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This index refers to the 541,114 individual tune titles (1,615,171 total entries) included in over 246,676 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2020.

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Page B51 - Blues in the midst of a crowd to Blues pianist and juke joints

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Tune nameSessions
Blues in the midst of a crowd1
Blues in the minor2
Blues in the moment1
blues in the moonlight2
Blues in the morning7
Blues in the news3
Blues in the night352
Blues in the night march3
Blues in the night)1
Blues in the open1
Blues in the pipeline1
Blues in the PMs1
Blues in the pocket8
Blues in the pulpit2
Blues in the rain4
Blues in the red2
Blues in the rough1
Blues in the round1
Blues in the school1
Blues in the shed1
Blues in the Shedd1
Blues in the sky3
Blues in the slope1
Blues in the south1
Blues in the storm2
Blues in the surf1
Blues in the tunnel1
Blues in the twilight zone1
Blues in the two percent1
Blues in the vernacular2
Blues in the wing1
Blues in the works1
Blues in third1
Blues in thirds67
Blues in three2
Blues in threes1
Blues in time1
Blues in Torrance3
Blues in Toulouse1
Blues in Trinity2
Blues in Trio1
Blues in triplicate1
Blues in trouble1
Blues in Tunisia1
Blues in two modes1
Blues in twos2
Blues in tyme1
Blues in una sea1
Blues in velet1
Blues in velvet repise1
Blues in white1
Blues in yankee flat1
Blues in yellow1
blues in yellow room1
blues in your flat3
Blues Inc1
Blues incognito2
Blues indeed1
Blues Ingee1
Blues inn4
Blues inside out12
Blues intergalactic1
Blues intermezzo1
Blues interrogation3
Blues interruptus1
Blues intim1
Blues into a night in Tunisia1
Blues into boogie1
Blues intro3
Blues intro The chicken1
Blues invention1
Blues inversion2
Blues ipnotico1
Blues IPS1
Blues is a combination baby1
blues is a feeling2
blues is a tale of trouble1
blues is a traveling thing1
Blues is a woman2
blues is all I ever had1
Blues is alright2
blues is an old old story1
blues is awful mean1
blues is bad3
blues is everybodys business5
blues is everywhere2
Blues is for tomorrow1
Blues is freedom1
blues is Green2
blues is here tnite1
blues is here to stay1
Blues is how you feel1
Blues is hurting1
blues is in the middle1
Blues is killing me2
Blues is knocking on my door1
blues is man part 11
blues is man part 21
blues is mine1
blues is my best friend1
Blues is my middle name1
Blues is on the way1
Blues is only a ghost1
Blues is something slightly knowing1
blues is swinging1
blues is the blues is the blues1
blues is the blues is the blues is1
Blues is the night2
Blues is troubles1
blues is waiting1
Blues it5
Blues Italiano2
Blues IV Boogaloo1
Blues ivories1
Blues Jah jah is the perfect love1
Blues jam8
Blues jam 21
Blues jam up1
Blues jog1
Blues Jon Jon1
Blues jonjon1
Blues joy ride1
Blues juice1
Blues jump1
blues jumped a rabbit2
blues jumped the rabbit2
blues jumped up and got me2
Blues junction2
Blues just because1
Blues just blues2
Blues just blues thats all2
Blues K2
Blues keep callin4
Blues keep calling2
Blues kicked the bucket1
Blues kid1
Blues knot1
Blues koan1
Blues Krieg1
Blues la Russ1
Blues lament2
Blues lamoise2
Blues largo1
Blues larmoise1
Blues Latinese1
Blues lee8
Blues left and right1
Blues legacy4
Blues life2
Blues like3
Blues like Jay McShann1
Blues like they used to be1
Blues limited1
Blues limrik1
Blues look out there1
Blues lowdown1
Blues lullaby in F1
Blues lumiere1
Blues Lundvall1
Blues M451
Blues macabre1
blues machine10
Blues mack1
blues made me feel this way1
Blues made up1
Blues magenta2
Blues mainly Tin Roof1
Blues malcolmmodes1
Blues malcommodes2
Blues malgache1
Blues mambo2
Blues mambo for Trane and Sphere1
Blues man2
Blues manier koraal1
Blues march99
Blues march for Europe No 11
Blues march no 11
Blues mark1
Blues Martial2
Blues Marx1
Blues masochiste1
Blues me1
Blues me in the shoes1
Blues me up1
Blues med blingebaelsmak1
Blues medium1
Blues medium rare1
Blues medley11
Blues medley with the mumbles man1
Blues meet Hermit1
Blues meeting1
Blues Melba1
Blues memories1
Blues men1
Blues mess around1
blues message1
Blues migration1
Blues Milanese3
Blues mind matter2
Blues mineur3
Blues Mingus1
Blues minor13
Blues minore1
Blues minuet2
Blues minuette1
Blues minus one1
Blues mirage1
blues mirror1
Blues miserable1
Blues mission1
Blues Mister Brim1
Blues misused1
Blues mix3
Blues mixture5
Blues Mizrahi1
Blues mocking1
Blues modern1
Blues moderne1
Blues modreno efektu1
Blues Moldav3
Blues monotype1
Blues montage1
Blues Montmartre1
Blues Montreal1
Blues mood4
Blues mood just before midnight1
Blues motion1
Blues muse1
Blues mutant1
blues my baby gave to me1
Blues my girl friend taught me1
Blues my mama wouldnt teach me1
Blues my mind1
Blues my naughty sweetie gives to me446
Blues my only love1
Blues n bells2
Blues n blues1
Blues n boogie1
Blues n booze3
Blues n dues et cetera2
Blues n groove1
Blues n it1
Blues n jazz1
Blues n roll1
Blues n11
Blues n21
Blues n31
Blues naive1
Blues Napoli1
blues never die1
blues never left me1
Blues Newburg1
Blues news6
Blues nick1
Blues Nile1
Blues nine plus1
Blues no 118
Blues no 131
Blues no 161
Blues no 171
Blues no 181
Blues no 215
Blues no 231
Blues no 39
Blues no 45
Blues no 53
Blues no 61
Blues no 71
Blues no 82
Blues no 9 for la plata1
Blues no blues4
Blues no end2
Blues no escuse1
Blues no mo1
Blues no more9
Blues no one dug1
Blues noble1
Blues nocturne2
Blues Noel1
Blues noir4
Blues noire1
Blues nonstop3
Blues nostalgie1
Blues not4
Blues not to lose2
Blues nouk1
Blues nouveau1
Blues nova1
Blues now3
Blues now and then1
Blues nowoorleanski1
Blues nr 21
Blues nr 41
Blues nu1
Blues number four1
Blues number one1
Blues number two1
Blues o mighty2
Blues o tichu1
Blues o vrabci1
blues observed1
Blues och kjol1
Blues oclock1
Blues Oddbjorn1
Blues of a cellar lark1
Blues of a kind1
Blues of a sort1
blues of a string hanging in the wind1
Blues of a tired man1
Blues of Avalon1
Blues of Bechet1
Blues of changes1
Blues of CJ1
Blues of Europe2
Blues of freedom1
Blues of hope2
Blues of Israel1
Blues of JM1
Blues of Magal1
blues of many colors1
Blues of mind1
Blues of my soul1
Blues of soul1
Blues of Stockholm1
Blues of Sweden1
blues of the birth1
Blues of the Emperor Jones1
blues of the guitar1
Blues of the masters1
Blues of the month club1
Blues of the prairies6
Blues of the rain1
blues of the record man1
Blues of the river1
Blues of the roaring twenties1
Blues of the silence1
Blues of the vagabond11
Blues of the whale1
blues of this1
Blues of war1
Blues of Wermland1
blues of what it is1
Blues of yesterday1
blues offering1
Blues oh blues1
Blues ohne capo1
Blues Okura2
Blues olymp1
Blues Olympia1
Blues omighty1
Blues on 45th1
Blues on 57th street1
Blues on a bad day1
Blues on a G string1
Blues on a pair1
Blues on a par1
Blues on a rocky cliff1
Blues on a Sunday2
Blues on a ukulele1
Blues on a wet Thursday1
Blues on Amiga1
blues on and off1
Blues on bass1
Blues on belle isle1
Blues on blue1
Blues on blues3
Blues on Bourbon Street1
Blues on Central Avenue1
Blues on down9
Blues on earth1
Blues on hold1
Blues on ice1
Blues on Mack Avenue1
Blues on Mars2
Blues on my mind9
Blues on my Monday1
Blues on my weary mind2
Blues on one theme2
Blues on parade24
Blues on Planet Mars1
Blues on Pluto1
Blues on purpose9
Blues on Q1
Blues on rhumba1
Blues on rock1
Blues on Saturday1
Blues on sax1
Blues on shore1
Blues on strings1
Blues on Sunday6
Blues on the 71
Blues on the Bayou2
Blues on the beach3
Blues on the blacktop1
Blues on the bongo beat1
Blues on the bottom4
Blues on the bridge1
Blues on the ChampsElysees1
Blues on the corner58
Blues on the dark side3
Blues on the delta2
Blues on the DL1
Blues on the double9
Blues on the down side1
Blues on the downbeat6
Blues on the East Side1
Blues on the edge4
Blues on the half shell1
Blues on the highway1
Blues on the house1
Blues on the levee1
Blues on the loose2
Blues on the march1
Blues on the mind1
Blues on the moon1
Blues on the move1
Blues on the other side1
Blues on the prairie1
Blues on the river1
Blues on the road1
Blues on the rocks5
Blues on the run3
Blues on the side2
Blues on the sofa1
Blues on the spot4
Blues on the square1
Blues on the stairs1
Blues on the table1
Blues on the waterfront1
Blues on the way1
Blues on the West Side1
Blues on thoughts1
Blues on Thursday1
Blues on time1
Blues on top5
Blues on trial1
Blues on trumpet1
Blues on Tuesday1
Blues on velvet1
Blues once again1
Blues one4
Blues one day1
Blues open1
Blues opus 11
Blues Opus 31
Blues or not2
Blues orange1
Blues ore1
Blues Oreenee1
Blues oriental1
Blues original3
Blues out7
Blues out of the closet1
Blues out yonder1
Blues outro1
Blues outside2
Blues outside in1
Blues outsider1
Blues over1
Blues over Bodega5
Blues over easy3
Blues overture1
Blues P 31
Blues pa Changuito1
Blues pa inedalsgatan1
Blues palindrome1
Blues pampa1
Blues panic1
Blues para adamo1
Blues para Berger1
Blues para Ernesto Castrillon1
Blues para guinga1
Blues para jarek1
Blues para John1
Blues para los amigos1
Blues para los Andes1
Blues para mar1
Blues para Monk1
Blues para Rita1
Blues para T1
Blues para uraba1
Blues para Victor1
Blues para Xaquin1
Blues Parisien2
Blues passacaglia1
Blues peleon1
Blues people5
Blues per Dolphy1
Blues per Enrico1
Blues per Enzo1
Blues per Gerardo Gastello1
Blues per mon pare1
Blues per ora1
Blues per un Angelo Nero1
Blues per Venezia1
Blues period3
Blues Peru1
Blues petite4
Blues PG1
Blues pianist and juke joints1

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