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This index refers to the 541,114 individual tune titles (1,615,171 total entries) included in over 246,676 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2020.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page F28 - For mamma to For swingin dancers

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Tune nameSessions
For mamma1
For Mandela2
For Mann1
For Manny1
For Mara2
For Marc1
For Marek1
For Margaret Walker Alexander1
For Margarita Xirgu1
For Maria4
For Marianne3
For Marilyn1
For Mario Schiano and Andre Williams1
For Marjorie1
For Mark1
For Mark Andre1
For Mark R1
For Marlene1
For Martin2
For martyrs1
For Marvin Gaye1
For Mary1
For Mary and me1
For Mary F1
For Mary Lou1
For Matt and Kate1
For mature adults only1
For Maupai1
For Mauri1
For Maurice Ohana1
For Max9
For Max and Clifford1
For Max Roach1
For Maxine1
For Maynard1
For MC1
For McCoy5
For MD1
For me13
For me alone1
For me an my gal1
For me and gal1
For me and my gal34
For me and my girl7
For me and you1
For me for you1
For me formidable4
For me is just now anytime1
For me theres only you1
For me youre the only one1
For Meade1
For meformidable1
For Meggie1
For Melvin1
For Melvin Lastie2
For members only5
For memoires of an amnesiac1
For men I love1
For men only3
For Mercedes1
For Merceditas2
For Messiaen1
For MF1
For mi hermanos1
For Mia1
For Mica1
For Michael2
For Michel2
For Michele1
For mig betoed det alt1
For Mike2
For Mike Garson1
For Mike Murley1
For Mikki1
For Miles13
For Miles a round1
For Miles and Miles8
For miles on end1
For Milt1
For Milton Suggs1
For Mimi2
For Mindy1
For Mingus4
For Mingus and Dolphy1
For Mingus and Jaco1
For Mink Stole1
For minors only32
For Miss Black1
For Miss Jones1
For Mitch1
For MK1
For Mo1
For Moana1
For Mobley1
For mods only1
For Molly Kaufmann2
For mom3
For Mondays1
For Mongezi Feza1
For Monk9
For Monksake1
For months1
For months and months and months1
For Moody’s sake1
For moose and calves everywhere1
For more information call 26521501
For Morgan2
For Moritz1
For Morton Feldman3
For Moseka1
For mothers sake1
For MP2
For Mpumi1
For Mr Benny1
For Mr CC1
For Mr Masuo1
For Mr Schoenberg1
For Mr Stubb1
For Mum1
For Murat1
For Murray1
For Murray Gold1
For musicians only1
For my angels1
For my aunt1
For my baby17
For my beautiful wife on her birthday1
For my beloved1
For my brother3
For my brother and sister1
For my brother Andy1
For my buddy1
For my children3
For my children Quamara and Scott1
For my childrens children1
For my country1
For my Dad1
For my dad Mimer1
For my daddy1
For my darling1
For my daughter2
For my daughter Laila1
For my dead folks1
For my dju1
For my eyes only1
For my family1
For my family for my friends1
For my father6
For my fatherDeep riverMy buddy1
For my folks1
For my friend4
For my friends11
For my friends no 21
For my grandmother1
For my grandmothers1
For my home folks1
For my kids at the College of Marciac1
For my lady20
For my little bird1
For my little gringo1
For my love5
For my love of you1
For my loved ones1
For my mammy2
For my mom4
For my mother11
For my mum3
For my national cash register adding machine1
For my nephews6
For my newphews1
For my parents1
For my people2
For my sister2
For my sisters2
For my son3
For my sweetheart7
For my tree1
For my true love1
For my tuvan friends1
For my two JBs2
For my wife2
For myself4
For Naima2
For Nancy1
For Nanda1
For Natalie1
For Natasha1
For Nathalie1
For NDJ1
For Nelson and Winnie1
For Nenette7
For New York and Jenin1
For Newk1
For Nick1
For Nicole2
For Nina1
For no apparent reason1
For no clear reason1
For no good reason2
For no moon at all1
For no one31
For no reason3
For no reason at all3
For no reason at all in C7
For no reason at all in Eflat1
For no rhyme and reason1
for no woman no more1
For noen tid siden sviktet lyden1
For Norma and George1
For not the law1
For nothing1
For nothing else1
For nothing is secret1
For now21
For now and forever2
For now and so long2
For now at least2
For now for always1
For now so long2
For nowhere to our place1
For NU jungle dancers only1
For of something1
For old friends1
For old time sake2
For old times1
For old times sake12
For Olenas birthday1
For Oliver Johnston part 11
For Oliver Johnston part 21
For Oliver Lake1
For Olivier2
For Olli1
For OM1
For once3
For once in my life142
For once in my life Im lonely1
For once in your life3
For one1
For one again1
For one in my life1
For one kiss1
For one mixed cello1
For one night1
For one to know1
For one who knows2
For one who strolls1
For one whole spring1
For ones lost1
For only you3
For OP fans1
For openers4
For Ornette2
For Ornette Coleman1
For Oscar7
For Otto1
For Oumou with love1
For Oumuamua1
For our elders1
For our fathers3
For our folks1
For our friends in the back2
For our sins1
For our souls3
For ours1
For P & R1
For P & W1
For PA1
For Paco1
For Pamela2
For Panama part 11
For Panama part 21
For Papa2
For Papa Joe Klook & Philly too1
For Papa Joe Klook and Philly too2
For Parkville2
For Pat3
For Patrice1
For Patrick1
For Patriece1
For Patrik L1
For Pau1
For Paul3
For Paul A1
For Paul Motian1
For Paul Rutherford1
For Paule1
For Pauline1
For Paulo1
For Paulus1
For peace2
For Peanuts1
For Pearl1
For Penny1
For people like you and me1
For people only1
For Pepper2
For percussion1
For Percy Heath part 11
For Percy Heath part 21
For Percy Heath part 31
For Percy Heath part 41
For Perry1
For Perry and Eric1
For pet1
For Peter5
For Peter B and Peter K1
For Peter H1
For Peter Leah1
For Peter NW1
For Peter Trunk1
For Petes sake9
For Phil2
For Philip and Django1
For Philip Steinbeck RIP1
For Pia1
For piano1
For piano and two Orchestras1
For Pierre1
For PJ2
For Planck1
For players only2
For pleasure1
For poor BB2
For Pops2
For posterity1
For prepared piano1
For princess1
For quarts only1
For Quincy1
For Quinn1
For R1
For R Barry1
For Ra1
For Rachel1
For Raffiullah Khan1
For rainbows1
For Ramona1
For Randy Weston2
For Raphael1
For Ray2
For Razi1
For real10
For real moments5
For reasons unknown1
For Rebekah1
For reference only1
For regulars only5
For rejsen1
For rent1
For Richard Parker1
For richer for poorer1
For Rick B1
For Rieko1
For Rita2
For Rita Angel1
For Rita from Mr T & Mr G1
For Robert1
For Robert Helps1
For Robeson1
For rock industry1
For Rockelle3
For Rod Poole1
For Roger1
For Roland1
For Rollins1
For Ron1
For Rosa1
For Rosa Parks1
For Roscoe Mitchell1
For Rose1
For Rosie2
For Ross1
For Roswell3
For Roy E1
For Rufus1
For Russia1
For Russia with love1
For Russia with love 201
For Ruth1
For Ryan and Kelcey1
For Ryo1
For S2
For Sabina1
For Sahib1
For Sal4
For sale9
For sale and Roberta1
For Sally1
For Sam3
For Sam Woodyard1
For Samirji1
For Samuel B2
For Sandra1
for Sandro Lupatini1
For Sandy Nelson1
For Sasha2
For Satch1
For Satie1
For scale1
For Scodanibbio1
For Scott1
For Scott LaFaro3
For Scriabin1
For Seana1
For sent1
For sentimental reasons70
For Sephora6
For Sergio1
For sesshu toyo1
For sevens sake1
For sevn long years1
For Sharon1
For Sherman1
For Shirley2
For shore1
For si1
For silent giants1
For Simon3
For Siobhan1
For Sir Ron1
For Sirone1
For sista oret i min ficka1
For Sister Deeana1
For SK1
For slakt och vanner1
For Slawosz1
For sleepers1
For Slugger1
For small mercis1
For Smilia1
For Smith1
For so many years1
For solo1
For solo trumpet1
For solopgang1
For some friends1
For some reality1
For some we loved1
For somebody else1
For someone3
For someone else1
For someone I love9
For someone I once knew1
For someone in love1
For someone never known1
For someone so beautiful3
For someone special2
For someone who knows1
For Sonny5
For Sonny Rollins1
For Sophia1
For soprano saxophone2
For soul1
For soul sister1
For souls past1
For South Africa1
For souvenirs1
For Spees sake1
For Spite1
For squares only1
For Stalag 171
For Stan5
For Stan Patrick2
For Stanley1
For starters4
For starters we have nothing conclusive1
For Stefan1
For Stefan Wolpe1
For Stefano1
For Steph1
For Stephane2
For Stephanie Bruce1
For Steve4
For Steve Lacy3
For Steve McCall2
For Stevie1
For Stingy1
For Stockhausen1
For stompers only1
For STP1
For Strays1
For strength and wisdom enough1
For strings and reeds1
For strippers only1
For Stu1
For Stu Martin1
For Sture D1
For Sue3
For SueAllemande1
For sun2
For sure5
For Susan3
For Susannah Kyle1
For Susie and Bud1
For Suzannah1
For Swallow1
For swingers only1
For swingin dancers1

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