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This index refers to the 500,353 individual tune titles (1,511,575 total entries) included in over 234,275 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of November, 2017.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page B3 - Bac to Back time trip

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Tune nameSessions
Bac n chips1
Bac street1
Bacaimi per domani1
Bacalao con pan5
Bacalou tonight1
Bacca meets Calou1
Baccalau trio1
bacchanal rag1
Bacchiana brasileira1
Bacci galupe1
Baces mood1
Bach 11161
Bach 2 part invention in D minor1
Bach 681
Bach a la jazz1
Bach a la rock1
Bach Adagio from the sonata for violin solo in g minor BWV10011
Bach Air from the suite in D1
Bach an all1
Bach and the blues1
Bach and us2
Bach aria1
Bach around time1
BACH bass1
BACH bassclarinet1
Bach blossoms1
Bach blues2
Bach bone1
Bach cantata BWW1471
Bach cello suite1
Bach chiche1
Bach choral1
Bach chorale 1341
Bach chorale 2371
Bach chorale 2411
Bach double concerto1
Bach Drew Stuff1
Bach drinks espresso1
Bach east1
Bach fugue1
Bach fugure 21
Bach G minor presto1
Bach goes latin2
Bach goes to Mayfair1
Bach goes to Paris1
Bach goes to Redwood1
Bach goes to town18
Bach goes West1
Bach HCAB1
Bach home1
Bach II and Bach I1
BACH impressions1
Bach in a few minutes1
Bach in blue1
Bach in mind1
Bach invention 11
Bach invention 41
Bach invention no 4 Bwv7751
Bach meets the bulls1
Bach minuet1
Bach Nelkenwurz1
Bach no 151
Bach organ prelude in G minor1
Bach partita no 2 for solo violin Mozart jam1
Bach partita no 3 in E major for solo violin1
BACH piano1
Bach piece1
Bach prelude4
Bach prelude and fugue1
Bach prelude in G major1
Bach prelude no 11
Bach revisited1
Bach sarabande in B minor1
Bach Siciliano1
Bach sonata trio1
Bach Street1
Bach Suite1
Bach suite Andante1
Bach suite excerpts1
Bach suite Fugue1
Bach to 1st bass1
Bach to bassics1
Bach to Bird1
Bach to boogie2
Bach to bop1
Bach to Steve1
Bach to swing3
Bach to the blues2
BACH trumpet1
BACH und obligati1
Bach up to me4
Bach Violin concerto in E major1
Bach yard1
Bacha feelin1
Bachanias Brasileiras 51
Bacharach medley2
Bache bula banka1
Bachelor blues1
bachelor boogie1
Bachelor gal1
Bachelor gay1
Bachelor guy1
Bachelor in a bathrobe1
Bachelor in paradise1
Bachelor Sam1
Bachelors blues2
Bachelors button1
Bachelors III1
Bachelors paradise1
Bachelors twostep1
Bachhouse impression1
Bachiana no 51
Bachianas Brasileiras4
Bachianas brasileiras no 11
Bachianas Brasileiras no 2 aria1
Bachianas Brasileiras no 519
Bachianas Brasileiras no 5 for soprano and violoncelli I aria1
Bachianas Brasilieras1
Bachianas brasilierus no 51
Bachianinaaria iv corda1
Bachianinha no 12
Bachianus brasileiras no 51
Bachis blues1
Bachlike watch1
Bachs around1
Bachs bag1
Bachs bedroom brew1
Bachs blues2
Bachs boogie1
Bachs fireworks music1
Bachs flower1
Bachs foogie woogie1
Bachs gedenken1
Bachs groove4
Bachs idea2
Bachs largo1
Bachs lunch7
Bachs mashed bourree1
Bachs prelude and fugue 21
Bachs prelude in D minor1
Bachs softly sunrise1
Bachs things1
Bachschisara dance1
Bachyard conversation1
Baci de Firenze1
Baci e ferraglia1
Baci per voi1
Baci per voiUn cielo di stelle1
Bacia me tanto1
Baciami cosi2
Baciami per domani3
Baciami piccina4
Back 14 Matisse1
Back 2 back1
Back a town blues1
Back ache1
Back again22
Back again some time2
Back against the wall2
Back alley5
Back alley blues6
Back alley rub1
Back alleys1
Back and blow1
Back and foreground1
Back and forth19
Back and forth but slow Slow1
Back and forth forever1
Back and forth prelude1
Back and forth reprise1
Back and forward1
Back and fourth2
Back and up1
Back and white rag1
Back at Abbys1
Back at it2
Back at Mishas1
Back at the 4 aces1
Back at the barn1
Back at the cathouse1
Back at the chicken shack54
Back at the jam1
Back at the ranch2
Back at the sugar shack1
Back atown blues1
Back attya1
Back back1
Back back baby1
Back bacon1
back bacon blues2
Back bay3
Back Bay blues7
Back Bay boogie9
Back Bay bossa1
Back Bay bounce1
Back Bay bumble1
Back bay hustle1
Back Bay shuffle38
Back Bay station1
Back bear1
back beat7
Back beat blues1
Back beat boogie32
Back beats13
Back bender1
Back biter2
Back biters blues1
Back bittin1
Back blocks1
Back bone6
Back booth1
Back breaker2
Back breaking baby1
Back burner6
Back chat1
Back country1
Back country landscape1
Back country shuffle1
Back door9
Back door beauty3
Back door blues11
Back door daddy1
Back door drag1
Back door getaway1
Back door keys1
Back door mama1
Back door man4
Back door rag1
Back door romp1
Back door stuff1
Back door troubles1
Back down1
Back down in Lu Easy Anna3
Back down on State Street1
Back down south1
Back down the dirt road1
Back down the mountain1
Back east4
Back fat boogie1
Back fence picket blues1
Back for more1
Back from a spell1
Back from beyond1
Back from Bilbao1
Back from Ljubljana1
Back from lunch1
Back from Mars1
Back from places weve never been1
Back from the beach1
Back from the east1
Back from the eternity1
Back from the future1
Back from the gig3
Back from the moon1
Back from the south1
Back from tomorrow1
Back from where we came2
Back from where you came1
Back gate1
Back goes to town1
Back ground Goungchi1
Back home77
Back home again7
Back home again in Illinois1
Back home again in Indiana2
Back home again in Louisiana1
Back home again to France1
Back home again withyou1
Back home blues14
Back home from yesterday1
Back home II1
Back home in Illinois2
Back home in Indiana10
Back home in Tennessee2
Back home this summer1
Back home to me1
Back home where its quiet1
Back horsechives1
Back house1
Back in a corner of your mind1
Back in a dream1
Back in a week1
Back in arms1
Back in babys arms1
Back in Bangkok1
Back in black3
Back in Black Mountain1
Back in business2
Back in Central Park1
Back in Cincinnati1
Back in Congo Square one1
Back in control1
Back in da hood1
Back in five1
Back in holiday1
Back in Hotchitakee1
Back in Italy1
Back in Jersey1
Back in love1
Back in love again5
Back in my babys arms1
Back in my own back yard1
Back in Nagasaki1
Back in New Orleans4
Back in New York1
Back in New York City1
Back in paradise2
Back in seven1
Back in shapes1
Back in style1
Back in the 400 club1
Back in the 90s1
Back in the alley2
Back in the beginning1
Back in the bidet1
Back in the bug1
Back in the cage1
Back in the chicken shack1
Back in the cosmos1
Back in the country1
Back in the dark1
Back in the day18
Back in the days1
Back in the days of dixieland and bop1
Back in the game1
Back in the high life again2
Back in the islands1
Back in the mix1
Back in the old ballgame1
Back in the old days in New Orleans1
Back in the old routine1
Back in the old Sunday school1
Back in the pan1
Back in the pool1
Back in the sack Jack1
Back in the saddle2
Back in the saddle again2
Back in the satelite again1
Back in the schoolyard1
Back in the silence2
Back in the slot1
Back in the swing1
Back in the swing of things2
Back in the USSR5
Back in the woods1
Back in time5
Back in town6
Back in USSR1
Back in your arms3
Back in your own back yard12
Back in your own backyard117
Back in your own loveyard1
Back into action1
Back into the light1
Back it up3
Back lash1
Back lips1
Back lush1
Back nine3
Back o town2
Back o town blues49
Back of a cab1
Back of bourke2
Back of J2
Back of my head1
back of my mind1
Back of the bus1
Back of the hand1
Back off2
Back on doubletrack2
Back on earth2
Back on Elm Street1
Back on the block1
Back on the bus1
Back on the corner5
Back on the farm3
Back on the front porch1
Back on the horse1
Back on the job1
Back on the road2
Back on the scene3
Back on the street3
Back on the track4
Back on the trail1
Back on the wood1
Back on top6
Back on track6
Back or forth1
Back otown blues34
Back out3
Back over night1
Back pocket3
Back point1
Back porch6
Back porch chill1
Back quadrant1
Back road2
Back Roads1
Back room3
Back room blues5
Back room boys1
Back room rock1
back room romp5
Back row hi jinx1
Back rub3
Back seat Becky1
Back seat Betty6
Back seat driver1
Back seat driving2
Back seat white Cadillac1
Back seat witch1
Back seater1
back side1
Back side o town1
Back skin1
back slider1
back sliders1
Back sliding1
Back slop1
Back soon1
Back stabber1
Back stabbers1
Back stabbin1
Back stage1
Back stage at the ballet4
Back stage Sally2
back step2
Back story1
Back street15
Back Street bible class1
Back street blues2
Back Street boogie1
Back street boy1
Back street girl2
Back street theatre1
Back street woman1
Back streets1
Back streets of Havana1
Back stump stomp1
Back talk10
Back talk boogie1
Back then1
Back through the looking glass1
Back time trip1

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