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This index refers to the 538,711 individual tune titles (1,609,441 total entries) included in over 245,980 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2020.

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Page D3 - Damage control to Dance of an elephant

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Tune nameSessions
Damage control2
damage factor1
damage is done1
Damage mobility1
Damage mobility acoustic1
Damage to the mask1
Damaged but good2
damaged center1
Damaged love1
Damais jetzt1
Damanis dance1
Damar of Istanbul1
Damara blue3
Damas de blanco1
Damask roses1
Damba D1
Damba suite1
Damballah weddo1
dambusters march1
Dame auf einem balkon1
Dame blanche6
Dame da luz1
Dame dame1
Dame des sables1
Dame guaracha1
Dame in weiss1
Dame Jeanne1
Dame la Llave1
Dame la mano1
Dame Lombarde1
Dame Lorraine1
Dame Miel1
Dame se vous mestes lointeinne1
Dame tu amor morenita1
Dame un cachito pahuele1
Damen fra nord1
Damen i svart1
Dameron dance1
Dameron stomp1
Damerons dance2
Damerons ghost1
Damiah Janee1
Damiens dance1
Damigo demonstrates1
Damisela encantadora1
Damm if they can do it we can do it better1
Dammant quod non intelligunt1
Dammerung im park1
Damn blues1
Damn dixie1
Damn if I know1
Damn my feet hurt1
Damn nam3
Damn pitch1
Damn right1
Damn right I am somebody1
Damn right Im somebody2
Damn slam1
Damn somebody stole my pants1
Damn that cat1
Damn that reality1
Damn the pique1
Damn the power1
damn think1
Damn this groove2
Damn you eyes1
Damn your eyes5
Damnable soul1
damnation of Faust1
Damned black blues1
Damned dirty march1
damned dont cry2
Damned fishes1
Damned for all time1
Damned I love you not1
Damned if I know5
Damni tempo1
Damning with faint praise1
Damnt their eyes1
Damocles tune1
Damon unverstand1
Damp ankles1
Damp brown places1
Damp dog1
Damp rag1
Damp storage1
Damp weather blues1
damped story1
Damper down blues1
Dampf und ferse1
Dampfer Elsa1
Dan Bagasao1
Dan Carter blues1
Dan daka1
Dan Dockrill1
Dan fagraste viso pao jorae1
Dan hang1
Dan in vzgon1
Dan les rues dAntibes3
Dan Lizabeth and Elisha1
Dan Marquis and Anne Davison anniversary orations1
Dan Michele1
Dan mouvement tremble1
Dan no tabi1
Dan Ryan Express1
Dan sing music1
Dan skroich1
Dan Smith will teach you guitar1
Dan talande harpo1
Dan the back door man1
Dan the man1
Dan the sun1
Dan zal ik jou vergeven1
Dana in the booth1
Dana point1
Danae this very moment1
Danakil warrior1
Danang man1
Danas dance1
Danase urbaine1
Danc du solidao1
Danca Amazonas1
Danca comigo2
Danca crianca1
danca da floresta1
Danca da salidao1
Danca da Selva na cidade grande1
Danca da solidao6
Danca das Amazonas1
Danca das cabecas4
Danca das kashala e sarhanna1
Danca das sombras2
Danca de shiva1
Danca de sonho1
Danca del sol2
Danca do amor1
Danca do cafe1
Danca do diabinho1
Danca do mar negro1
Danca do pato1
danca do tatu1
Danca dos camponese1
Danca dos escravos3
Danca dos homens1
Danca dos meninos1
Danca dos pes1
danca dos santos1
Danca illusoria1
Danca los vecinos1
Danca maya selene1
Danca no 11
Danca no 21
Danca palaciana1
Danca para um folclore imaginario1
Danca solitaria1
Danca solitaria no 11
Danca solitaria no 21
Danca tribal1
Dancando com ale1
Dancando no paraiso1
Dance 16
Dance 210
Dance 36
Dance 44
Dance 4 U1
Dance 4 your inner self1
Dance 54
Dance 62
Dance 681
Dance 72
Dance a dance1
dance a kiss and a joy song1
Dance a la Negres1
Dance above leaves1
Dance afar1
Dance Africa1
Dance after dance1
Dance again1
Dance again Diana1
Dance all1
Dance all night3
Dance ancestrale de la mer1
Dance and coda1
Dance and counterdance1
Dance and grow thin2
Dance and hallucinations1
Dance and let your hair down1
dance and the blues1
dance and the romance goes on forever1
Dance arabe1
Dance around in your bones2
Dance around the problem1
Dance as usual1
Dance astral1
Dance at La Blanqiada1
Dance at the beach1
Dance at the gym2
dance at the Mardi Gras ball1
Dance at the palace1
Dance at the Road Dogs1
Dance attempts1
Dance away shinpey1
Dance away the night1
Dance away your blues1
Dance bad woman1
Dance ballad medley1
Dance ballerina dance7
Dance band2
Dance before the mirror2
Dance belly dance1
Dance beneath the diamond sky1
Dance Benita dance1
Dance beyond the color1
Dance blue1
Dance break Artistry in rhythm1
Dance break The sheik or Araby1
Dance by the bonfire1
Dance by the sea1
Dance cadaverous26
Dance celestial1
Dance chicken corina blackberry medley1
Dance children dance1
Dance class5
dance commences3
Dance da solidao1
Dance dance1
Dance dance dance3
Dance dance only with me1
Dance dance you cur1
Dance dancer1
Dance date1
Dance de aguero1
Dance de bodas1
Dance de la rue1
Dance delicioso1
Dance delively1
Dance des grues1
Dance desire1
Dance drama1
Dance dream1
Dance Emma1
Dance espresso1
dance eternal1
Dance eternal spirits dance3
Dance fantasm1
Dance fantastique1
Dance farewell1
Dance first think later1
Dance five7
Dance floor4
Dance for a fat Arlecchino2
Dance for a green candle1
Dance for a king4
Dance for a Nisei hipster1
Dance for a one legged lady1
Dance for a small bell1
Dance for Agayu1
Dance for an old mask1
Dance for an only body1
Dance for Andy1
Dance for Bobby P1
Dance for Carlo B1
Dance for cello and bass no 11
Dance for children1
Dance for daddy2
Dance for Denica1
Dance for E & B1
Dance for Elena1
Dance for fire reign1
Dance for flute no 21
Dance for flute no 31
Dance for Gio1
Dance for harpsichord1
Dance for Hermeto2
Dance for horses1
Dance for human folk2
Dance for joy1
Dance for joyful spirits1
dance for Keiko3
Dance for Leila1
Dance for life2
Dance for little T1
Dance for Louise1
Dance for Lulu1
Dance for M1
dance for Marie Do1
dance for MarieDo2
Dance for McCoy1
dance for me4
dance for Mojos return1
dance for most of you1
Dance for my friends1
Dance for OC1
Dance for Osiris1
Dance for Pamela1
Dance for peace1
Dance for piano no 51
Dance for rain dead buffalo1
Dance for Rosa1
Dance for Suwoo1
Dance for the death of a bird1
Dance for the east no 21
Dance for the lambs1
dance for the new forest1
Dance for the new world1
Dance for the repose of the soul1
Dance for the restless hearts1
Dance for the sol1
Dance for the stone1
Dance for their father2
Dance for three2
Dance for vibraphone no 21
Dance for vibraphone no 41
Dance for Victor7
Dance for you people1
dance for your thoughts1
Dance forever1
dance from afar1
Dance from east no 11
Dance from east no 21
dance from Gornys time2
Dance from Marammuresh1
Dance from Maramuresh2
Dance from nowhere2
Dance from the black stream suite1
Dance from the East2
Dance from the East no 21
Dance from the night in gales1
Dance gallery1
Dance griot1
Dance grom Maramaros1
Dance hall4
Dance hall doll1
Dance hall girls1
Dance hall shuffle1
Dance Henry1
Dance in a perfect world1
Dance in a secret garden1
Dance in a triangle1
Dance in Bulgarian rhythm 11
Dance in Bulgarian rhythm 21
Dance in childhood1
Dance in dress1
dance in green1
Dance in Harlem1
Dance in Heaven1
Dance in mad shoes1
Dance in music1
Dance in plaid2
Dance in seven2
Dance in Sicily1
Dance in springtime1
Dance in Tanzania1
Dance in the ba rnyard1
Dance in the cart1
Dance in the clouds1
Dance in the dark1
Dance in the lower market square1
Dance in the moonlight1
Dance in the morning mist1
Dance in the old fashioned way1
dance in the park1
Dance in the question3
Dance in the rain forest1
Dance in the spirit1
Dance in the twilight zone1
Dance in the woods1
Dance in thy soul1
Dance in your dreams1
dance in your eye1
Dance inbetween the moments1
Dance intoxicant1
Dance invitation1
dance is over1
dance is you1
Dance it1
Dance jump1
Dance latitude1
Dance Layan dance1
Dance lessons1
Dance lightly1
Dance like a child1
Dance like no one is watching1
Dance like theres no tomorrow1
Dance line4
Dance little bird the chicken dance1
Dance little lady5
Dance little Mandisa2
Dance little Mandissa3
Dance little walnut dance1
Dance lunatic1
Dance macabre3
Dance macabre de SaintSaens1
Dance macabre opus 401
Dance machine1
Dance mad1
Dance man buys a farm2
Dance matters1
Dance me delirious1
Dance me home3
Dance me outside1
Dance me to the end1
Dance me to the end of love9
Dance Mediterranea1
Dance medley no 11
Dance medley no 21
Dance music8
Dance music 21
Dance music 41
Dance music 51
Dance music for Borneo horns1
Dance music for Borneo horns 11
Dance music for Composers Orchestra1
Dance music image suite1
Dance music makin music1
Dance music of an imaginary people1
Dance my beautiful1
Dance my dear1
Dance my heart2
Dance my people3
Dance mystique1
dance never ends1
Dance niggun1
Dance night1
Dance no 15
Dance no 24
Dance no 32
Dance no 42
Dance no 54
Dance No 851
Dance No 871
Dance No 881
Dance Norvegienne no 21
Dance now1
Dance now is we are1
Dance number1
Dance number 21
Dance number one3
Dance o precious jade o precious turquoise1
Dance o the sugar plums1
Dance of a bittersweet victory1
Dance of a flower in spring from Waltz of the flowers1
Dance of a spaceman1
Dance of allegra1
Dance of an elephant1

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