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This index refers to the 541,114 individual tune titles (1,615,171 total entries) included in over 246,676 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2020.

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Page A29 - Ancora un altro popolo disperso to And the rest are what they are

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Tune nameSessions
Ancora un altro popolo disperso1
Ancora un po1
Ancora un trio1
Ancora una volta ma non verde1
Ancora una volta un viaggio con virgilio1
Ancorche col partire1
Ancore ex tempore1
Ancore Zortzico1
Ancrene wisse1
Ancyclostoma brazilense1
Ancyclostoma diodinae1
And 251
and a1
And a bell1
And a bottle of beer1
And a day1
And a different shape1
And a golden pear1
And a hard place1
And a lusions road dance1
And a pinch of flamenco1
And a time to mourn1
And about love1
And about this rock and roll1
and accents1
And acknowledgement1
And after1
And after so long a time1
And again6
And again Im surprised at the sun1
And again it was you1
And all1
And all for one1
And all is quiet once again1
And all of that1
And all stood by1
And all tears dry1
And all that jazz4
And all the different voices1
And all the dogs to shark1
And all the world moved1
And along came Ron Rahsaan1
And another thang1
And another thing5
And any warranty otherwise1
And as for friends you dont have any1
And as for me my prayer is for you1
And as I looked again1
And at em1
And away we go3
And baby makes three1
And be made visible1
And begin again1
And being again1
And boom1
And bright snow1
And by the way1
And can it be1
And checkers doesnt look too good either1
And clear water1
And colors we deny exist1
And could you1
And dear darling1
And death shall have no dominion1
And did she follow1
And Dixon1
And dont you forget it1
And dont you say no1
And dream your troubles away2
And dreaming1
And each other1
And eagles mile1
And elsewhere1
And emo1
And especially you2
And even more1
And even then2
And ever1
And everybody fucks you1
And everything in between1
And everything that looks like you1
And everywhere it will be you1
and excursions1
And extensiones fabulosas1
And eye you1
And far away3
And fear and grief and pain1
And finally3
And finally spring1
And finally the oasis1
And find me a shelter in the storm1
And flowers pick themselves1
And forget about it1
And found1
And freckles all ta once1
And friends3
And furthermore4
And gate1
And give me today1
And go home1
And God stepped out in space1
And goes shopping again1
And goodnight2
And Harry said goodbye1
And have a picnic1
And he called1
And he called himself a messenger3
And he discovered love2
and he is in and of me2
And he jumped for the track1
And he loved his brother til the end1
And he loved his brother till the end1
And he never said a mumblin word3
And he shall reign1
And he wandered the tides of time1
And Heaven called1
And heaven welcomed a king1
And hed say oolala Wee wee1
And hed say Oolalaweewee1
And Henry guards the door1
And her mother came too3
And her tears flowed like wine18
And here1
And here we are1
And here we are again1
And here we test our powers of observation2
And here you are3
And heres to you1
And hes say Oolala weewee1
And his adventures in the land of Flip1
And his all powerful1
And his last words were bad snake1
And his little heart stayed home1
And his name was dream1
And his rocking horse ran away1
and his spirit ascendedTranes church1
and hopefully so will you1
And hot chocolate1
And how are you in the mornings1
And how I hoped for your love4
And how long1
And how that rhythm1
And I always thought1
And I am telling you Im not going1
And I ask you why1
And I call it home1
And I cant make him understand1
And I cry from within1
And I do2
And I dont mean1
And I dont mean if1
And I like your feathers1
And I looked around1
And I love her96
And I love her so1
And I love him34
And I love you so10
And I loved you so1
And I lover her1
And I quote1
And I saw them1
And I still blush1
And I still care1
And I still do2
And I still love you1
And I think about it all the time1
And I want you to know1
And I was beautiful1
And I will1
And I will sing of this second kingdom1
And I wish that I knew1
And I you1
And if at all1
And if sleep doesnt come1
And if so1
And if you find the girl that I know youd call her Kyoko1
And if you wanted to get over1
And Ill be there2
And Ill be yours1
and Ill have someone after youve gone1
And Ill show you how to plant a rose1
And Ill stay1
And Im crazy for love1
And Im ecstatic2
And Im gonna get you blues3
And Im still dreaming of you1
And in her eyes1
And in my shoes1
And in the beginning2
And in the end1
And in the night1
And in you came1
And into it he blew the breath of life1
And intuition should fail us1
And is it true1
And it all goes round1
And it all goes round and round3
And it feels so good1
And it happened1
And it is1
And it is forever beautiful1
And it rains1
And it really was1
And it rolled right down1
And it snows1
And it still goes1
And it was magic1
And it was nowhere1
And it was set in ivory1
And it wont be long now2
And its again1
And its forever1
And its goodbye1
And its obstinate but dedicated end1
And its supposed to be love4
And just now1
and justice for all1
and keep this place in mind for a better one is2
And keep this place in mind for a better one is hard to find1
And Lasalle1
And later the rain1
And leave show business1
And left me crying1
And let it be1
And let the darkness in1
And let the rest of the world go by1
And let the whole world swing1
And life goes on1
and light1
And listen young Dora1
And Lo The chapel walls trembled at the voice of the mighty cuckoo1
And lost1
And loudspeakers loyal to the seas deep bass say June1
And love is gone again1
And loves the burning boy1
And loving it1
And make him strut his stuff1
and mass murder starving children1
And maybe in the end1
And maybe tears2
And maybe youll be there1
and me me and you1
And meanwhile1
And miles to go5
And Mimi4
And more2
And More Dirt1
And most of all1
and motion1
And my angel1
And my guitar1
And my heart soars1
And mysteries1
and nevertheless Adriana1
And Nina1
And nobody cares for me1
And nobody seems to care1
And noone knows1
and not finding anyone there2
And not like before1
And not only that1
And nothing but1
and nothing else1
And now20
And now back to reality1
And now for a show tune1
And now for a word from our sponsors1
And now for something completely different2
And now for the music they say a lonely tree1
And now for the news1
And now goodbye3
And now hear our meanin2
And now I know2
And now it is love1
And now just over1
And now many days have passed1
And now Miss Annie the Black Queen1
And now Moody speaks1
And now peace1
And now shes gone1
And now some blues1
and now the bad news1
And now the bass1
And now the queen18
And now the queer1
And now the sun2
And now theres you2
And now this1
And now we interrupt for a commercial1
And now what2
And now you1
And now you know1
And now you say1
And now youre in1
and of 21
And of six1
And off they went1
And on5
and on Ash Wednesday borax fell on Redlands1
And on the sixth day1
And on the third day6
And one1
And one for Chick2
And one guy yells piano1
And other1
And other animals1
And other Balkantype inventions1
And other desert towns1
And other stuff1
And otherness1
And oui1
And our love1
And out1
And out come the night ears1
And over1
And peace is a lonely quest together1
And peace thereafter1
And peacefully1
And personal1
And playing again1
And quiet flows the Don1
and R blues1
And rhythm1
and Ronnie the open question1
And roses and roses4
And Russia is her name4
And Sammy walked in6
And satisfy4
And say it again1
And see1
And sevens1
And she answered when you return to me I will1
And she appeared7
And she cried1
And she had a mole2
And she hoped1
And she is happy1
And she left me1
And she loved him1
And she remembers me2
And she said2
And she speaks4
And she speaks purple amaranth1
And she stopped1
And she walked into the field where the man slept1
And silence1
And sing this song1
And sitting in on crazy drunk1
And so2
And so am I1
And so bartender1
And so do I13
And so forth4
And so go the blind1
And so goodbye2
And so have we1
And so he didnt1
And so I count my blessings1
And so I do1
And so I dream1
And so I love again1
And so I love you2
And so I married the girl1
And so I sing1
And so I waited around1
And so is love1
And so it goes33
And so it is6
And so it seemed1
And so its over1
And so little time5
And so on3
And so on and so forth1
And so onforever1
And so she left1
And so the flower fades1
And so the news came1
And so they say1
And so Tibet2
And so to bed9
And so to bed again1
And so to sleep3
And so to sleep again8
And so we carry on1
And so we dance1
And so we sang1
And so when we looked1
And so would I1
And something beyond1
And sometimes why1
And spread to all2
And start runnin through my mind1
And stay out or I thought I told you to take those roller skates off the stairs1
And still it goes1
And still no luck with you1
And still she dances1
And still she is with me2
And still we rise1
And still we wonder1
And suddenly2
And suddenly in June1
And suddenly its Spring1
And suddenly its swing1
And suddenly you know1
And suddenly you were gone1
And summer throughout1
And tears and sides and glowns1
And Thad aint bad3
And that I am so in love3
And that reminds me3
And that same autumn1
And that was Rome1
And thats all2
and thats an end to it1
And thats final1
And thats for sure1
And thats ok1
And thats that2
and thats that what do we do next1
And thats the way it goes1
And thats why its called the blues1
And the aardvaarks dance on1
And the air between1
And the ancient ones smiled1
And the angels sing146
And the angels swing4
And the answer is1
And the aspirations1
And the band played on4
And the beat goes on1
And the beauty of it all2
And the bells rang2
And the beyond1
And the big bad wolf was dead1
And the blind shall see1
And the blues go on1
And the blues must go on1
And the bull walked around1
And the bull walked around olay3
And the cat1
And the children play quietly with words on the floor1
And the children shall lead1
And the children sing1
And the contemplative return1
And the cow jumped over the moon1
And the cradle will rock1
And the curtain opens1
And the darkness has not overcome it1
And the day came1
And the deep blue sea1
And the deep indoors1
And the dish ran away with the spoon1
and the dogs made mud1
And the door blows open1
And the drums sing1
And the earth1
And the earth keeps spinning1
And the end of the dream1
And the father said1
And the feelings good1
And the flowers flew over the sky1
And the forest sings your name1
And the future became fluid1
And the giraffe said1
And the gloom of that light1
And the glory1
and the gods made love1
And the great spotted woodpecker1
And the half light1
And the healing has begun2
And the heavens1
And the hence we issued out to see the stars1
And the kids call it boogie1
And the kitchen sink3
and the kite escaped1
And the light1
And the light dances on1
And the light of that gloom1
And the long shadows1
And the loser is1
And the man said1
And the melody lingers on2
And the melody still lingers on2
And the mermaid laughed1
And the money kept rolling in1
And the moon sadly smiles2
And the moon swam back1
And the music lives on1
And the mystery sang alive1
And the night gave nothing1
And the night still lingers on1
And the night was young1
and the nite escaped1
And the other1
And the people could fly1
And the people said1
And the rain1
And the resolutions1
And the rest are what they are1

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