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This index refers to the 500,353 individual tune titles (1,511,575 total entries) included in over 234,275 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of November, 2017.

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Page B71 - Butterlies pollen to Bye you all

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Tune nameSessions
Butterlies pollen1
Buttermilk 11
Buttermilk and beans1
Buttermilk blues1
Buttermilk bottom1
Buttermilk falls2
Buttermilk hill1
Buttermilk Hill suite1
Buttermilk skies1
Buttermilk sky3
Butternut Street1
Butters blues1
Butters idea2
Butterscotch girl1
Butterscotch treat1
Buttes mitch1
Button and bows2
Button button3
Button down collar1
Button for Butch1
Button holes1
Button nose2
Button to button1
Button up2
Button up your overcoast1
Button up your overcoat109
Button upyour overcoat1
buttonhole maker1
Buttons and bow1
Buttons and bows18
Buttons bellow1
buttons bounce1
Buttons electronics1
Buttons up1
Buttonwood tree jungle1
Buttry burning1
Butts delight1
Butts up1
Butzemanns boogie1
Buuls blues1
Buvos erdok1
Buvos hegedu1
Buy & sell1
Buy 2 take 31
Buy American2
Buy and sell7
Buy buy and buy why1
Buy buy buy a bond1
Buy buy for baby2
Buy it and fry it1
Buy it with me1
Buy me some juice2
Buy more ink1
Buy my love1
Buy myself a man1
Buy one get none free1
Buy one get one free1
buy song1
Buy the like1
Buy the record1
Buy the way2
Buy this record2
Buy water1
Buy ya books1
Buy you1
Buy you a chordE on1
Buyers blues1
Buying a house1
buying act1
Buying clothes for my imaginary friend1
Buying selling1
Buyuk saat1
Buzai song1
Buzy signal1
Buzz & fly1
Buzz addict1
Buzz Aldrin1
Buzz beans1
Buzz bomb1
Buzz buzz1
Buzz buzz buzz7
Buzz cut2
buzz man1
Buzz me12
Buzz me baby4
Buzz me blues2
Buzz me please1
Buzz Mirandy5
Buzz off1
buzz song1
Buzz theory1
Buzz trio 11
Buzz trio 21
Buzz trio 31
Buzz trio 41
Buzz trio 51
Buzz trio 61
Buzz trio 71
Buzz trio 81
Buzz trio 91
Buzz wow1
Buzzard breath1
Buzzard feathers1
Buzzard keep on flyin1
Buzzard lope1
Buzzard luck3
Buzzard song21
Buzzard variation1
Buzzards bay1
Buzzards breath1
buzzards cousin1
Buzzards luck1
Buzzards parade11
Buzzer rag2
Buzzin around3
Buzzin baby1
Buzzin bass blues1
Buzzin bees1
Buzzin cool1
Buzzin round1
Buzzin round with the bee1
Buzzing around1
Buzzing blues1
Buzzo barbarella by nite1
Buzzogle boggled1
Buzzsaw The myth of a free press1
Buzzy bee1
Buzzy Johns blues1
BVD blues1
BVD song1
BW blues1
BW jam1
Bwa moudong1
Bwana boom1
Bwana Bwana1
Bwana he no home2
Bwana upepo wavuma1
Bwanas calypso2
Bwarna Simba1
Bwe bop2
Bwe Ji1
Bwebidda bobbida1
Bweebida bobbida2
Bweebida bwobbida11
Bwell For Ed Blackwell1
Bwy chorale1
By 41
By a campfire1
By a country lane1
By a field1
By a foot1
By a head1
By a lazy country lane3
By a little light1
By a rippling stream2
By a sapphire sea1
By a waterfall7
By a whisker1
By accident1
By all means8
By an old dutch mill1
By and by24
By and by when the morning comes1
by Andrew Cyrille1
By another way1
By any means1
By any means necessary4
By any other name4
By baby told me1
By blue heaven1
By Boleros dance1
By Bonnie1
By by1
By by blackbird3
By candle light1
By candlelight5
By chance2
By city1
By dawns early light1
By day1
By day at night1
By day by night1
By design2
By ear1
By earth and the cloudy1
By easy stage one1
By easy stage two1
By faith1
By faith and love1
by Famoudou Don Moye1
By far1
By five1
By George13
By gone times1
By grace1
By hand1
By heart3
By heck12
By his wounds we are healed1
By hook or by crook1
By invitation only2
By itself2
By Jesus blessing2
By jupiter1
by Kenny Clarke1
By love possessed1
By lullaby1
By many names1
By means of music1
by Milford Graves1
By mischance that soul I devoured was a transparent vertical blues1
By moon by sun1
By my light1
By my own grace1
By my side13
By myself184
By myself all alone1
By myself alone2
By myself blues3
By name only1
By night for ever1
By no means1
By no means beautiful1
By no other name1
By on bye tu1
By ourselves1
By Play1
By reason of the soil1
By request2
By special permission1
By special permission of the copyright owners I love you2
By special request1
By Strauss16
By Strauss bandana days1
By surprise1
By the balcony1
By the banks of the beautiful White River1
By the beautiful sea23
By the bend in the river1
By the bend of the river6
By the book3
By the brook2
By the candleglow4
By the Danube1
By the dream car1
By the factory wall1
By the fire3
By the fire light1
By the firelight1
By the fireplace1
By the fireside19
By the fjord3
By the foot of the mountain1
By the fountain1
By the fountain in the park1
By the great horn spoon2
By the green hills1
By the hand1
By the hand or not or1
By the hearth1
By the lake5
By the law of music1
By the lazy river3
By the Leigh1
By the light of the moon1
By the light of the silvery moon24
By the light of the silvry moon4
By the light of the stars2
By the light of the sun1
By the light of the the silvery moon1
By the lights of the silvery moon1
By the lonely lights of the blues1
By the mark1
By the mark eight1
By the Mississinewah1
By the moon and stars1
By the Nile1
By the numbers1
By the old mill stream1
By the old pacific1
By the old red mill1
By the page1
By the park at midnight1
By the pool1
By the pyramids1
By the Red Sea1
By the river3
By the river Nile1
By the river of light1
By the river of the roses5
By the river Saint Marie1
By the river Sainte Marie40
By the River St Marie10
By the River Ste Marie1
By the rivers edge1
By the rivers of Babylon2
By the riverside2
By the rivulet1
By the roadside1
By the Rondane mountains1
By the round pond1
By the sapphire sea2
By the scruff of the neck1
By the sea9
By the seashore1
By the Shalimar5
By the silvery Nile1
By the sleepy lagoon2
By the statue of Seita1
By the stream2
By the sycamore tree2
By the time1
By the time I get to Phoenix88
By the time this night is over1
By the water1
By the waterfall3
By the watermelon vine Lindy Lou1
By the waters of Babylon1
By the waters of Mennetonka1
By the waters of Minnetonka27
By the waters of Perkiomen1
By the waters of the Minnetonka4
By the way23
By the way My castle in Spain1
By the willow tree1
By the window2
By then its too late1
By this river1
By this way1
By torchlight1
By water1
By way of a preface1
By way of appreciation1
By way of deception2
By way of introduction1
By way of the world1
By what they did not see1
By whom1
By whom and why am I previously unreleased1
By you by1
By you do you mean you or me1
By your grace2
By your own yard1
By your pom pom1
By your side9
By yourself1
Byakuyanights with the midnight sun1
Byard inspired1
Byarsa Maki1
Byas a drink11
Byas d opinion1
Byas jump1
Byas to Baldr1
Byasd opinion1
Byblos bass intro1
Byblos Lebanon1
Byc moze1
Bycze jaja1
Bydlo der ochsenkarren1
Bye & bye9
Bye and bye228
Bye and bye blues2
Bye and bye Im going to see the king2
Bye and bye Lord2
Bye and bye sweetheart1
Bye and bye when morning comes1
Bye baby bye3
Bye baby byebye1
Bye Baiji1
Bye Bernie1
Bye blues1
Bye bye30
Bye bye alibi baby1
Bye bye babe3
Bye bye baby90
Bye bye baby blues4
Bye bye baby goodbye6
Bye bye Babylon1
Bye bye backhand1
Bye bye Basie1
Bye bye bay1
Bye bye bayou1
Bye bye bees1
Bye bye Benelong1
Bye bye Bill Bailey1
Bye bye bird1
Bye bye birdie3
Bye bye black bird1
Bye bye black cat1
Bye bye blackbird874
Bye bye blackboard1
Bye bye Blackwell1
Bye bye blues354
Bye bye boogie2
Bye bye booze1
Bye bye Brasil2
Bye bye Brazil1
Bye bye Buddy1
Bye bye bye2
Bye bye bye blues1
Bye bye Charlie1
Bye bye chorus1
Bye bye country boy7
Bye bye D train1
Bye bye Himalaj1
Bye bye Jante1
Bye bye John1
Bye bye Linda1
Bye bye love28
Bye bye Lubben City1
Bye bye Manuel1
Bye bye my love1
Bye bye pretty baby13
Bye bye riverside1
Bye bye Rotterdam1
Bye bye Teddy1
Bye bye to all birds2
Bye bye Trane1
Bye bye trombone1
Bye bye Vienna1
Bye bye Wilhelm1
Bye bye will be on my way1
Bye bye young man1
Bye byeHello1
Bye for a while1
Bye for now5
Bye George3
Bye gone for Roberto1
Bye gones1
Bye Hoolie1
Bye Joe2
Bye Lulla1
Bye Mongs1
Bye mother1
Bye n bye2
Bye no one knows me1
Bye Sandy1
Bye the grace1
Bye the time I get to Phoenix1
Bye the wayside stands a tree1
Bye ya23
Bye yall2
Bye you all1

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