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This index refers to the 520,920 individual tune titles (1,565,079 total entries) included in over 240,906 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of May, 2019.

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Page D41 - Dorothys love letter to Double wood

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Tune nameSessions
Dorothys love letter2
Dorothys secret1
Dorothys song1
Dorothys themes1
Dorothys valentine2
Dorothys welcome1
Dors bonhomme3
Dors ma mie1
Dors mon amour1
Dors mon ptit gars1
Dorsey boogie1
Dorsey concerto1
Dorsey dervish2
Dorsey medley1
Dorsey stomp2
Dort ane am Bargli im Trueb1
Dort him1
Dort in die Ferne1
Dort ist der weg1
Dort tango adimi1
Dort wo du hingehst4
Dort zeybek1
Dorthaans walk2
Dortmund backtrack1
Dortmund variation 11
Dortmund variation 111
Dortmund variation 1111
Dory and a single oar1
Dos a dos2
Dos aguas1
Dos and donts1
Dos angelitos1
Dos anjos1
Dos arbolitos1
Dos bendiciones1
Dos cadencias sobre Adios Nonino1
Dos caminos2
Dos cantos1
Dos cerveza1
Dos colegas y un flamenco suelto1
Dos colores1
Dos cosas1
Dos dane1
Dos dies1
Dos elefantes1
Dos en una1
Dos enamorados1
Dos equis1
Dos gardenias13
Dos gardonias1
Dos hombres tristes1
Dos ingleses en el zocalo1
Dos intrepatatos1
Dos kelbl1
Dos lados1
Dos manos1
Dos Marias1
Dos minutos1
Dos mojitos1
Dos motivos1
Dos mundos2
Dos oybershte fun shtosyl1
Dos pablos1
Dos palabras1
Dos perla y un dolor1
Dos perlas y un dolor1
Dos pes a cabeca1
Dos piezas de remo pignoni1
Dos que ya no cambian1
Dos suenos1
Dos tempos1
Dos uh dis1
Dos verdades1
Dosanko walk1
Dose das1
Dose Hassiu1
dose of Aladine1
Dosed cremant1
Dosh dosh dau1
Dosia Dosia1
Dosla je sestra jelena1
Dosla si1
Doson ngoni blues1
Dossier Omega1
Dost freund2
Dostoino est1
Dostum dostum1
dot a line1
Dot blame me1
Dot cats1
Dot com2
Dot com Babel1
Dot com blues3
Dot dash1
Dot dot1
Dot dot dah1
Dot dot dot3
Dot em blues1
Dot in the prison1
Dot of Oz1
dot on the map1
Dot to dot2
Dotanother dot1
Dotheboys hall1
Dots 11
Dots 21
Dots and braids1
Dots and circles1
Dots and clusters1
Dots and dashes1
Dots and moonbeams2
Dots and rhythm1
Dots cheesecake4
Dots ditches and scratches1
Dots groovy3
Dots head1
Dots my baby1
Dots n dashes1
Dots on a disc of snow1
Dots right2
Dots what1
Dots world1
Dott Smith1
Dotted eyes1
Dotted line2
Dotter Sion1
Dottie dimples1
Dottie my love1
Dotties theme1
Dottore Paolo Scanna1
dotty blues1
Dotty dimples1
Dottys delight1
Dottys dream1
Dotyk gotyku1
Dotykaj mnie cieplym oddechem1
Dou dou2
Dou Dou NDaiye Rose2
Dou je vines1
Dou la serenade1
Dou la voix1
Dou vient cela1
Doua jocuri din bihori1
doua promenada1
doua rugaciune1
Douala serenade1
Douala time1
Douala walk1
Douana fama1
Double A1
Double Act 11
Double Act 21
Double Act 31
Double Act 41
Double action1
Double agent5
Double arc Jake6
Double B2
Double B on 31
Double bad1
Double bar1
Double barrel1
Double barrel blues3
Double bars2
Double bass8
Double bass blues2
Double bass duo1
Double bass hit3
double bass jam1
Double bass shuffle1
Double bassing1
Double bay1
Double bind2
Double blind2
Double blue2
Double blue band1
Double blues8
Double Bobby2
Double Bock double rock1
Double bogey blues1
Double Bols1
Double bonus1
Double boogie1
Double booked1
Double booked in the park Miss Malfatti I presume1
Double bounce1
Double broke back blues1
Double bubble4
Double bump1
Double C1
Double chaser1
Double check2
Double check stomp52
Double chi1
Double chin1
Double choral1
Double circle3
Double clarinet blues1
Double click1
Double clumsy1
Double clutch4
Double clutching3
Double coeur1
Double concerto6
Double concerto for 5 soloists and orchestra1
Double concerto for two electric guitars and symphony orchestra1
Double consciousness2
Double coverage1
Double cream1
Double cross6
Double cross woman1
Double crossed1
Double crossin daddy2
Double crossin mamma1
Double crossin papa4
Double crossing blues3
Double crossing buddy1
Double crossing mama1
Double crossing papa1
Double crutching blues1
Double Czech1
Double D squad1
Double Dad1
Double dagger1
Double dance1
Double dare1
Double dares are sometimes different1
Double date2
Double deal3
Double dealers crash into double doubts in Dublin1
Double dealing2
Double dealing daddy1
Double deals1
Double decker2
Double dee1
Double delight2
Double demon1
Double density1
Double diamond2
Double dig1
Double digit1
Double dip1
Double diploid2
Double dippin1
Double disc1
Double discours1
Double dog1
Double dog house2
Double dorje1
Double double1
Double doubles1
Double down7
Double dozens2
Double dragon1
Double dream2
Double dribble2
Double driblle1
Double duke2
Double dutch5
Double Dutch boogie1
Double dutch treat3
Double duty2
Double dynamite2
Double eagle1
Double eclips1
Double eclipse2
Double Eddie1
Double edge1
double edged sword1
double eight1
Double entendre6
Double entente1
Double etoile1
Double excursion 11
Double excursion 21
Double excursion 31
Double exposure14
Double exposures1
Double eyed whammy1
Double face7
Double faces1
Double fault1
Double feature4
Double fiesta1
Double fifths1
Double file1
Double fin1
Double flanging1
Double flavour suite1
Double fleish1
Double flip1
Double for bass1
Double fracture1
Double fudge3
Double fudge rag1
Double fusion part 31
Double fusion part 41
Double G Train1
Double game2
Double gemini1
Double gin stomp1
Double Guatemala1
Double gum1
Double H1
Double happiness2
Double happy new year1
Double headed1
Double headed serpent1
Double header2
Double heart1
Double heartbeat1
Double helix8
Double hihat etude1
Double holiday1
Double holy house1
Double identity1
Double ikat1
Double image12
Double in mind1
Double indeed2
Double indemnity3
Double intentions1
Double it1
Double Jack2
Double jeopardy2
Double jeu4
Double jeux1
Double juice1
Double kick1
Double kiss2
Double knockout1
Double L triptych1
Double lake defined1
Double langage1
Double layer1
double left1
Double life8
double lifeand more1
Double line1
Double lotus1
Double madness1
Double mail1
Double mambo1
Double Margo1
Double meaning1
Double mellow2
double mescal1
Double messieurs1
Double midnight cofee1
Double mind1
Double mint1
Double moon1
Double mystery1
Double nature1
Double negative2
Double nickel1
Double or nothing8
Double Ornette1
Double OT1
Double parked where I wanna be1
Double parking1
Double parking blues1
Double peace1
Double personality1
Double phase2
double planet1
Double play12
Double play gal1
Double plunge1
Double portion1
Double portraits1
Double positive1
Double promotion blues1
Double pump1
Double quarter1
Double quartet2
Double rainbow69
Double rainbow forest1
double rainbow over Heeper Street2
Double reality1
Double river1
Double roast1
Double rondo on the river1
Double Ruff2
double sacrifice1
Double scale1
Double Scotch20
Double screening I1
Double screening II1
Double secret2
Double senses1
Double seven1
Double sharp1
Double sheet1
Double shot5
Double shuffle6
Double sides1
Double simple1
Double sonance1
Double sound1
Double space1
Double speak1
Double split1
Double spoon1
Double standard3
Double standards2
Double steal1
Double steps and track fragments1
Double stop4
Double stops1
double story1
Double stuff1
Double sun2
Double take7
Double take and fade away1
Double talk19
Double tall latte1
Double team1
Double tear1
Double tempo sucks1
Double tempo sucks even more1
Double ten1
double that1
double thing1
Double threat1
Double three1
Double thunderbolt Memorial for Don Cherry1
Double tier1
Double time4
Double toe1
Double tone1
Double top1
Double tracking1
Double treble1
Double trio3
Double trio I1
Double tripper1
Double trouble31
Double trouble blues3
Double trouble hop1
Double trouble too1
Double trouble two part I1
Double trouble two part II1
Double trouble two part III1
Double trouble two part IV1
Double trouble two part V1
Double truth1
Double twist1
Double up10
Double up blues1
Double up boogie2
Double V1
Double vision6
Double vol1
Double vue suite1
Double walk2
Double wammy1
Double weight1
double whammy5
Double whiskey2
Double whisky5
Double Windsor2
Double wood1

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