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This index refers to the 491,948 individual tune titles (1,483,810 total entries) included in over 231,004 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2017.

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Page I10 - I only had a little to I see Satie

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Tune nameSessions
I only had a little2
I only have chicken eyes for you1
I only have eyes1
I only have eyes for you420
I only have eys for you1
I only have one lifetime1
I only have rice for Wu1
I only hear the song1
I only heard you once1
I only knew1
I only know2
I only know how to cry1
I only know I love you1
I only know I loved you2
I only love because of you1
I only miss her2
I only miss her when I think of her4
I only miss her when shes gone1
I only miss him when I think of him1
I only remember the good times1
I only saw him once1
I only trust my heart1
I only wanna be with you1
I only wanna laugh1
I only want a baby1
I only want a buddy not a sweetheart4
I only want a sweetheart1
I only want one girl1
I only want some7
I only want to be with you4
I only want to be with you tonight1
I only want to love you2
I only want to say2
I only want your love1
I only we knew1
I open my eyes1
I opened to my beloved1
I osten stiger solen op1
I ought to know more about you3
I oughta bite you1
I owe a kiss to a girl in Iowa1
I owe everybody1
I owe it all to you2
I owe me heart to you1
I owe this dream to you1
I owe you8
I owes ya2
I Owls nightmare1
I packed my suitcase started to the train1
I pagliacci2
I paid my dues1
I paid my income tax today1
I paint his face1
I Paris utan dig1
I passed through Memphis last night1
I passi de Silvia1
I Pastoral1
I Pastoreta1
I pensieri di amir1
I Pentagon1
I Persiani1
I persuaded the atoc1
I Phantasm1
I Pharaoh2
I Pharoah1
I piaceri damore1
I picked a flower the color of your eyes1
I picked the wrong one to love1
I piedi1
I pini del gianicolo1
I pit the poor Bunny1
I pitty the fool1
I pity the fool3
I pity the poor bunny1
I pity the poor immigrant2
I play blues1
I play first OK1
I play for you1
I play therefore I am1
I play to stay a believer1
I play to win1
I play with satisfaction1
I played fiddle for the czar1
I played the fool1
I plead da fif1
I poem variation1
I Porcellini1
I poured my heart into a song10
I pray for your love1
I pray on Christmas4
I Prayer of thanksgiving1
I predict3
I prefer you1
I Prelude1
I pretend1
I probably shouldnt have done that1
I profess1
I promise6
I promise not to come in your mouth1
I promise to try1
I promise you5
I promise you something1
I promise you the moon1
I promised a hundred times1
I promised not to holl but hey hey1
I promised not to holler but hey hey2
I ptitschka1
I public person1
I pull the strings1
I Punkari altoflute1
I put a fourleaf clover in your pocket1
I put a spell on him1
I put a spell on you30
I put my life in your hands1
I quadri di miro1
I quattro con lave Maria1
I quit my pretty mama1
I quite like men1
I ragazzi1
I raise hell1
I raise my glass2
I raise my hat1
I raised my hat2
I raised the roof1
I rampelyset1
I ran all the way home4
I ran out of reasons1
I rapide1
I rarely whistle1
I rather call you baby1
I reached for a tear1
I read it somewhere1
I read my sentence1
I read the book1
I realise1
I realize now7
I really couldnt love you1
I really didnt think that2
I really dig your skin1
I really do not see the signal1
I really dont know1
I really dont love u1
I really dont want ot know1
I really dont want to know6
I really hope its you2
I really like it1
I really love you4
I really love you baby1
I really miss you baby1
I really tied one on1
I really wanna be with you1
I really want to know1
I really want your lovin1
I really wonder1
I reason earth is short1
I recall4
I receive your love1
I received a letter2
I recordi della sera1
I red was i wu1
I refuse2
I refuse blues1
I refuse to sing the blues1
I regret1
I reisa1
I release and let it go1
I release me1
I remain1
I remember52
I remember Acapulco1
I remember Al1
I remember Albert2
I remember Alby1
I remember Andor2
I remember April28
I remember Astor1
I remember Augusta1
I remember Barney1
I remember Beni1
I remember Bessie1
I remember Bill14
I remember Bill Evans4
I remember Billy2
I remember Bird19
I remember Bix1
I remember Bobby3
I remember Britt6
I remember Bu2
I remember C Sharpe1
I remember Carmen1
I remember cha cha1
I remember Charlie1
I remember Chet1
I remember Chicago1
I remember Chris1
I remember Clifford418
I remember Cole1
I remember Coltrane2
I remember Coney Island1
I remember Cotton Club1
I remember Dan1
I remember Dante and Kenny1
I remember days1
I remember Dexter3
I remember Dick Johnson1
I remember diz4
I remember Dizzy1
I remember Django3
I remember Dolphy1
I remember Don1
I remember Duke8
I remember Eric Dolphy1
I remember Erik1
I remember Fats1
I remember Fatty1
I remember FF1
I remember Francois1
I remember Frank Wess1
I remember freakies cereal1
I remember Fred2
I remember Freddie1
I remember Fritz Pauer1
I remember G & I1
I remember Gabor1
I remember Gene1
I remember Goko4
I remember Hank1
I remember Harlem10
I remember her so well1
I remember her well1
I remember Hoagy1
I remember Horace1
I remember Horrie1
I remember I believe1
I remember I made you cry1
I remember Iaia1
I remember it well7
I remember Italy1
I remember Jack McDuff1
I remember Jackie1
I remember Jakob1
I remember James2
I remember Jan1
I remember Jaws1
I remember jazz1
I remember Jeff1
I remember Jerry1
I remember Jimmy4
I remember Jimmy Yancey1
I remember Joe1
I remember Joe Zawinul1
I remember John1
I remember John W Coltrane1
I remember Johnny6
I remember Johnny Hodges1
I remember jsl1
I remember Julie1
I remember just like it was yesterday1
I remember JW1
I remember Karl Wicherle1
I remember Lee1
I remember Lennie1
I remember Leroy1
I remember Lester1
I remember Lisa1
I remember Lona2
I remember love3
I remember loving you1
I remember mama2
I remember Max2
I remember me5
I remember Menscholo1
I remember Miles1
I remember Mingus2
I remember Miskolc1
I remember Monk5
I remember Monk medley1
I remember my love1
I remember New Orleans1
I remember New York1
I remember Newport1
I remember OC or was he BM1
I remember Ogoun1
I remember OP5
I remember Otis1
I remember out1
I remember Paris1
I remember Pepe2
I remember Perry1
I remember Pres1
I remember punk rock1
I remember Ray1
I remember Renee1
I remember Rio1
I remember Roland1
I remember Rovanieni1
I remember Rusty2
I remember Sara1
I remember Sarah1
I remember Sarajewo1
I remember Satie1
I remember Sherrie1
I remember Shiraz1
I remember Sidney3
I remember siljabloo1
I remember sky3
I remember Slim1
I remember Sonny6
I remember Sonny Stitt2
I remember South Africa1
I remember Spain3
I remember spring5
I remember Stan7
I remember Stitt1
I remember Stu1
I remember Summer1
I remember Suzanne1
I remember Takashi2
I remember tangle1
I remember that it happened1
I remember the acid bath1
I remember the castle1
I remember the child1
I remember the cornfields4
I remember the early seventies1
I remember the poet1
I remember the starlight1
I remember the Xmen1
I remember the year that Clayton Delany died1
I remember Thelonious1
I remember this1
I remember this morning1
I remember Thomas Chapin1
I remember Tito1
I remember tomorrow1
I remember Tracy1
I remember Vienna1
I remember Wes4
I remember what you saw1
I remember when20
I remember Wolfred1
I remember yesterday1
I remember you555
I remember you daddy1
I remember you from somewhere6
I remember you smiled in June1
I remember your eyes2
I remember your face3
I remember your smile1
I remember Zoot1
I remembr1
I remmeber Louis1
I repeat myself II1
I repent2
I Resonance dance1
I rest my case1
I return to music1
I return to the sea1
I ribaltone1
I ricordi della sera3
I riobanba1
I ro og mak1
I rocky my mama1
I roll the dot1
I rolled and I tumbled1
I Rolling Stones1
I Ronic1
I Ronnie1
I rorelse1
I roslagens famn pa den blommande o1
I rub my eyes1
I rule my house1
I rummet1
I rumori della notte2
I run2
I sa three ships1
I said1
I said acidity1
I said Ernie get off1
I said haha1
I said I1
I said I didnt care1
I said I was sorry1
I said I wasnt going to tell nobody4
I said I wasnt gonna tell nobody5
I said it and Im glad1
I said it before3
I said no5
I said OK1
I said thered be thunder1
I said what1
I said your mothers on the pipe1
I Saltimbanchi1
I Saltzkammergut1
I samabrikama1
I sang a bright green tear for all of us this year1
I sang the blues for nothin1
I sat and cried2
I saw a continent1
I saw a dust devil this morning1
I saw a larks nest1
I saw a red red rose1
I saw Bird1
I saw grey pidgeon1
I saw her at the dance1
I saw her first2
I saw her in the sun1
I saw her standing there5
I saw him1
I saw Isabella1
I saw it comin1
I saw it on the radio1
I saw love today1
I saw Madonna naked1
I saw mama kissing Santa Claus1
I saw me1
I saw Mingus the other day1
I saw momma kissing Santa Claus1
I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus28
I saw mummy kissing Santa Claus1
I saw my lady weepe1
I saw my sweetie in the newreel1
I saw Pinetop spit blood1
I saw six ships1
I saw stars51
I saw the beauty of your love1
I saw the burning ones at the bottom of the1
I saw the face1
I saw the light9
I saw the lights1
I saw the sky1
I saw the stars1
I saw the sun going down1
I saw the whole thing1
I saw three bops come scaling by1
I saw three ships6
I saw thru my mind1
I saw two bears1
I saw U1
I saw wind1
I saw you3
I saw you again1
I saw you do it1
I saw you in my dream1
I saw you in Utah1
I saw you last night2
I saw you passing by1
I saw your face in a cloud2
I saw your face in the moon2
I saw your tear drops fall1
I saw your teardrop fall2
I say a little prayer43
I say a little prayer for you6
I say freedom1
I say goodbye2
I say hello4
I say hello by myself1
I say I love you1
I say its spinach2
I say no1
I say she is1
I say theres hope1
I say to myself1
I say to the Dharma1
I say you say1
I say zenne1
I scare myself2
I scream3
I scream scone2
I scream social1
I scream u danza1
I scream you scream2
I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream2
I search for love1
I second that emotion1
I see1
I see a face in the clouds1
I see a horizon2
I see a long journey1
I see a man downstairs1
I see a million people14
I see a million people but all I can see is you1
I see a strange light1
I see all shades of you1
I see altitudes1
I see better with my eyes closed2
I see by the papers1
I see Chano Pozo1
I see everybodys baby1
I see God1
I see how it is1
I see I see1
I see it in your eyes1
I see it now3
I see me dancing1
I see my great mistake1
I see myself in your eyes1
I see no leader1
I see nothing to laugh about1
I see Satie1

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