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This index refers to the 491,948 individual tune titles (1,483,810 total entries) included in over 231,004 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2017.

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Page A27 - And still no luck with you to Andrew needless to saypaint

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Tune nameSessions
And still no luck with you1
And still she dances1
And still she is with me2
And suddenly2
And suddenly in June1
And suddenly its Spring1
And suddenly its swing1
And suddenly you were gone1
And summer throughout1
And tears and sides and glowns1
And Thad aint bad2
And that I am so in love3
And that reminds me3
And that same autumn1
And that was Rome1
And thats all2
and thats an end to it1
And thats final1
And thats for sure1
And thats that2
and thats that what do we do next1
And thats the way it goes1
And thats why its called the blues1
And the aardvaarks dance on1
And the air between1
And the ancient ones smiled1
And the angels sing137
And the angels swing4
And the answer is1
And the aspirations1
And the band played on4
And the beat goes on1
And the beauty of it all2
And the bells rang2
And the beyond1
And the big bad wolf was dead1
And the blind shall see1
And the blues go on1
And the blues must go on1
And the bull walked around1
And the bull walked around olay3
And the cat1
And the children sing1
And the contemplative return1
And the cow jumped over the moon1
And the cradle will rock1
And the darkness has not overcome it1
And the day came1
And the dish ran away with the spoon1
and the dogs made mud1
And the drums sing1
And the earth1
And the earth keeps spinning1
And the end of the dream1
And the father said1
And the feelings good1
And the flowers flew over the sky1
And the forest sings your name1
And the future became fluid1
And the giraffe said1
And the gloom of that light1
And the glory1
and the gods made love1
And the great spotted woodpecker1
And the half light1
And the healing has begun2
And the heavens1
And the hence we issued out to see the stars1
And the kids call it boogie1
And the kitchen sink3
and the kite escaped1
And the light dances on1
And the light of that gloom1
And the long shadows1
And the man said1
And the melody lingers on2
And the melody still lingers on2
And the mermaid laughed1
And the money kept rolling in1
And the moon sadly smiles2
And the music lives on1
And the mystery sang alive1
And the night gave nothing1
And the night still lingers on1
And the night was young1
and the nite escaped1
And the people could fly1
And the rain1
And the resolutions1
And the rest are what they are1
And the results are in1
And the river flows on1
And the same to you2
And the ship sails on1
And the silver fox1
And the sky was coloured with waterfalls and angels1
And the stars also1
and the stone woman dances1
And the sun comes1
And the sun rises again1
And the sun shined down upon them1
And the tale ends1
And the third angel sounded1
And the times are dark and fearful1
And the tints1
And the two will become one flesh1
And the wall came down1
And the wheels1
And the willow weeps1
And the wind blows1
And the wind blows gree1
And the wind came1
And the wind cries Mademoiselle Katherine1
And the world weeps3
And their white tigers1
And them1
And then18
And then again14
And then and then and then1
And then he comes1
And then he farted1
And then he kissed me2
And then he was gone1
And then I died1
And then I fall in love1
And then I forget4
And then I knew3
And then I looked at you2
And then I said3
And then I saw the wind1
And then I think of you1
And then I woke up1
And then I wondered if you knew2
And then I wrote2
And then Ill say1
and then it had to be you1
And then it happened1
And then its heaven3
And then its war1
And then my love I found you1
And then one day its all over1
And then out1
And then red1
And then she appeared in the midst of chaos1
And then she cried1
And then she fell1
And then she goes crazy1
And then she left2
And then she smiled1
And then she stopped11
And then she was gone2
And then she wept3
And then shed esk to vistule a hymn1
And then some7
And then sorekara1
And then the Germans arrived1
And then the Moors came1
And then there was a breeze1
And then there was blues1
And then there was Harry1
And then there was light1
And then there was none1
And then there was one2
And then there was peace1
And then there was the blues2
And then there were four1
And then there were none3
And then there were three1
And then there were two1
And then theres bells1
And then theres music1
And then theres this2
And then they called it love1
And then they danced4
And then they embraced1
And then they wept1
And then we were one1
And then we wrote1
And then what1
And then will you see1
And then you kissed me7
And then youll know1
And then your lips met mine4
And thence we issued out again to see the stars1
And thenno problema1
And there is1
And there it is1
And there it was1
And there lived a fool1
And there they went1
And there was peace2
And there was the blues1
And there will always be1
And there you are4
And there you were1
And these people drive too1
And they all came marching out of the woods1
And they called it Dixieland9
And they hear something Thai in it1
And they lived1
And they parted1
And they partied1
And they said it wouldnt last1
And they said people get lost1
And theyll know1
And they’ll know we are Christians by our love1
And thine1
And things will change1
And think again3
And this2
And this is my beloved8
And this is why1
And this means war1
And this too shall pass2
And three more Henny Youngman poems1
And throw away the key1
And thus1
And thus far1
And Tienha the fragile1
And time marches on1
And time passed by1
And to beauty1
And to move again1
And Tokyo too1
And trees would sing1
and unknown title1
and unknown titles1
And upon this rock1
And viceaversa1
And we1
And we all believe1
And we do love you madly1
And we have our town talk show host1
And we listened1
And we meet again1
And we out2
And we shall meet again1
And we steal from the silkworm1
And we thought we were so different1
And we were lovers3
And we will fly2
And we will love again2
And well I found no bottom1
And were going to church1
And what1
And what I need is you1
And what if I dont7
And what is left of all1
And what is this1
And what now man1
And what would you like to hear little lady1
And when1
And when I die7
And when I say slowly I mean as soon as possible1
And when its over1
And when the angels sing1
And when the clouds fade away1
And when the time comes1
And when to come back1
And when were young5
And when you are young1
And who is not small1
And whos next1
And why not6
And will he not come again1
and William danced1
And with the sorrows of this joyousness2
And Woshi went the soap flying1
And yet not you alone1
And yet there could be love1
And you2
and you begin1
And you called my name1
And you cared a little bit more1
And you dont stop1
And you know that2
And you know what I love you1
And you look at me1
And you made the night too long1
And you smile1
And you were mine2
And youll1
And youll be home3
And your bird can sing2
And your dreams come true1
And your ivory voice sings1
And your point would be1
And your stories will flood your satisfaction1
And your wellness1
And youre stuck in traffic while your pianos home having cocktails with the termites1
And youve been waiting1
And zen Monk1
Anda bluesy1
Anda companeros1
Anda in i kaklet1
Anda Jaleo3
Anda Jerico1
Anda loco1
Anda que tu1
Andalucia medley1
Andalucia suite1
Andalucias dream1
Andalusan nights1
Andalusian breeze2
Andalusian day trip1
Andalusian dog night1
Andalusian garden bel canto1
Andalusian house2
Andalusian landscape1
Andalusian night1
Andalusian skies1
Andaluzian lady1
Andando el tiempo1
Andando no ar1
Andante Allegro1
Andante amabile1
Andante amore1
Andante and variations 1235 from Sonatat No 111
Andante andante1
Andante ballad2
Andante cantabile4
Andante cantibile in mode de blues1
Andante cantible1
Andante con moto2
Andante con moto e poco rubato2
Andante deciso1
Andante dolce1
Andante from Sonata no 2 for solo violin1
Andante from Tschaikovskis 5th Symphony1
Andante lentissimo1
Andante maestoso1
Andante misterioso2
Andante moderato1
Andante molto sostenuto1
Andante perpetuo1
Andante piano concerto no 41
Andante presto1
Andante sonate flute1
Andante sostenuto2
Andante spianato1
Andante spianato Op 22 en sol majeur1
Andante tranquillo1
Andante un poco adagio1
Andante und thema aus Schwanensee akt 2 opus 201
Andante und Variationen 1235 von Sonate nr 11 ADur1
AndanteSinfonie concertante for violin and viola K364 2nd mov1
Andantino from Tchaikovsky symphony no 41
Andantino in modo de canzona1
Andantino streichquartett gmoll op 101
Andantio alla romanza1
Andar con fe1
Andar por dentro3
Andata e ritorno1
Andata senza ritorno1
Andava bene cosi comunque1
Ande full av nade1
Andean candy1
Andean fantasy1
Andean fire circle1
Andean love song1
Andean river flow1
Andeleli oboduo1
Andere jahrezeit1
Andere Wege1
Anderes obst1
Andernes dans1
Anders Muller piano solo1
Anders on the loose1
Anders pase1
Anders vals1
Andersen fantasia1
Andersen in memoriam1
Andersons plan1
AndersPatriks boogiepolska1
Andes blue1
Andes breeze1
Andes charanga1
Andet frispil1
Andiamo mangare mais ou1
Andies song1
Andinas angina1
Ando entre portas1
Andobar Island1
Andore devote1
Andra kvallar1
Andra langdagen1
Andra Sidan1
Andraes theme1
Andranik pasha1
Andre de sapata novo2
Andre de Sapato Novo2
Andre et Fanny1
Andre Heyward interlude1
Andre Previn introduction1
Andre returns1
Andre sats1
Andre the giant1
Andrea calling1
Andrea De Adamich1
Andreas attitude1
Andreas delight1
Andreas Fleischmann2
Andreas rain stick song1
Andreas song3
Andreas traum1
Andrei Rublov1
Andrej rubljow1
Andremo in citta1
Andres B1
Andres bag1
Andres blues1
Andres bolero1
Andres bossa1
Andres dreamin1
Andres footsteps1
Andres mood2
Andres ragtime1
Andres song1
Andres tune1
Andres turn1
Andres ups and downs1
Andrew got married1
Andrew grooves I1
Andrew grooves II1
Andrew Hill1
Andrew Hill and far away1
Andrew Jeffersons blues1
Andrew John2
Andrew Lloyd Webber must die1
Andrew needless to saypaint1

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