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This index refers to the 512,589 individual tune titles (1,544,453 total entries) included in over 238,546 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of October, 2018.

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Page B8 - Ballad for Djole to Ballad to an old bass

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Tune nameSessions
Ballad for Djole2
ballad for Dol1
ballad for Doll3
Ballad for Dominique1
Ballad for Don and Midge1
ballad for Doug1
Ballad for drums1
Ballad for Duke3
Ballad for E1
Ballad for Eddie2
Ballad for Eddie Jefferson1
Ballad for EK1
Ballad for Ella2
Ballad for Elly1
Ballad for Ethan1
Ballad for Eva1
Ballad for Eve1
Ballad for farewell1
ballad for five1
Ballad for Flavio1
Ballad for Franzi1
ballad for Freddy1
Ballad for Frederick4
Ballad for friends5
Ballad for G3
Ballad for GabeWells1
Ballad for Gary2
Ballad for GB2
ballad for George Hudson1
Ballad for giraffes1
Ballad for Goa1
Ballad for gold1
Ballad for Grace1
Ballad for guitar1
Ballad for guitar and soprano1
Ballad for Hakima2
Ballad for Hamp1
Ballad for Hank4
Ballad for Harvey1
Ballad for Hawk1
Ballad for Heather1
Ballad for Heike2
Ballad for Helen1
Ballad for her3
Ballad for hope1
Ballad for I1
Ballad for Idriss1
Ballad for Irene1
Ballad for Irishka1
Ballad for Jackie1
Ballad for Jackie McLean1
ballad for Jai1
Ballad for JB1
Ballad for Jeannie1
Ballad for Jeremy1
Ballad for Jesper1
Ballad for Jesse James1
Ballad for Jimi1
Ballad for Jimmy2
Ballad for Jo1
ballad for Joe4
Ballad for John1
Ballad for John Carter1
Ballad for John Cotrane and Johnny Hartman1
Ballad for Johnny5
Ballad for Jon Faddis1
Ballad for Jonas1
Ballad for JP1
Ballad for Jules1
Ballad for K3
Ballad for Karin1
Ballad for Kate1
Ballad for L2
Ballad for Laila8
Ballad for Lajla1
Ballad for Lamont1
Ballad for Lana3
Ballad for Lee1
ballad for Lennie1
Ballad for Leo3
ballad for Leo Parker1
Ballad for LG1
Ballad for Line1
Ballad for Lo1
Ballad for loneliness1
Ballad for Loos2
Ballad for lost souls1
Ballad for Lucille1
Ballad for M3
Ballad for Mahalia1
Ballad for mallets1
Ballad for Mandela1
Ballad for Marguerite1
Ballad for Marianne1
ballad for Mary1
Ballad for Mary Lou1
Ballad for Mathew and Maia Garrison1
ballad for Matthew2
Ballad for Maui1
Ballad for Max1
ballad for me2
Ballad for Michala1
Ballad for Michel1
Ballad for Micheline1
Ballad for Mikaela1
Ballad for Miles10
Ballad for Milesa1
Ballad for Milt1
Ballad for MissBegotten1
Ballad for Mo1
Ballad for mom2
Ballad for Monk1
Ballad for Monsieur1
Ballad for mother Frankie White1
Ballad for MPZ1
Ballad for Mr G1
Ballad for Mr H2
Ballad for murdered student1
Ballad for my dad2
Ballad for my father1
Ballad for my Jeena1
Ballad for my little girl1
Ballad for my love6
Ballad for my people1
Ballad for my sister1
Ballad for my soul1
Ballad for namne1
Ballad for Nanna1
Ballad for new souls1
ballad for New York1
Ballad for no one1
Ballad for Nori3
Ballad for Nunci1
Ballad for old souls1
Ballad for old times sake2
Ballad for one2
Ballad for one peaceful world1
Ballad for orchestra2
Ballad for Oscar Peterson1
Ballad for Paul3
Ballad for Paul Motian1
Ballad for Pierre1
Ballad for Piwonijka1
Ballad for Queen Tiye2
Ballad for R1
Ballad for rainy Tuesday1
ballad for Randi1
Ballad for Randi Hultin1
Ballad for Ray2
Ballad for Red1
Ballad for Red Allen1
Ballad for Rich1
ballad for Rita2
Ballad for Roni1
Ballad for Ruth1
Ballad for Ryan and Ambika1
Ballad for Sabina2
Ballad for Sagittarius1
Ballad for Samuel6
Ballad for sand1
Ballad for Saturday1
Ballad for saxophone1
ballad for Sir James1
Ballad for Sonny1
Ballad for soulful spirits1
Ballad for Sparky1
Ballad for St Ed1
Ballad for Stan2
Ballad for Stan Getz1
Ballad for Sting1
Ballad for Strayhorn1
Ballad for String Bird and Jug1
Ballad for Sudio1
Ballad for summers end1
Ballad for Sun Ra1
Ballad for Susan2
Ballad for Sweet Pea1
Ballad for T5
Ballad for taco2
Ballad for Ted1
Ballad for tenorsaxofon1
Ballad for Teresa1
Ballad for Terri1
Ballad for the bad lady1
Ballad for the beast1
Ballad for the beast from Bali Bali1
Ballad for the beast from BaliBali2
Ballad for the black man5
Ballad for the black woman1
Ballad for the carpenter1
Ballad for the children2
Ballad for the kid1
Ballad for the lonely1
Ballad for the one and only1
Ballad for the poor1
Ballad for the Russian princess1
Ballad for the sad young men1
Ballad for the saints1
Ballad for the silf1
Ballad for the soul1
Ballad for the stars1
ballad for the stolen bikes of Malmo1
ballad for the times1
Ballad for the trumpet1
Ballad for the universe1
Ballad for their footsteps1
Ballad for Thelonious1
Ballad for three2
Ballad for Tillie1
Ballad for TingaTinga1
Ballad for Tony1
Ballad for Toots1
Ballad for Trane5
Ballad for Trayvon Martin1
Ballad for trio1
Ballad for troubled times1
Ballad for trumpet3
Ballad for two3
Ballad for two altos2
Ballad for two girls1
Ballad for two guitarists1
Ballad for two musicians2
Ballad for two sons1
Ballad for Ulli2
Ballad for Ursula1
Ballad for very sad and very tired lotus eaters3
Ballad for very sad lotus eaters1
Ballad for very tired and sad lotus eaters2
Ballad for very tired and very sad lotus eaters5
Ballad for very tired and very sad lotus flowers1
Ballad for very tired and very sad lotuseaters1
Ballad for Vukovar1
Ballad for W L1
Ballad for water1
Ballad for Wayne1
Ballad for Wendy1
ballad for Wes3
ballad for white flowers1
Ballad for Window Lee Black1
Ballad for WL3
Ballad for Woody1
ballad for you3
Ballad for YY1
Ballad for Zawinul1
Ballad forms1
Ballad fran mockfjard1
Ballad from a dying planet1
Ballad from another planet1
Ballad from leadership suite1
Ballad from Mockfjard1
Ballad from nowhere1
Ballad from Suite for jazz orhestra movement II1
Ballad from Upper Neighbors Suite1
Ballad from Vladimir City1
Ballad garden & palm dreams1
ballad garnitur1
Ballad I3
ballad idea1
Ballad II4
Ballad III1
Ballad impromptu1
Ballad in 19032
Ballad in 783
Ballad in 78 introduction1
Ballad in A minor1
Ballad in B minor2
Ballad in blue7
Ballad in C1
Ballad in C minor1
Ballad in Cminor1
Ballad in Dflat1
Ballad in G1
Ballad in G major1
Ballad in G minor1
Ballad in Gmajor1
Ballad in old style1
Ballad in progress1
Ballad in search of a title1
Ballad in ten1
Ballad in the night1
ballad in their own way1
ballad in time saves 41
Ballad in two keys1
Ballad in which MacHeath asks everyone to forgive him1
ballad is mightier than the sword2
Ballad IV2
Ballad Jarrett1
Ballad just for you1
Ballad like1
Ballad mallet1
Ballad mambo1
Ballad Mattioti1
Ballad medley10
Ballad mood1
Ballad n 1301
Ballad n bounce1
Ballad new1
Ballad no 14
Ballad No 1 in Dflat minor1
Ballad no 24
Ballad no 31
Ballad no 41
Ballad nocturne2
Ballad noir1
Ballad north1
Ballad nr 21
Ballad NYC1
Ballad odyssey1
Ballad of 121
Ballad of 911
Ballad of 9112
Ballad of a broken head1
Ballad of a child1
Ballad of a child alone1
Ballad of a landlord1
Ballad of a lonely man1
ballad of a lovers dream1
Ballad of a middlesized gentleman1
Ballad of a thin man2
ballad of Al Capone1
ballad of all the sad young men1
Ballad of all times blues1
Ballad of an ugly beast passing by1
ballad of Baby C1
Ballad of bear circles1
Ballad of Belmont2
Ballad of Bertalan Barta1
Ballad of Besha1
ballad of big Flora1
Ballad of Bill and Gretchen2
ballad of Billy Hughes1
Ballad of Billy McCan1
Ballad of Billy Milwaukee1
Ballad of Birmingham1
Ballad of black man1
ballad of Bobby Dawn1
ballad of Bonnie & Clyde1
ballad of Bonnie and Clyde4
ballad of Chernobyl1
ballad of Chet and Art1
Ballad of Chet Baker1
ballad of Chet Kincaid1
Ballad of Cool Hand Luke1
ballad of crispus attucks1
ballad of Daniel White1
ballad of Davy Crockett1
ballad of Dean Mellberg1
Ballad of deception1
ballad of Devin Hoff1
Ballad of Eddie Jefferson1
Ballad of Eden2
Ballad of Elisabeth1
Ballad of Elvira Madigan1
ballad of Emmett Hardy1
ballad of Fazzio Needlepoint1
ballad of Greg Ladey1
ballad of Gurtid Singh1
Ballad of habit1
ballad of Hank Crawford1
Ballad of happiness1
Ballad of Hathor1
ballad of Hix Blewitt4
ballad of Hollis Brown1
ballad of Ichabod Crane1
Ballad of Jake Spoon1
Ballad of Jazz Street2
Ballad of Jed Clampett1
Ballad of Jericho1
ballad of Jesse James2
ballad of Jessie James1
ballad of Jimmy Brown1
ballad of Jimmy Crawler1
ballad of Joe Buck1
Ballad of Joe Pimp1
Ballad of John & Yoko1
Ballad of John and Doreen1
ballad of John and Yoko1
ballad of John Axon1
ballad of John Brown1
ballad of John Henry1
ballad of Johnny Cool1
ballad of Judith Anne1
Ballad of Kae1
Ballad of little girl dancer1
Ballad of Lizzie Borden1
ballad of low sliding1
ballad of Lydia Pinkham1
ballad of Mack the knife2
ballad of mad dogs and Englishmen1
Ballad of Marie Sanders1
ballad of Michael Jackson1
ballad of morbylund1
ballad of Mr Fredrik Akare1
ballad of Mr Fredrik Akare and the fair Miss Cecilia Lind1
Ballad of Mrs Topics eyes1
ballad of Ned Flanders1
ballad of New York1
Ballad of nomad blue1
ballad of Oren Bliss1
Ballad of Orval Faubus1
Ballad of Otis Twelvepersons1
ballad of Pancho and Lucy1
Ballad of Pancho Villa1
Ballad of Pearly Sue2
ballad of revenge1
ballad of Richard Cheeze1
Ballad of sad young men2
Ballad of Salaam1
Ballad of scene design1
Ballad of sea water1
Ballad of sexual dependency1
ballad of Smokey Joe1
Ballad of St John1
Ballad of Stan and Pam1
ballad of Strike me dead1
ballad of Sweeney Todd4
ballad of Tappan Zee1
Ballad of the Alamo2
ballad of the ape and the judge1
Ballad of the bad1
Ballad of the baron1
Ballad of the bewildered herd1
ballad of the bluebird boogie1
Ballad of the credit card millionaire1
Ballad of the defiant1
ballad of the fallen2
Ballad of the flying1
ballad of the forgotten1
Ballad of the fortune teller1
ballad of the garment trade1
ballad of the good life1
ballad of the green berets1
ballad of the grey goose1
ballad of the heavyweight champions1
Ballad of the hot long night1
Ballad of the indifferent1
Ballad of the landlord1
Ballad of the lazy sleepers1
ballad of the liver bird1
Ballad of the lonely chimp1
Ballad of the lost treasury1
Ballad of the matador4
ballad of the Miles Davis fan1
ballad of the missal robbers son1
Ballad of the neanderthal yodeler1
Ballad of the past1
Ballad of the Rhine1
Ballad of the rotten jacket1
Ballad of the runaway horse1
Ballad of the sad cafe3
Ballad of the sad young man8
Ballad of the sad young men74
Ballad of the sergeants three1
ballad of the shape of things2
Ballad of the silf1
Ballad of the skinbag1
Ballad of the soldier1
Ballad of the true north1
Ballad of the unborn1
Ballad of the Wannabes1
ballad of the water and the flame1
Ballad of the west1
Ballad of the whale1
Ballad of thee1
ballad of Thelonious Monk9
Ballad of three1
Ballad of two hearts1
ballad of Vilcabamba1
Ballad of wisdom1
Ballad of wombat range1
ballad of Yasutani1
ballad of you1
Ballad om Fredrik Akare och den sota froken Cecilia Lind1
Ballad on a row1
Ballad on keys1
Ballad on Mars1
Ballad on the roost1
Ballad one4
Ballad one for Ruby1
Ballad or tango of the misunderstood1
ballad or the bullet1
Ballad pa nedre botten1
Ballad painting1
Ballad per Lucia1
Ballad pour Clara1
Ballad preternatural1
ballad quartet will now play suite first take1
Ballad Red1
Ballad repeter1
Ballad round the left corner2
Ballad S Miguel1
Ballad Sorrow1
Ballad theme for jazz bassoon1
Ballad theta2
Ballad till Annika1
Ballad till Kurt1
Ballad to a lonely genius1
Ballad to a savage rose1
Ballad to a young lady1
Ballad to an old bass1

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