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This index refers to the 541,114 individual tune titles (1,615,171 total entries) included in over 246,676 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2020.

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Page E28 - Evening train to Everybody has the right to be free

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Tune nameSessions
Evening train2
Evening Trane1
Evening twilight1
Evening walk1
evening watch1
Evening with Ernest1
Evening with Uncle Ooo1
evenings alone1
Evenings greeting1
evenings influence1
Evenings promise1
Evenings song1
Evenly they danced1
Event 11
Event 21
Event 31
Event 41
Event 61
Event 71
Event 761
Event b1
Event by1
Event horizon20
Event I2
Event I Organic life on earth begins1
Event II2
Event II The Paleolithic game1
Event III3
Event III Consciousness1
Event IV2
Event IV The survival game1
Event IX The future1
Event V1
Event V The human sensing of unity with great nature1
Event VI1
Event VI African empires1
Event VII Cartesian man1
Event VIII The megaminimalist age1
Event XI1
Event XII1
Event XIII1
Event XIV1
Event XV1
Eventful inventive adventures1
Events at the edge1
Events horizon1
Events I3
Events II3
Events III3
Events IV3
Events IX2
Events of birds1
Events that rhyme1
Events V3
Events VI3
Events VII3
Events VIII3
Events X2
Events XI2
Events XII2
Events XIII2
Events XIV2
Eventual agreement1
eventual comeback of Gary Guitter2
Eventual return1
eventual supremacy of reason1
Eventual thought1
Ever 2 b gotten1
Ever after11
Ever after on1
Ever after remix1
Ever again1
Ever before ever after1
Ever blue2
Ever braver ever stronger1
Ever day I have the blues1
ever ending jazz Mafia1
Ever ever land1
Ever everland1
ever evolving etude1
Ever fallen in love1
Ever for never1
Ever green1
Ever in love1
ever is1
Ever love1
Ever lovin baby3
Ever lovin blues2
Ever made go cold1
Ever more1
Ever more other1
Ever never2
Ever never land1
Ever notice1
Ever onward1
Ever ready for bed1
Ever since3
Ever since I stole the blues1
Ever since my babys been gone1
Ever since now1
Ever since the movies learned to talk2
Ever since the one I loves been gone2
Ever since the world ended4
Ever since time began1
Ever since you left town1
Ever since you went1
Ever since you went away5
Ever so easy3
Ever so lightly2
Ever so lonely1
Ever so softly1
Ever so thoughtful1
ever sound1
Ever tried1
Ever true evermore1
Ever turning wheel1
Ever wonder1
Ever wonder why1
Everbody loves my baby1
Everbody says dont1
Everbodys doing it now1
Everbodys talking1
everchanging plains1
everchanging woman1
Everday I have the blues1
Everday I hvae the blues1
Everday is tomorrow1
Everest waltz1
Everetts special1
everevaporating sea of heironymous ecliptious1
Evergreen money blues1
Evergreen rag7
Evergreen selection1
Evergreen week1
EvergreenHold you down1
Evergreens of jazz1
Everithings music1
Everlastin blues2
Everlastin waltz1
Everlasting arms1
Everlasting beauty1
Everlasting blues2
everlasting contenders1
Everlasting dreams1
Everlasting flame1
Everlasting flowers1
everlasting knock1
Everlasting life2
Everlasting light1
Everlasting love9
Everlasting Max1
Everlasting memory1
Everlasting moments1
Everlasting motion1
everlasting night3
Everlasting patootie1
Everlasting pleasure1
Everlasting smile1
Everlasting song1
Everlasting soul1
Everlasting star1
everlasting sun1
Everlovin blues2
Everloving star1
Everready blues1
Everthing stops for tea1
Everthings movin too fast1
Evertime I feel the spirit1
Every 14611
Every album needs a ballad1
Every answer1
Every aspect of my life is an aspect of the life1
Every baby loves my body2
Every baby needs a dadadaddy1
Every baby wants some1
Every beat of my heart5
Every bit1
Every body loves my baby1
Every breath1
Every breath I take2
Every breath you take23
Every brother aint a brother1
Every carnation1
Every cat has nine lives1
Every chance I get1
Every child born1
Every Christmas Eve1
Every Christmas time1
Every cloud4
Every corner1
Every corner of the world1
Every cubic centimeter1
Every dark street1
Every darky had a raglan on1
Every day19
Every day a little death3
Every day a trial1
Every day and every minute2
Every day and every night2
Every day away from you4
Every day blues1
Every day I believe in something different1
Every day I fall in love3
Every day I get the blues3
Every day I had blues1
Every day I have is yours1
Every day I have the blues117
Every day I have the booze1
Every day I hear more bad news1
Every day I love you1
Every day I think of you1
Every day I write the book1
Every day Im in love with you1
Every day in the week2
Every day is beautiful1
Every day is Canada Day1
Every day is Christmas2
Every day is spring1
Every day monsters2
Every day of my life5
Every day of the week1
Every day that I miss you1
Every day with Jesus1
Every day with you1
Every days a holiday7
Every dog has his day3
Every dog has its day2
Every dog must have his day1
Every emotion is an art Anna1
Every end is a beginning1
Every evenin blue1
Every evening22
Every evening I miss you2
Every extra thing1
Every eye1
Every face I see1
Every fathers child1
Every flower1
Every generation1
Every girl is my Valentine2
Every grain of sand2
Every happy1
Every home should have one1
Every hour2
Every hour every minute1
Every hour of the light and dark1
Every hour on the hour13
Every human2
Every island1
Every journey is a desperate act1
Every kind of people1
Every knock is a boost2
Every life is precious1
Every little beat helps2
Every little bit helps1
Every little bit hurts1
Every little bit of me1
Every little breeze seems to shout Sharon1
Every little bump in the road1
Every little doggie1
Every little doggie has his day2
Every little moment9
Every little movement2
Every little nothing1
Every little star1
Every little step1
Every little thing5
Every little thing he does is magic2
Every little thing she does1
Every little thing she does is magic10
Every little thing she does is magic Police1
Every lonely river2
Every man a king4
Every man for himself3
Every man is a king3
Every man is me2
Every man prays1
Every man prays in his own language1
Every man that wears bellbottom britches1
Every man to his own profession1
Every man to his own taste1
Every man wants another mans woman1
Every minute counts1
Every minute of the day1
Every minute of the hour4
Every moment3
Every moment is another now1
Every moment is born lives and dies1
Every moment of every day1
Every moment of my life1
Every moment of you1
Every moment with you1
Every moment you wait1
Every mood1
Every morn every noon and night1
Every mornin3
Every morning2
Every morning baby1
Every morning every noon every night1
Every morning to earn my bread1
Every night15
Every night about this time5
Every night every day1
Every night I bring her frankfurter sandwiches1
Every night I cry myself to sleep1
Every night I have to cry1
Every night I sleep with an agnel1
Every night is ladies night1
Every night is Saturday night3
Every night the same dream1
Every night when the sun goes down1
Every night when the sun goes in1
Every November1
Every now and order1
Every now and then40
Every offence1
Every old NY jazz club1
Every once in a while4
Every one of them let me down1
Every other1
Every other night1
Every other one is every bit other1
Every possible history of the universe1
Every pound1
Every rain1
Every reason to1
Every road1
Every road I walked1
Every Saturday night5
Every screaming ear1
Every season has its reason1
Every second3
Every second of every minute of every hour2
Every shade of blue1
Every shut eye1
Every shut eye aint sleep1
Every silver lining1
Every silver lining has a cloud1
Every single day1
Every single moment1
Every single one of us is a pearl1
Every single second1
Every single step1
Every single word1
Every sixth is cracked1
Every smile of yours1
Every so often7
Every song1
Every song begins with you1
Every sound we make1
Every step1
Every step I take1
Every step of the way1
Every streets a boulevard4
Every summer night5
Every Sunday2
Every Sunday afternoon2
Every Sunday before Monday1
Every tear from every eye2
Every telling has a taling1
Every thing happens to me1
Every things goes by1
Every time27
Every time he punched a hole1
Every time I close my eyes1
Every time I dream1
Every time I feel de spirit1
Every time I feel the spirit5
Every time I get to drinking1
Every time I hear that mellow saxophone1
Every time I hear this song1
Every time I look at you1
Every time I pick a sweetie1
Every time I see a butterfly1
Every time I see you2
Every time I see you Im in love again1
Every time I smile2
Every time I think of you5
Every time Im with you2
Every time is the first time1
Every time is the last time1
Every time it rains3
Every time it rains Ill think about you1
Every time my heart beats1
Every time the city falls1
Every time we part1
Every time we say goodbye330
Every time we say okay1
Every time you cry1
Every time you touch me2
Every time youre near1
Every town1
Every tub45
Every wall1
Every waltz1
Every way OK1
Every were1
Every where we are there part 11
Every where we are there part 21
Every which way3
Every woman3
Every woman blues1
Every woman is a tree3
Every woman needs a man1
Every womans an exploding rose1
Every womans blues8
Every year3
Every year I get the blues1
Every year there1
Every young girl should know1
Everybodies cha cha1
Everybody and his brother2
Everybody and you2
Everybody baling1
Everybody blow1
Everybody blues1
Everybody boogie2
Everybody but me3
Everybody calls me crazy1
Everybody can scat1
Everybody chews1
Everybody come on out1
Everybody cryin mercy3
Everybody crying mercy1
Everybody dance6
Everybody digs the blues1
Everybody do the ska1
Everybody do the swim2
Everybody does it1
Everybody does it in Hawaii5
Everybody does it now3
Everybody does the Hawaii1
Everybody doin it1
Everybody eats when they come to my house8
Everybody else1
Everybody else but me1
Everybody elses fault1
Everybody fall back1
Everybody fishin1
Everybody get together3
Everybody gets the blues1
Everybody gonna dance1
Everybody got a lover1
Everybody got juiced1
Everybody gotta learn sometimes1
Everybody grooves1
Everybody happy2
Everybody has a dream1
Everybody has a laffin place1
Everybody has a laughing place2
Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth1
Everybody has a whistle like me1
Everybody has his own sadness1
Everybody has soul1
Everybody has the right to be free2

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