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This index refers to the 530,380 individual tune titles (1,589,338 total entries) included in over 243,576 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2019.

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Page B39 - Blossom interlude 2 to blue book

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Tune nameSessions
Blossom interlude 21
blossom of parting1
blossom reprise1
blossom sings1
Blossom sweet and tender1
Blossom time3
Blossom tree1
Blossoms blues3
Blossoms in May1
Blossoms of gold1
Blossoms on Broadway5
blossoms on the bough1
Blot en gag1
Blot out1
Blott en dag8
Blott on the landscape1
Blou never know1
Bloudim jen verny stin jde se mnou1
Blouse blanche1
Blouse blanche et blouson noir1
Blouse bleue1
Blouse de dentiste1
Blouse de nuit1
Blouse du dentiste1
Blousons noirs1
Blow 21
Blow away2
Blow away zone1
Blow back Buddy1
Blow Barney blow1
Blow Big Jay1
Blow blow Big Four1
Blow blow blow3
Blow blow thou winter wind12
Blow by blow10
Blow champ blow1
Blow chunks1
Blow daddy1
Blow Diddley1
Blow fiddle blow1
Blow fish blues1
Blow Flip blow1
blow for me a toot to you1
Blow for the crossings1
Blow Gabe blow1
Blow Gabriel blow13
Blow Gene blow1
Blow Gerard blow1
Blow horn for service1
Blow ill wind1
Blow Illinois blow1
Blow in the cloud1
Blow it1
Blow it out2
Blow it up1
Blow it up and away1
Blow jack1
Blow Jackson blow1
Blow Jim blow1
Blow Jimmy blow1
Blow Joe blow1
Blow Katy blow1
Blow kiss1
Blow low1
Blow mama1
Blow man blow3
Blow me away1
Blow me down1
Blow Mr Bebop2
Blow Mr Dexter2
Blow Mr Jackson2
Blow Mr Low1
Blow Mr LowBlow1
Blow Mr Norris1
Blow Mr Singleton1
Blow my baby back to me6
Blow my blues away2
Blow my friend1
Blow my mind1
Blow off the blue1
Blow on my garden and press out the spices1
Blow out3
Blow out the candle1
Blow out the fire1
Blow Red blow2
Blow Robbie blow1
Blow Rusty blow1
Blow Satchmo2
Blow that horn2
Blow that man down1
Blow the man down3
Blow the smoke away2
Blow the wall down1
Blow the wind southerly1
Blow them blues away1
Blow them sounds1
Blow to the head2
Blow top6
Blow top blues20
Blow top re bop1
Blow torch relief map1
Blow up12
Blow up that jetsam1
Blow up the cage1
Blow up the outside world1
Blow up your dreams1
Blow up your love1
Blow up your violin1
Blow west wind1
Blow wind2
Blow wind and crack your cheeks1
Blow wind blow6
Blow with the wind1
Blow Wynn blow1
Blow ye the trumpet blow1
Blow ye winds1
Blow your blues away1
Blow your brains out1
Blow your horn10
Blow your lid1
Blow your mind1
Blow your mother up1
Blow your own horn2
Blow your top1
Blowed and gone1
Blowed up real good1
Blowers daughter1
Blowers green1
Blowin a fuse1
Blowin away1
Blowin blue1
Blowin country1
Blowin down this old dusty road1
Blowin eight2
Blowin em hot1
Blowin for Bass1
Blowin for Bonnie1
Blowin for Dootsie1
Blowin for kicks1
Blowin for people1
Blowin for snakes1
Blowin free1
Blowin in the wind39
Blowin in the Windy City1
Blowin like hell1
Blowin mighty1
Blowin off steam8
Blowin omni1
Blowin out the orbit floor1
Blowin Smokey bubbles1
Blowin some shit1
Blowin the blues6
Blowin the blues away27
Blowin the boogie1
Blowin the tubes1
Blowin to California1
Blowin up1
Blowin up a storm16
Blowin with Roy1
Blowin with the wind2
Blowin your bow to the berimbob1
Blowing a gale1
Blowing awhile1
Blowing bottles1
Blowing bubbles3
Blowing changes1
blowing flower1
Blowing for love1
Blowing for the cats1
Blowing hard1
Blowing hills1
Blowing in Paris1
Blowing in the wind5
Blowing into my dogs brain1
Blowing Konitz1
Blowing my mind1
Blowing my top1
Blowing off1
Blowing off steam1
Blowing reds top1
Blowing session1
Blowing smoke1
Blowing Sunday1
Blowing sunshine1
Blowing that rag1
Blowing the blues1
Blowing the blues away3
Blowing the clouds away1
Blowing the family jewels1
Blowing the groove1
Blowing up a breeze1
Blowing wild3
Blowing with Bruce1
Blowing with the wind3
Blowing Yanceys bugle1
Blowings on1
Blowins for the Cohens1
Blowjob intermezzo1
Blown away5
Blown bone1
Blown chairs1
Blown logic1
Blown out1
Blows his top1
Blows II1
Blowtop blues1
BLs delight1
BLU 108B cluster1
BLU 113 penetrator1
Blu bed1
Blu Blu Blu1
Blu bop1
Blu coo1
Blu dalla finestra1
Blu fasul1
Blu Hays1
Blu Hindoo1
Blu Jon1
Blu laggiu1
Blu notte1
Blu or bru beck1
Blu perlaceo1
Blu Tain1
Blu tramonte1
Blu velvet1
Blu vindaloo2
Blue & sentimental1
Blue & silver1
Blue & white1
Blue 12
Blue 101
Blue 121
Blue 162
Blue 22
Blue 201
Blue 231
Blue 31
Blue 51
Blue 6001
Blue 724
Blue 931
Blue abandon1
Blue abstraction1
Blue abyss2
Blue acara2
Blue adieu1
Blue Adriatic1
Blue Africa1
Blue Afro2
Blue after1
Blue after two1
Blue afterglow6
Blue afternoon4
Blue afternoons2
Blue Again67
Blue age1
Blue aint just a color1
Blue air blues1
Blue air habit1
Blue alert4
Blue Alexander1
Blue almonds1
Blue alpha1
Blue alternative1
Blue am I1
Blue ambiance1
Blue Ammons1
Blue and all alone1
Blue and all by myself1
Blue and bleu1
Blue and blue1
Blue and bluer1
Blue and boogie4
Blue and broken1
Blue and broken hearted56
Blue and brokenhearted11
Blue and brown3
Blue and cold1
Blue and cool1
Blue and damson1
Blue and disgusted4
Blue and disillusioned1
Blue and dues1
Blue and esoteric1
Blue and evil blues1
Blue and gentle3
Blue and gold1
Blue and golden1
Blue and green25
Blue and grey1
Blue and grey suite1
Blue and grey waltz1
Blue and hill alone1
Blue and lonely1
Blue and lonely town1
Blue and lonesome7
blue and me1
Blue and misty2
Blue and Moody1
Blue and naughty1
Blue and orange1
Blue and orange birds and silver bells2
Blue and other notes1
Blue and red1
Blue and sentimental249
Blue and silver1
Blue and violet1
Blue and white5
Blue and white lights1
Blue and yellow4
Blue angel10
Blue angel blues2
Blue anthem1
Blue Aranjuez1
Blue Arctic1
Blue area1
Blue arsed fly1
Blue art2
Blue art too1
Blue as a fool can be1
Blue as an autumn mist1
Blue as I can be2
Blue as in Bley1
Blue as we can be1
Blue ash1
Blue at midnight1
Blue at the roots1
Blue at twilight1
Blue Atlantic1
Blue attitude1
Blue attraction1
Blue aura1
Blue autumn9
Blue azure1
Blue azzara1
Blue B1
Blue baboon2
blue baboon and the fish1
Blue baby6
Blue baby do1
Blue baby why are you blue1
Blue Bach1
Blue bag4
Blue Baghdad1
Blue Baiao1
Blue Baio1
Blue balance1
Blue Balkan2
Blue ball2
Blue ball blues1
Blue ballad8
blue ballad in a bittersweet mood1
Blue ballade1
Blue ballet1
Blue balls4
Blue baloo polka1
Blue baloons1
Blue bamboo3
Blue bamboo blue1
Blue bambu blue1
blue banana1
Blue bank1
Blue bar1
Blue Barbarowska1
Blue bard2
Blue Bari1
Blue barracudas1
Blue barrier1
Blue Barron1
Blue basement shuffle1
Blue bash3
Blue basie1
Blue basque1
Blue bass4
Blue basso2
Blue battle1
Blue Bayou9
Blue beach2
Blue beard2
Blue beats1
Blue Beau1
Blue beauty1
Blue bec1
Blue because of you14
Blue bed pan1
Blue bee2
Blue beetle1
Blue Beijing1
Blue bell3
Blue bell and crown1
Blue bell blues1
Blue bell song1
Blue belle of Harlem1
Blue Belles goodbye2
Blue belles of Harlem9
Blue bells6
Blue bells good bye1
Blue bells goodbye44
Blue bells of Scotland4
Blue Benedetto2
Blue berceuse1
Blue Berlin tango1
Blue Berry1
Blue Bessie2
Blue bicycle dream1
Blue bird15
Blue bird of Delhi5
blue bird of happiness1
Blue bird prologue1
Blue Birdland15
Blue birds2
Blue birds in the moonlight1
blue bison2
Blue Bix4
Blue black5
Blue black and silver1
Blue black and white1
Blue black bottom1
Blue black bottom blues1
Blue black bottom stomp1
Blue blade raga rag1
Blue blanc1
Blue blazes6
Blue blend1
Blue blocks1
Blue blood3
Blue blood blues52
Blue blood ritual1
Blue blow blew1
Blue blowers blues8
Blue blue4
Blue blue blue2
Blue blue blues1
Blue blue day1
Blue blue days1
Blue blue heartache1
Blue blues10
Blue boar blues1
Blue boat3
Blue bohemia suite2
Blue bolero5
Blue bolivar blues5
Blue bombablue1
Blue bombabomba1
Blue bone2
Blue bones2
Blue bones talking1
Blue bonfim1
Blue bongo2
Blue bonnet4
Blue bonnet you make me feel blue1
Blue Bonnie1
Blue boogaloo a la russe1
Blue boogie4
Blue boogie boogie1
Blue Booj1
blue book3

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