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This index refers to the 541,114 individual tune titles (1,615,171 total entries) included in over 246,676 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2020.

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Page G12 - Girl talk to Give me more

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Tune nameSessions
Girl talk265
girl that got away2
girl that I marry5
girl that I remember2
girl that used to fly1
girl to remember1
girl to say I love you1
Girl town1
Girl trouble2
Girl tying her shoe1
girl upstairs4
Girl wanted1
Girl watcher1
Girl watchers1
Girl watchin1
Girl watching2
Girl we couldnt get much higher1
girl who broke RSMs heart1
girl who came in with the tide1
girl who cant dance says the band cant play1
girl who cried champagne3
girl who dreams out loud1
girl who makes you cry is always love1
girl who moved away1
girl who never sang2
girl who thought part 11
girl who thought part 21
girl who used to be me2
girl who wont resolve1
girl with a nicotine kiss2
Girl with a secret1
Girl with golden hair1
Girl with her hat3
girl with no regret1
Girl with ponytails1
Girl with star1
Girl with the bird1
girl with the braided hair1
girl with the brown hair1
girl with the concrete tongue1
Girl with the dancing silver shoes1
girl with the discotheque eyes1
girl with the fall in her hair1
girl with the flaxen hair7
girl with the foxy frame1
girl with the golden hair1
Girl with the groovy hips1
girl with the hair1
Girl with the indigo eyes1
girl with the insagrievous walk1
girl with the lazy eye1
girl with the light blue hair4
girl with the long black hair1
girl with the naked knees1
girl with the net2
girl with the pigtails in her hair1
girl with the pot1
girl with the purple eyes2
girl with the red hair1
girl with the rose hips1
girl with the rose hips decaffinata1
Girl with the rose tattoo1
girl with the shiver1
girl with the sky blue tears1
girl with the three faces1
Girl with the toast1
girl without a name2
girl without name1
Girl you better use your head1
Girl you got a home1
Girl you move me1
Girl you need a change of mind1
Girl youll be a woman soon2
Girl youll never change1
Girl your best friend done took your place1
Girl youre too young1
girlfriend for thing1
girlfriend of the whirling dervish1
Girlfriends beer1
Girlfriends medley1
Girlies world1
Girls & pearls1
Girls 96971
girls a woman now1
Girls against the boys1
girls all love the way I drive2
Girls and boys3
girls are all crazy about the way I ride1
Girls are fun1
girls are groovin1
Girls are made for boys1
Girls are made of this1
girls are marching2
Girls are standing1
Girls are waiting for me1
girls back home1
Girls camp1
girls colors1
Girls dance3
Girls dream1
girls from Ipanema1
girls from Smoeland1
girls from Spain1
Girls girls girls3
girls go crazy6
girls go crazy about the way I walk1
girls go crazy bout the way I walk2
Girls gonna drive me mad1
Girls got pockets1
Girls got to rock1
girls I never kissed1
Girls in airports1
Girls in cafes1
Girls in grey1
girls in love1
girls in love with you1
girls in Smaaland1
girls in the park1
Girls in the pool2
girls in their dresses1
Girls just gotta swing1
Girls just wanna have fun1
Girls just want to have fun1
Girls just want to kiss1
Girls like it3
Girls like to say yes1
Girls like you are meant for boys like me1
girls next door1
Girls night out1
Girls of 131
Girls of Costa Rica1
girls of Sao Paulo1
girls of summer4
girls of the antler bar1
Girls of the Folies Bergere1
Girls of thirteen3
Girls on parade1
Girls parade1
Girls sophistry1
girls suite3
Girls talk2
Girls that men forget1
Girls were made to love and kiss1
Girls were made to take care of boys4
Girls with funny hair1
Girls with red shoes1
Girly day1
Giro di testa1
Giro dItalia1
Giro giro tondo2
Giro girotondo1
Giro in Bici1
Girotondo blues1
Girotondo per Francis1
girth of the cool1
Girumeta della montagna1
GIs prayer1
Gisant sur sol rouge1
Giselheer dem tiger1
Giselle suite1
Giselle waltz dentrichement1
Giselles sonata1
GismontiPascoal party1
gist does not exist1
Gist in time duo1
Gist in time duo again1
Gist in time solos1
gist of it1
Git along2
Git along little doggi1
Git away day1
Git back1
Git git git guitar1
git go8
Git goin2
Git gone bluesy1
Git in there2
Git it5
Git it got it and gone2
Git on1
Git straight1
Git ta steppin1
Git them grits1
Git these blues off me1
Git to dat1
Git to gittin baby1
Git Turkis1
Git up1
Git up and git1
Git up from there1
Git wid it1
Git widdit1
Git with the grits1
Git wittit1
Git you time1
Gita al mare1
Gita banjo1
Gitan swing1
Gitan waltz1
Gitana queen1
Gitanjali LXXXIII1
Gitano Latino1
Gitanos Andaluces2
Gitanos de la cava1
Gitarren serenade1
Gitcha shout on2
Gitchee gumee3
Gitchie gitchie goomba1
Gitchie Manitou1
Gitgo blues1
Gitit gitit1
Gittar blues1
Gitti de gitti1
Gittin a little hipper1
Gittin down1
Gittin in Errolls groove1
Gittin it good1
Gittin to know yall2
Gitzeli in schnitzeli1
Giu la testa5
Giu net profondo1
Giudizi universal1
Giugno 19761
Giuldes song to Binkirri1
Giulia and Kattleya1
Giulia steps1
Giuliani uber alles1
Giulias smile1
Giulietta & Romeo1
Giulietta degli spiriti4
Giulio libano1
Giunto ti1
Giuro e quasi pop1
Giuseppe Givola1
Giuseppes borgo1
Giuseppino mata e grifone1
Giuseppis blues1
Giusseppes serenade1
Giusto Giusto1
Giusys mood2
Giv mig dit Hjerte1
Giv mig dit hjerte Maria1
Giv mig ej glans2
Giv mig ej glans ej guld ej prakt1
Giv mig en laerke1
Giv mig et Kys1
Giv mig Gud en psalmetunge1
Giv mig gud en salmetunge2
Giv oss fagel1
Giva a listen1
Give & take2
Give a broken heart a break3
Give a chance to tomorrow1
Give a damn3
Give a dog the bone1
Give a listen1
Give a little1
Give a little bit1
Give a little bit to me1
Give a little get a little2
Give a little time2
Give a little whistle23
Give a man a saxophone and hell end up playing jazz1
Give a poor dog a bone1
Give a rag a ride2
Give a speech1
Give all your love1
Give all your love to her now1
Give an ordinary fellow a break1
Give and go1
Give and take13
Give as God1
Give away take away1
Give baby give3
Give beauty1
Give blood give love1
Give chance a chance1
Give em Hal2
Give em rhythm1
Give em some1
Give em soul1
Give em time1
Give er1
Give every man his DEW1
Give Fred a chance1
Give groove a chance1
Give her a call1
Give her a chance2
Give her a kiss1
Give her a kiss for me1
Give her a little drop more2
Give her a pint1
Give her all your love1
Give her back to me1
Give him a deep sea1
Give him love1
Give him the ohh lala1
Give him the oo la la1
Give him the oohlala2
Give him the ooolala1
Give him to oohlala1
Give him up girl1
Give him what he wants1
Give hope a chance1
Give in2
Give in to love1
Give in to me1
Give Ireland back1
Give it1
Give it a break1
Give it a name1
Give it a try3
Give it all you got5
Give it all you got but slowly1
Give it all your heart2
Give it all youve got2
Give it all you’ve got1
Give it another try1
Give it away1
Give it back1
Give it back to me1
Give it back to the Indians6
Give it everything youve got1
Give it here1
Give it one7
Give it some thought2
Give it some time1
Give it time5
Give it to him1
Give it to me4
Give it to me baby1
Give it to me good1
Give it to me right away1
Give it to the kids1
Give it up39
Give it up daddy1
Give it up daddy blues1
Give it up for love1
Give it up or let me go1
Give it up or turn it a loose4
Give it up or turn it loose4
Give it up or turnit a loose2
Give it what u got1
Give light live life love1
Give love1
Give love another chance1
Give love on Christmas day1
Give love one more chance1
Give ma an old fashioned swing in the evening1
Give me5
Give me 2091
Give me 51
Give me 71
Give me a break10
Give me a break baby1
Give me a break blues1
Give me a call3
Give me a chance1
Give me a clean heart2
Give me a face give me a voice1
Give me a faithful heart1
Give me a figure1
Give me a gourd o drink water1
Give me a heart to sing to3
Give me a hit1
Give me a hug1
Give me a job1
Give me a June night5
Give me a kiss2
Give me a kiss goodnight1
Give me a kiss to build a dream on14
Give me a lift1
Give me a little bit o sunshine1
Give me a little kiss2
Give me a little more lovin1
Give me a little whistle3
Give me a moment5
Give me a night in June4
Give me a pig foot and a bottle1
Give me a reason1
Give me a reason why1
Give me a ring1
Give me a sign1
Give me a simple life2
Give me a simple tune1
Give me a sold beat1
Give me a song to remember1
Give me a song with a beautiful melody6
Give me a ukelele1
Give me a ukelele and a ukelele baby1
Give me a ukelele and a ukulele baby1
Give me a ukulele1
Give me a ukulele and a ukulele baby1
Give me a winter1
Give me a world of art1
Give me an A in hindsight3
Give me an hour in your garden2
Give me an old fashioned swing2
Give me an old fashioned swing in the evening2
Give me another2
Give me another break1
Give me another chance2
Give me back my drum2
Give me back my dynamite1
Give me back my heart1
Give me back my soul1
Give me back my tears2
Give me back some truth2
Give me back that colour you stole from my guts1
Give me back the one I love1
Give me five7
Give me five minutes1
Give me five minutes more8
Give me forever1
Give me freedom1
Give me half a chance1
Give me head til youre dead1
Give me Jarrison1
Give me Jesus7
Give me just a hug1
Give me just a little bit of love1
Give me just a little bit of your love3
Give me just a little of your time1
Give me liberty3
Give me liberty or give me love6
Give me love7
Give me love for love1
Give me lovin1
Give me money1
Give me moon1
Give me more1

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