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This index refers to the 500,353 individual tune titles (1,511,575 total entries) included in over 234,275 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of November, 2017.

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Page C48 - Conversation 6 to Cool out

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Tune nameSessions
Conversation 62
Conversation 71
Conversation 81
Conversation 92
Conversation Alec Wilder Loonis McGlohon and Thelma Carpenter1
Conversation all at once1
Conversation and music at 51st St and 6th Ave1
Conversation at Lindys1
Conversation avec les etoiles1
conversation between brothers1
Conversation between producer and Dinah Washington1
Conversation between two dancers1
Conversation between Zutty and Louis Armstrong1
Conversation between Zutty and Louis Armstrong with Louis right hand man Ernie1
Conversation blues2
conversation during the studio recording1
Conversation feat1
Conversation for one1
Conversation for two1
conversation has ended1
Conversation I2
Conversation II2
Conversation III2
Conversation in A flat1
Conversation in blue1
conversation in Central Park1
Conversation in drums1
Conversation in G1
Conversation in time1
Conversation interrupted1
Conversation intime1
Conversation IV2
Conversation killer1
Conversation love1
Conversation of orchids1
Conversation on a barstool1
conversation on mortality eternity & copulation1
Conversation on Park Avenue9
conversation on the St Charles Line1
Conversation piece22
Conversation piece 11
Conversation pour leternite1
Conversation quench1
Conversation sous la pluie1
Conversation sur un piano1
Conversation V1
Conversation VI1
Conversation while dancing3
Conversation with1
Conversation with a baby2
Conversation with a bell1
Conversation with a limpid dawn1
Conversation with a lunatic1
Conversation with a pipless plum1
Conversation with a stone1
Conversation with alto flute1
Conversation with Bill3
Conversation with birds1
Conversation with Dave1
Conversation with duck1
conversation with God1
Conversation with Hutcherson1
conversation with Ibach1
Conversation with ID1
Conversation with Jackie1
Conversation with Jamey 11
Conversation with Jamey 21
conversation with Jo Stafford and Michael Feinstein1
conversation with Joe Albany1
Conversation with Lionel Hampton1
Conversation with Martian1
Conversation with Martin1
Conversation with Mike I1
Conversation with Mike II1
Conversation with Miss Cute1
Conversation with my father2
Conversation with myself2
Conversation with Nellie1
Conversation with Nino1
Conversation with our mothers1
conversation with Pat Metheny1
Conversation with Perry1
Conversation with Saturn1
Conversation with self1
Conversation with the bass1
Conversation with the legends1
Conversation with the moon1
Conversation with the shades1
conversation with the spirits of the mountain1
conversation with Vern1
Conversation with water1
Conversation with yourself1
conversation without head or tail1
Conversation zone1
Conversational algorythms1
Conversational blues1
Conversational man1
Conversations 1 bis 61
Conversations 1 the introduction1
Conversations 2 the dialogue1
Conversations 7 bis 121
Conversations about Thomas Chapin1
Conversations at dawn4
Conversations at the mess1
Conversations for two pianos & orchestra1
Conversations in a crowd1
Conversations in the language of jazz1
Conversations junior1
Conversations of everything and nothing1
Conversations on Via ercole rosa1
Conversations prelude1
Conversations sur Dutilleux1
Conversations symphonette 11
Conversations symphonette 21
Conversations symphonette 31
Conversations that never stop1
Conversations with a goose1
Conversations with BLK1
Conversations with D1
Conversations with George1
Conversations with Jollian McGrose1
Conversations with Linda2
Conversations with Mr Windupbird1
Conversations with my family1
Conversations with Rick1
Conversations with Sparza1
Conversations with the bass1
Conversations with the notself1
Conversations with the past1
Conversations with the three of me1
Conversations with the unseen1
Conversations with White Arc1
Conversations without end1
Conversazione in solstizio1
Conversazioni in jazz1
Conversin with Cannon1
Conversin with the brain3
Conversing in blue1
Conversion 91
Conversion factor1
conversion of JP1
Conversion point1
Conversion process1
Conversion song1
Conversion time1
Convert action1
Convertible Cadillac1
Convertible cruisin1
Convertible version one1
Convertible version two1
Converting it can1
Convex too1
Convict 132
Convict got away1
Convict waltz1
Convince me2
Convincing the squirrel1
Convite para a vida1
Convivial convocation1
Convocation of the winds1
Convocation solitaire1
Convolution drive1
Convrete hat1
Cony Island washboard1
Conzone per Lucilla1
Coo coo4
Coo coo calypso1
Coo coo stomp1
Coo Coo U1
Coo dinny coo1
Coodie coo1
Cooee echorec1
Coogans bluff1
Cook & Vandervender1
cook book2
Cook good1
Cook good cabbage1
Cook it1
Cook one1
Cook Strait1
Cook that stuff1
Cook the books2
Cookbook 2221
Cookbook 4171
Cooke and Pauley1
Cooked and chopped1
Cooked blues1
Cooked macaroni1
Cookham bridge1
Cookie and the hawk1
cookie crumbles1
Cookie cutter1
Cookie escape1
Cookie house1
Cookie jar3
cookie maker1
Cookie man2
cookie monster5
Cookie monster blue1
Cookie soup1
Cookie time1
Cookie woman blues1
Cookies calypso2
Cookies coffee1
Cookies dance1
Cookies for the listener1
Cookin at home1
Cookin at Houstons1
Cookin at Michaels pub1
Cookin at the continental22
Cookin at the Contintental1
Cookin at the cookery1
Cookin at The Corner1
Cookin for T1
Cookin for you1
Cookin in a gumbo pot1
Cookin in the kitchen3
Cookin Joe1
Cookin Joe C1
Cookin mushrooms with bacon and goose grease1
Cookin on all burners1
Cookin on Cannery Row1
Cookin on Sunday1
Cookin on the trail1
Cookin one up2
Cookin sherry1
Cookin the blues2
Cookin the books1
Cookin time1
Cookin with Chezie Mae1
Cookin with Clarence1
Cookin with Emeril1
Cookin with G & TC1
Cookin with Marvin1
Cookin with Shorty and Coop1
Cooking at Ralfs1
Cooking at the Continental1
Cooking at the Katzs1
Cooking breakdfast for the one I love1
Cooking breakfast for the one I love13
Cooking for the frog1
Cooking oil3
Cooking something up1
Cooking the Frog1
Cooking the rabbit1
Cooking with Bacon1
Cooking with Cookie1
Cooking with gas3
Cookle hen1
Cookn the boogie1
Cookoo and fungi1
Cookout at Coach Ts1
Cooks bay4
Cooks Ferry parade1
Cooks heart1
Cooks in Trinidad2
Cooks tour10
Cooky boogie1
Cooky cuckoo clock1
Cool & jet song1
Cool ace1
Cool ade1
Cool aid3
Cool Ali1
Cool and blue2
Cool and caressing3
Cool and cosy1
Cool and crazy1
Cool and easy4
Cool and funky1
Cool and groovy1
Cool and happy1
Cool and hot3
Cool April1
Cool as a breeze1
Cool as a fool3
Cool autumn breeze1
Cool autumn winds1
Cool aviaq1
Cool baby1
Cool Bach1
Cool bars1
Cool beans1
Cool beauty1
Cool Bill1
Cool bird1
Cool blood1
Cool blue8
Cool blue flame1
Cool blues63
Cool blues and meditation in F1
Cool blues plus1
Cool bongo1
Cool boogie2
Cool boots1
Cool breeze38
Cool breeze blues1
Cool breeze woman1
Cool Bunny2
Cool burn1
Cool but confusing1
Cool but real1
Cool by the pool1
Cool C1
Cool camp for cool kids1
Cool can blues1
Cool canary2
Cool canary blues1
Cool caravan1
Cool carrier1
Cool cash1
Cool cat3
Cool cat blues3
Cool cat keeps coat on1
Cool cat on a hot tin roof2
Cool cats1
cool cats philosophy1
Cool cave1
Cool change1
Cool city4
Cool Collins1
Cool company1
Cool cookie1
Cool cookin2
Cool cool blue1
Cool cool daddy2
Cool cool road1
Cool cool smool mool1
Cool copy2
Cool couches1
Cool couches Le retour1
Cool customer1
Cool cute entrancing1
Cool daddy2
Cool daddy cool1
Cool David1
cool day2
Cool day in hell1
Cool days1
Cool de la1
Cool desert rondo1
Cool diggin2
Cool digs1
Cool dogs1
Cool doodle1
Cool down8
Cool down baby1
Cool down boogie1
Cool down daddy1
Cool doze1
Cool Dr D1
Cool dream Domodosola1
Cool drink of water blues1
cool dry place1
Cool duck1
Cool dude1
Cool duo1
Cool e vous1
Cool easy & serene1
Cool Eddie5
cool elephant1
Cool evening1
Cool eyes16
Cool face1
Cool fantasy2
Cool feeling1
Cool fire1
Cool flame cumbia1
Cool fool3
Cool for cats1
Cool for love1
Cool for May1
Cool gales1
cool gent1
Cool Getz1
Cool ghoul1
Cool girl1
Cool green2
Cool green grasshopper1
Cool grits1
cool groove3
Cool grove1
Cool hand Luke1
Cool hands1
Cool head1
Cool head jazz1
Cool heat1
Cool heights1
Cool hill1
Cool hollow capers1
Cool hopper1
Cool house1
Cool in Cuba1
Cool in flight1
Cool in the shadow1
Cool it8
Cool it at the Coloseum1
Cool it baby2
Cool it down1
Cool it mismsie1
Cool it now1
Cool it off1
Cool jack1
Cool jazz2
Cool jazz 09 Oh nein1
Cool jive2
Cool jump1
Cool junction1
Cool June1
Cool K2
Cool kid1
Cool kind papa2
Cool kinda papa1
cool kite1
Cool Leo1
Cool Lou1
Cool lover1
Cool lovin mama1
Cool MacDonald1
Cool mama1
Cool mambo3
Cool man Chu1
Cool man Coleman part 1 & 21
Cool man Jack2
Cool march1
Cool maxin1
Cool me madam1
Cool me madame1
Cool me off1
Cool minor1
Cool mirage1
Cool Miss B1
Cool mix2
Cool mood now1
Cool mood now 21
Cool moon1
Cool Murphys blues1
Cool mute1
Cool my curry down1
Cool my heels1
Cool Nice2
Cool night1
cool night in the city1
Cool nights2
Cool okesa1
Cool on the coast1
cool one5
Cool onegroove two1
Cool operation1
Cool out1

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