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This index refers to the 508,825 individual tune titles (1,534,589 total entries) included in over 237,215 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of June, 2018.

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Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page F11 - Fido blues to Figures of speech

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Tune nameSessions
Fido blues1
Fido dido1
Fido is a hot dog now1
Fidos fantasy1
Fidula caprice in A1
Fidus variationer1
Fiduz I1
Fiduz II1
Fie nay prithee John1
Fiebre Cuban1
Fiebre vanidosa1
Fieda Mytlie1
Fiel e insistente1
Fiel ein Stern1
Field 1 Licorice launch1
Field 2 Propulsion1
Field 3 Stalking into the stygian sky1
Field 4 Velocity1
Field and figure1
Field and stream1
Field below1
Field call1
Field cry4
Field day6
Field day for Shirley1
Field days1
Field drummer1
Field flower1
Field holler1
Field holler blues1
Field hollerBaby please dont go1
Field hollers and Arhoolies1
Field it1
Field line1
Field marshal1
Field n 11
Field n 21
Field of construction1
Field of diamonds1
Field of dreams3
Field of gold1
Field of grass1
Field of greens1
Field of heavy wires1
Field of ice1
Field of landmines1
Field of light1
field of lights1
Field of lost edges1
Field of questions1
Field of sorrow1
Field of the dead1
Field of vision1
Field on the hill1
Field on thirtytwo parts in four colours1
Field recording no 11
Field recording no 21
Field recording no 31
Field recordings volume one the birthday1
Field rotations1
Field trip2
Field with sticks1
Fielders choice2
Fieldmice balk talk1
Fields & me1
Fields and borders1
Fields before the ram2
Fields have ears1
Fields have ears 1 for piano and tape1
Fields have ears 4 for 4 or more players1
Fields medley1
Fields of alfalfa1
fields of Athenry1
Fields of clubs1
fields of cologne1
Fields of darkness1
Fields of dreams1
Fields of fertility1
Fields of fire1
Fields of flowers1
Fields of forgetfulness1
Fields of garden eels1
Fields of gold21
Fields of jazz1
Fields of joy1
Fields of Kurdistan1
Fields of lace1
Fields of May1
Fields of moons1
Fields of play1
Fields of praise1
Fields of Russia1
Fields of solitude1
Fields of Zava1
fields the sky3
Fiera di Milano1
Fierce and tender1
Fierce joy1
fierce lustre of her eyes1
Fierce point1
Fierce rain1
Fierce silence1
Fiere enfant1
Fierlich und gemmessen1
Fiery embrace1
Fiery far away1
Fiery flight1
Fiery horse1
Fiery mirror1
Fiesta a la king4
Fiesta ala king1
Fiesta Bay1
Fiesta brava1
Fiesta cika1
Fiesta de Andalucia1
Fiesta de bogo en la calle1
Fiesta de Espana1
Fiesta de la rumba1
Fiesta de montunos1
Fiesta de soneros1
Fiesta del tabaco1
Fiesta dominical1
Fiesta en el jardin1
Fiesta en el solar1
Fiesta en Los Andes1
Fiesta en Noviembre1
Fiesta en Sevilla1
Fiesta en yatay1
Fiesta Espagnol3
Fiesta espagnole1
Fiesta Espanol7
Fiesta Espanola4
Fiesta for Juan Pablo1
Fiesta in blue17
Fiesta in brass8
Fiesta in Cangas1
Fiesta in drums1
Fiesta in Laninda1
Fiesta in old Mexico1
Fiesta in Tucson1
Fiesta latina2
Fiesta loca1
Fiesta mojo21
Fiesta numero dos1
Fiesta numero uno1
Fiesta patronal1
Fiesta piano solo2
Fiesta relax1
Fiesta siesta1
Fiesta time4
Fiesta utrio1
Fiesta velada1
Fiesta vida y suerte1
Fiesta village1
Fietio de oracao1
Fietsen op de hiede1
Fievre bleue1
Fifas theme1
Fife and drum1
Fife blues1
Fife in the living room1
Fife n drum1
Fife n tambourine corps1
Fife on bridge over river1
Fiffes circus1
Fifi a donf1
Fifi and the heartbreakers2
FiFi goes to heaven1
Fifis dream1
Fifis rhapsody1
FiFis rock2
Fifteen and more1
Fifteen blues1
Fifteen bucks and a beer1
Fifteen carom movements1
Fifteen cents1
Fifteen day affair1
Fifteen four1
Fifteen hours1
Fifteen languages1
Fifteen minute drill1
Fifteen minute intermission1
Fifteen minutes intermission2
Fifteen minutes to Regina1
Fifteen or sixteen1
Fifteen questions1
Fifteen saxophones1
Fifteen six1
Fifteen to1
Fifteen two1
fifteen twopart invention1
Fifteen ugly minutes1
Fifteen variations for clarinet1
Fifteen weeks1
Fifteen years5
Fifteenth round1
Fifth aka Fifth estate1
Fifth amendment1
Fifth and Berry1
Fifth and Vermouth1
Fifth aspect1
Fifth Avenue6
Fifth Avenue nocturne1
Fifth Avenue sax1
Fifth blink1
fifth canto1
Fifth child burning1
Fifth chromosome1
Fifth circle1
Fifth column2
Fifth corner1
Fifth dance Grotesque The doctors1
Fifth day3
Fifth dimension4
Fifth direction1
fifth element2
Fifth excursion1
Fifth expression1
Fifth fall3
Fifth flat1
Fifth floor1
Fifth floor runup1
Fifth flow1
fifth for Frank5
fifth frame1
fifth heart string sings1
Fifth heat1
Fifth horizon1
Fifth house18
Fifth image1
Fifth impression1
fifth insight1
fifth labor of Hercules1
fifth lament Ash Wednesday1
fifth lamentation1
fifth league1
fifth letter in the Hebrew alphabet1
Fifth line1
fifth man1
Fifth man rag2
Fifth meeting1
fifth mileliving in music1
Fifth modernization1
Fifth movement3
Fifth movement Ausar and the race soldiers1
Fifth movement Baguala1
Fifth movement Delusion reality1
fifth of Beethoven4
fifth of July1
fifth one1
fifth one of 20th July 19971
Fifth part1
fifth place1
Fifth power1
Fifth quarter1
fifth regiment1
fifth renga1
fifth seal2
fifth season3
Fifth song1
Fifth stage1
Fifth step2
fifth stone1
Fifth Street1
Fifth Street blues2
Fifth Street Dicks1
Fifth Sunday1
fifth terrace1
Fifth thread1
fifth tune1
Fifth verse1
Fifth wheel1
Fifth wind1
fifth word1
Fifth world1
Fifth world aninem1
Fifth world blues1
Fifths and more1
Fifths avenue1
Fifties bossaStrayhorn bounce1
Fifty & fat1
Fifty 2101
Fifty 51
Fifty and fat1
Fifty blues1
fifty cent song1
Fifty cents4
Fifty dollar habit1
Fifty fifty1
Fifty fifty blues2
Fifty five1
Fifty fivefourty four1
Fifty four1
Fifty is a hundred a hundred is a thousand1
Fifty journeys1
Fifty miles of elbow room9
Fifty million dead cigars1
Fifty million Frenchmen cant be wrong5
Fifty million nickels1
Fifty million sweethearts cant be wrong1
Fifty million women1
Fifty nine1
Fifty pence2
Fifty percent3
Fifty Second St theme1
Fifty second street blues1
Fifty Second Street boogie down1
Fifty seven varieties1
Fifty six1
Fifty something1
Fifty Tenth Street1
Fifty three1
Fifty up1
Fifty ways our love is here to stay Porgy1
Fifty ways to leave your lover7
Fifty years2
Fifty years in a factory1
Fiftyfifty apples am1
Fiftyfifty blues3
Fiftyone sorrows1
FiftySecond Street3
FiftySecond Street stomp1
FiftySecond Street theme1
Fiftyseven varieties1
FiftySixth Street blues1
Fig bun1
Fig foot4
Fig jam1
Fig leaf2
fig leaf a classy rag1
Fig leaf rag42
Fig of four faces1
Fig pucker1
Fig tree2
Figa de guine1
Figaro tree1
Figaros aria in C major act 11
figaros boogie1
Figety feet3
Figghi beddi1
Fight Alabama1
fight behind the great wall1
fight came1
Fight club the rabbit1
Fight figure1
Fight for California2
Fight for flight1
Fight for life3
Fight for me1
Fight for the land1
Fight for your right1
Fight in every bottle1
Fight in sight1
Fight like hell1
Fight man1
Fight never more1
Fight of the crickets1
Fight of the spider1
Fight off the liver cancer1
Fight on4
Fight on for USC1
Fight on Ohio1
Fight or flight4
Fight or flight response blues1
Fight over water dodechromatic1
Fight song3
Fight song medley1
Fight song no 11
Fight song no 21
Fight that thing1
fight that we fight1
Fight the beast1
Fight the bottle1
Fight the giant1
Fight the power4
Fight the tide1
Fight with Otto1
Fighter planes and praying mantis1
Fightin blues2
Fightin Doug MacArthur3
Fightin love1
Fightin side of me1
Fighting back1
Fighting cats1
fighting cocks2
fighting ducks1
Fighting finish1
Fighting Joe Louis1
Fighting mama blues1
Fighting man blues2
Fighting monsters1
Fighting piratesyakisoba1
Fighting song3
Fighting sons of navy blue1
Fighting spirit1
Fighting the concrete1
Fighting the fire with less fire1
Fighting the flab1
Fighting the mill1
Fighting to be free1
Fighting trombones1
fighting Turks1
Fighting windmills1
Fighting words1
Fighting your fears1
Fights in the unvisible world1
Fights no more1
Figidy feet1
Figit time3
Figlarny slon1
Figli della guerra fredda1
Figlio della primavera1
Figlio unico1
Figliolu della1
Figment fragment4
Figment of your heart1
Figments of imagination2
Figmentum II1
Figs and dates1
Figs and honey1
Figueroa echoes1
Figuration of the obviousness1
Figuratively speaking1
Figure 11
Figure 102
Figure 371
Figure 82
Figure absente1
Figure and ground1
Figure and spirit1
Figure dancing1
Figure deternite1
Figure e relazioni1
Figure eight5
Figure eights1
Figure ground1
Figure in a clearing1
Figure in blue1
Figure in blue memories of Duke1
figure in the morning mist1
Figure it out2
figure of a speech1
Figure of speech3
Figure of speed1
Figure on the rocks1
Figure out2
Figure play1
Figure with wings1
figured wheel1
Figures in black1
Figures invisibles1
Figures magnetized1
Figures of speech1

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