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This index refers to the 538,711 individual tune titles (1,609,441 total entries) included in over 245,980 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2020.

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Page F5 - Fantasque to Farewell to Maine

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Tune nameSessions
Fantastic bubble1
Fantastic dreams1
Fantastic episode1
fantastic four1
Fantastic impromptu1
Fantastic increments1
Fantastic mood1
fantastic Mrs 101
Fantastic Paris1
Fantastic peplum1
Fantastic planet of love1
Fantastic rhythm2
Fantastic secret1
Fantastic slim1
fantastic story1
Fantastic that you1
Fantastic thats you17
Fantastic then1
Fantastic things1
Fantastic vehicle3
Fantastic voyage1
Fantastic waltz1
Fantastico sette quarti1
Fantasy & air No 11
Fantasy 391
Fantasy 771
Fantasy and function1
Fantasy and nocturne1
Fantasy and prelude1
Fantasy and reality1
Fantasy blues3
Fantasy colours1
Fantasy drive1
fantasy ends here1
Fantasy exit1
Fantasy filter1
Fantasy for 4 soloists and band1
Fantasy for bass1
Fantasy for four fledglings1
Fantasy for Fred1
Fantasy for girl and orchestra1
Fantasy for Hilary1
Fantasy for Jaco1
fantasy for Lester1
Fantasy for piano nr 1 op 37 2nd mov1
Fantasy for six winds1
Fantasy for strings1
Fantasy for the violin1
Fantasy for three1
Fantasy for two2
Fantasy for two guitars1
Fantasy for two pianos1
Fantasy for violin and four winds1
Fantasy fugue & ghost beads1
Fantasy girl1
Fantasy hook1
Fantasy II for Buccina1
Fantasy impromptu2
Fantasy in B1
Fantasy in B majorminor1
Fantasy in B minor1
Fantasy in blue4
Fantasy in blues1
Fantasy in C1
Fantasy in D19
Fantasy in D flat1
Fantasy in D minor2
Fantasy in D minor K3971
Fantasy in D No 11
Fantasy in Dminor1
Fantasy in F minor op 491
Fantasy in G1
Fantasy in G major1
Fantasy in GC1
Fantasy in orchestration1
Fantasy in purple1
Fantasy in red1
Fantasy in Sakura1
Fantasy in yellow white and blue1
Fantasy introduction to suite in 3 movements1
Fantasy island1
Fantasy junction1
Fantasy lady1
Fantasy land1
Fantasy love1
Fantasy nights1
Fantasy No 12
Fantasy no 21
Fantasy no 201
Fantasy no 211
Fantasy no 31
Fantasy no 41
Fantasy no 51
Fantasy of a dream1
Fantasy of a street corner flute player1
Fantasy of form1
Fantasy of shell1
Fantasy on1
Fantasy on a Hawaiian lullaby1
Fantasy on a Hawaijan lullaby1
Fantasy on a scheme by JS Bach1
Fantasy on a theme by Chopin1
Fantasy on a theme by Julian Adderley1
Fantasy on an Armenian folk tune1
Fantasy on crystal silence1
Fantasy on fili mi absalon1
Fantasy on her portrait1
Fantasy on lamento dArianna1
Fantasy on muskrat ramble1
Fantasy on O my saviour where you walked1
fantasy on one note1
Fantasy on orfeos lament1
Fantasy on St Louis blues1
Fantasy on Sunday in Egypts land1
Fantasy on the theme of the Russian folk song A maiden was given in marriage1
Fantasy on theme songs by I Dunayevsky1
Fantasy on themes from Anthony Adverse1
Fantasy on Thine agony o Lord is oer1
Fantasy on You must believe in spring1
Fantasy on Your grace stands guard all round my house1
Fantasy rainbow2
Fantasy return date1
Fantasy scape1
Fantasy staccato1
Fantasy suns1
fantasy that lies below1
Fantasy trip1
Fantasy vibrations1
Fantasy without limits1
Fantasy world1
Fantoch dance1
Fantom az operaban1
Fantombiffen mansson1
Fantome vibra1
Fantomes du futur1
Fantozzi bis1
Fanya Baron in Kharkov1
Faontainebleau forest1
Far & Son1
Far 11
Far 21
Far 31
Far 41
Far above1
Far above Cayugas waters2
Far Afghanistan1
Far ago and long away1
Far ago blues1
Far and awake1
Far and away3
Far and beyond1
Far and near3
Far and wee1
Far and wide2
Far and yet near2
Far anzix1
Far as Im concerned1
Far away58
Far away baby1
Far away blues50
Far away but on my mind1
Far away calypso1
Far away clouds1
Far away day1
Far away from everyday1
Far away from here long time ago1
Far away from home2
Far away from you1
Far away here1
Far away home3
Far away in old words1
Far away in the south1
Far away inside1
Far away island1
Far away land2
Far away lands4
Far away lights1
Far away moment1
Far away music1
Far away part of town1
far away place2
Far away places16
Far away planet1
Far away scares him1
Far away shores1
Far away so close1
Far away song2
Far away star3
Far away story1
Far away Texas blues1
Far back in your childhood1
Far ballad1
Far between1
Far beyond2
Far blue globe1
Far but few between1
Far call1
Far Carl1
Far corner2
far corners1
Far country2
Far cry12
Far cry out there1
Far down below1
Far east11
Far east blues2
Far east bridge1
Far East Express1
Far East ferry1
Far east mood1
Far east of the blues5
Far east subway blues1
Far East suite3
Far eastern weekend1
Far elseway1
Far enough1
Far far2
Far far away4
Far far out1
Far flung1
Far flung carpet magic1
Far from alone1
Far from Bilbao1
Far from Cuba1
Far from east1
Far from Eden1
Far from equilibrium1
Far from Freetown1
Far from fugin1
Far from funkin1
Far from here2
Far from home9
Far from my love1
Far from my mind1
Far from New York1
Far from over1
Far from the beaten paths1
Far from the home I love2
Far from the maddening crowd1
Far from the Matty crowd1
Far from the world1
Far from turtle1
Far from Vanilla1
Far from yesterdays1
Far from you1
Far horizon6
Far horizons2
Far in2
Far into the night2
Far into the stars1
Far islands1
Far jag lamna nagra blommor1
Far jag lov1
Far jag tala om att det ar dig jag har kar1
Far jar1
Far love1
Far mi deggio1
Far more blue6
Far more blues3
Far more drums2
far mosque1
Far niente1
Far north6
Far off1
Far off whispers1
Far on1
Far out10
Far out blues4
Far out East2
Far out far east1
Far out place1
far queue2
far reach a cry nearby1
Far removed1
Far Rockaway2
Far Ronette1
far shore1
Far side8
Far side of the mountain1
Far side the moon1
Far sight1
Far star1
Far sure1
Far to be free1
Far to Few1
Far to go1
Far too late1
Far too little love2
Far too long1
Far too near1
Far trip1
Far verden farvel1
Far wells mill valley3
Far Wes7
Far west5
Far West boogie1
Far west cho cho1
Far west song1
far west woman2
Far worse off1
Far yet close1
Far yet near1
Fara vorbe1
Farads challenge1
Farafin dew1
Farahs alaiyana1
Farahs song1
Farandole a trois1
Farandole du languedoc1
Farandole II1
Faranduleros theatre1
Faraos wrath1
faraway bells2
Faraway blues29
Faraway boy1
Faraway Christmas blues1
Faraway forever1
faraway nearby1
Faraway part of town2
Faraway places2
Faraway planet1
Faraway shore1
Farawaybut close enough1
Farbiges lied2
Farbsynthesen Nr1 auf grunem grund1
Farbsynthesen Nr2 auf grunem grund1
Fard M1
Fare the well Annabelle1
Fare thee honey blues3
Fare thee honey fare thee well4
Fare thee my baby fare thee well2
Fare thee well11
Fare thee well Annabel1
Fare thee well Annabelle9
Fare thee well Annie Laurie1
Fare thee well Deacon Jones1
Fare thee well Deacon Jones fare thee well1
Fare thee well honey1
Fare thee well honey fare thee well1
Fare thee well poor gal1
Fare thee well to Harlem8
Fare to Heaven1
Fare waltz1
Fare well2
Fare well Charly1
Fare you well1
Fare you well daddy its your time now1
Farenheit 4511
Faretheewell Annabelle1
Farewell & I cant escape from you1
Farewell 2 summer1
Farewell Amanda1
Farewell Angelina1
Farewell Angelina what can I do for you1
Farewell baby1
Farewell beach farewell sea1
Farewell Beyond the blue horizon1
Farewell bluebird1
Farewell blues317
Farewell Bouy1
Farewell brother2
Farewell Buenos Aires1
Farewell burlesque1
farewell burn1
Farewell by Bechet with theme1
Farewell Capa1
Farewell CM1
Farewell cocktail1
Farewell daddy blues1
Farewell Dolly1
Farewell drinking party1
Farewell dues1
Farewell Europa1
Farewell farewell2
Farewell farewell to love2
Farewell Farwell4
Farewell Fega1
Farewell flight1
Farewell Florida1
Farewell Fontanta1
Farewell forest1
Farewell funky chriss1
Farewell gentle spirit1
Farewell gesture1
Farewell gestures1
Farewell glance2
Farewell goodbye2
Farewell HP1
Farewell hymn1
Farewell II1
Farewell Izumi1
Farewell joy1
Farewell junction1
Farewell Kimousabi1
Farewell Loth Lorien1
Farewell lullaby1
Farewell Maximillian1
Farewell Michelle1
Farewell Minka1
Farewell minuetFuneral1
Farewell Modhachaidh1
Farewell Mr Baker1
Farewell Mulgrew2
Farewell my friend1
Farewell my friends1
Farewell my heart my house2
Farewell my love9
Farewell my lovelies1
Farewell my lovely2
Farewell my own1
Farewell New York1
Farewell Nina1
Farewell Noelle1
Farewell Penelope1
Farewell Phil Woods2
Farewell Phoenix1
Farewell Prague1
Farewell princess1
Farewell rendezvous1
Farewell ritual1
Farewell San Francisco1
Farewell says the sun1
Farewell see you soon1
Farewell Sir Charles1
Farewell smile1
Farewell song9
Farewell speech1
Farewell spindooli1
Farewell sweet & crazy1
Farewell sweet saxophone1
Farewell Sydney1
Farewell symphony1
Farewell theme2
Farewell till summer1
Farewell to a stride man1
Farewell to Alms1
Farewell to an old friend1
Farewell to arms7
Farewell to Athens1
Farewell to BJ1
Farewell to Bohemia1
Farewell to Cheyenne1
Farewell to China1
Farewell to dogma8
Farewell to earlier1
Farewell to Ed2
Farewell to Eden1
Farewell to Erin1
Farewell to fortune1
Farewell to Grog1
Farewell to Jo Harting1
Farewell to Laquisha1
Farewell to Louis1
Farewell to love1
Farewell to Maine2

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