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This index refers to the 520,920 individual tune titles (1,565,079 total entries) included in over 240,906 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of May, 2019.

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Page D25 - Dicen de mi to Die Heimat ist kostbar

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Tune nameSessions
Dicen de mi2
Dicen que la patria es1
Dicentencello vuje1
Dices tu1
Dich hat der Liebe Gott fur mich so schon gemacht1
Dich Liebe ich1
Dich werd ich nie vergessen1
Dichiarato indesiderabile1
Dicho me habian dicho1
Dichte Wolken kein Regen1
Dichter und Bauer2
Dichterliebe op 481
Dichterliebe und lichterdiebe1
Dici demain1
Dici den bas1
Diciannovesimo gradino1
Diciteciello vuie1
Dicitencello vuie1
Dicitencello vuje1
Dick Butkus1
Dick Cheneys blues1
Dick Continos blues1
Dick dogs4
Dick Hyman piano concerto1
Dick is slick1
Dick Liggers holler1
Dick Nash1
Dick Powell Show theme1
Dick Suave1
Dick trace1
Dick Tracey1
Dick Tracy1
Dick Twardzik1
Dick Van Dyke theme1
Dicke halse in wiesbaden1
Dicke neue dinger1
Dicke sind auch Menschen1
Dickens place1
Dickens waltz1
Dickerson strut1
dickey bird song2
Dickey Duke1
dickeybird song1
Dickeys blues1
Dickeys mood1
Dickie bird song1
Dickie Nonas1
dickiebird song1
Dickies dream37
Dickies weather jive1
Dicks bandstand1
Dicks blues1
Dicks boogie5
Dicks boogie woogie1
Dicks favorite1
Dicks favourites2
Dicks feelings1
Dicks holler3
Dicks mood1
Dicks movement1
Dicks pick1
Dicks theme1
DicksKahnt goes1
Dicktys on 7th Ave1
Dicky bird1
dicky bird told me so2
Dicky Wells blues1
Dicky Wells new blues1
Dickys death1
Dickys famous break1
Dictaphone scream1
Dicties on 7th Avenue1
Dicties on parade1
Dicty blues7
dicty glide4
Dictys of 7th Ave1
Dictys on 7th Ave1
Dictys on 7th Avenue4
Dictys on Seventh Avenue1
Did an angel kiss you the day you were born3
Did anyone call1
Did anyone ever tell you2
Did God forget DarfurWhat God1
Did he do right by you2
Did he ever love me1
Did I2
Did I ask you if you knew1
Did I break your heart1
Did I come back too soon1
Did I crumple or was I crushed1
Did I do2
Did I ever1
Did I ever really live2
Did I ever really love1
Did I ever tell you3
Did I forget to mention that1
Did I get you right1
Did I give you the key1
Did I hear you say you love me2
Did I know you1
Did I really leave2
Did I really live1
Did I remember65
Did I remember you1
Did I say anything1
Did I say anything prelude1
Did I say that out loud1
Did I stutter1
Did I tell you5
Did I think about you1
Did I touch your life1
Did I treat you right1
Did it1
Did it again1
Did it have to be you2
Did it n did it1
Did it really happen1
Did ja ever1
Did jah miss me1
Did mallets die1
Did Nielsen like jazz1
Did not1
Did she ask for me1
Did she ever cry1
Did she fall or was she pushed1
Did she happen to ask about me1
Did sprinting die1
Did the diddly1
Did they ever tell Cousteau1
Did try blues1
Did unna die1
Did we dance1
Did what you told me1
Did ye get healed2
Did you3
Did you call her today20
Did you call here today1
Did you close your eyes1
Did you come back to say goodbye1
Did you do that2
Did you drop something1
Did you ever6
Did you ever cross over to Snedens2
Did you ever cross over to sneedens1
Did you ever dream of Vienna1
Did you ever feel lucky1
Did you ever get that feeling in the moonlight1
Did you ever have to make up your mind2
Did you ever hear the blues1
Did you ever love a man1
Did you ever love a woman4
Did you ever really want me1
Did you ever see a dream1
Did you ever see a dream walkin2
Did you ever see a dream walking21
Did you ever see a lassie1
Did you ever see a monkey1
Did you ever see Jackie Robinson hit the ball2
Did you ever set to thinkin1
Did you ever try fryin snowballs1
Did you ever want to cry2
Did you feel that1
Did you feel the mountains tremble1
Did you fly1
Did you get it3
Did you get rhythm1
Did you get the secret1
Did you get your milk Stewart1
Did you give the world some love today baby1
Did you hear1
Did you hear him holler1
Did you hear me mommy1
Did you hear that1
Did you hear that sound6
Did you hear thunder1
Did you hear what they said1
Did you know5
Did you know I knew1
Did you mean it27
Did you miss it1
Did you never know1
Did you notice1
Did you read too1
Did you really say that1
Did you really tell the truth1
Did you remember you1
Did you say Dixie1
Did you say Rotenburg1
Did you see Casey1
Did you see Harold Vic1
Did you see her smile1
Did you see her tonight1
Did you see him1
Did you see Jackie Robinson hit that ball1
Did you see Jackie Robinson hit the ball1
Did you see my bow1
Did you see my glass eye1
Did you see that2
Did you see the moon tonight1
Did you see what I saw1
Did you stop to pray this morning1
Did you take your pleasure1
Did you think1
Did your mother come from Ireland2
Didactical Dewey1
Didas blues1
Didas G1
Didblikov svatek1
Diddely dumppadooda1
Diddie wa diddie1
Diddle diddle3
Diddley boom boom1
Diddley Do1
Diddley squat1
Diddleyadot doowah1
Diddlin for the bairns1
Diddly dance1
Diddy boom1
Diddy for Biddy1
Diddy hop1
Diddy wa diddie1
Diddy wa diddy5
Diddy wah1
Diddy wah diddie1
Diddy wah diddy4
Diddy wahdiddy1
Diddy you know and luv1
Dide kia1
Didee bird1
Didg 22
Didg 31
Didge blow1
Didge I do1
Didgi boa1
Didi Its the other foot1
Didi valse1
Didier et chocolat1
Didier goes to the Far East1
Didiers dance1
Didis bounce5
Didis dance2
Didit didit didit1
Didiza sbayizane1
Didjeridu and percussion interlude1
Didn you1
Didnt do nothing1
Didnt even know you1
Didnt have a very good time1
Didnt he play1
Didnt he ramble8
Didnt I4
Didnt I blow your mind2
Didnt I blow your mind this time1
Didnt I tell on you1
Didnt I tell you8
Didnt I tell you so2
Didnt I train1
Didnt it rain18
Didnt it rain children1
Didnt know2
Didnt know about love1
Didnt know the levees would break blues1
Didnt know what time it was1
Didnt leave nobody but the baby2
Didnt my Lawd deliver Daniel1
Didnt my Lord deliver Daniel2
Didnt plan for this1
Didnt reach my goal1
Didnt satisfy you1
Didnt sell my soul1
Didnt she move to Bruxelles1
Didnt stand a chance1
Didnt think anything of it1
Didnt wanna have to do it2
Didnt want the kissing to stop1
Didnt want to have to do it4
Didnt we79
Didnt we babe2
Didnt we baby3
Didnt you hear1
Didnt you hear the bell when it toned1
Didnt you know3
Didnt you say1
Dido Afrique1
Dido and Aeneas2
Dido bubi1
Dido four1
Didos lament11
Didos prye1
Didt we1
Didus birthday1
Die 1000 augen des Dr Faustos1
Die 25 bis tagesanbruch blick von rev sus haus hinunter auf bafut1
Die 5 beter1
Die Abendglocken2
Die abenteurer1
Die abschaltquote1
Die abwesenheit igels1
Die acht wochen1
Die Advokaten des Dollars1
Die allwissende1
Die als Breme verkleidete Stechfliege1
Die alte bassgeige1
Die alte dame1
Die alte Engelmacherin1
Die alte Katze1
Die alte Laube1
Die alte mar und das mann2
Die alte Muhle1
Die alte perucke1
Die alten bosen Lieder1
Die alten Rittersleut2
Die andere Seite1
Die andere zeit1
Die Angst allein zu sein1
Die Angst des Burgers beim Fernsehen1
Die asche des magisters sitting alone1
Die Augen der Armen1
Die augen der seele1
Die augenbraue1
Die auserwahlte1
Die Aussenseiter1
Die Autobahn 5001
Die avond in het duister1
Die axt geschwungen1
Die babayagasaga1
Die ballade1
Die Ballade in der Schublade1
Die ballade vom elephanten und dem moskito1
Die ballade von der secuellen horigkeit1
Die ballade von der sexuellen horigkeit2
Die ballade von mammut und der gazelle1
Die baume schlagen aus1
Die befreiung1
Die Befristeten Ode to Eleutheria in the form of death dances1
Die Beichte1
Die beiden brauchen nur ein Zimmer1
Die Berge schuetzen die Heimat1
Die berge schutze die heimat1
Die berner vokalsolisten1
Die beschrankte frau1
Die besinnung1
Die besten Kopfe meiner generation1
Die bestie1
Die bewusste kathedrale1
Die biene sofie1
Die Bingel Bangel Band1
Die birke2
Die blaue stunde1
Die blonde1
Die blues ist immer gut1
Die Blumelein sie schlafen1
Die bosnische tragodie1
Die bosnische tragodie Epilog in blutrot1
Die bosnische tragodie leben im krieg krieg im leben1
Die bosnische tragodie prolog1
Die bosnische tragodie sarajewo mostar gorazde1
Die bosnische tragodie verhandlungen nie eingehaltene waffenruhen1
Die bralasurende saravalla1
Die braut von ihrem junggesellen selbst entkleidet1
Die broke1
Die brucke2
Die brustwarze1
Die buffeljagd1
Die by the sword1
Die coda1
Die dame1
Die damen an die1
Die Deutschen1
Die dicke Dame1
Die diebe von bagdad1
Die dinge1
Die doppelte hand2
Die Dorfschmiede2
Die drei reifen1
Die drei stockwerke des wunders1
Die drei zigeuner1
Die dritte Farbe1
Die dritte metamorphose1
Die drohung1
Die dunkle seite des baren1
Die einfuhrung1
Die einladung1
Die enge1
Die engelein singen schweinische lieder1
Die entdeckung der banane1
Die Entzundung1
Die eroffnung1
Die erste kugel hat mich schon fertig gemacht1
Die erste woche1
Die eule1
Die Ewigkeit jenseits der Zeit1
Die familie1
Die fee1
Die fidelen Tiroler1
Die Fischerin vom Bodensee1
Die fjorde weden unruhig1
Die flabbergast1
Die fledermaus1
Die Flotenspielerin1
Die flucht1
Die fludel1
Die fluse1
Die Fluten des Amazonas1
Die for a metaphor1
Die forelle2
Die freudlose gasse1
Die freundinThe lecture1
Die Funfte3
Die Fusse hinauf1
Die ganze Welt ist himmelblau3
Die garage1
Die garten des palypso2
Die gazelle zittert1
Die gedanken sind frei1
Die Geige singt in Moll1
Die geister1
Die gelassenheit des Elias G1
Die gelbe strasse1
Die Geschichte aus dem Orient1
Die Geschichte vom Jakob1
Die Geschichte vom Mann der zu laut sprach1
Die Glaskugel1
Die Goetheschneise1
Die grafin1
Die greene koseene1
Die Grete ubt den ganzen Tag Klavier1
Die griechische halle1
Die grobwildjagd1
Die grosse Reise1
Die grosse sonate1
Die grosste Schau der Welt1
Die grosze Glocke und das kleine Glockchen1
Die grune Gustav1
Die guldenen sterne blinken1
Die gute Liese1
Die gute stille1
Die gutnachtbossa1
Die halle1
Die halloumipolizei rettet das bikiniland1
Die haltbare Graugans2
Die hande1
Die happy1
Die hard1
Die haut in der nacht1
Die Heimat ist kostbar1

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