
I thought I heard1
I thought I heard a hummingbird1
I thought I heard Buddy Bolden say13
I thought I heard Jimmy Yancey1
I thought I heard Ma Rainey sing1
I thought I knew3
I thought I knew about the blues1
I thought I knew all the answers1
I thought I knew you1
I thought I knew you well1
I thought I know2
I thought I thought1
I thought I told you that we wont stop1
I thought I was going mad1
I thought I was through with love1
I thought Id do it1
I thought Id let you know2
I thought Id never see you again1
I thought Id seen everything1
I thought it was a costume ball1
I thought it was clear1
I thought it was raining1
I thought it was the end of the world1
I thought it was understood1
I thought it was you5
I thought of home1
I thought of you4
I thought of you last night7
I thought so2
I thought that Id be free1
I thought the roof was falling down1
I thought this was ours1
I thought you cared1
I thought you had forgotten heart1
I thought you had gone1
I thought you had it1
I thought you knew4
I thought you loved me2
I thought you ought to know2
I thought you should know1
I thought youd call today2
I threw a bean bag at the moon1
I threw a good man over for you1
I threw a kiss in the oceam1
I threw a kiss in the ocean5
I threw it all away3
I threw myself outside1
I threw the rest away1
I thrill when they mention your name1
I tin whistle at you1
I tink we play it man1
I tipped my hat2
I to I1
I told him I dont have to be beatin to be understood1
I told it on the mountain1
I told Jesus1
I told lies to my heart1
I told my baby with my ukulele1
I told Santa Claus to bring me you1
I told them all about you2
I told ya1
I told ya I love ya1
I told ya I love ya now get out31
I told you3
I told you I love you1
I told you I love you now get out1
I told you it was a sand storm1
I told you once I told you twice2
I told you so53
I told you that I loved you1
I told you were through2
I too am worthy1
I too sing America1
I took a chance on loving you1
I took a fall1
I took my little daughter to the zoo1
I took myself off to the doctor1
I took the backdoor out1
I took the front door in3
I took up the prunes1
I took up the runes1
I took you in baby1
I took your hand1
I took your hand in mine1
I tormenti della giovane heidi1
I torni contano1
I totally miss you1
I touch your skin1
I touched a dream1
I touched a star3
I traer1
I traici e la vite1
I traici e la vite reprise1
I travel1
I travel alone2
I travel with Jesus1
I tre magi1
I tre mostriciattoli1
I tre porcellini1
I tre saggi1
I tre suonatori1
I treni che vorrei1
I tried7
I tried and tried2
I tried and tried and tried1
I tried so hard1
I tried to be a friend1
I tried to believe1
I tried to live alone1
I tried to love you1
I tried to reach you1
I tried to talk to her but she thought I was too weird1
I tried to tell you2
I tried to write a song1
I tried too hard for too long1
I trust in God2
I trust on you1
I trusted you baby1
I try5
I try and try1
I try not to count1
I try to pretend1
I try to remember1
I try to smile1
I try to swing1
I try to understand1
I tuoi occhi1
I turn in the room sleepless1
I turn my face towards the sun1
I turn to you1
I turn you on1
I turned it into blues1
I ulajie mijhtal mly moi1
I und das Lampcen das hat Zahne1
I underestimated you2
I understand47
I understand now1
I understand were through1
I understand why you are so melancholy1
I understand youre leaving me1
I undervaerkers land1
I ungdomen3
I ups to her and she ups to me1
I use planets for stepping stones2
I used to1
I used to be1
I used to be a nice guy1
I used to be above love1
I used to be alone1
I used to be color blind25
I used to be colored1
I used to be colour blind1
I used to be dull1
I used to be happy1
I used to be your sweet mama1
I used to call her baby2
I used to cry mercy mercy1
I used to hate the blues1
I used to live in New Orleans1
I used to love1
I used to love her but its all over1
I used to love her in the moonlight4
I used to love ya1
I used to love you56
I used to love you but its all over3
I used to love you buts its all over now1
I used to think my right hand was uglier than my left2
I used to think she was quiet2
I used to think that I was crazy1
I used to work in Chicago1
I usem Huus1
I vackra drommars land1
I vag1
I valet och kvalet2
I valzer delle candele1
I vantan pa en bransleman1
I vantan pa Nordin1
I vantan pa raven1
I vantan pa varen3
I varjeidel1
I vecchietti dei nostri cuori1
I veliona rakerellaFuli tschai1
I viaggi di Gulliver1
I viaggi formano la gioventu1
I viaggio1
I vilden sky3
I villande skogen1
I vimlet1
I vinden1
I viola1
I virtuosi di Noci1
I visualitzacio1
I Vitelloni8
I vocation2
I vomit fluff from chaff1
I vouch for my man1
I vow to thee my country1
I wait1
I wait and I wait1
I wait for my phone1
I wait for the Lord1
I wait for the summertime1
I waited a little too long4
I waited and waited1
I waited by the chapel door1
I waited for you88
I waited so long3
I waited too long3
I waja nono1
I wak on1
I wake up crying3
I wake up in the morning feeling fine1
I wake up screaming dreaming of you1
I wake up smiling1
I walk2
I walk a little faster22
I walk a lonely mile1
I walk alone11
I walk in Moscow1
I walk my post in a military manner2
I walk on grass1
I walk on guilded splinters1
I walk the line9
I walk the night1
I walk through Moscow1
I walk with loveliness1
I walk with music16
I walk with my girl1
I walk with you1
I walked3
I walked all the way from East St Louis1
I walked alone1
I walked away1
I walked in3
I walked in the garden1
I walked in with my eyes wide open3
I walked into the garden2
I walked into yesterday1
I walked twelve miles1
I wandered lonely as a cloud1
I wanna1
I wanna be3
I wanna be a bebopper2
I wanna be a dancin man1
I wanna be a dancing man1
I wanna be a dog1
I wanna be a friend of yours3
I wanna be a rugcutter1
I wanna be around51
I wanna be around my baby1
I wanna be around my baby all the time5
I wanna be bad2
I wanna be close to you1
I wanna be evil2
I wanna be free1
I wanna be good1
I wanna be happy8
I wanna be in love again3
I wanna be in Winchells column7
I wanna be like you43
I wanna be loved87
I wanna be loved by you33
I wanna be loved loved loved1
I wanna be my own man1
I wanna be near to you1
I wanna be on my own with you1
I wanna be ready1
I wanna be rich1
I wanna be right here and nowhere else1
I wanna be seduced4
I wanna be wanted1
I wanna be where you are4
I wanna be with you4
I wanna be wooed1
I wanna be your baby1
I wanna be your hero1
I wanna be your man8
I wanna be yours3
I wanna blow1
I wanna blow blow blow1
I wanna blow now4
I wanna boogie2
I wanna call you sweet mama1
I wanna chill with bear grylls1
I wanna come over1
I wanna comfort you1
I wanna count sheep till the cows come home2
I wanna dance2
I wanna dance to your music2
I wanna dance with somebody2
I wanna do it again1
I wanna do more1
I wanna eat you1
I wanna feel it1
I wanna feel nasty1
I wanna funk with you1
I wanna get down1
I wanna get it1
I wanna get married7
I wanna get nasty1
I wanna get steady1
I wanna girl4
I wanna go back2
I wanna go back to Bali2
I wanna go back to Harlem2
I wanna go back to Indiana2
I wanna go back to my little grass shack1
I wanna go back to the farm1
I wanna go home9
I wanna go places and do things4
I wanna go to Tahiti1
I wanna go where you are1
I wanna go where you go1
I wanna go where you go Do what you do Then Ill be happy3
I wanna hat with cherries2
I wanna have fun1
I wanna hear from you1
I wanna hear swing songs5
I wanna hold you1
I wanna hold your hand1
I wanna hot dog1
I wanna hot dog for my roll3
I wanna hug n hurt ya1
I wanna hug ya kiss ya squeeze ya2
I wanna jazz some more4
I wanna just a little bit1
I wanna know12
I wanna linger1
I wanna little gal1
I wanna little girl1
I wanna little girl like mama1
I wanna live before I die1
I wanna live with you1
I wanna love1
I wanna love someone1
I wanna love you4
I wanna love you like that1
I wanna luv u1
I wanna make love1
I wanna make love to you1
I wanna make you happy1
I wanna move1
I wanna move a little closer1
I wanna move my body1
I wanna play accordion1
I wanna play for you1
I wanna play for you too1
I wanna play house1
I wanna play house with you1
I wanna ride1
I wanna ride you1
I wanna roll1
I wanna roof over my head1
I wanna say hello2
I wanna see a little more1
I wanna see my baby2
I wanna see Tennessee1
I wanna see the manager1
I wanna sing a song1
I wanna sing about you10
I wanna sleep2
I wanna smell that thing1
I wanna stand over there4
I wanna stay home1
I wanna stay right here with you1
I wanna stay with you1
I wanna stop1
I wanna talk about love1
I wanna talk to you1
I wanna to around1
I wanna touch you1
I wanna touch you baby1
I wanna turn out my light2
I wanna twofisted doublejointed man1
I wanna walk1
I wanna watch you1
I wanna woman1
I wanna wrap you up1
I wanno woo1
I want3
I want a beautiful baby like you1
I want a beautiful doll for Christmas2
I want a big butter & egg man1
I want a big butter and egg man17
I want a big butter and man1
I want a big fat mama3
I want a big fat woman1
I want a bowlegged woman1
I want a butter and egg man3
I want a clean shaven man1
I want a daddy to cuddle me1
I want a Dinah1
I want a doll1
I want a girl38
I want a girl just like the girl1
I want a girl just like the girl that married dear old dad4
I want a good home for my cat1
I want a good man5
I want a good man bad1
I want a grown up man4
I want a guy who can dance1
I want a jazzy kiss1
I want a lavender Cadillac3
I want a little boy16
I want a little change3
I want a little doggie2
I want a little girl463
I want a little girl just like the girl that married dear old dad1
I want a little girl to call my own1
I want a little hairy bat for lunch Mama1
I want a little some o that what you got1
I want a little sugar1
I want a little sugar in my bowl16
I want a long time daddy1
I want a lot of love3
I want a man7
I want a man for Christmas1
I want a man like Joe Pesci1
I want a man to gimme some luck1
I want a man to give me some luck1
I want a new romance4
I want a present for Christmas2
I want a roof1
I want a roof over my head7
I want a short squate big fat papa1
I want a smile for Christmas2
I want a snack1
I want a snack v11
I want a snack v31
I want a Sunday kind of love1
I want a tall skinny papa2
I want a true lover1
I want a twofisted double jointed man1
I want affection1
I want all of you1
I want an easy woman1
I want another life1
I want be back1
I want Brazil1
I want cha to be true1
I want cha to dance1
I want dreaming with you tonight1
I want every bit of it4
I want every bit of it I dont like it secondhand1
I want everyone to know1
I want evry bit of it1
I want gold in my pockets1
I want her1
I want I want1
I want it all2

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