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This index refers to the 513,784 individual tune titles (1,547,601 total entries) included in over 238,908 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of November, 2018.

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Page H11 - He had a dream to healing

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Tune nameSessions
He had a dream1
He had it but he lost it1
He hadnt up to yesterday1
He has a dream1
He has a name1
He has a pair of dice1
He has a way thats might sweet1
He has gone2
He has made me glad1
He has yet to come1
He hated Christmas2
He he he1
He hears the cry1
He hey St Louis1
He ho1
He huffed n puffed2
He is1
He is a fivestar1
He is a hero2
He is born2
He is de hoogste tijd1
He is exalted2
He is feeling green1
He is funny that way1
He is gone1
He is invisible he cannot be seen1
He is Jehovah1
He is Lord2
He is my shepherd1
He is mysterious thank you for your crosses1
He is ready1
He is real1
He is that kind of friend1
He is the hottest man in town1
He is the lily of the valley1
He is the man1
He is the one1
He is there1
He is they are1
He is very suspicious1
He is with us still1
he it is1
He just dont appeal to me4
He just said yes1
He keeps on doing great things1
He kissed me1
He kissed your lips1
He knows1
He knows how much I can bear1
He knows how much we can bear1
He knows how much you can bear2
He knows how to hucklebuck1
He knows how to knock me out1
He knows me well1
He knows my name1
He knows the answers1
He knows the rules2
He knows the way2
He knows what to do for me1
He la1
He la bas1
He lacked the imagination to suffer1
He leads me on my journey1
He left me3
He left on good terms1
He left the planet1
He left the road1
He left us a song1
He lied2
He like it she like it2
He likes it slow7
He likes walking1
He lives1
He looked beyond my fault3
He looked beyond my faults10
He looks at me1
He looks just like her1
He Lou1
He love you baby1
He loved him madly2
He loves and she loves43
He loves him1
He loves his wife1
He loves me11
He loves me I think2
He loves me not1
He loves she loves4
He loves you3
He made a woman out of me1
He made away with love1
He made you mine1
He makes me believe4
He makes the heart clear1
He mam1
He mandu1
He may be your dog but hes wearing my collar1
He may be your man37
He may be your man but he comes to see me sometimes4
He me1
He might be your man blues1
He min seutin1
He moved through the fair2
He moves funny1
He moves me1
He must be in love1
He needed me2
He needs me25
He never mentioned love8
He never noticed1
He never said a mumblin word2
He never said a mumbling word2
He never said a word3
He never sleeps1
He owns the place1
He picked a fight with the Haitians1
He played his ukelele as the ship went down2
He played real good for free1
He plays trombone Chicago style1
He pressed me1
He pulled a fast one1
He puts on his coat and leaves1
He quit me1
He ran all the way1
He ran to the train1
He re le1
He really makes it hard for me to sing the blues1
He reminds me1
He reminds me of you1
He roars like a lion1
He rode over Connecticut1
He runs circles1
He said2
He said help me1
He said it1
He said it for me1
He said she1
He said she said2
He said she said I said1
He said so2
He said that he too1
He said then she said1
He said Wahado1
He said what1
He saidshe said1
He satisfies1
He saw the saw1
He saw them get in but couldnt do anything1
He says1
He sends me1
He sent an angel1
He set me free1
He shall feed his flock2
He shares a little knife with his sister1
He she and me4
He sho did preach1
He sho dont mean no harm1
He shoots he scores2
He sings he cooks he could make dresses1
He sings to me with his eyes1
He sleeps I keep watch1
He smiled the sea2
He so beautiful Emmett Wallace1
He speaks to me often in dreams1
He stands alone1
He stayed and played1
He stepped off the curb and stepped onto it again1
He still carries a torch for her1
He stole my heart away1
He stood in his shoes and he wondered1
He stopped loving her today2
He stopped time1
He stops me dead so easily1
He struggled to the surface1
He taxi1
He tells himself hes happy1
He tells me1
He that has and a little tiny wit1
He that is in us1
He that murmureth1
He the one we all knew2
He the pearly gates will open1
He the Richmond1
He thinks I still care1
He thinks that Im wonderful1
He took a cab to Neptune1
He took a cup from the smiling proprietor1
He took it away from me1
He took me1
He touched me69
He touched the sky1
He treats your daugther mean1
He understands hell say well done2
He understood how the dog operates1
He used me1
He used to be mine1
He used to be your man1
He used to be your man but hes my man now5
He waits1
He walked right in2
He walked the world no more1
He walks 2 steps ahead1
He walks this Earth1
He wall1
He wanted adventure selection part 11
He wanted adventure selection part 21
He wants to sleep in a dream1
He wants too much1
He was a friend of mine3
He was a good man2
He was a good man as good men go2
He was a good man oh yes he was1
He was a man1
He was all of us1
He was beautiful4
He was despised1
He was good to me1
He was in a world1
He was just shining1
He was not found guilty1
He was one of us1
He was someone like you and I1
He was such a nice quiet boy1
He was the cat2
He was the con artist1
He was the King5
He was to good for me1
He was to good to me1
He was too good for me4
He was too good to me61
He wasnt always that way1
He wasnt born in Araby but hes a sheikin fool2
He wats happening1
He wears a pair of silver sings1
He wears a pair of silver wings1
He went away and left me blues1
He went in like a lion and came out like a lamb1
He went this way1
He went to find a fortune1
He who cares1
He who dares2
He who hesitates1
He who hops1
He who hops around1
He who is acquainted with sorrow1
He who knows1
He who laughs suite1
He who lives in fear1
He who lives in many places1
He who loves and runs away2
He who sings and sobs1
He who swings de rumba clave1
He who waiteth1
He who waits2
He whod ask1
He will break your heart1
He will call again9
He will never1
He will never leave me alone1
He will remember me1
He will still be our son1
He will understand and say well done2
He will understand me1
He will walk across the water1
He wins1
He wishes for the cloths of heaven1
He without name1
He wont tell her1
He wouldnt stop doin it2
He wouldnt stop doing it2
head a pothead1
Head and heart1
Head and out1
Head and shoulders6
Head and tails2
Head bobbin1
Head breaker1
Head circus1
Head count2
Head cuttin blues1
Head dance2
Head distortion machine1
Head diziness1
head down among the stems and bells1
Head drake1
Head egg1
Head fake1
Head first1
Head for backstage pass1
Head for Ted1
head full of stars1
Head games3
Head gear1
Head goes thud1
Head heart and hands1
Head honcho1
Head hunter3
Head hunters4
Head hunters dream6
Head I1
Head II1
Head in1
Head in head out1
Head in the clouds2
Head in the sand2
Head in the trees1
Head light1
Head low3
head man1
Head nigger in charge1
Head now4
Head of a monk1
Head of glass1
head of the heartbeat1
Head on1
Head on my pillow4
Head or heart1
Head out2
Head over feet2
Head over heel in love1
Head over heels6
Head over heels in love5
Head over high heels1
Head P2
Head pan1
Head pebbles1
Head peeper1
Head peepin1
Head quarters1
Head rag hop1
Head rush1
Head set trance1
Head shakin2
Head shrinkers ball1
Head snappin1
Head start15
Head stone rag1
Head strong1
Head stuff1
Head talk1
Head to tails forro1
Head tones1
Head trip2
head tune2
Head under covers hidden happy heart1
Head under legs2
Head up1
Head up high1
Head wind2
Headache blues2
Headache in residence2
Headache montage1
Headbangers bawl1
Headbanging the piano1
Headed and gutted1
Headed down again my love1
Headed east1
Headed for a fall1
Headed for Nashville2
Headed for Southland1
Headed home2
Headed off at the pass1
Headed out to Veras2
Headed south1
Headed Wes1
Headfirst into the flames1
Headful of blue sun1
headhunters dream8
Headin down hill1
Headin for a weddin1
Headin for better times3
Headin for hallelujah1
Headin for Harlem3
Headin for home7
Headin for Louisville7
Headin for the hills1
Headin for the river2
Headin home11
Headin north5
Headin on1
Headin on out1
Headin out3
Headin out movin in1
Headin over1
Headin south5
Headin to the Wes side1
Headin west1
Heading back1
Heading down1
Heading for a fall1
Heading for home1
Heading for Kyoto1
Heading home1
Heading in the right direction1
Heading north4
Heading out2
Heading south5
Heading south west1
Heading straight for the den1
Heading west2
Headless blues3
Headless blues in F1
Headless boogie1
Headless chickens1
Headless horseman3
Headless horsemen1
Headlight blues1
Headlight chicken run1
Headline Bird mecanique Arabian entendu1
Headline suite lovers shot on Bosnian bridge1
Headlines in the news1
Headlo Carville1
Headmans haunt1
headmasters daughter2
Headon kouvlodsko2
Headover flip1
Headphone hair1
Headrag hop1
Headrums blues1
Heads & tales1
Heads above water1
heads among us1
Heads and tails3
Heads and tales1
Heads are beaten against the walls1
Heads circulate to mole1
Heads down1
Heads down thumbs up1
Heads first1
Heads gather the stars1
Heads hands hearts1
Heads in the cloud1
Heads in the clouds1
Heads of glass1
Heads of the people1
Heads on a stick1
Heads or tails8
Heads together1
Heads up26
Heads up feet down4
Heads will roll2
Heads you win and tails I lose1
Headshrinker blues2
Headstone in love1
Headstrong girl1
Headstrong headlong1
Headsup and gone1
Headwaiter rock1
Headwatter brush1
Heah me talkin2
Heah me talkin to ya26
Heah me talking to ya1
Heal me on this cloudy day1
Heal me out1
Heal my soul1
Heal the world3
Heal thyself1
Healer in the house1
healerDont break1
healers voyage on the sacred river2

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