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This index refers to the 542,407 individual tune titles (1,618,141 total entries) included in over 247,010 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of September, 2020.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page B35 - Biztha to Black hole in D

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Tune nameSessions
Bizz for Buzz1
Bizzaro world1
Bizzy bee1
BJ blues1
Bjarnes blues1
BJB and me1
BJC blues1
Bjesoblatschnij ojen1
Bjork on the moon1
Bjorn free1
Bjornen vagner1
Bjornfell suite part I Shooting against the light1
Bjornfell suite part II Insomnia1
Bjornfell suite part III The wheel1
Bjorns blues1
Bjorns tune1
BJs back in town1
BJs blues1
BJs samba1
BJs theme1
BJs tune4
BJs world1
BK blues1
BK bossa nova1
BK Swag1
BKB mix1
BKs brother1
BL & T1
BL + WH = 881
BL stomp1
Bla 2 121
Bla anemoner1
Bla angar1
Bla bla1
Bla bla blu1
Bla bla blues1
Bla bla cha cha cha1
Bla bla kanslor1
Bla botn1
Bla dunster2
Bla fjord1
Bla harding1
Bla kveill1
Bla mandag1
Bla meis1
Bla vagen2
Bla valen1
Bla veg1
Bla vit2
Blaa ojne som vandet1
Blaak rag1
Blaaskimmel skrammel1
Blabber and smoke1
Blabber mouth2
Blabber n smoke1
Blablaing on no nonsense1
Black & blue6
Black & blue rhythm1
Black & blueberries1
Black & brown beer1
Black & brown boogie1
Black & brown cherries1
Black & pink Friday1
Black & tan fantasy8
Black & white4
Black & White baby1
Black & white rag2
Black 11
Black 21
Black 7 wanted1
Black action figure2
Black Afghan1
Black Africa2
Black air1
Black America2
Black Amy1
Black and Black1
Black and blue515
Black and blue blues2
Black and blue boogie1
Black and blue bottom3
Black and blue rag1
Black and blue rhapsody4
Black and blue rhythm2
Black and blue stomp1
Black and blues9
black and boiling lie1
Black and brown cherries4
Black and crazy blues14
Black and crimson1
Black and evil blues2
Black and fourth1
Black and funky1
Black and gold4
Black and groove1
Black and Johnny1
Black and lost blue highway1
Black and orange2
Black and tan blues1
Black and tan fantasie1
Black and tan fantasy386
Black and tan phantasy1
black and the white1
Black and water1
Black and white37
Black and white and blue1
Black and white are equal1
Black and white blues1
Black and white episode1
Black and white ginger1
Black and white keys1
Black and white memories2
Black and white portrayal1
Black and white rag92
Black and white raga1
Black and white ragtime twostep1
Black and white sound1
black and white then blue1
Black and white unite1
Black and whites1
Black and yellow4
black angel6
Black Angus1
Black Annie1
black apostles2
Black aria1
black ark2
Black arm & blackcharge1
Black art4
Black Arthurs bounce1
black arts1
Black as a sunny day1
Black as in Buhaina1
Black as kohl1
Black as Vera Cruz1
Black audience1
Black aurora1
Black Ave Maria1
Black awareness2
Black Axis1
Black babber1
Black baby1
Black bag1
Black ball1
Black ball swing1
Black ballad1
Black ballet1
Black baroness1
Black base1
black basement1
Black bass2
black bat1
Black bat wings1
Black bath1
Black bats and poles1
Black battle1
Black Bay shuffle1
Black bean boss1
black bean dance1
black bear2
Black bear bash1
Black bear kolo1
Black beard1
Black bears1
Black beast1
Black Beatles1
Black beauty117
black beer1
Black bell mother1
Black belt1
Black bend1
Black Benny4
Black berry2
Black Betty5
Black bird9
black bird beckons1
Black bird special1
Black bird white chicks2
Black bird woman1
Black black black2
Black black bottom blues1
Black blocsa1
Black blossom1
Black blue & purple1
black blue and gray1
Black blues5
Black boat song1
Black bolt1
Black bone2
Black boogie1
Black book3
Black book red letters1
Black boots1
Black booty1
Black bordered letter blues1
Black bossa1
Black bottom97
Black bottom Betty1
Black bottom blues5
Black bottom dance1
Black bottom is the latest fad1
Black bottom river1
Black bottom stomp193
Black bottom strut1
Black botton hop1
Black botus blues1
Black box6
Black boxes1
Black boy1
Black boy blues1
Black boy shuffle2
Black boys2
Black boyswhite boys1
Black bread2
Black bronzetto1
Black brown & beautiful1
Black brown & beige1
Black brown & yellow1
Black brown and beautiful9
Black brown and beige26
Black brown and beige suite1
Black brown and white3
Black brown beige and blanca1
Black brown blues and soul1
Black bucket stomp1
Black bunny1
Black burst1
Black but only round the edges1
Black but sweet oh god1
Black butterflies1
Black butterfly71
Black byrd4
Black byrd bye bye1
Black C1
Black cab1
Black cabaret1
Black call1
Black call IV1
Black canal1
Black canary1
Black cap man2
Black carriage1
Black castle1
black cat31
Black cat blues11
Black cat bone5
Black cat crack house1
Black cat cross my trail1
Black cat crossed my trail3
Black cat dub1
Black cat hoot owl blues2
Black cat in a white Cadillac1
Black cat moan17
Black cat on a fence8
Black cat on the fence57
Black cat rag1
Black cat rumble1
Black cat shuffle1
Black cat white cat1
Black cat white dog1
Black cats with electric eyes1
Black Caucus1
Black chamber1
Black chant2
Black cherries1
Black cherry5
Black cherry fritters1
Black cherry lotus1
Black children1
Black chocolate stout1
Black Christ of the Andes1
Black Christmas1
Black church3
Black circle2
Black circle blues1
Black clan call1
Black classical rap1
Black cloud3
Black clouds2
Black clouds rain down golden ash1
black clown1
black cock1
Black codes2
Black codes from the underground1
Black coffee277
Black coffee blues2
Black comedy6
black coming1
Black confederacy1
Black connection1
Black conscientiousness1
Black continent1
Black coral1
Black cow5
Black cowboy1
Black crag1
Black crepe blues1
Black crow14
Black crow part 11
Black crow part 21
Black cur1
Black current1
Black curtain1
Black daffodils2
Black Dahlia3
Black dance1
Black danube2
Black danubio1
Black Darwin1
Black data I1
Black data II1
Black dawn1
Black day blues1
Black denim trousers and motorcycle boots2
Black depth1
Black desire1
Black destiny1
black dial tone of night1
Black diamond17
Black diamond rag6
Black diamond run1
Black diamond stomp2
Black Diamond strut2
Black diamonds5
Black diamonds and pink whispers1
Black dice2
black disciple1
Black disciples1
Black dog20
Black dog blues1
Black dog pays a visit1
Black dog stomp1
Black dogs company1
Black dome2
Black domino1
black door1
Black dots3
Black dragon river1
Black drawers2
Black dream3
black dress1
Black drop1
Black dust blues1
black dust cloud and stars embedded in gaseous nebulosities1
Black Eagle skuffle3
Black ears2
Black earth3
Black east blues1
Black ebony1
Black echo I Ordinance1
Black echo II Tamboo1
Black echo III Bamboo1
Black echo IV Iron1
Black echo V Steel1
Black elk7
Black elk speaks4
Black Elks dream1
Black enough1
Black evil blues1
Black exit1
Black expatriate1
Black experience2
Black express1
Black exstace1
Black eye blues9
Black eye peas2
Black eyed blues2
Black eyed dog2
Black eyed Gs1
Black eyed Max1
Black eyed peas3
Black eyed peas and rice1
Black eyed Susie1
Black eyes50
Black eyes blues2
Black eyes rock1
Black eyes shining1
Black fairy tales4
Black family1
Black fantasy6
Black February1
Black feeling1
Black fire4
Black fire in motherland my soul1
black five1
Black flag6
Black flame1
Black flames1
Black flies1
Black flight1
Black flower3
Black flowers2
Black flutter1
Black fly affair1
Black folks2
Black foot3
Black forest13
Black Forest air1
Black Forest blues4
Black forest myth1
Black forest sky1
Black forest sound1
Black Forest special1
Black forrest2
Black Forrest legend1
Black fox4
Black Friday7
Black frost2
Black funk1
Black fuzz1
Black gal9
Black gal blues2
Black gal you better use your head2
Black gammon1
Black Gandhi1
black garden1
Black gardenia1
Black garlic1
Black Genghis1
Black ghost blues1
Black girl9
Black girl blues1
Black girl gets there just the same1
Black glass2
black glove1
Black goat1
Black gold9
Black grapes1
Black gravity1
Black grey1
Black groove2
Black guitar1
Black gun2
Black gypsy4
Black gypsy blues1
Black haeven1
Black hair5
Black halo1
black hand1
Black hand blues1
black hand rag1
Black hands bejewelled1
Black hat5
Black hat & saxophone1
Black hats1
Black Hawk blues1
Black hearse blues2
Black heat2
Black heaven4
Black helicopters1
Black Herman1
Black heroes2
Black heros1
Black Hill1
Black hill samba1
Black Hills1
Black Hills of Dakota2
Black history1
Black history month1
Black history music1
Black hole19
Black hole blue1
Black hole in D1

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