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This index refers to the 525,213 individual tune titles (1,576,463 total entries) included in over 242,134 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2019.

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Page H6 - Happy hunting ground to Hard quiet and floatin

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Tune nameSessions
Happy hunting ground1
Happy hunting horn1
Happy husbands1
Happy I found you1
Happy Im happy1
Happy in G1
Happy in love10
Happy in the dark1
Happy invasion1
Happy Irishman2
Happy is as happy does1
Happy is love1
Happy is the cricket1
Happy is the day1
Happy is the sheepherder1
Happy Jack6
Happy jammy1
Happy jazz8
happy jazz singer1
Happy Jazz Trio blues1
happy jazzband1
Happy jazzy birthday2
Happy Joe2
Happy Johnny1
Happy journey2
Happy juice2
Happy jumps1
Happy June1
Happy Katz1
Happy keys1
Happy kick1
Happy klinkt de clarinet1
Happy land2
Happy landing3
Happy landings1
Happy latin1
Happy Lee1
Happy leprechaum1
Happy lettuce1
happy life2
Happy little bear1
Happy little cat1
Happy little caterpillar1
happy little cockbird1
Happy little dance1
Happy little mothers1
Happy little song2
Happy little sunbeam12
Happy little Switzerland1
happy little thing2
Happy little trees1
Happy little tune1
Happy lobster1
Happy lonely1
Happy long ago1
Happy love1
Happy love song1
Happy lypso1
Happy madness3
Happy major1
Happy mama3
happy mambo2
Happy man7
Happy mango song2
Happy mans bossa nova1
Happy march1
Happy medium7
Happy meeting2
Happy meeting in glory2
Happy meeting you again1
Happy Melody2
Happy memories from Russia1
Happy mice1
Happy minor1
happy minor song1
happy moment2
Happy moments3
Happy Monk2
happy monks1
happy monster4
Happy monster song1
Happy mood1
Happy moodBeautiful dreamer1
Happy morning1
Happy music4
Happy nappy1
Happy nation1
Happy NES1
Happy Ness1
Happy New Orleans1
Happy new tears lili song1
Happy New Year10
Happy new year baby1
Happy new year darling1
Happy New York1
Happy new you1
Happy news1
Happy night1
Happy night and golden dreams1
Happy nightmare1
Happy nights1
happy nomad1
Happy notes3
Happy now5
Happy number1
happy nun1
Happy O1
happy occasion1
Happy old yoy1
Happy on the outside1
happy one5
happy ones2
Happy or happy1
happy organ2
Happy P1
Happy pal stomp6
Happy peace1
happy people15
Happy people in the morning1
Happy piece 21
Happy place1
Happy plants1
Happy point1
Happy pool1
Happy preacher1
Happy pretty2
Happy princess1
Happy professors1
Happy pt 31
happy put on1
Happy rabbit2
Happy rag2
Happy rain1
Happy returns1
Happy reunion38
Happy rhythm4
Happy rhythm and boogie blues1
Happy ring1
Happy robots1
Happy Rosalie1
Happy Ryp1
Happy sad2
Happy sad happy1
Happy sad hip folks1
Happy sad like everybody else1
Happy sad song1
Happy sadness1
Happy saint2
Happy samba5
Happy Saturday1
Happy sax3
Happy Sergio1
Happy serving1
Happy session blues1
Happy session shuffle1
Happy shades1
happy sheik2
Happy shoes3
Happy shout1
Happy skunk1
Happy slappy1
Happy snake1
Happy song26
Happy song from my neighborhood1
Happy sorrow1
Happy soul1
Happy soul time1
Happy soul with a hook1
Happy sounds1
Happy spirit1
Happy spunk1
Happy stance2
Happy stompers1
happy stranger3
Happy stroll1
Happy strut1
Happy stuff1
Happy Sunday2
Happy swing1
Happy swing jamboree1
Happy talk54
Happy talking1
Happy tears4
Happy the man1
Happy theme song1
happy thought2
Happy thoughts3
happy time13
Happy time in Bern1
Happy times20
Happy to be1
Happy to be alive1
Happy to be happy1
Happy to be here1
Happy to be here today1
Happy to be near you1
Happy to be sad1
Happy to have1
Happy to keep his dinner warm2
Happy to make your acquaintance3
Happy to play with you1
Happy to see you1
Happy to the end1
Happy to you2
Happy today sad tomorrow1
Happy toes rag1
Happy together23
Happy together Just written a tune1
Happy tooth1
Happy town2
happy trail1
Happy trails5
Happy trails to you1
Happy travelin1
Happy tree2
Happy trumpet1
happy trumpeter1
happy truth1
Happy Tuesday2
Happy tune5
happy turnaround1
Happy unbirthday to you1
happy undertaker1
Happy valentines ay1
Happy Valentines day1
Happy valley blues1
Happy valley treck1
Happy vamping1
Happy violine1
happy violone1
Happy W1
Happy waitress1
Happy walk4
happy wanderer8
happy way1
happy week full of tears1
Happy weekday blues1
happy weekend2
Happy weeks1
Happy where I was1
happy whistler2
Happy window1
Happy with friends1
Happy with my hand1
Happy with Paul1
Happy with stone underhead1
Happy with the blues3
Happy with vinyl1
Happy with you2
Happy Xmas9
Happy yellow1
Happy yellow bird1
Happy you near1
Happy you were here1
Happy youre here1
happy zombie1
happy zoo1
Happygo lucky local1
Happygolucky baby1
Happygolucky bird1
happygolucky country1
Happygolucky in my old Kentucky home1
Happygolucky lane2
Happygolucky local15
Happygolucky local I & II1
Happygolucky you3
Happys sadness1
Haptic space 11
Haptic space 21
Hapu es hert1
Haq mollah Ali mollah1
Har ar den skona sommar1
Har ar polisen som mitt i gatan star1
Har du hort1
Har du kvar din roda cykel1
Har du lyttet til elvene om natta1
Har du nansin hort nagon spela jazz pa en elektrisk flojt1
Har du sett Herr Kantarell1
Har du sett min lilla stumpert1
Har du sett treet1
Har du vaeret i skoven1
Har du visor min van1
Har far is Callisto1
Har inne eru kvar1
Har inte nagon sett min brud1
Har kommer morgonen1
Har kommer Pippi Langstrump4
Har ligger man1
Har nagon av er sett min tjej1
Har ni set min kisse1
Hara mai1
Hara no yuki1
Hara siva1
Hara staccato1
Harajuku hiccup1
Harak sara1
Haralds song1
Harambee II2
Hararavo bilo1
Harare 861
Harare Leaving Africa1
Harassed genes1
harbinger of swing to come1
Harbor blues1
Harbor bridge1
Harbor Cafe blues1
Harbor child1
Harbor Freeway4
Harbor freeway 5 PM1
Harbor hotel1
Harbor lights36
Harbor my distant whisper1
Harbor nights2
Harbor of dreamboats2
Harbor of fog1
harbor of my heart1
Harbor place1
Harbor romance1
Harbor sails1
Harbor shuffle1
Harbor song2
Harbor Street parade2
Harbor the desire1
Harbor way1
Harbor winds1
Harbour boogie1
Harbour bridge4
Harbour Island2
Harbour Isle1
Harbour lights15
harbour rag4
Harbourfront hangout1
Harco shuffle1
Harcourt nights2
Hard 111
Hard 81
hard act to follow1
Hard aint it hard2
Hard and blunt drives1
hard and the soft i1
Hard as nails1
Hard ball1
hard banana1
Hard beauty1
Hard being human1
Hard block1
Hard blue suit1
Hard blues12
hard blues Skin 11
Hard body1
Hard boil1
Hard boiled1
Hard boiled eggs and nuts2
Hard boiled mama1
Hard boiled rock1
Hard boiled soup1
Hard bonbon beat 61
Hard bop1
Hard bop for Hartung1
Hard bop hearkening1
Hard bottom1
Hard boys1
Hard breeze1
Hard bubbles1
Hard candy1
Hard case1
Hard cash2
Hard cell1
Hard champion1
Hard circles1
Hard city1
Hard colors1
Hard convinction1
Hard core4
Hard corn2
Hard count1
Hard day1
hard days night55
hard decisions1
Hard dollar1
Hard drive1
Hard drivin mama2
Hard drivin mama II1
Hard driving papa1
Hard driving woman1
Hard edge1
Hard eight2
Hard eights4
Hard est la fugue1
Hard evolution1
Hard farmer1
Hard feelings1
Hard finish1
Hard forgetting memories1
hard gray sky1
Hard groove1
Hard groovin1
Hard habit to brake1
Hard hard blues1
Hard hard promises1
Hard harted Hannah1
Hard hat1
Hard hat area1
Hard head6
Hard head wife1
Hard headed gal1
Hard headed woman1
Hard hearted1
Hard hearted Hannah132
Hard hearted man1
Hard hearted old farmer1
Hard hearted papa2
Hard hearted woman1
Hard hittin1
Hard hustlin blues1
Hard hustling1
Hard in the streets1
Hard jazz1
Hard Joe1
Hard knocks2
Hard Knott Pass1
Hard landing1
Hard lat1
Hard Latin1
Hard life1
Hard life blues1
Hard light1
Hard line1
Hard lines1
Hard love1
Hard lovin blues1
Hard lovin papa1
Hard lovin woman2
Hard loving mama1
Hard luck5
Hard luck and traveling1
Hard luck blues7
Hard luck stories1
Hard luck story1
Hard luck women and strife1
Hard meditation1
Hard mode1
Hard New York blues1
Hard New York swing1
Hard news1
Hard night in Reseda I Misterioso1
Hard night in Reseda II Allegro1
hard nights day1
Hard not to like1
Hard oh Lawd1
Hard oh Lord5
Hard on1
Hard on the mouth1
hard one2
Hard pain blues1
Hard paper boogie2
hard place to love1
Hard plains drifter1
Hard plucked1
Hard quiet and floatin1

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