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This index refers to the 526,481 individual tune titles (1,579,954 total entries) included in over 242,503 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of September, 2019.

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Page I11 - I remember tangle to I swing to you

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Tune nameSessions
I remember tangle1
I remember that it happened1
I remember the acid bath1
I remember the castle1
I remember the child1
I remember the cornfields4
I remember the early seventies1
I remember the poet1
I remember the starlight1
I remember the time of plenty1
I remember the Xmen1
I remember the year that Clayton Delany died1
I remember Thelonious1
I remember this1
I remember this morning1
I remember Thomas Chapin1
I remember three things1
I remember Tito1
I remember tomorrow3
I remember Tracy1
I remember Vienna1
I remember Wes4
I remember what you saw1
I remember when21
I remember Wolfred1
I remember yesterday1
I remember you574
I remember you daddy1
I remember you from somewhere6
I remember you smiled in June1
I remember your eyes2
I remember your face3
I remember your smile1
I remember Zoot1
I remembr1
I remmeber Louis1
I repeat myself II1
I repent2
I resemble you1
I Resonance dance1
I rest my case2
I return to music1
I return to the sea1
I Rhythm1
I ribaltone1
I ricordi della sera3
I riobanba1
I ro og mak1
I roam the world in my dreams1
I rock my mama1
I roll the dot1
I rolled and I tumbled1
I Rolling Stones1
I Ronic1
I Ronnie1
I rorelse1
I roslagens famn pa den blommande o1
I rub my eyes1
I rule my house1
I rummet1
I rumori della notte2
I run2
I sa three ships1
I said1
I said acidity1
I said Ernie get off1
I said haha1
I said I1
I said I didnt care1
I said I was sorry1
I said I wasnt going to tell nobody4
I said I wasnt gonna tell nobody5
I said it and Im glad1
I said it before2
I said no5
I said OK1
I said thered be thunder1
I said what1
I said your mothers on the pipe1
I Saltimbanchi1
I Saltzkammergut1
I samabrikama1
I sang1
I sang a bright green tear for all of us this year1
I sang the blues for nothin1
I sat and cried2
I saw a continent1
I saw a larks nest1
I saw a movie1
I saw a red red rose1
I saw Bird1
I saw grey pidgeon1
I saw her1
I saw her at the dance1
I saw her first2
I saw her in the sun1
I saw her standing there5
I saw him1
I saw Isabella1
I saw it comin1
I saw it on the radio1
I saw it that which before I could only sense1
I saw Jesus standing in the water1
I saw love today1
I saw Madonna naked1
I saw mama kissing Santa Claus1
I saw me1
I saw Mingus the other day1
I saw momma kissing Santa Claus1
I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus29
I saw mummy kissing Santa Claus1
I saw my lady weepe1
I saw my sweetie in the newreel1
I saw Pinetop spit blood1
I saw six ships1
I saw stars51
I saw the beauty of your love1
I saw the burning ones at the bottom of the1
I saw the face1
I saw the light9
I saw the lights1
I saw the sky1
I saw the stars1
I saw the sun going down1
I saw the whole thing1
I saw three bops come scaling by1
I saw three ships6
I saw thru my mind1
I saw two bears1
I saw U1
I saw wind1
I saw you3
I saw you again1
I saw you do it1
I saw you in my dream1
I saw you in Utah1
I saw you last night2
I saw you passing by1
I saw your face in a cloud2
I saw your face in the moon2
I saw your tear drops fall1
I saw your teardrop fall2
I say a little prayer45
I say a little prayer for you6
I say freedom1
I say goodbye2
I say hello4
I say hello by myself1
I say I love you1
I say its spinach3
I say no1
I say she is1
I say theres hope1
I say to myself1
I say to the Dharma1
I say yes1
I say you say1
I say zenne1
I scare myself2
I schanke dir mis Harz1
I scream3
I scream for ice cream1
I scream scone2
I scream social1
I scream u danza1
I scream you scream2
I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream2
I search for love1
I second that emotion1
I see1
I see a face in the clouds1
I see a horizon2
I see a long journey1
I see a man downstairs1
I see a million people14
I see a million people but all I can see is you1
I see a strange light1
I see all shades of you1
I see altitudes1
I see better with my eyes closed2
I see by the papers1
I see Chano Pozo1
I see everybodys baby1
I see God1
I see how it is1
I see I see1
I see it in your eyes1
I see it now3
I see light in you L1
I see me dancing1
I see my great mistake1
I see myself in your eyes1
I see no leader1
I see nothing to laugh about1
I see Satie1
I see the flowers1
I see the great mountain1
I see the light3
I see the moon1
I see the rain1
I see the rainbow1
I see the rainbow now1
I see the sea1
I see the world through your eyes2
I see though my eyes are closed1
I see thy form5
I see two lovers2
I see us more as friends1
I see voices1
I see who you are1
I see with my third I1
I see you11
I see you again2
I see you baby shakin that ass1
I see you brother3
I see you cant take it1
I see you comin1
I see you in my dreams1
I see you jumping1
I see you know For Jim Pepper1
I see you more clearly1
I see you my love1
I see you next time1
I see you now4
I see you now Jim2
I see you see we see1
I see you you see me1
I see your bass before me1
I see your eyes before me1
I see your face before me101
I see your face before me thank you for the life you have given me movements IX and X1
I see your face before me Thank you for the life you have given me – movements IX & X1
I see your fancy footwork1
I see your shadow yonder1
I see your smile1
I seen whatcha done1
I segreti del re1
I send him roses1
I send my love1
I sense the worm1
I sent for you yesterday2
I sent the fax1
I set myself free1
I sette peccati1
I shall arise1
I shall be raised up1
I shall be released11
I shall be there tomorrow possibly1
I shall believe1
I shall find1
I shall have1
I shall keep singing1
I shall never come back2
I shall never forget4
I shall not be moved99
I shall not be we shall not be1
I shall tie the little donkey2
I shall wait1
I shall walk through the streets of the city2
I shall welcome1
I shall wish for you1
I shallah1
I shalt not be moved1
I sheriffens klor1
I sherrifens klor1
I Shirley Wood1
I Shitsumon1
I shot Liberty Valance1
I shot my lady1
I shot the sheriff11
I should a said1
I should ask1
I should be singin1
I should care557
I should have2
I should have been wise1
I should have kept on dreaming5
I should have kissed her more2
I should have kissed him more1
I should have known9
I should have known better6
I should have known you years ago3
I should have listened to you1
I should have never let him go1
I should have stayed1
I should have told you goodbye1
I should have told you long ago1
I should have told you so2
I should have warned you1
I should I could I would1
I should leave you more1
I should not call you1
I should shay sho1
I should talk1
I shoulda be on my merry way1
I shoulda been thinkin instead of drinkin2
I shoulda love ya1
I shoulda quit when I was ahead1
I shoulda stood in bed2
I shouldnave ever1
I shouldnt be driving1
I shouldnt be singing1
I shouldnt believe1
I shouldnt care1
I shouldnt cry but I do1
I shouldnt happen to a dream1
I shouldnt have done that1
I shouldnt love you1
I shouldnt tell you1
I shouldve known3
I shouldve never let you go1
I shouldve noticed1
I showed my testimonial1
I showed them3
I sigh1
I signori della guerra1
I sigula1
I simply adore you3
I sincerely believe in jazz1
I Sinfonia1
I sing2
I sing a song2
I sing ammore1
I sing for Jack1
I sing for you3
I sing just to know that Im alive6
I sing my song1
I sing Salsa1
I sing the blues4
I sing the blues every night1
I sing the body electric1
I sing the dawn1
I sing to the sky1
I sing you a thousand love songs1
I sing you sing1
I sink down in search of your breaths abode1
I sink therefore I swim1
I Sir dear1
I sista minuten1
I sit and then I wonder1
I sjounda himni1
I skovens dyb1
I Skovens dybe stille Ro11
I skovens dype stille ro1
I skovens stille dybe ro1
I skuggorna1
I skyggelandet1
I skymningen3
I slalombacken1
I sleep easier now1
I sleep in my bed1
I Slimm1
I Slow1
I Slowly faster1
I smell rhythm2
I smell something1
I smoke you1
I sne star urt og busk i skjul4
I snickarboa1
I sogal lazione1
I sogni son desideri1
I sold my heart to the junkman12
I sold you and you sold me1
I solemnly swear2
I solisti1
I soliti ignoti1
I soliti noti1
I solo1
I sometimes think1
I soon learned to know this flower better1
I sorrisi delle donne1
I sospirie e lacrime el desio1
I sovne i senga sengana1
I Spaniens mansken1
I speak English1
I speak only for you1
I speak so much about you1
I speak to hear1
I speak to the star last night1
I speak to the stars3
I speak woman you speak man1
I speak your body electric1
I specialist1
I spejlet1
I spend my life1
I spend my lonely days with the blues1
I spoke to the moon1
I spoke too soon1
I Sputnik1
I spy1
I stand accused5
I stand alone6
I stand by your window1
I stand up1
I stare at the window1
I stared into my head1
I start each day by loving you1
I start to miss you1
I started having second thoughts1
I started living1
I stay1
I stay awake1
I stay brown all year round1
I stay in the mood1
I stay in the mood for you1
I stayed away too long1
I stayed to long at the fair1
I stayed too long at the fair5
I steal good moments1
I step from the elevator1
I stepped from plank to plank1
I stepped into a dream1
I stepped onto a bee I1
I stepped onto a bee II1
I stepped onto a bee III1
I stepped onto a bee IV1
I stepped onto a bee V1
I stepped onto a bee VI1
I still believe5
I still believe I hear1
I still believe in love2
I still believe in Santa Claus1
I still believe in some kind of love1
I still believe in you6
I still call Austalia home1
I still call Australia home2
I still can get no sleep1
I still care2
I still care about us1
I still care about you1
I still die a little1
I still do1
I still do it for the music1
I still dont know1
I still dream1
I still dream of Nana1
I still feel sorry for you1
I still feel the same1
I still feel the same about you3
I still fell in love with you1
I still get a thrill14
I still get jealous25
I still got it1
I still have more to say1
I still have my dreams1
I still have that first picture1
I still have the tendency1
I still have you in my arms1
I still havent found what Im looking for11
I still hear her sweet voice1
I still hear you1
I still keep loving you1
I still long for you1
I still love him so3
I still love to kiss you goodnight1
I still love you28
I still love you all22
I still love you baby3
I still love you so1
I still miss someone2
I still miss you8
I still remember3
I still see Elise1
I still see Eliza1
I still see you1
I still see your shadow1
I still suits me3
I still think about you1
I still think of her1
I still wanna be with you1
I still want you3
I stole from Jesus Christ1
I stole it1
I stood at calvary1
I stood by2
I stood long where you left me1
I stood on the river1
I stood up and screamed1
I stop by heaven1
I stop there1
I storbyens favn1
I strolled out a summers day1
I struck a match in the dark1
I struck a match in the rain1
I struck a match on the moon1
I stumble1
I stumbled1
I stuttleikabati til aarosa1
I succumb to temptation1
I suffered for my art1
I suppli di tantalo1
I suppose2
I surely would1
I surrender7
I surrender all14
I surrender dear436
I survived disco1
I sustain the wings56
I swear Im going to learn this time1
I swing to you1

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