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This index refers to the 523,727 individual tune titles (1,572,664 total entries) included in over 241,692 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2019.

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Page G16 - God after the sends to Goin to Alabama

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Tune nameSessions
God after the sends1
God afton alles ammens1
God afton om ni hemma ar1
God and Superman1
God and the bat1
God and the devil in the land of the sun3
God be with you4
God be with you til we meet again1
God be with you till we meet again1
God bird change1
God bless2
God bless America14
God bless Bubutz1
God bless California1
God bless Kati1
God bless Les2
God bless me1
God bless Mokuto and all who sail with it1
God bless my solo1
God bless rugby1
God bless the child571
God bless the dog1
God bless this child1
God bless us everyone2
God bless you2
God blues the child1
God botherer1
God can do anything but fail1
God can make a way1
God can understand this sadness1
God cares1
God child2
God created1
God dag god dag1
God damn1
God damn Uncle Sam1
God defend New Zealand1
God did it)1
God doesnt make junk1
God dog2
God dont like ugly1
God dont never change1
God fearing boy1
God gang1
God gave me this way1
God gave me you2
God gave us a song1
God give me strength4
God give me the strength1
God gives1
God God God1
God had a girlfriend1
God had to save the best for last1
God has his arms around me1
God has mercy1
God has smiled on me8
God has those angels1
God heeft de wereld lief1
God holds the power1
God Im yours1
God in Africa1
God in Heaven1
God is2
God is a canopy1
God is a dog1
God is a she1
God is able3
God is abundant1
God is all we need1
God is at the door1
God is capable of everything3
God is here1
God is in the details1
God is in the house2
God is love4
God is more than love can ever be1
God is more than love could ever be1
God is my shepherd1
God is not dead1
God is omnipotent1
God is one1
God is our father1
God is real4
God is standing by1
God is the ruler2
God is watching1
God is with us1
God jul och gott nytt ar1
God knows2
God knows who you are1
God laat mij blij zijn1
God leads his children along2
God leads his dear children1
God leads his dear children along9
God leads us along2
God light1
God love the war1
God loves you child1
God made it beautiful2
God made me funky4
God made night1
God made women beautiful1
God make me funky1
God makes backups1
God morgen Rosalina1
God mother1
God must be a boogie man7
God must have spent a little more time on you1
God nat1
God natt2
God of beauty1
god of blue1
God of Brazil1
God of gamblers1
God of grace and God of glory1
God of laughter1
god of pain1
God of small things1
God of the crossroads1
God of the mountain1
God of things1
God of Thunder1
God of time1
God only knows38
God preserves your tears1
God put a smile on your face2
God put a smile upon my face1
God put a smile upon your face1
God put Your hand on me1
God rest that merry monk whos coming to town1
God rest ye merry1
God rest ye merry B3 Kings1
God rest ye merry gentleman2
God rest ye merry gentlemen152
God rest ye merry gentlemen O tidings of joy1
God rest ye merry gentlement1
God rest ye merry jazzman1
God rest ye merry mellow dudes1
God rest ye merry trombones1
God rest ye swingin gentlemen1
God rest you merry gentlemen5
God rode in the windstorm1
God rode on a windstorm1
God save the earth1
God save the goat1
God save the green1
God save the Queen15
God save this modern soul1
God saves the elephants1
God saves the seed1
God searched the world1
God sees you1
God shall wipe all tears away2
God smiles on me too1
God son Paris1
God song6
God speaks for1
God specializes1
God spirit1
God takes it1
god that can dance1
God the father son and Holy Ghost1
God the wheel and fire1
God wants the world to bloom1
God was on TV last night1
God watch1
God why dont you love me blues1
God will2
God will be with you till we meet again1
God will guide3
God will not fail1
God will provide2
God will provide a lamb1
God will take care2
God will take care of you33
God you make me wonder1
Goda grannar1
Goda Mamma1
Godards transistor1
Goddamn the man1
Goddamn you ice cream truck1
goddamned specific unbalance1
Goddes Afrodita Yorbu1
Goddess Arsinoe2
Goddess Maat1
Goddess of angels1
Goddess of KIBU1
Goddess of light1
Goddess of love1
goddess of Rattle Snakia1
Goddess of the jazz jams1
Goddess of the sea1
goddess of war1
Goddess sparkle1
Gode dager1
Gode grunde1
Gode rad1
Godel Escher Bach1
Godels proof1
Goder afton1
Godfather figure1
Godfather love theme1
Godfather pt II1
Godfather theme4
Godfather waltz3
Godfather waltz & the scared but selfrighteous rabbit1
Godfathers gift1
Godfathers theme1
Godfire mantra1
Godi pur del bel sen1
Godine prolaze1
Godiva Brown1
Godiva soleva1
Godkveld du mektige tre1
Godman cometh1
Godmorgen sangen1
Godmother myd1
Godnat du klare stjerne1
Godnat og godmorgen1
Godnat sangen1
Godnat til de sma1
Godnat til de store godnat til de sma1
Godnatt Irene1
Godness of greatness1
godness the gypsy & the light1
Godot stuck in traffic1
Gods & rituals1
Gods amazing grace2
Gods ancient sky1
Gods and astronauts1
Gods and devils1
Gods and men1
Gods anger1
Gods assurance1
Gods beautiful garden1
Gods been good to me1
Gods church sing for our creator1
Gods clothes for Shaman Bobbi1
Gods delays are not Gods denials1
Gods dream1
Gods eye view1
Gods for real man1
Gods gift3
Gods gift to the world1
Gods going to make it alright1
Gods gonna cut you down1
Gods grandest theme1
Gods home1
Gods image1
Gods little joke1
Gods love2
Gods love made visible2
Gods love of music1
Gods lullaby1
Gods mates1
Gods messenger boy1
Gods mighty hand1
gods must be smiling1
Gods noorwegan1
Gods of nature embody them1
Gods of taste2
Gods of the Thunder Realm1
gods of Yoruba1
Gods on a safari1
Gods on high1
Gods on the hortobagyon1
Gods own drunk1
Gods parking lot1
Gods peace1
Gods portrait1
Gods ready1
Gods river2
Gods river blues1
Gods soldier1
Gods song2
Gods spirit1
Gods theme1
gods they must be crazy1
Gods unfair sale1
Gods vision1
Gods wanderers1
Gods warning to the church1
Gods ways1
Gods were angry with me1
Gods who shit2
Gods will1
Gods work is indestructible1
Godson song2
Godspeed Titanic1
Godspel mecanique1
Godt nyttar1
Godt vejr igen1
Goduka Mfundi2
Godwhydontyouloveme blues1
Godzien jestes1
Godzilla a les blues1
Godzilla and Rodan1
Godzilla in love1
Godzilla sings the blues1
Godzilla soup1
Godzilla vs free jazz1
Godzillas birthday1
Goe and catche a falling starre1
Goed idee1
Goeie tijden1
Goele reggae1
Goergia on my mind1
Goes absolutely jumping up and down1
Goes around comes around2
Goes blue1
Goes Latin2
Goes on1
Goes on goes on1
Goes out comes in1
Goes round and round2
Goes to the city1
Goes without saying1
Goethe sulla strada1
Goffersberg mit traktor1
Gofry in Gdansk1
Gofteguje man1
Gog and Magog1
Gog ma gog1
Gogatsu no kaze ni1
Gogo Fightmaster1
Gogo polar blues1
Gogogo blow1
Gogos goggles1
Gogs dreams Nocturnal piece for percussions piano and scissors1
Gogs on1
Goin about4
Goin ahead1
Goin and gettin it1
Goin around1
Goin away4
Goin away and leavin my baby1
Goin away baby1
Goin away blues1
Goin awayhallelujah1
Goin back3
Goin back home6
Goin back home again1
Goin back to Alabama2
Goin back to Florida3
Goin back to Houston1
Goin back to Jamaica1
Goin back to Joes2
Goin back to LA3
Goin back to Louisiana1
Goin back to Mississippi1
Goin back to New Orleans5
Goin back to Storyville1
Goin back to Tennessee2
Goin back to Texas1
Goin back to the country1
Goin back to town1
Goin back to Washington1
Goin blues2
Goin bukyld1
Goin conga1
Goin crazy3
Goin crazy over TV1
Goin crazy with the blues6
Goin down14
Goin down Broadway1
Goin down catch me a woman1
Goin down Geneva6
Goin down home3
Goin down in Galilee1
Goin down on the levee1
Goin down slow44
Goin down south4
Goin down the levee1
Goin down the road3
Goin down the road feelin bad3
Goin down the road wont be back no mo1
Goin down the Sun1
Goin down to Clarksdale1
Goin down to Muskogee3
Goin down to the bottom1
Goin down to the levee1
Goin down to the river2
Goin down with the Sun1
Goin downtown3
Goin downtown blues1
Goin dutch1
Goin far away blues1
Goin fast1
Goin fishin3
Goin fishing1
Goin for the gold1
Goin for the jar1
Goin for the okeydoke1
Goin good1
Goin great2
Goin haywire1
Goin Hollywood2
Goin hom1
Goin home207
Goin home again blues1
Goin home baby1
Goin home blues7
Goin home blues 21
Goin home now1
Goin home on the morning train1
Goin home to my baby1
Goin home to my old used to be1
Goin home tomorrow1
Goin home train1
Goin homeFlying home1
Goin homehoneysuckle rosemy blue heaven1
Goin in on the way out1
Goin inside that batcave1
Goin midevil1
Goin my way2
Goin nowhere1
Goin nowhere fast2
Goin nuts4
Goin on1
Goin on a hayride2
Goin on blues1
Goin on home1
Goin on the wagon1
Goin on to Detroit5
Goin out4
Goin out in a blaze of glory1
Goin out of head1
Goin out of my head59
Goin out the back way4
Goin outa my head1
Goin outside1
Goin places12
Goin south2
Goin strong2
Goin tae the jiggin1
Goin the wrong way honey1
Goin through changes1
Goin through some changes1
Goin through the motions3
Goin through the park1
Goin to a meetin1
Goin to a meeting1
Goin to Africa1
Goin to Alabama1

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