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This index refers to the 498,273 individual tune titles (1,505,136 total entries) included in over 233,664 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of September, 2017.

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Page B62 - Bridge of birds suite to Bring that friend of yours

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Tune nameSessions
Bridge of birds suite1
Bridge of dreams1
bridge of eternal youth1
bridge of friendship 11
bridge of friendship 21
bridge of friendship 31
bridge of friendship 41
Bridge of illusion1
Bridge of inhibition3
bridge of iron roses1
Bridge of life part 11
Bridge of life part 21
Bridge of love1
bridge of Mostar1
Bridge of raindog1
Bridge of sighing1
Bridge of Sighs1
Bridge of souls1
bridge of sound1
Bridge of the gods1
Bridge of your dreams come true1
Bridge on the ninth dimension1
Bridge on the river Wye1
Bridge one Firth of forth1
bridge out of town1
Bridge over the stars2
Bridge over troubled water67
Bridge over troubled waters5
Bridge scandal1
Bridge scene1
Bridge solo Dave1
Bridge solo Keefe1
Bridge Street rendezvous1
Bridge sun1
Bridge theme1
Bridge three 59th Street1
Bridge through time1
bridge thrown over an abyss1
bridge to Alice1
bridge to art1
Bridge to Bahia1
Bridge to Caprisi1
Bridge to hell1
Bridge to Jaipur1
Bridge to nowhere3
Bridge to ShangriLa2
Bridge to the beyond1
Bridge to the south1
bridge turn1
Bridge two de Normandie1
Bridge velocity1
Bridge work1
Bridge works1
bridged jig1
Bridgehampton South3
Bridgehampton strut2
Bridges and planks1
Bridges and rain1
Bridges burned1
Bridges coda1
Bridges from good times1
Bridges interlude1
Bridges lights blues1
bridges of Budapest4
Bridges of hope1
Bridges of sand1
Bridges of souls1
bridges of Terrell County1
Bridges of Venice1
Bridget OBrien1
Bridgetown baby1
Bridgetown Express1
Bridgetown shuffle1
Bridgets mother1
Bridging and return1
Bridging the blues1
Bridging the gap2
Bridgman hill1
Bridie Murphy wont you please come home1
Bridle ringing1
Bridwell blues1
Brief 11
Brief 21
Brief and breezy11
Brief and die pharisaer1
Brief ballad1
Brief bash1
Brief blues1
Brief build to climax1
Brief candles1
brief case of the blues1
Brief detail1
Brief encounter7
Brief encounters1
Brief eternity1
Brief excursion1
Brief gusts1
Brief hesitation3
brief history of time1
Brief impressions of Brighton2
Brief intermission1
brief interval1
Brief interview with the saxophonists1
brief introduction to sax1
Brief inventions1
Brief meditation1
brief message1
Brief news bulletin1
brief note1
brief pleasure trip1
Brief sanctuary1
brief tale1
Briefcase intrigue1
Briefe die dich nie erreichten2
Briefing of two souls1
Briell samba1
Brielle samba1
Briens knights1
Brier patch rag1
Briga de faca1
Briga de namorados1
Briga nunca mais1
Brigach and Ganges1
Brigades speciales2
Brigas nunca mais37
Brigas nunca mais A felicidade1
Brigas nunca mais No more fighting1
Brigas nunca mas1
Brigas nunchas mais1
Brigeehampton strut1
Brigg fair3
Briggs boogie1
Bright & shiny1
Bright abyss1
Bright and easy1
Bright and wide1
Bright angel2
Bright angel falls1
Bright as silver1
Bright as snow1
Bright as you are1
Bright attitude1
Bright beginnings1
Bright blessed day1
Bright blue3
Bright blue note1
Bright blue rose1
Bright blues3
Bright boy1
Bright boy blues10
Bright bright the holly berries3
Bright canto1
Bright cantodark sestina1
Bright cap and streamers1
Bright carillons1
Bright child1
Bright circles1
Bright city1
Bright colors1
Bright colours small shapes1
Bright darkness1
Bright dawn1
Bright day4
Bright days1
Bright depths1
Bright eyed lady1
Bright eyed waltz1
Bright eyes28
Bright eyes goodbye3
Bright eyes shine1
Bright fantasy1
Bright feeling1
Bright field1
Bright flowers1
Bright funk with horns1
Bright future2
Bright golden sunshine1
Bright green day1
Bright Greensville1
bright human future1
Bright idea4
Bright ideas2
Bright industrial smile1
Bright is the dawn1
Bright island1
Bright keys1
Bright leaves yellow and green1
Bright light6
Bright light black site1
Bright light blues1
Bright light sky1
Bright lights11
Bright lights & promises1
bright lights and you1
bright lights and you girl3
Bright lights big city14
Bright lights clean fights1
Bright May morning1
Bright mind1
Bright Mississippi57
Bright Mississippi Georgia1
bright moment2
Bright moments31
Bright moments song1
Bright moon5
bright moon calms down the soul1
Bright morning2
Bright mountain1
Bright new day2
Bright new year1
Bright night2
Bright nights2
bright nowhere1
bright one2
Bright openings1
Bright oranges1
Bright pace1
Bright passion3
Bright path1
Bright pavement1
bright pearl1
Bright piece2
Bright promises dismal performance1
Bright rain1
Bright red lipstick1
Bright reign1
Bright remembered1
Bright road2
Bright road ahead1
Bright roads1
Bright shadows2
Bright shine low light1
Bright side8
Bright side of darkman2
Bright side of life1
Bright side of my life1
bright side of the moon1
Bright side of the road1
Bright side up1
Bright silver moon1
Bright size1
Bright size life11
Bright skies1
Bright sky2
Bright smoke cold fire1
Bright soul1
Bright sparks1
Bright star8
Bright star anyway1
Bright star blues15
Bright star calypso1
Bright starlight1
Bright start1
Bright stillness1
bright stones1
Bright street jump1
bright sun2
Bright sunshine1
Bright tiger1
Bright time1
Bright tones1
Bright Wednesday1
Bright white light1
Bright wings1
Bright world1
Brighten the corner where you are3
Brighten up1
brighter day4
Brighter days15
Brighter days ahead1
Brighter days for you1
Brighter daze1
brighter side1
Brighter than sunshine1
Brighter than the color of white1
Brighter than the sun4
Brightest & best1
brightest day1
Brightest hour1
brightest minute1
brightest moon1
brightest sign1
Brightest smile1
brightest smile in town4
brightest star1
Brighteyed blues1
Brightly shining1
Brightness in danger1
Brightness of peace forever1
Brighton Beach fantasy1
Brighton brawl1
Brighton by the Sea1
Brighton damage1
Brighton rock1
Brighton to Boston1
Brights bounce1
Brights spot1
Brigitte Bardot5
Brigitte striptease blues1
Brigittenau blues1
Briguinha de musicos malacos1
Briguinha de musicos malucos no coreto2
Brilha o carnaval1
Brillant babillage1
Brillant corners2
Brillantina bengalese1
Brillian blue1
Brilliancy medley1
Brilliant action1
Brilliant beauty2
Brilliant circles5
Brilliant coral1
Brilliant corners90
brilliant corners of Thelonious jumpin jeep1
Brilliant days1
Brilliant heart1
brilliant madness2
Brilliant minor2
Brilliant result of 30 or 40 drawings1
Brilliant shores1
Brilliant silence1
Brilliant speaks1
Brilliant steps1
Brilliant torero1
Brilliant trees1
Brilliant waterfall1
Brilliant wings and tears1
Brills blues1
Brimming over1
Brimming tears1
Brimsha man1
Brimstone spring lullaby1
Brina chorale II1
Brinca jaco branco1
Brincando de amor1
Brindando el son que rico es1
Brindles place1
Bring a little water Sylvie2
Bring a torch1
Bring a torch Jeanette Isabella2
Bring a torch Jeannette Isabella5
Bring a torch Jeannette Isabella I saw three ships1
Bring alive1
Bring all your love along1
Bring another drink5
Bring back1
Bring back my baby to me1
Bring back my blushing rose1
Bring back my Bonnie to me3
Bring back my love1
Bring back my love dreams1
Bring back my lovin man3
Bring back my soldier boy to me1
Bring back news1
Bring back romance1
Bring back the big bands1
Bring back the Burch2
Bring back the greenback dollar1
Bring back the joys1
Bring back the moonlight1
Bring back the old days1
Bring back the spring1
Bring back the thrill2
Bring back the time when1
Bring back those days1
Bring back those minstrel days1
Bring back those rockabye baby days1
Bring back your strawberry1
Bring den Hirsch nach Hause1
Bring down the birds1
Bring em back alive5
Bring em down front2
Bring em on1
Bring enough clothes1
Bring enough clothes for three days1
Bring flowers1
Bring forth the battalions1
Bring grandma1
Bring him back home2
Bring him home8
Bring it all down1
Bring it back4
Bring it back daddy1
Bring it back home2
Bring it down1
Bring it home to me2
Bring it on6
Bring it on home7
Bring it on home to grandma5
Bring it on home to mama1
Bring it on home to me23
Bring it on home to your grandma4
Bring it on myself1
Bring it on through1
Bring it together1
Bring it up3
Bring it up to zero1
Bring it up Van Dyke1
Bring it with you when you come4
Bring me1
Bring me a bluebird1
Bring me another jug of wine1
Bring me back home1
Bring me back my lovin honey boy1
Bring me back to life1
Bring me flowers2
Bring me flowers while Im living1
Bring me joy2
Bring me little water Sylvie2
Bring me my axe1
Bring me my desire and arrows to shoot1
Bring me so high1
Bring me some eggs1
Bring me some money honey1
Bring me sunshine10
Bring me the check waiter1
Bring me the disco king3
Bring me your heart1
Bring me your love1
Bring my baby back1
Bring my baby back to me1
Bring my Bonnie back1
Bring my lovin back to me1
Bring on some rain1
Bring on the band4
Bring on the beat1
Bring on the blues1
Bring on the bounce again1
Bring on the drums1
Bring on the funk1
Bring on the men1
Bring on the night2
Bring on the pain killers1
Bring on the rain1
Bring on the raindrops3
Bring out the boogie in me1
Bring out the little brown jug1
Bring out the skeleton1
Bring out your dead1
Bring out your skeletons1
Bring sun upon you1
Bring that1
Bring that bottle pops1
Bring that Duke1
Bring that friend of yours1

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