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This index refers to the 523,727 individual tune titles (1,572,664 total entries) included in over 241,692 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2019.

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Page C26 - Chilaquiles to Chilly Willie

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Tune nameSessions
Child again2
child and a pencil1
Child and machine1
Child and stars1
Child at heart4
Child at heart Beautiful E1
Child at play3
Child by humor1
Child child2
Child come to me1
Child eyes3
Child falling asleep1
Child gone wild1
child in me4
Child in me again2
Child in the sky1
Child in the storm1
child in the wind2
child in the womb1
Child in the world1
Child in time1
child in you1
Child inside my heart2
Child introNine and fine1
child is born476
child is gone2
Child is missing1
child is only a moment1
Child jazz morning scat1
Child jazz morning scat intro1
child king2
Child left behind1
Child like1
child listening1
Child love1
Child ndui1
Child of 10000 years1
Child of a disordered brain1
Child of a disordered brain zig zag1
Child of all nations1
Child of darkness1
Child of dawn1
Child of ecstacy2
Child of ecstasy1
Child of fancy1
Child of fortune1
Child of Gemini1
Child of Gemini So you will know my name1
Child of June1
Child of light1
Child of love1
child of mine2
Child of my mind1
Child of nature4
Child of our times1
Child of summer1
child of the 8081
child of the 808 interlude1
Child of the earth3
Child of the forest1
Child of the night1
Child of the real and ideal1
Child of the sea1
Child of the sun1
Child of the wind1
Child of three1
Child of tomorrow2
Child of woe1
Child on the porch1
Child out1
child out theresomewhere1
Child playing1
Child psychology1
Child real eyes1
Child refugee2
child returns1
child runs free3
Child soldiers1
Child song8
Child star3
Child stealing blues1
Child support alimony1
Child then1
Child watching1
child with a toy1
child within6
child within a wolf1
child within me1
child without the child within1
Childen of the night1
Childhood colors1
Childhood dream2
Childhood dreamlife1
Childhood dreams2
Childhood echoes1
Childhood friend1
Childhood home1
Childhood lullaby1
Childhood memories6
Childhood memories Hide and seek1
Childhood memories Romance1
Childhood memory3
Childhood nightmare1
Childhood room1
Childhood round 20001
Childhood samba1
Childhood songs1
Childhood sympathy1
Childhood toy1
Childhood walk1
Childhoods end7
Childish eyes1
Childish song1
Childish things2
Childish waltz1
Childmoon smile1
children & warlock1
Children & zoo1
Children and all that jazz1
Children and art2
children and the rats1
children and the warlock1
Children are the creators messengers1
Children are the spirit of the world1
Children at play13
Children boogie1
Children calling1
Children can fly1
Children can play1
Children children2
Children cry1
Children dance3
Children dont always play fair1
Children drawing water from the well1
Children games2
Children gather round1
Children go1
Children go round1
Children go where I send thee5
Children go where I send you3
Children grow fast1
Children heart1
Children hold on1
Children in my garden1
Children in need of defense1
Children in peril1
Children in the aisle1
Children in the carousel1
Children in the cold1
Children in the grasses1
Children in the lost paradise1
Children in the park2
children in the street1
Children in the temple ground2
children in the yard1
Children intro1
Children learn what they live1
Children lost1
children met the train3
Children need a song to sing1
Children of 10000 years1
Children of Abraham2
Children of Africa3
Children of another world1
Children of Aquarius1
Children of Art1
Children of Belfast1
children of Blake1
Children of Cambodia1
Children of childs1
Children of Chornobyl1
children of Clark St1
children of Ella Mae Wiggins1
Children of fallen trees1
Children of forever1
Children of God1
Children of Gomorra1
Children of gravity1
Children of Harlem3
Children of heaven1
Children of Icarus1
Children of joy1
Children of light1
Children of Lima2
children of Nicaragua1
Children of Okinawa1
Children of promise1
Children of Rwanda1
Children of Sanchez14
Children of Sanchez finale2
Children of Sanchez overture1
Children of Sanchez theme1
Children of Soweto1
Children of the blue supermarket1
Children of the CREATOR1
Children of the dark1
Children of the earth1
Children of the earth flames1
Children of the evening1
Children of the fields1
Children of the fire1
Children of the forest rain1
Children of the future1
Children of the ghetto3
Children of the glacier1
Children of the Heavenly1
Children of the heavenly father1
Children of the hollow dawn1
Children of the kingdom3
Children of the light5
Children of the morning1
Children of the new world1
Children of the night48
Children of the oasis1
Children of the orchard1
Children of the sonic soulGutter punk with a geschlassen1
Children of the sun14
Children of the third world1
Children of the ultra blacks1
Children of the universe1
Children of the war1
Children of the wind1
Children of the world2
Children of this world1
Children of Tienamin Square1
Children of time1
Children of tomorrows dreams1
Children on a picnic1
Children on the meadow1
Children on the Nile1
Children play2
Children play song2
Children playing1
children save the children3
Children sleep softly1
Children song7
Children song Domou linguere diarra modiene1
Children song no 61
Children steps2
Children suite pt 11
Children walk with me1
Children walking1
Children with torches1
childrena song1
Childrens blue song1
Childrens blues2
Childrens book1
Childrens call1
Childrens choir1
Childrens chorus2
Childrens concert1
Childrens corner4
Childrens crusade1
Childrens dance9
Childrens dance part 11
Childrens dance part 21
Childrens dream2
Childrens episode I1
Childrens episode II1
Childrens eyes1
Childrens fairytale1
Childrens five1
Childrens game6
Childrens games15
Childrens garden2
Childrens Halloween1
childrens hour2
childrens hour of dream2
Childrens hunt1
Childrens hymn1
Childrens icicle song1
Childrens lullaby1
Childrens marching song2
Childrens memory1
Childrens merrygoround2
childrens merrygoround march3
Childrens music march1
Childrens notebooks pencils little briefcases1
Childrens parade1
Childrens party1
Childrens piece1
Childrens play3
Childrens play song13
Childrens playsong2
childrens prayer2
Childrens prelude2
childrens room1
Childrens samba1
Childrens sketches1
Childrens sombre dance1
Childrens song57
Childrens song 13
Childrens song 102
Childrens song 111
Childrens song 123
Childrens song 141
Childrens song 21
Childrens song 32
Childrens song 41
Childrens song 51
Childrens song 64
Childrens song 91
Childrens song A tours les enfants du monde1
childrens song first vision1
Childrens song n 71
Childrens song n31
Childrens song no 13
Childrens song no 101
Childrens song no 121
Childrens song no 152
Childrens song no 22
Childrens song no 201
Childrens song no 31
Childrens song no 53
Childrens song no 63
Childrens song no 81
Childrens songs1
Childrens songs 11 13 16 17 & 201
Childrens songs 1201
Childrens sphere1
Childrens Suite1
Childrens sun celebration1
Childrens trilogy1
Childrens tumble tune1
Childrens tune1
Childrens voice2
Childrens voices2
Childrens voices from over on the other side1
Childrens walking song1
Childrens waltz11
Childrens world3
Children’s song 11
childs blessing1
childs blues5
childs curiosity1
Childs dance4
childs day1
childs dream5
Childs eyes5
Childs fancy1
childs game2
childs gift2
childs lament1
childs lazy day1
Childs memories1
Childs mood1
childs paradise1
Childs piece1
Childs piece II1
Childs play62
Childs play 11
Childs play 21
Childs play blind dance1
childs prayer6
childs question Abbeys house1
childs romance1
Childs song12
Childs space1
Childs time1
Childs toy1
Childs walk1
Childs worlds1
Chile blues3
Chile con Carmen1
Chile con carne1
Chile con soul2
Chile picante1
Chile verde1
Chilean pipe song2
Chilean sea bass1
Chiles en nogada1
Chilgap san1
Chili & other hot stuff1
Chili and beans1
Chili bean1
Chili beans1
Chili beef concussion1
Chili blues2
Chili bom bom10
Chili bon bon1
Chili bowl3
Chili bum burn1
Chili C1
Chili con carne7
Chili con carney1
Chili con chili1
Chili con conga1
Chili con valley1
Chili coyote1
Chili encore1
Chili fish1
Chili Mac1
Chili MacDonald1
Chili pepper5
Chili peppers3
Chili plaza suite1
Chili radio interlude1
Chili sauce1
Chili spirit1
Chili today hot tamale1
Chilie Willie & Ms Bing Bong1
Chilis blues1
Chilis rule1
Chilites love combo1
chill and then the stupor1
Chill dogs at midnight1
Chill factor2
Chill in the cafe1
chill is gone1
chill is on1
Chill me baby1
chill of death4
Chill out5
Chill out honey drip1
Chill out honey pie1
Chill room1
Chill that thrill1
Chill wa man1
Chilled green Charles Bukowski1
Chilled hamn grease1
Chilled sky1
Chiller night1
Chilli bom bom1
Chilli bon bon1
Chilli Con Carne1
Chilli con tango1
Chilli pepper1
Chillicothe Ohio1
Chillie Willie1
Chillie Willy1
Chillin at Charlies1
Chillin at da crib1
Chillin at da grill1
Chillin at the Continental1
Chillin at the cottage1
Chillin at the crib1
Chillin at the lake1
Chillin at the Penthouse1
Chillin at the sloat1
Chillin children1
Chillin elephants1
Chillin in my robe on New Years Day1
Chillin out1
Chillin out in dark places1
Chillin with a late dream1
Chillin with Oscar1
Chilling lady1
Chilling me softly1
chilling tide1
Chillion played and they were silent1
Chillis walk1
Chilliwack cheer1
Chills and fever1
Chills and fever rag1
Chillun calypso with me1
Chillun get up2
Chillun hear1
Chilly and cold1
Chilly and the mustangs1
Chilly Mac1
Chilly necessity1
Chilly pepper2
Chilly peppers1
Chilly summer1
Chilly Willie1

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