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This index refers to the 526,481 individual tune titles (1,579,954 total entries) included in over 242,503 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of September, 2019.

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Page G17 - Goin home tomorrow to Golden feathered bird

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Tune nameSessions
Goin home tomorrow1
Goin home train1
Goin homeFlying home1
Goin homehoneysuckle rosemy blue heaven1
Goin in on the way out1
Goin inside that batcave1
Goin midevil1
Goin my way2
Goin nowhere1
Goin nowhere fast2
Goin nuts4
Goin on1
Goin on a hayride2
Goin on blues1
Goin on home1
Goin on the wagon1
Goin on to Detroit5
Goin out4
Goin out in a blaze of glory1
Goin out of head1
Goin out of my head59
Goin out the back way4
Goin outa my head1
Goin outside1
Goin places12
Goin south2
Goin strong2
Goin tae the jiggin1
Goin the wrong way honey1
Goin through changes1
Goin through some changes1
Goin through the motions3
Goin through the park1
Goin to a meetin1
Goin to a meeting1
Goin to Africa1
Goin to Alabama1
Goin to California2
Goin to Chicago70
Goin to Chicago blues25
Goin to Chicago Bootlegging and other things1
Goin to church1
Goin to DC1
Goin to getcha1
Goin to heaven on a mule1
Goin to home1
Goin to Jamaica1
Goin to Jim and Andys1
Goin to Kansas City10
Goin to LA1
Goin to Malaysia1
Goin to meetin1
Goin to Memphis2
Goin to Mintons2
Goin to my lonesome home1
Goin to New Orleans4
Goin to New York2
Goin to shout all over Gods heaven1
Goin to St Louis3
Goin to that mountaintop1
Goin to the city1
Goin to the country fair2
Goin to the festival1
Goin to the meetin1
Goin to the river1
Goin to the top1
Goin to the truck1
Goin to the well1
Goin to town31
Goin to town with honey1
Goin troppo1
Goin under1
Goin up9
Goin up home1
Goin up North2
Goin up the country1
Goin up the river9
Goin up to Burque2
Goin upstream1
Goin uptown3
Goin way blues1
Goin Wes1
Goin wess1
Goin with Carmen1
Going again crazy1
Going ahead1
Going all fancy1
Going all the way1
Going along1
Going and coming2
Going astray3
Going away5
Going away blues6
Going away party2
Going away to make it lonesome here1
Going back7
Going back and going on1
Going back going on1
Going back home4
Going back home boogie1
Going back home to Alabama1
Going back home to New Orleans1
Going back to country living1
Going back to Jamaica1
Going back to Jesus1
Going back to Kansas City1
Going back to Louisiana1
Going back to Memphis5
Going back to Mexico1
Going back to Miami1
Going back to my home town1
Going back to New Orleans2
Going back to New Orleans bon soir1
Going back to Storyville2
Going bananas1
Going blind1
Going blue crazy1
Going bush1
Going crazy2
Going dancing1
Going down5
Going down dancing1
Going down easy going down slow1
Going down fast1
Going down slow9
Going down slowly2
Going down the China road1
Going down the highway1
Going down to Big Marys house1
Going down to Estorinhos1
Going down to Freiburg town1
Going down to the black gold1
Going down to the Gulf1
Going down to Tia Juana1
Going down to town2
Going Dutch5
Going east1
Going express1
Going far2
Going far away1
Going fast2
Going faster now1
Going for a Burton4
Going for a walk1
Going for another adventure1
Going for Baroque1
Going for the oakey doak1
Going forth4
Going forward1
Going fourth1
Going going2
Going going going1
Going going going gone2
Going going gone9
Going going gong2
Going Harlem in Havana1
Going hence coming hither1
Going high1
Going Hollywood1
Going home105
Going home again2
Going home blues1
Going home to Indiana1
Going home to lizards1
Going home to New Orleans2
Going home to see my Lord1
Going home tomorrow1
Going home whistle1
Going home with Jesus1
Going in2
Going in circles8
Going in style1
Going into the Hudson1
Going jammad1
Going mad1
Going masked1
Going my Hemingway2
Going my wave1
Going my way10
Going native2
Going north2
Going nowhere any road will do1
Going nowhere fast2
Going off stage1
Going on7
Going on 291
Going on a journey1
Going on to Detroit1
Going once going twice1
Going out3
Going out backway1
Going out music1
Going out of my head14
Going out steppin1
Going out the back way2
Going outside1
Going over Jordan1
Going places8
Going postal1
Going soft1
Going somewhere5
Going somewhere canorous1
Going somewhere else1
Going somewhere fast1
Going somewhere with you2
Going south8
Going south blues1
Going straight1
Going the same way1
Going there4
Going through4
Going through a phase1
Going through a tube1
Going through changes1
Going through part one1
Going through part two1
Going through the motions1
Going through the wall2
Going thru some changes1
Going to1
Going to a gogo1
Going to a town1
Going to America1
Going to and returning from not there2
Going to be1
Going to build me a playhouse1
Going to California1
Going to California blues1
Going to Chicago13
Going to Chicago blues4
Going to church1
Going to DC1
Going to Detroit1
Going to dinner1
Going to funky town1
Going to Germany3
Going to hail1
Going to have somebody else1
Going to Iwasakis1
Going to Kansas City1
going to Leyte soon can you get me one1
Going to Lindy Land1
Going to Louisiana1
Going to Maha1
Going to Manchester1
Going to Maxwell Street1
Going to Mecca1
Going to meet the man3
Going to meetin1
Going to New York3
Going to nowhere1
Going to paint the town red1
Going to Paris without even noticing1
Going to school1
Going to school on a mule1
Going to see my baby1
Going to see Ricky1
Going to shout all over Gods Heaven3
Going to study war no more1
Going to that B1
Going to the1
Going to the city1
Going to the Mardi Gras2
Going to the mountain1
Going to the movie no11
Going to the nation1
Going to the PX1
Going to the rainbow1
Going to the river5
Going to the river see I can look across1
Going to the sun1
Going to the territory1
Going to the USA1
Going to the zoo1
Going to town8
Going to TTown2
Going to war without the French is like going to war without an accordion1
Going to wear you off my mind1
Going too far1
Going under1
Going up20
Going up north1
Going up the country blues1
Going up the country dont you want to go1
Going up the mountain1
Going up the river12
going up up up rapture1
Going up yonder2
Going uptown1
Going walk around in Jordan tell the news1
Going Wes1
Going west2
Going with abandon1
Going with it1
Going with the flow1
Going with you2
Going within2
Goings 1 epilogue1
Goings 2 at dusk1
Goin’ back to Storyvlle1
Goin’ down slow1
Goja deyirmanchi1
Gojira examines a monk in meditation1
Gojo duo1
Gokens rundgang1
Gokte yildiz aymisun1
Gol gham1
Golan Canard soprano1
Gold & mooche1
Gold aint everything1
Gold and blues1
Gold and diamonds1
Gold and misery1
Gold and roasted1
Gold and russet1
Gold and silver boogie1
Gold bar rag1
Gold beach1
Gold bear rag1
Gold block1
Gold braid1
Gold Brazilian sun1
Gold bug1
Gold Burg1
Gold coast9
Gold Coast blues1
Gold Coast mama1
Gold coast meter maids1
Gold coaster1
Gold coffee1
Gold daddy blues1
Gold digger2
Gold digger stomp1
Gold diggers1
Gold diggers lullaby1
Gold diggers of 19331
gold diggers of Broadway overture1
gold diggers song18
Gold digging ants1
Gold drop 11
Gold drop 21
Gold dust3
Gold dust Gold dust1
gold dust twins1
Gold dust twins rag2
Gold dust woman1
Gold fever2
Gold gold mamas1
Gold green melt1
Gold head ginger1
gold hearted miner1
gold house1
Gold in hand1
Gold in my ear1
Gold in the cane1
Gold inside1
Gold is Gods sex1
Gold is where you find it2
Gold leaf street1
Gold lions1
Gold mansion blues2
Gold mine6
Gold minor2
Gold moon1
Gold mountain2
Gold n blues1
Gold n juicy1
Gold nugget Sam1
Gold Ochre1
gold of the azure1
Gold on silver1
Gold on the ceiling1
Gold prisms incorporated1
Gold river1
Gold road1
Gold rush16
Gold shoes1
Gold spheres1
Gold standard2
Gold star2
gold stone1
Gold sun1
Gold through fire1
Gold tooth girl1
Gold tooth papa blues1
Gold top2
Gold triptych1
Gold und silber1
Gold vein1
Gold wave1
gold wedding ring2
Gold wood1
Goldberg A1
Goldberg C1
Goldberg contraption1
Goldberg H1
Goldberg improvisation I1
Goldberg improvisation II1
Goldberg improvisation III1
Goldberg improvisation IV1
Goldberg improvisation V1
Goldburn 171
Golddigger song1
golddiggers lullaby1
golddiggers song1
Golden age7
golden age of science fiction1
Golden air Silver beams1
Golden angel1
Golden anniversary1
golden apple3
Golden apples part I1
Golden apples part II1
Golden apples part III1
Golden arcs at TJs borders1
Golden arm2
Golden arrow suite1
golden ashanti2
golden ass1
Golden autumn1
Golden bantam1
Golden beach1
golden bear1
golden bell2
Golden bird2
Golden bisque1
Golden blue2
Golden blues rag1
golden boar1
golden boat1
golden bough1
Golden boy7
Golden Boy theme1
golden broom2
golden broom and the green apple2
Golden brown7
Golden brown blues3
Golden bullet1
Golden carol1
Golden castle1
Golden chain1
golden chariot1
Golden child2
golden circle1
golden city2
Golden City strut2
Golden coast blues1
Golden cowboy1
Golden cress9
Golden crest1
Golden curl1
Golden date stomp1
golden dawn2
Golden days6
Golden daze1
Golden delicious2
Golden dreams1
Golden drops1
Golden eagle1
Golden eagle dance1
Golden eagle hornpipe1
Golden earings5
Golden earring4
Golden earrings117
golden egg1
Golden eggs on an apple tree1
golden eight1
golden eighties1
Golden empire1
golden era3
Golden era of elders1
Golden era of SciFi1
golden era sufflewaltz1
golden eye1
Golden eyes2
Golden face1
Golden falcons1
golden fang1
Golden feather6
Golden feathered bird1

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