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This index refers to the 513,784 individual tune titles (1,547,601 total entries) included in over 238,908 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of November, 2018.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page H5 - Hannimood to Happy lobster

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Tune nameSessions
Hannover sky1
Hannya plain1
Hano Hano Hawaii1
Hanoi Bay1
Hanon rag1
Hanover corner1
Hanover fist1
Hanover winter song1
Hans & Ginta1
Hans & Henk1
Hans Chi1
Hans guck in die Luft1
Hans Harzhelm1
Hans hjarta1
Hans Hofmann luna nascente1
Hans in Rausehen1
Hans is hip1
Hans Koch Per Ake Holmlander Raymond Strid Paul Lytton1
Hans Lotz1
Hans og Per1
Hans og per og tor1
Hans plan1
Hans special1
Hans up1
Hansche Klein1
Hanschen Klein8
Hanschie swing1
Hansel und Gretel1
Hansens siste1
Hanslimaa go go1
Hansoms winsome JohnnyOn top of old smoky1
Hanson is as Hanson does1
Hante ta chanson1
Hantise mon coeur est un village fantome1
Hanukah blessing Hatikvah medley1
Hanukkah blessing1
Hanukkah bush1
Hanukkah on Japonica1
Hanukkah waltz1
Hanullim project1
Hanumans dance1
Hanumans leap1
Hany ejjel vartam1
Hanyu no yado1
Hanza soul1
Haouhaou coucou1
Hap hap happy1
Hap og onsker1
Hap sap2
Hapa Haole Hula girl1
Hapana kuti mbijana1
Hapana lakini1
Haphazard half haphazardousfrequencies push through another and another1
Hapi syte e zeza1
hapless child2
Haply happy1
Happen stance1
Happening at once1
Happening now2
Happening yesterday1
Happens all the time1
Happens like that2
Happenstance part 11
Happenstance part 21
Happenstance part 31
Happie Birfday1
Happier in the morning sun1
Happier side of life1
Happier than the morning sun7
Happier times1
Happiest Christmas1
Happiest day of my life1
Happiest girl in town1
happiest moments in life1
happiest of times1
Happiest thumb1
Happiest you1
Happily Evans after1
Happily ever after3
Happily married2
Happily to Bled1
Happiness 21
Happiness ahead2
Happiness all the way up1
Happiness and contentment1
Happiness and I1
Happiness beans1
Happiness bossa nova1
Happiness boy chaser1
happiness habit1
Happiness has your name1
Happiness heartaches1
happiness I found1
happiness I let go1
Happiness II1
Happiness in November1
Happiness is14
Happiness is a choice1
Happiness is a just thing called Joe1
Happiness is a string quartet playing the blues1
Happiness is a thing called Joe63
Happiness is a warm gun3
Happiness is a warm zippo1
Happiness is being together1
Happiness is fast and slow1
Happiness is forever1
Happiness is hard to sell1
Happiness is just a thing called Joe49
Happiness is just a thing called love1
Happiness is just around the bend1
Happiness is just around the corner2
Happiness is loving you1
Happiness is mine1
Happiness is not included1
Happiness is now5
Happiness is on the other side of Eight Mile Road2
Happiness is the Concord Jazz Festival1
Happiness is the thing1
Happiness is to win a big prize2
Happiness is to win a big prize in cash1
Happiness is when youre home1
Happiness is you2
Happiness joy beauty innocence1
happiness man2
Happiness on my mind1
Happiness part two1
Happiness prevails1
Happiness rag1
Happiness really is a warm puppy1
Happiness road1
Happiness seven1
Happiness street2
happiness sublime1
Happiness suite1
Happiness tears4
Happiness to my soul1
happiness tree1
Happiness was1
Happlos flamenco1
Happy + funky1
Happy 2CU1
Happy 962
Happy accident1
Happy accidents2
Happy accordion1
Happy after all1
Happy after party dance1
happy afternoon2
Happy again7
Happy all1
Happy all the time1
Happy am I1
Happy anatomy7
Happy and out of it1
Happy and sad1
Happy and satisfied2
Happy anniversary2
Happy ants2
Happy as a cow2
Happy as a fat rat in a cheese factory1
Happy as a flower1
Happy as can be1
Happy as the day as long1
Happy as the day is long28
Happy aspirator1
Happy ass1
Happy at sad things1
Happy baby4
happy bachelor1
Happy backpacker on the wrong track1
Happy band1
Happy bandito1
Happy banny jumping on the sunny field1
Happy bday Mr C1
happy beat2
Happy beaver1
Happy because Im in love1
happy Beer barrel polka1
Happy being around you1
Happy belated1
Happy Beppie belly dance1
Happy Billy1
Happy bird blues1
Happy bird shuffle1
Happy birtday to Eddie Condon1
Happy birth1
Happy birthcake1
Happy birthday56
Happy birthday 19751
Happy birthday Ben1
Happy birthday Berlin1
Happy birthday Bill Monroe1
Happy birthday blues3
Happy birthday Bob Cobbing1
Happy birthday boogie1
Happy birthday Cuff1
Happy birthday for Alicia1
Happy birthday for Yuka1
Happy birthday Frank1
Happy birthday Gorbatchow1
Happy birthday greeting1
Happy birthday Jesus1
Happy birthday John Zorn1
Happy birthday Louis2
Happy birthday MD1
Happy birthday Mr Bill1
Happy birthday Mr K1
Happy birthday Mr President1
Happy birthday my love1
Happy birthday O Pisi1
Happy birthday Resas baby1
Happy birthday Satchmo1
Happy birthday Stephane1
Happy birthday sweet sixteen1
Happy birthday to Bing1
Happy birthday to Breda1
Happy birthday to JAM1
Happy birthday to Kenneth1
Happy birthday to Larry1
Happy birthday to love2
Happy birthday to me2
Happy birthday to Mike Fay1
Happy birthday to Oistein Ringstad1
Happy birthday to Pat1
Happy birthday to Peggy1
Happy birthday to SGG1
Happy birthday to the New Orleans Rascals1
Happy birthday to you24
Happy birthday to you 21
Happy birthday to you v11
Happy birthday to you v21
Happy birthday to you v31
Happy birthday to you v41
Happy birthday Wayne Jr1
Happy birthday William Blake1
Happy birthday Winston1
Happy birthdaySinterklaas1
Happy black soul1
Happy blue6
Happy blues22
Happy blues for two1
Happy bluesday2
Happy boogie5
Happy boogie for Veronique1
Happy bossa nova1
Happy box1
Happy boy1
Happy brass2
Happy brass time1
Happy break together1
Happy buchki break tune1
Happy but for how long1
Happy but lonely1
Happy butterfly1
Happy cake1
Happy calypso1
Happy camp1
Happy camping1
happy canister1
happy carousel1
happy cat1
happy cats1
Happy cause Im goin home3
happy cavaliers3
Happy chappie polka1
Happy chappy polka1
Happy Charleston1
Happy chickens1
Happy children1
Happy children blues1
Happy children song1
Happy Chinaman1
Happy Christmas4
Happy Christophe1
Happy clap hands1
happy clown1
Happy coat1
happy cobbler2
Happy coincidence1
Happy congregation1
happy cooker1
Happy cooking1
happy coppersmith1
happy country weekender1
happy couple1
Happy cow1
Happy crackers1
Happy cramping1
Happy culture1
Happy dance2
Happy day10
Happy days22
Happy days again1
Happy days and lonely nights17
Happy days are here again64
Happy days coda1
Happy days in Dixie1
Happy days in Sodom1
Happy days making our dreams come true1
Happy days slash hate slash Tatum1
Happy daze5
Happy daze are here again1
Happy disillusion1
Happy Dixie1
Happy dog2
Happy Donna1
Happy dream2
Happy dreamers lullaby1
Happy dreams2
Happy dude1
Happy Easter1
Happy eater1
Happy elephant1
happy elf1
Happy end11
happy end problem1
Happy ending11
Happy ending borrowing yours1
Happy endings7
Happy enough1
Happy etude1
happy evening1
Happy everyday1
Happy evil1
Happy eyes4
Happy face2
Happy faces4
happy farmer4
Happy farms1
Happy feel1
happy feeling6
Happy feet157
Happy feet blues10
Happy feet mambo1
Happy few1
Happy filon1
Happy filou1
Happy fingers2
Happy fisch1
Happy fisherman1
Happy floating1
Happy flower1
Happy fly1
Happy flying carpet1
happy fool2
Happy for me1
Happy for most1
Happy forever1
Happy four1
Happy frame of mind2
Happy Fritz1
Happy frog1
Happy fruits1
Happy funk1
Happy funky1
Happy Gabriel1
Happy gear1
Happy Gemini1
Happy girl4
Happy go lazy1
Happy go lively1
Happy go lucky13
Happy go lucky blues4
happy go lucky country2
Happy go lucky lane2
Happy go lucky local39
Happy go lucky local blues1
Happy go lucky local mix1
Happy go lucky loco1
Happy go lucky rag1
Happy go lucky you2
Happy go lucky you and broken hearted me3
Happy ground2
Happy guru1
Happy guru introduction1
Happy habit2
Happy Hanna1
Happy Hans1
Happy Hanukkah my friend1
Happy happy2
Happy hard times1
Happy Harry1
Happy harvest1
Happy headed blues1
Happy heads and crazy feds1
Happy heart6
happy Henrik polka1
Happy Hindu1
Happy hip sad folk2
Happy hippie1
Happy hippies1
Happy hokum1
happy holiday8
Happy holiday blues1
Happy holidays3
Happy holliday1
Happy home1
Happy home blues1
Happy hoo hah1
Happy hoofer1
Happy hooligan6
Happy hornblowers1
Happy horns1
Happy hottentot1
Happy hour40
Happy hour blues2
Happy hour in five1
Happy hours5
Happy house39
Happy houses1
happy humming bird1
happy hummingbird1
Happy hunting ground1
Happy hunting horn1
Happy husbands1
Happy I found you1
Happy Im happy1
Happy in G1
Happy in love10
Happy in the dark1
Happy invasion1
Happy Irishman2
Happy is as happy does1
Happy is love1
Happy is the cricket1
Happy is the day1
Happy is the sheepherder1
Happy Jack6
Happy jammy1
Happy jazz8
happy jazz singer1
Happy Jazz Trio blues1
happy jazzband1
Happy jazzy birthday2
Happy Joe2
Happy Johnny1
Happy journey2
Happy juice2
Happy jumps1
Happy June1
Happy Katz1
Happy keys1
Happy kick1
Happy klinkt de clarinet1
Happy land2
Happy landing3
Happy landings1
Happy latin1
Happy Lee1
Happy leprechaum1
Happy lettuce1
happy life2
Happy little bear1
Happy little cat1
Happy little caterpillar1
happy little cockbird1
Happy little dance1
Happy little mothers1
Happy little song2
Happy little sunbeam11
Happy little Switzerland1
happy little thing2
Happy little trees1
Happy little tune1
Happy lobster1

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