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This index refers to the 525,213 individual tune titles (1,576,463 total entries) included in over 242,134 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2019.

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Page G8 - Get on down to the B3 sound to Gezirkelt

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Tune nameSessions
Get on down to the B3 sound1
Get on home1
Get on my cloud and dream1
Get on the bandwagon1
Get on the bus1
Get on the floor1
Get on the good foot3
Get on the plane1
Get on the right kick1
Get on the right side2
Get on the right side of the road1
Get on the right track4
Get on the right track baby5
Get on the soul ship1
Get on the train1
Get on this train2
Get on up5
Get on up and dance1
Get on up and do it baby1
Get on up get on down1
Get on with it2
Get on your feet1
Get on your knees1
Get open1
Get out17
Get out and get gone1
Get out and get under7
Get out and get under Mr Moon1
Get out and get under the moon42
Get out and stay out2
Get out and under the moon1
Get out get out1
Get out get under the moon3
Get out if you can2
Get out in the city1
Get out my life1
Get out now1
Get out of bed1
Get out of here73
Get out of here and go home2
Get out of here and go on home40
Get out of here blues1
Get out of here get on home1
Get out of here go on home2
Get out of it1
Get out of my face1
Get out of my head3
Get out of my life4
Get out of my life woman11
Get out of my room1
Get out of my sandbox1
Get out of my sight2
Get out of my way5
Get out of that bush Essiet1
Get out of the car4
get out of the ghetto blues1
Get out of the road1
Get out of this world1
Get out of town305
Get out of town before its too late my love1
Get out of town before sundown1
Get out of your lazy bed2
Get out of your own way1
Get out the door1
Get out the traps1
Get out those old records1
Get out to town1
Get out uv me way freeway1
Get out while you can1
Get outa here1
Get outa here and go on home1
Get outa that bed1
Get outa town1
Get outside1
Get outta here and go on home1
Get outta here route 661
Get outta my life baby1
Get outta the car1
Get outta town man1
Get over dirty blues1
Get over dirty march1
Get over get off and get on1
Get over get off get on1
Get over it3
Get proud1
Get ready19
Get ready set jump1
Get ready split1
Get ready to1
Get ready to fly1
Get ready to receive yourself1
Get real3
Get recycled1
Get rhythm in your feet11
Get rich quick3
Get rid of Monday4
Get rid of what you like most1
Get right church1
Get right church and lets go home1
Get rolling1
Get salty1
Get sassy1
Get set7
Get set for the blues2
Get smart3
Get some1
Get some cash for your trash1
Get some more1
Get some rest1
Get sorted1
Get sparky1
Get started2
Get stupid1
Get that booty1
Get that geet1
Get that girl1
Get that gold1
Get that money blues1
Get that name1
Get that soul2
Get that swing2
Get that tap1
Get the ants out of your pants1
Get the booty2
Get the bucket5
Get the funk2
Get the funk in1
Get the funk out of my face1
Get the gimp1
Get the gold2
Get the groove1
Get the groove in your body1
Get the gun1
Get the idea1
Get the L on down the road1
Get the led out1
Get the low down1
Get the money2
Get the money blues1
Get the mop6
Get the picture1
Get the pie1
Get the rent1
Get the riff1
Get the right track baby1
Get the sunshine1
Get the trap1
Get thee behind me Satan5
Get these blues off me1
Get this3
Get those elephants outa here1
Get through it1
Get thy bearing1
Get to gettin1
Get to grips1
Get to Heaven1
Get to it1
Get to know you1
Get to steppin1
Get to steppin baby1
Get to that2
Get to the city1
Get to the gate1
Get to the point2
Get together11
Get together blues2
Get together weather1
Get together with the Lord1
Get tough1
Get understanding2
Get up21
Get up and dance5
Get up and do it1
Get up and get it1
Get up and get out1
Get up and go13
Get up and hustle1
Get up and start doin it1
Get up Bessie1
Get up Betty Jean1
Get up boogie1
Get up close2
Get up Daddy1
Get up early1
Get up eight1
Get up get into it get involved2
Get up get up2
Get up get with it1
Get up I feel like being like a sex machine2
Get up in the mornin soon1
Get up Jack John sit down1
Get up lets boogie1
Get up mule2
Get up off that jazzophone1
Get up off that jazzphone1
Get up off your knees4
Get up off your knees papa2
Get up on it1
Get up on those stairs1
Get up stand up2
Get up them stairs6
Get up those stairs3
Get up those stairs madamoiselle1
Get up those stairs Mademoiselle2
Get up were gonna boogie1
Get up with that1
Get upfeel like a sexmachine1
Get used to it baby1
Get well soon1
Get wicked1
Get wid it1
Get Wisdom1
Get wise baby2
Get with2
Get with it7
Get with itness1
Get ya some1
Get yoself togetha1
Get you1
Get you Gertrude1
Get you gone1
Get your big leg off me1
Get your boots laced papa1
Get your drumbeat out1
Get your eye1
Get your frinch back1
Get your fringe back1
Get your goat on2
Get your habits on1
Get your hat1
Get your hopes up1
Get your house in order1
Get your juices at the deuces1
Get your kicks1
Get your kicks on Route 663
Get your man2
Get your mind out of the gutter1
Get your mind outta gutter1
Get your money where you spend your time1
Get your own drummer1
Get your skates on Mick1
Get your soapbox out1
Get your swerve1
Get your ticket here1
Get your tongue out my noodles1
Get yourself a broom and sweep your troubles away1
Get yourself a college girl1
Get yourself a monkey man2
Get yourself a monkey man and make him strut his stuff3
Get yourself a new broom5
Get yourself a past1
Get yourself a second passport1
Get yourself a sweetie and kiss your troubles away1
Get yourself a wheelchair1
Get yourself another fool3
Get yourself another guy1
Get yourself another monkey1
Get yourself in line1
Get yourself on a farm Elinda1
Get yourself to Jackson Square1
Get yourself together5
Get yourself up1
Geta way1
Getaway 91
getaway and the chase1
Getaway day2
Getaway dream1
Getaway gold1
Getaway Joe1
getaway man1
Getaway stomp1
Getaway today1
Getaway train1
Geting sentimental over you1
Getraumte Gesichter1
Gettin a man1
Gettin a taste1
Gettin ahead1
Gettin airmail1
Gettin and jettin2
Gettin around1
Gettin away1
Gettin away from it all1
Gettin away from me1
Gettin away with murder1
Gettin back1
Gettin back to me again1
Gettin back to swing1
Gettin better1
Gettin dirty1
Gettin dirty just shakin that thing1
Gettin down2
Gettin down country1
Gettin down side oder lamb1
Gettin down with it1
Gettin free1
Gettin happy all the time1
Gettin high1
Gettin higher1
Gettin hot1
Gettin in1
Gettin in the cut1
Gettin in the groove6
Gettin in the mood1
Gettin into it2
Gettin into something1
Gettin it1
Gettin it done1
Gettin it fixed1
Gettin it togetha1
Gettin it together4
Gettin known1
Gettin loose1
Gettin lots of lovin1
Gettin mean with Mateen1
Gettin much lately1
Gettin my boots2
Gettin nowhere1
Gettin off1
Gettin off a mess1
Gettin old1
Gettin on1
Gettin on way1
Gettin out2
Gettin over it1
Gettin paid1
gettin paid waltz1
Gettin past it1
gettin place1
Gettin plenty lovin1
Gettin ready3
Gettin ready blues4
Gettin ready for the Mardi Gras1
Gettin ready for this trail1
Gettin sentimental3
Gettin tage2
Gettin the bird1
Gettin the blues1
Gettin the rhythm1
Gettin there8
Gettin thro the rye1
Gettin through it1
Gettin to Bolshoi1
Gettin to it2
Gettin to know you1
Gettin to the feelin1
Gettin to the good part1
Gettin together7
Gettin told1
Gettin up4
Gettin up again1
Gettin up holler1
Gettin warm now1
Gettin xperimental over u1
Gettin your Trane on1
Getting a balance1
Getting a head1
Getting a life1
Getting a raise crunch time1
Getting across1
Getting along1
Getting along all right1
Getting along alright1
Getting around1
Getting around to it1
Getting away1
Getting away with murder2
Getting back to it1
Getting better8
Getting by2
Getting close to you3
Getting closer3
Getting curly1
Getting dark2
Getting dizzy2
Getting down to it1
Getting down uptown1
Getting even3
Getting even with autumn leaves1
Getting fat in Africa1
Getting friendly1
Getting groovy1
Getting high2
Getting in a hassle1
Getting into the swing of things1
Getting it out of my system1
Getting it right1
Getting it wrong and right1
Getting late in the evening1
Getting lost2
Getting lost on snowy day1
Getting married2
Getting mighty lonesome for you1
Getting nowhere1
Getting off the ground1
Getting old1
Getting old blues2
Getting on3
Getting on and off1
Getting on my nerves1
Getting out1
Getting out getting anywhere1
Getting out of bed in 19991
Getting out of the city1
Getting out of town1
Getting outside1
getting over1
Getting over you1
Getting personal1
Getting ready1
Getting ready for love1
Getting ready for my daddy1
Getting ready for the battle1
Getting rich1
Getting right1
Getting sentimental3
Getting sentimental over you8
Getting shorter in Jaco City1
Getting some fun out of life29
Getting some fund out of life1
Getting somewhere2
Getting spanked1
Getting started8
Getting that funny feeling1
Getting the box1
Getting the groove1
Getting the message2
Getting the runaround1
Getting there8
Getting tired of the blues1
Getting to fifth base1
Getting to know you44
Getting to the point1
Getting to you1
Getting together at the Seventh Fourth1
Getting togethr1
Getting warmer2
Getting you off my mind2
Getting younger1
Gettos stash1
Gettsburg march1
Gettsyburg march1
Gettu hver hun er1
Gettys mother burg1
Gettysberg march3
Gettysburg address1
Gettysburg march123
Gettysburgh march1
Gettysbury march1
Getz omania1
Getz on board1
Getz variations1
Gevid ljod1
Gevrey Chambertin1
Gewahlund drogenprobleme1
Gewe boogie1
Gewidmet Frau Hauser1
Gewisse Kristallinische Gebilde1
Gewisser uberdruss1
Geyer Springs1
Geyser dome1
GeyserOdd sea1
Gez gabaginda sheytan1
Gezinti kanun1
Gezinti klarinet1

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