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This index refers to the 516,647 individual tune titles (1,554,864 total entries) included in over 239,740 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of January, 2019.

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Page C36 - Clos Vougeot to Clowns

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Tune nameSessions
Clos Vougeot1
Close & Marine hymn1
Close 4 close1
Close and signoff1
Close as pages in a book19
Close at hand1
Close but no cigar1
Close but no guitar1
Close but no tomorrow1
Close by a waterfall1
Close call3
Close contact1
Close cover before striking1
Close cover before strinking1
Close dance at the spacebar1
Close door jam1
Close down1
Close encounter4
Close encounter of the 4th kind1
Close encounter of the fourth kind1
close encounter of the very best kind1
Close encounters1
Close encounters of the 4th kind1
Close encounters of the blurred kind1
Close encounters of the very best kind1
Close enough7
Close enough for jazz4
Close enough for love150
Close enough to kiss1
Close farmony medley1
Close fit blues17
close fugue1
Close hearing1
Close load1
Close match1
Close my eyes2
Close near1
Close only knows1
Close opposites1
Close our eyes and remember1
Close out3
Close passage1
Close quarters3
Close race1
Close shave9
Close sketch no waltz1
Close slink1
Close stance1
Close the door10
Close the door please2
Close the light1
Close the window and keep it down1
close things2
Close to blues and far from waltz1
Close to Bud2
Close to ecstacy1
Close to five1
Close to freedom1
Close to God1
Close to here1
Close to home7
Close to Mars1
Close to me7
Close to midnight1
Close to midnight hour1
Close to my heart3
Close to my skin1
Close to never1
Close to nothing1
Close to nowhere1
Close to paradise1
Close to perfect1
Close to perfection2
Close to show1
Close to the action1
Close to the beach1
Close to the Black Sea1
Close to the bone1
Close to the cool1
Close to the edge7
Close to the equator1
Close to the groove1
Close to the moon2
Close to the soul3
Close to the sun1
Close to the vest1
Close to train time1
Close to you160
Close to you alone6
Close to your heart4
Close to yourself1
Close up13
Close up 011
Close up 021
Close up 031
Close up of Japan1
Close up tight1
Close view2
Close your eyes345
Close your eyes and follow me1
Close your eyes and listen1
Close your eyes and look within1
Close your eyes and remember4
Close your eyes and think of England1
Close your eyes and what you see is yours1
Close your eys2
Close your face1
Close your heart1
closed bars blues1
Closed captioned1
Closed contact1
Closed curtains1
Closed door5
Closed door jam1
Closed doors2
Closed doors open windows1
Closed eye movement1
Closed eyes2
Closed field1
Closed horizontal illumined1
Closed loops in time1
Closed mountains one1
Closed mouth blues1
Closed news1
Closed space1
Closed system1
Closed tight1
Closed window1
Closely bound up with utility1
Closely dancing1
Closely linked1
Closer and closer2
Closer closer closer closer1
closer dance1
Closer horizon1
closer I get to you14
closer I walk to Thee1
Closer in1
closer look3
Closer look at a closer walk1
closer look at love1
Closer my friend1
closer race1
Closer than the touch1
Closer than you think3
Closer to1
Closer to home3
Closer to me3
Closer to me than my own breath1
Closer to my heart1
Closer to one2
Closer to reason1
closer to the bone1
Closer to the day1
Closer to the end nearer the beginning1
Closer to the feeling1
Closer to the flower1
Closer to the flowers1
Closer to the goal1
Closer to the knife1
Closer to the light2
Closer to the moon1
Closer to the sauce1
Closer to the sky1
Closer to the source2
Closer to the sun3
Closer to you7
Closer to your love2
Closer to your tears1
Closer together1
closer view1
Closer walk7
Closer walk with thee22
closer you are2
closer you get1
closest thing to crazy1
Closest thing to Heaven1
Closest to the bone1
Closest to the sun1
Closet romantics1
Closet shout1
Closeup in slow motion1
Closeup on cancer and camera1
Closin hour blues1
Closin Moes1
Closin them1
Closin time1
Closing and theme2
Closing announcement10
Closing announcement 1st set1
Closing announcement by Sarah Vaughan1
Closing announcements4
Closing announcements and chaser1
Closing announcements by Felipe Luciano1
Closing announcements by Norman Granz1
Closing announcements by Paul Moer1
Closing arguments1
Closing blues2
Closing by Charles Kuralt1
Closing circles and loose end1
Closing comments3
Closing concert remarks by Linton Garner1
Closing credits2
Closing down2
Closing down sale1
Closing fanfare2
Closing final & indicatif1
Closing gambit1
Closing goodbye1
Closing hour1
Closing hour blues1
Closing in3
Closing introduction1
Closing lines1
Closing medley1
Closing melody2
Closing music1
Closing of Congo Square1
Closing of the Bass Club1
Closing Peace1
Closing processional out1
Closing remarks9
Closing remarks by George Wein1
Closing remarksInformal blues1
Closing scene1
Closing sequence1
Closing shards1
Closing speech1
Closing stages2
Closing the deal1
Closing the door1
Closing the tea party1
Closing theme33
Closing theme & announcements1
Closing theme for quintet1
Closing theme from Kinkirakin1
Closing theme from Mattemaswa1
closing thought1
Closing time22
Closing time at Schuberts1
Closing time at the engine room bar1
Closing time blues2
Closing to show1
Closing tribute Frank Sinatra Jr1
Closing tune1
Closing umbrellas1
Closure is a wasted prayer1
Cloth and bells cut 316344 4 seconds of silence1
Cloth from the coast1
Cloth of silver threads of blue2
Cloth two1
clothed woman14
Clothes line1
Clothes line ballet3
Clothes of inhabitants near or far away1
Clothesline ballet24
Clothespin blues1
Clothildes theme1
Cloture electrique1
Clou de giroffe1
Clou de girofle1
Cloud 153
Cloud 171
Cloud 51
Cloud 7881
Cloud 98
Cloud 992
cloud a storm1
Cloud above the zoo1
Cloud across the moon1
Cloud and sea fading as rain falls1
Cloud and wire1
Cloud blessing1
Cloud break4
Cloud burst1
Cloud bursting1
Cloud cakes1
Cloud call2
Cloud cameo1
Cloud candy1
Cloud castles1
Cloud chamber1
Cloud chamber 61
Cloud cover2
Cloud cream1
Cloud cuckoo land3
Cloud dance4
Cloud dancer3
cloud dancers1
Cloud drift1
Cloud eyes1
Cloud field1
Cloud flowers2
Cloud formation microscope1
Cloud frolic1
Cloud gatherer awakes1
Cloud hands2
Cloud Hotel1
cloud in the sky1
Cloud lands1
Cloud latters1
Cloud line blue1
Cloud messenger1
Cloud motion1
Cloud mountain1
cloud moving away1
Cloud nine11
Cloud No 92
cloud of black birds1
Cloud of clay1
Cloud of dreams2
Cloud of dust2
Cloud of eiderdown1
Cloud of knowledge1
cloud of red dust1
cloud of unknowing3
cloud on a leaf1
Cloud on cloud1
Cloud patterns1
Cloud people1
Cloud quilt1
Cloud sailin1
Cloud serpent1
Cloud seven1
Cloud shaped world1
Cloud Shepherd1
Cloud shine1
Cloud song for Zina1
Cloud sounds1
Cloud splitter1
Cloud stopper1
Cloud stove1
Cloud theory1
Cloud thoughts2
Cloud three1
Cloud trapeze1
cloud water lilies 21
Cloud whisper1
cloudcappd towers1
Cloude nine1
Clouded dreams1
Clouded memories1
Clouded mirrors1
Clouded thoughts1
Clouding storming1
Cloudless day1
Cloudless sky3
clouds above1
Clouds all over1
Clouds and a robot1
Clouds and light1
Clouds and machines1
Clouds and rain1
Clouds and shadoes1
Clouds and snow1
Clouds and water1
Clouds are crying1
Clouds beyond clouds1
Clouds filled with rain1
Clouds for Dima1
Clouds form shapes of eagles wings1
Clouds gathering1
clouds go1
Clouds in a wedding1
Clouds in green1
Clouds in my head2
Clouds in my heart6
Clouds in reverie1
Clouds in the east1
Clouds in the mountain1
Clouds in the night2
Clouds in the wind1
clouds move1
Clouds moving1
Clouds now paint dancers1
Clouds of doubts1
Clouds of joy4
Clouds of thunder1
Clouds of white1
Clouds on blue1
Clouds on the sea1
Clouds over Caracas1
Clouds over Hochelaga1
Clouds over me1
Clouds over Netherlands1
Clouds over The Netherlands1
Clouds over Vienna1
Clouds passing by1
Clouds roots1
Clouds shadow glides across the field1
Clouds that obscure the sun1
Clouds warriors1
clouds will soon roll by5
Cloudy and blue1
Cloudy and cool1
Cloudy day2
Cloudy day blues3
Cloudy days and Fridays1
Cloudy evening1
Cloudy highs2
Cloudy memories1
Cloudy Monday1
Cloudy Monday blues1
Cloudy morning9
Cloudy skies2
Cloudy summer afternoon1
Cloudy sunny1
Cloudy then sunny1
Cloudy this morning1
Cloudy waltz1
Cloudy weather1
Cloudy windows1
Cloudy with flurries1
Clouque et au comte Guillaume1
Clove & cinnamon1
Clove and cinnamon3
Clove St1
Clovek kybernet1
Clover blossom blues2
Clover leaf1
Clown boogie1
Clown boy1
Clown car1
Clown car syndrome1
Clown cat1
clown down and upstairs2
Clown F Tortellini1
clown feature1
Clown finger1
clown from Naptown1
Clown im fakir1
Clown in broad daylight1
Clown in my window1
Clown in the moon1
Clown it up1
clown of Osaka1
clown of war1
clown on the Eifel tower1
Clown painting1
clown prince1
Clown princess1
Clown raga1
Clown song1
Clown stalking1
clown standing in the rain1
Clown town5
Clown triste1
clown who cried1
Clownerie clowns tears1
Clownerie primo movimento1
Clownerie secondo movimento1
Clownerie terzo movimento1
Clownin around1
Clowning around1
Clowning glory1

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