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This index refers to the 541,114 individual tune titles (1,615,171 total entries) included in over 246,676 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2020.

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Page D14 - Deans expression to Debacle

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Tune nameSessions
Deans expression1
deans list3
Deans theme1
Deapalais stroll1
Dear 70s1
Dear Abby and Ann1
Dear acquaintance1
Dear Africa3
Dear after one after dear1
Dear Al1
Dear Albert1
Dear Alice3
Dear Almanzoer2
Dear angel1
Dear Ann4
Dear Anna Lisa1
Dear Anne1
Dear Arabella5
Dear Arnold1
Dear Arthur1
Dear as he was1
Dear as I hold you close in my arms1
Dear Augustin1
Dear autumn1
Dear bear1
Dear Bela1
Dear Ben1
Dear Benjamin1
Dear Bill3
Dear Bix22
Dear blossom3
Dear blue2
Dear blues2
Dear Boston1
Dear Bourg1
Dear Bud1
Dear Chan1
Dear Charles3
Dear Charles Mingus2
Dear Charlie1
Dear Chistopher Komeda1
Dear Claudio1
Dear Conrad1
Dear cowboy1
Dear DalaiLama1
Dear Dave1
Dear dear dear1
Dear dear what can the matter be1
Dear death1
Dear Dee Vee3
Dear Della Mae1
Dear departed past4
Dear Dessa1
Dear diary1
Dear Diz1
Dear DLana1
Dear doctor1
Dear Dolores1
Dear Donna2
Dear Dorothy1
Dear double you Anne1
Dear Dr Ehret1
Dear Druann1
Dear DV1
Dear ear1
Dear Ed1
Dear Elaine1
Dear Ella2
Dear Elsa1
Dear Em1
Dear Enrico1
Dear eyes that haunt me1
Dear father3
Dear Fatherland1
Dear Fats1
Dear fellow astronauts1
Dear Franz1
Dear Freddie1
Dear Frederique1
Dear friend10
Dear friends6
Dear Frog1
Dear Gaylord3
Dear gazelle1
Dear George3
Dear George Washington1
Dear Geri1
Dear God2
Dear green place1
Dear Hal1
Dear Hank3
Dear heart31
Dear hearts & gentle people1
Dear hearts and gentle people7
Dear Heinrich1
Dear Henrik1
Dear Herbie1
Dear Ho Chi Minh1
Dear hope1
Dear if you change1
Dear Inn1
Dear Ireland1
Dear James1
Dear Jean1
Dear Jimi1
Dear Jo1
Dear Joe2
Dear Johann1
Dear John30
Dear John C4
Dear John Coltrane1
Dear John dear Kenny1
Dear Johnny B7
Dear Jonas2
Dear Jonathan2
Dear Judy1
Dear Julian1
Dear jungly1
Dear K1
Dear Kathy2
Dear KD1
Dear Keith1
Dear Kenny1
Dear lady twist2
Dear Laffayette1
Dear landlord1
Dear Larry2
Dear Leonard1
Dear life2
Dear Lijah1
Dear lil pal3
Dear Lili3
Dear limmertz1
Dear limmertz prelude1
Dear Linda1
Dear listeners1
Dear little bear2
Dear little boy of mine2
Dear little Cafe3
Dear little Daisy1
Dear little nightingale1
Dear little Pipistrelle1
Dear little shamrock1
Dear Lord51
Dear Lord Alain1
Dear Lord and father of mankind1
Dear Lord forgive4
Dear Lord sweet Lord1
Dear Lou1
Dear Louis1
Dear love3
Dear love my love1
Dear lover1
Dear Ludwig1
Dear Lydian1
Dear M2
Dear Mac1
Dear Mae1
Dear male friend1
Dear mam1
Dear man1
Dear Mary1
Dear Maryk1
Dear Max3
Dear McCoy2
Dear me3
Dear memories1
Dear Michael1
Dear Mike1
Dear Miriam1
Dear Miss Kayla2
Dear Miss Lucy1
Dear Miss Upstill1
Dear Mister Santa Claus1
Dear mom6
Dear momma1
Dear Mona1
Dear Monk1
Dear mother1
Dear Mr B1
Dear Mr Berkeley1
Dear Mr Cave1
Dear Mr Crunch1
Dear Mr Florence2
Dear Mr Gable1
Dear Mr Hicks1
Dear Mr Magoo1
Dear Mr P1
Dear Mr Palmer1
Dear Mr Perry1
Dear Mr Roach1
Dear Mr Sear1
Dear Mr T1
Dear Mr Walrus1
Dear music1
Dear my friend2
Dear Nara1
Dear Nick1
Dear Nick dear John1
Dear nobody1
Dear Nole1
Dear Nora1
Dear O and J1
Dear old Chicago2
Dear old dad2
Dear old daddy long legs2
Dear old days1
Dear old Donegal2
Dear old Fairmont1
Dear old friend2
Dear old girl3
Dear old Goodwin1
Dear old jazz1
Dear old lady2
Dear old London town1
Dear old man1
Dear old Max1
Dear old Morocco1
Dear old mother Dixie1
Dear old pal of mine1
Dear old south1
Dear old southland155
Dear old Stockholm207
Dear old Stockholm syndrome1
Dear old Stuttgardia1
Dear old Sweden1
Dear ols southland1
Dear on a night like this6
Dear one11
Dear one the world is waiting for the sunrise1
Dear ones1
Dear Oscar3
Dear Pa1
Dear parsley1
Dear Paul1
Dear people2
Dear Peter1
Dear Pop Jay1
Dear postman1
Dear presences1
Dear Prof Leary1
Dear Prudence19
Dear Raffy1
Dear rain4
Dear Rainer Maria1
Dear reader1
Dear Robyn1
Dear Roland1
Dear Ruby8
Dear Rudi Dear Ann1
Dear Ruth9
Dear Santa Claus1
Dear Sarah Sully1
Dear Sidney2
Dear sir3
Dear sir or madam1
Dear sister2
Dear society1
Dear solitude1
Dear someone5
Dear sphere1
Dear Stefano1
Dear Stephane1
Dear terre haute1
Dear Thaddeus and Roland1
Dear Theo1
Dear to my heart4
Dear Tom1
Dear Toshi1
Dear toy3
Dear Trane1
Dear Trane Hippo with green shoes on1
Dear Tucci1
Dear Val1
Dear valentine1
Dear Van Gogh1
Dear village1
Dear violet1
Dear Waddia1
Dear Wayne2
Dear Wes Montgomery1
Dear West Village1
Dear wonderful God1
Dear world6
Dear Yoshito1
Dear you3
Dear Zlap1
Dear Zuzanna1
Dearborn St breakdown1
Dearborn Street blues1
Dearborn walk1
Dearest adorable1
Dearest Bea1
Dearest darest I2
Dearest darlin1
Dearest darling4
Dearest dearest I1
Dearest dream1
Dearest Emily1
Dearest home1
Dearest mother1
Dearest Noelle1
Dearest one2
Dearest pretty baby1
Dearest you1
Dearest youre the nearest to my heart2
Dearies blues1
Dearing dar1
Dearly befuddled1
Dearly beloved202
Dearly beloved change of direction1
Dearly belovedclearly beloved1
Dearly beolved1
Dearly departed2
Dearly responsible1
Dearth of a nation1
Deary dont be angry1
Deas fi mandran deal la vie1
Dease things1
Deat beat1
Death & resurrection1
Death aint supposed to be negative1
Death and discipline1
Death and fire2
Death and resurrection1
Death and taxes2
Death and the child1
Death and the flower5
Death and the maiden1
Death and the miser1
Death and transfiguration stomp1
Death at the right time1
Death be not proud1
Death bed1
Death bed blues1
Death bed revival kit1
Death bell blues1
Death bells1
Death blues1
Death bringer upon common violets etc1
Death by boogie1
Death by Candiru1
Death by chops Disll do it1
Death by drowning1
Death by flower1
Death by water1
Death can only kill me once1
Death cell blues2
Death certificate 14 dollars1
Death chant1
Death chart1
Death church1
Death clock1
Death comin back after you1
Death conquered1
Death dance1
Death dance of principles1
Death dont have no mercy5
Death dont have no mercy revisited1
Death follows him1
Death ghost1
Death has no mercy1
Death have mercy2
Death house1
Death house blues2
Death in B flat1
Death in Capetown1
Death in lovers lane1
Death in the carwash1
Death in the family1
Death in the morning3
Death in Tokyo1
Death is a friend of mine1
Death is elsewhere1
Death is for us all1
Death is just around the corner chachacha1
Death is not the answer1
Death is on your track2
Death is standing under the tree1
Death jam1
Death jazz1
Death knell1
Death letter6
Death letter blues12
Death lives down in that Bayou1
Death machine1
Death machine suite1
Death march3
Death march of our time1
Death mask1
Death notice1
Death of a caballero1
death of a chain saw1
Death of a cigarette1
Death of a country1
death of a dreamer1
Death of a film1
Death of a ladybird1
Death of a neutered choir boy1
Death of a penguin1
Death of a popular pub pianist1
Death of a public enemy1
Death of a river1
Death of a salesman1
Death of a soul diva1
Death of a spatula1
Death of a young black man1
death of Aase1
Death of Amygdala1
Death of an octopus1
death of Captain Nemo1
death of Danny Love1
death of death1
Death of dixieland1
death of Edith Piaf1
death of Ella Speed1
death of Emmett Till1
death of Florence Mills1
Death of Hamlet1
Death of Jatayu1
death of jazz1
death of Lemminkainen1
death of light1
death of Louis1
death of Melisande1
death of Miles Davis1
death of New York City1
Death of Niger1
death of Othello1
death of Paul1
death of Pedushkit1
death of Piney Brown1
Death of rationalism1
death of Robert Johnson1
Death of rock1
death of St John the Baptist1
Death of SupermanDream sequence 1 flying1
death of the author1
death of the girl he loved1
Death of the love1
Death of the rain forest1
death of the rare bird Ymir1
Death of the Spanish lion1
Death of the tremelo1
death of Uther1
death of Xavier Cugat1
Death on the rock1
Death on two wings1
Death once dead no dying then1
Death or youth1
Death pledge1
Death procession1
death queen1
Death rattle5
Death ray boogie15
Death rolls2
Death scene3
Death scene from the Untouchables1
Death scream1
death sentence1
death ship1
Death star1
Death sting me blues2
Death that sleeps in them1
death theme2
Death to a star1
Death to false metal1
Death to Smootchie1
Death to the 8 notes1
Death toll1
Death tools1
Death trap1
Death Valley1
Death valley is just half way to my home1
Death variation & waltz1
Death waltz fantasy1
Death watch1
Death watch muffin1
Death when you come to me1
Death whistles1
Death wish3
Deathlike coincidences1
deathly child1
deathly child interlude1
Deaths divisions no 111
Deauville en ville1
Deb darling1
Deb Debs face1
Deb sombo1

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