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This index refers to the 522,661 individual tune titles (1,569,621 total entries) included in over 241,375 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of June, 2019.

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Page D13 - De vlucht van de adelaar to Dear people

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Tune nameSessions
De vlucht van de adelaar1
De Volharding1
De volta ao caminho1
De volta ao comeco1
De volta ao samba1
De volta pra casa1
De voyeur a voyeur1
De vuelta a casa2
De vuelta al sur1
De wals van het als1
De wedstrijd2
De weg naar zoeken1
De windmolen1
De wip1
De wurging1
De ye tan di1
de Yup1
De yzeren tulp1
De zak van Sinterklaas1
De zee1
De zee en de dood1
De zhoda v rodenyi1
De Ziekte van Parkinson1
De Zilvervloot3
De zingende muis1
De zingende zaag1
De zon gaat weer schijnen1
De zucht van marb1
De zuiderzon1
De zwaarte ruiter1
De zweefmolen1
De zwerver1
Dea di un sogno I1
Dea di un sogno II1
Dea ex machina1
Dea for combo1
deacon and the elder5
Deacon biteemintheback1
Deacon blows for Ray1
Deacon blows parade1
Deacon blues9
Deacon Brown1
Deacon Cone1
Deacon Dash1
Deacon deacon deacon1
Deacon dont like it1
Deacon goes apeekin1
Deacon jazz1
Deacon Joe2
Deacon John1
Deacon John Ray1
Deacon Johnson1
Deacon Jones4
Deacon Jones daughter1
Deacon Millers blues1
deacon moves in1
Deacon rides again1
Deacons blowout1
Deacons blues2
deacons daughter1
Deacons express1
Deacons groove1
Deacons hop11
deacons moan1
Deacons parade1
deacons peekin1
deacons prayer1
Deacons son1
Deacons tap1
deacons walk1
Dead ahead1
Dead air1
Dead air time with Symphony Sid1
Dead and useless2
Dead ants1
Dead battery2
Dead bee1
Dead bird1
Dead birds nest1
Dead broke1
Dead but white1
dead can only live1
Dead cat catillion1
Dead cat on the line1
Dead center1
Dead certainties and dried roses1
Dead chicken for breakfast2
Dead children1
Dead city1
Dead corn1
Dead country1
Dead country blues1
Dead days beyond recall1
Dead dogs dont bark1
Dead dread2
Dead dressed girls2
Dead drunk blues4
Dead duck2
Dead ducks1
Dead Elvis1
Dead end16
Dead end blues2
Dead End St1
Dead end street5
Dead end street monologue1
Dead end street song1
Dead ends1
Dead eyes1
Dead finch rag1
Dead fingers talk1
Dead fish funk1
Dead fogs1
Dead for love1
Dead give away1
Dead god dog dingo1
Dead heads duped1
Dead heat3
dead hours1
Dead in bed1
dead in frock coats1
Dead in there1
Dead indeed1
Dead is the city1
Dead leaves dance1
Dead leg1
Dead lilies1
dead man6
Dead man blues60
Dead man polka3
Dead man posed1
Dead man walking1
Dead man watching1
Dead mans blues7
Dead mans bop1
Dead mans camp1
Dead mans hop1
Dead mans tale1
Dead mans valley1
Dead marine1
Dead meats1
Dead mouse blues1
Dead of1
Dead of winter3
Dead on1
dead one1
Dead or alive4
dead poet1
Dead presidents2
Dead Presidents Mighty earthquake & hurricane1
Dead ranch1
Dead reckoning1
Dead red1
Dead ringer3
Dead sea3
Dead season2
Dead she dances1
Dead sheep1
Dead silence1
Dead simple1
Dead slept rough1
Dead spot2
Dead time1
Dead town1
Dead tree1
Dead voices dance1
Dead water2
Dead weight1
Deadeye jellyroll1
Deadhead the roses1
Deadlines distractions and diversions1
Deadlines looming1
Deadly catch1
Deadly game1
Deadly love dance1
Deadly nightcall1
Deadly nightshade3
Deadly obstacle collage1
Deadly radiation blues1
Deadly seduction1
Deadly serious orchestra1
Deadly shuto axehand1
Deadly spring1
Deadly togetherness1
deadly tube1
deadly vice of nostalgia1
Deadman blues1
Deadmans hall1
Deadmans salt1
Deadmen blues1
Deadpan alley1
Deaf cat lane1
Deaf dove1
Deaf dumb and blind1
deaf singer1
Deaf to persuasion1
Deafdumb and blind1
Deafening the dragon1
Deal almazoer1
Deal breaker1
Deal end title1
Deal main title1
Deal me a hand1
deal pt I1
deal pt II1
Deal sweeteners1
Deal with it2
Deal with myself1
Deal with this1
Deal yourself another hand4
dealer takes four1
Dealers choice1
Dealers take four1
Dealin and wheelin1
Dealin from the bottom1
Dealin with a feelin1
Dealin with the devil1
Dealing with despots1
Dealing with hard times1
Dealing with life2
Dealing with pirates in heavy sea1
Dealing with the devil4
Dealing with the inevitable1
Deals ideas & ideals1
Deambulation nocturne3
Deambulations cellieres1
Deambulations marchandes1
Deambulations nocturnes1
Dean Martin1
dean Mr Earl1
Dean pan1
Dean Road1
Dean scream1
Dean scream mix1
dean steps out1
Dean Street Cafe blues1
Dean Street rundown2
Dean Witten remembers Buddy1
Deanie boy1
Deano deano1
Deans dream1
Deans expression1
deans list3
Deans theme1
Deapalais stroll1
Dear 70s1
Dear Abby and Ann1
Dear acquaintance1
Dear Africa3
Dear after one after dear1
Dear Al1
Dear Albert1
Dear Alice3
Dear Almanzoer2
Dear angel1
Dear Ann4
Dear Anna Lisa1
Dear Anne1
Dear Arabella5
Dear Arnold1
Dear Arthur1
Dear as he was1
Dear as I hold you close in my arms1
Dear Augustin1
Dear autumn1
Dear bear1
Dear Bela1
Dear Ben1
Dear Benjamin1
Dear Bill3
Dear Bix22
Dear blossom3
Dear blue2
Dear blues2
Dear Boston1
Dear Bourg1
Dear Bud1
Dear Chan1
Dear Charles3
Dear Charles Mingus2
Dear Charlie1
Dear Chistopher Komeda1
Dear Claudio1
Dear Conrad1
Dear cowboy1
Dear DalaiLama1
Dear Dave1
Dear dear dear1
Dear dear what can the matter be1
Dear death1
Dear Dee Vee3
Dear Della Mae1
Dear departed past4
Dear Dessa1
Dear diary1
Dear Diz1
Dear DLana1
Dear doctor1
Dear Dolores1
Dear Donna2
Dear double you Anne1
Dear Dr Ehret1
Dear Druann1
Dear DV1
Dear ear1
Dear Ed1
Dear Elaine1
Dear Ella2
Dear Elsa1
Dear Em1
Dear Enrico1
Dear eyes that haunt me1
Dear father3
Dear Fatherland1
Dear Fats1
Dear fellow astronauts1
Dear Franz1
Dear Frederique1
Dear friend8
Dear friends6
Dear Frog1
Dear Gaylord3
Dear gazelle1
Dear George3
Dear George Washington1
Dear God2
Dear green place1
Dear Hal1
Dear Hank3
Dear heart31
Dear hearts & gentle people1
Dear hearts and gentle people7
Dear Heinrich1
Dear Henrik1
Dear Herbie1
Dear Ho Chi Minh1
Dear hope1
Dear if you change1
Dear Inn1
Dear Ireland1
Dear James1
Dear Jean1
Dear Jimi1
Dear Jo1
Dear Joe2
Dear Johann1
Dear John28
Dear John C4
Dear John dear Kenny1
Dear Johnny B7
Dear Jonas1
Dear Jonathan2
Dear Judy1
Dear Julian1
Dear jungly1
Dear K1
Dear Kathy1
Dear Keith1
Dear Kenny1
Dear lady twist2
Dear landlord1
Dear Larry1
Dear Leonard1
Dear life2
Dear Lijah1
Dear lil pal3
Dear Lili3
Dear limmertz1
Dear limmertz prelude1
Dear Linda1
Dear listeners1
Dear little bear2
Dear little boy of mine2
Dear little Cafe3
Dear little nightingale1
Dear little Pipistrelle1
Dear little shamrock1
Dear Lord49
Dear Lord Alain1
Dear Lord and father of mankind1
Dear Lord forgive4
Dear Lord sweet Lord1
Dear Lou1
Dear Louis1
Dear love3
Dear love my love1
Dear lover1
Dear Ludwig1
Dear Lydian1
Dear M2
Dear Mac1
Dear Mae1
Dear male friend1
Dear mam1
Dear man1
Dear Mary1
Dear Maryk1
Dear Max3
Dear McCoy2
Dear me3
Dear memories1
Dear Michael1
Dear Mike1
Dear Miriam1
Dear Miss Kayla2
Dear Miss Lucy1
Dear Miss Upstill1
Dear Mister Santa Claus1
Dear mom6
Dear momma1
Dear Mona1
Dear Monk1
Dear mother1
Dear Mr B1
Dear Mr Berkeley1
Dear Mr Cave1
Dear Mr Crunch1
Dear Mr Florence2
Dear Mr Gable1
Dear Mr Hicks1
Dear Mr Magoo1
Dear Mr P1
Dear Mr Palmer1
Dear Mr Perry1
Dear Mr Roach1
Dear Mr Sear1
Dear Mr T1
Dear Mr Walrus1
Dear music1
Dear my friend2
Dear Nara1
Dear Nick1
Dear Nick dear John1
Dear nobody1
Dear Nole1
Dear Nora1
Dear old Chicago2
Dear old dad2
Dear old daddy long legs2
Dear old days1
Dear old Donegal2
Dear old Fairmont1
Dear old friend2
Dear old girl3
Dear old Goodwin1
Dear old jazz1
Dear old lady2
Dear old London town1
Dear old Max1
Dear old Morocco1
Dear old mother Dixie1
Dear old pal of mine1
Dear old south1
Dear old southland155
Dear old Stockholm204
Dear old Stockholm syndrome1
Dear old Stuttgardia1
Dear old Sweden1
Dear ols southland1
Dear on a night like this6
Dear one11
Dear one the world is waiting for the sunrise1
Dear ones1
Dear Oscar3
Dear Pa1
Dear parsley1
Dear people2

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