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This index refers to the 530,380 individual tune titles (1,589,338 total entries) included in over 243,576 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2019.

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Page G20 - Good luck horror to Goodbye good luck good riddance

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Tune nameSessions
Good luck horror1
Good luck my friend1
Good luck next3
Good luck Roby1
Good luck Shiro3
good luck song1
Good luck sweetheart1
Good luck to you1
Good luck with your music1
Good lucknow1
Good mambo tonight1
Good man3
Good man blues3
good man in hard to find2
good man is a seldom thing2
good man is hard to find146
good man nowadays is hard to find1
Good man Sam1
good man these days is hard to find1
Good manners1
Good meat grinder1
Good medicine3
Good message2
Good mileage1
Good mind1
good Miss Brown1
Good money blues1
Good mood3
Good mood part 11
Good mood part 21
Good mornin2
Good mornin blues4
Good mornin heartache1
Good mornin Miss Patricia1
Good morning51
Good morning America1
Good morning and good bye1
Good morning Andrew1
Good morning Anna1
Good morning Annie1
Good morning Annya1
Good morning Anya3
Good morning baby pretty baby1
Good morning Bahia3
Good morning Bill1
Good morning birds1
Good morning blues70
Good morning butterfly1
Good morning Carrie2
Good morning Corinne1
Good morning cowboy1
Good morning darling2
Good morning David1
Good morning dear1
Good morning dearie1
Good morning derek1
Good morning Doctor Laroo1
Good morning Dr Laroo1
Good morning Duke1
Good morning Emiliano1
Good morning folks1
Good morning freedom1
Good morning freedom fighter2
Good morning from France1
Good morning Gambetta1
Good morning geek again1
Good morning glory3
Good morning good day good night1
Good morning good evening goodnight1
Good morning good morning7
Good morning headache1
Good morning heartache304
Good morning heater1
Good morning heres your wake up call1
Good morning Irene2
Good morning judge5
Good morning Julia1
Good morning kiss3
Good morning ladies1
Good morning life2
Good morning Lisa1
Good morning little school girl4
Good morning little schoolgirl3
Good morning love3
Good morning Lude1
Good morning man1
Good morning Mary1
Good morning midnight2
Good morning Miss Brown1
Good morning moon1
Good morning Mr Afternoon1
Good morning Mr Blues2
Good morning Mr Coffee1
Good morning Mr Cuckoo2
Good morning Mr Night1
Good morning Mr Phelps1
Good morning Mr Phleps1
Good morning Mr Rollins1
Good morning Mr Sunshine2
Good morning Mr ZipZipZip1
Good morning my darling1
Good morning my friend1
Good morning New Orleans3
Good morning no milk here today1
Good morning of France1
Good morning of France no 21
Good morning reverend1
Good morning rock1
Good morning Santa Cruz1
Good morning starshine10
Good morning sun1
Good morning Susie Soho3
Good morning time1
Good morning to heaven1
Good morning Vienna1
Good morninggood bye1
Good mornings1
good morrow1
Good mourning1
good move1
Good music1
Good n groovy2
Good n plenty4
Good nature1
Good neighbor Sam1
Good neighbor Thelonious1
Good neighbors1
Good neighbour blues1
Good neighbours2
Good news54
Good news bad news3
Good news blues9
Good news for you baby1
Good news from Fred1
Good news from the desert1
Good news from Vienna1
Good news on Bourbon Street1
Good news waltz1
Good night20
Good night and good luck1
Good night Andrew1
Good night Angeline1
Good night comments1
Good night darling1
Good night everybody God love ya1
good night for murder1
Good night George1
Good night good luck1
Good night goodsleeper1
Good night Irene5
Good night Jerry Lee1
Good night John1
Good night kiss2
Good night ladies2
Good night little bear1
Good night machines1
Good night Miss Banala1
Good night Mr Trumpet1
Good night my love3
Good night my lucky day1
Good night sister2
Good night song1
Good night sweet dreams2
Good night sweet prince2
Good night sweet princess1
Good night sweetheart2
Good night sweetheart sweetheart1
Good night Vienna1
Good nights2
Good nite my child1
Good nyooz1
Good ol Benz1
Good ol boys1
Good ol days3
Good ol Jack S1
Good ol Joel1
Good ol lady2
Good ol time1
Good ol wagon2
Good old Arsenal1
good old bad days1
good old bad old days2
Good old Benz1
Good old blue1
Good old blues1
Good old bosom bread3
Good old bygone days1
Good old circus2
Good old daddy1
Good old days22
Good old days at a New Orleans soiree1
Good old easy street1
Good old fashion country rockn roll1
Good old fashioned electronic synthesizer blues1
Good old friends2
Good old funky blues1
Good old guy1
Good old jazz1
Good old Jo from Escondido1
Good old Johnny1
Good old lady2
Good old London town1
good old man1
Good old mountain dew1
Good old music1
Good old New York26
Good old people1
good old roast beef of England1
Good old Sherlock1
Good old Sicily1
Good old soul2
Good old sound of music1
good old summertime2
Good old swingtime6
Good old times3
Good old wagon10
Good old wagon blues1
Good old wagon medley1
Good old world3
Good ole blues1
Good ole boogie1
Good ole days1
Good ole time1
Good ole wagon1
Good omen1
Good omens1
Good on the ground1
Good onions1
Good package blues1
Good pals1
Good Paree1
good people6
Good people havent died out yet1
Good people like these1
Good people only1
Good people we lost1
Good pickins1
Good place to be1
Good place to trade1
Good places1
Good play1
Good Queen Bess60
Good question19
Good question too1
Good question two1
Good rain1
Good relationship1
Good resolutions1
Good reverend doctor1
Good reviews2
Good riddance3
Good ride1
Good rock and roll1
Good rockin2
Good rockin at midnight1
Good rockin blues1
Good rockin daddy4
Good rockin mama2
Good rockin tonight16
Good rockin tonite2
Good rollin blues3
Good run1
Good sauce from the gravy bowl1
Good sausages1
Good schwitt1
Good scout1
good seed1
Good sense humor man1
good sense of humor1
Good shepherd4
good sheppard1
Good ship Linda1
Good ship lollypop1
Good shot1
good sign1
Good sissages1
Good sneakers1
good soldier2
Good solid beat1
good song1
Good soul music1
Good spirits3
good spot1
Good start2
good stitch for golden roads1
Good story blues1
Good stuff12
Good Suzie1
Good sweet love1
Good tempered1
Good thang1
Good that we have guitar players1
good the bad1
good the bad and the ugly11
good the bad and the ugly suite1
good the bad the ugly1
good the badmatawa1
Good then1
Good thing11
Good thing going4
Good thing queen1
Good things9
Good things are free1
Good things are happening1
Good things come2
Good things dont happen every day1
good things in life1
Good things to eat1
Good this year1
Good thoughts1
Good time11
Good time back home1
Good time ball1
Good time blues21
Good time Charlie6
Good time Charlie at the big washdown1
Good time Charlies got the blues2
Good time Christmas1
Good time express1
Good time flat1
Good time flat blues14
Good time for love1
Good time Friday night1
Good time George3
Good time girl1
Good time in the futura1
Good time jazz1
Good time Joe1
Good time mama1
Good time mama blues1
Good time man1
Good time papa1
Good time passing1
Good time stomp1
Good time theme1
good time was had by all4
Good time woman1
Good times29
Good times are comin5
Good times back home1
Good times bad times6
Good times blues1
Good times boogie1
Good times flat blues1
Good times in life1
Good times of Lucy1
Good times passing1
Good times rag1
Good times sometimes3
Good times will come1
Good times will come again1
Good timesold times1
Good tipper2
Good title1
Good to be1
Good to be here2
Good to be home2
Good to be loved by you1
Good to be seen1
Good to go5
Good to go go1
Good to know2
Good to me8
Good to play1
Good to see you1
Good to the bone1
Good to the damn bone1
Good to the last bop1
Good to the last drop1
Good tonk blues1
good top tongue1
good travel agent1
Good tree good fruit1
Good trip is a safe trip1
Good turns1
Good un2
Good understanding1
Good vibe1
good vibe man1
Good vibes12
Good vibes at the 12 circle1
Good vibrations12
Good view2
good way1
Good weather2
Good wheat1
good whipping1
Good whiskey1
Good whiskey and bad woman1
Good whiskey and bad women1
Good wiggles1
Good will1
Good will in the wind1
Good wind1
Good wine1
good with the bad1
Good woman2
Good woman blues10
Good womans blues3
Good womans love1
Good wood4
good year1
good year for the blues2
good year for wine1
Good Year theme1
Good years of jazz1
Goodbuy it1
Goodbuy pork pie1
Goodby pork pie hat1
Goodbye 201
GoodBye 3391
Goodbye 5221
Goodbye 9001
Goodbye again11
Goodbye Al1
Goodbye Alexander1
Goodbye America1
Goodbye and close to show1
Goodbye and forever Miles1
Goodbye and good luck from a fool1
Goodbye Avery1
Goodbye baby10
Goodbye baby blues2
Goodbye baby goodbye1
Goodbye baby here I go1
Goodbye BB1
Goodbye Bill2
Goodbye Bird1
Goodbye blanche neige1
Goodbye blue sky2
Goodbye blue wind1
Goodbye bluebird1
Goodbye blues34
Goodbye Bo Diddley1
Goodbye boogie1
Goodbye Broadway hello France3
Goodbye Broadway Hello Montreal1
Goodbye Bruce1
Goodbye butterfly2
Goodbye California3
Goodbye carousel1
Goodbye centennial1
Goodbye cerbaia2
Goodbye cergbaia1
Goodbye cha cha1
Goodbye Charles1
Goodbye Charles Mingus1
Goodbye Charlie5
Goodbye Charlie blues1
Goodbye checkpoint Charlie1
Goodbye Chet2
Goodbye Columbus3
Goodbye Cornelia Jones1
Goodbye cruel world1
Goodbye dad1
Goodbye Daddy1
Goodbye daddy blues2
Goodbye daddy goodbye1
Goodbye darling hello friend1
Goodbye David2
Goodbye dear friend1
Goodbye dear Ill be back in a year1
Goodbye dear sweet mother1
Goodbye December1
Goodbye Dolly Gray1
Goodbye Dolly Grey1
Goodbye dont cry3
Goodbye Doretha1
Goodbye dry land1
Goodbye Earth1
Goodbye Ebbets Field1
Goodbye Eddie1
Goodbye El Barrio1
Goodbye Elgin Park2
Goodbye Elvin1
Goodbye Europe1
Goodbye everybody2
Goodbye for dad1
Goodbye for Kathy2
Goodbye for now13
Goodbye for the last time1
Goodbye Francisco1
Goodbye Frank Lloyd Wright1
Goodbye Fred1
Goodbye Freddie Green1
Goodbye friend1
Goodbye friend no 11
Goodbye friend no 21
Goodbye George3
Goodbye GG1
Goodbye girl1
Goodbye Gladstone1
Goodbye Glen1
Goodbye Glenn2
Goodbye good boy1
Goodbye good luck get lost2
Goodbye good luck good riddance1

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