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This index refers to the 535,170 individual tune titles (1,600,370 total entries) included in over 244,847 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2020.

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Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A17 - Alima to All I wantGive peace a chance

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Tune nameSessions
Alimentation generale1
Alimony blues10
Alimony boogie1
Aline on the green1
Alines house2
Alino oro1
Alio e olio1
Aliquid stat pro aliquot1
Alis bounce1
Alis dance1
Alis nest1
Alis rock1
Alis source1
Alis source & Alis waltz1
Alis waltz1
Alisan girl1
Alishas dance1
Alismono kae haeromae1
Aliso samba1
Alison Adamant1
Alison rag1
Alisons backyard1
Alisons dream2
Alisons tune1
Alisons uncle1
Alisons walk1
Alit go bout varit1
Alive & well1
Alive again1
Alive and cooking1
Alive and free1
Alive and kicking4
Alive and well4
Alive at the Piccadilly2
Alive flowers1
Alive in Daressalaam1
Alive on the dead screen1
Alive today1
Alive with gymnicmarvels1
Alizarin crimson1
Alizerin madder purple1
Alkali Ike1
Alkan folk tale1
Alkava kevat1
Alkebu lan1
Alkebulan The beginning of us1
Alki blues1
Alkmaar I1
Alkmaar II1
Alkmaar III1
Alkohol boogie1
All 4 love1
All 4 sides by Don Redman and his Orchestra1
All = One1
All a kapun1
All aboard15
All aboard for Dixie land1
All aboard for dreamland baby1
All aboard for Futuresville1
All aboard for heaven1
All aboard for rubber claws1
All about Art2
All about cabbage1
All about Faye1
All about Henry1
All about jazz1
All about Joey1
All about Kowalski1
All about Lea1
All about Lennie1
All about love11
All about McGriff1
All about me2
All about Mimi I1
All about Mimi II1
All about Mimi III1
All about Mimi IV1
All about Mimi V1
All about Mimi VI1
All about Monk1
All about my baby2
All about my girl10
All about Nora1
All about Ronnie35
All about Rosie5
All about Rosie pt 31
All about soul1
All about Steve1
All about stories1
All about the bass2
All about the blues4
All about the hang1
All about the Hank1
All about us3
All about you21
All abroad for heaven1
All across the city27
All across the country1
All across the nation1
All across the universe2
All Africa4
All afters1
All again2
All against all1
All age fun1
All alba3
All alba di un altro di1
All albergo1
All alone146
All alone again1
All alone against everybody1
All alone and blue2
All alone and lonely2
All alone and lonesome1
All alone blues6
All alone by the phone1
All alone by the telephone15
All alone in love1
All alone Monday5
All alone on my own2
All alone on the mountain1
All alone on the telephone1
All alone together2
All alone with the rhythm1
All alone with you in a little rendezvous1
All along4
All along Broadway1
All along the sunstream1
All along the trumptower1
All along the watchtower11
All along the way1
All American girl5
All Americana1
All and more1
All and more this1
All and you1
All animals are beautiful1
All animals are dangerous1
All animals were laughing1
All Anthony and no Cleopatra1
All Anthony no Cleopatra1
All apologies3
All are one1
All around3
All around mama1
All around person1
All around the Christmas tree1
All around the world15
All around town1
All around us2
All around you1
All art is quite useless O Wilde1
All ashore2
All ask for me1
All at once14
All at once you love her5
All at sea1
All at sixes and sevens1
All at the right time1
All babies go to war1
All baby wants is me2
All back to Pauls1
All beach1
All because of you13
All because the lady died1
All because we had that thing called jazz1
All because you came my way1
All becomes again1
All becomes alive1
All beets are coming1
All beings in the whole universe1
All between1
All Bird1
All Birds children2
All birds look like chickens to me1
All bleak & chill the wintery wind1
All blue3
All bluealle roBolero1
All blues618
All blues medley2
All blues suite2
All blues)1
All booze1
All bout cordoba1
All brothers2
All bues1
All but1
All but blind2
All but blues1
All but one2
All but you1
All by all2
All by my ownsome1
All by myself152
All by myself in the moonlight1
All by myself in the morning3
All by myself in the rain in New Orleans2
All by ourselves1
All by yourself in the moonlight8
All camels hump1
All can work1
All cats turn grey when the sun goes down1
All cats whiskers and bees knees1
All caught up1
All caught up in love1
All caved in3
All change5
All change boogie1
All change for happiness1
All change part 11
All change part 21
All children1
All childrens love song1
All choked up1
All chords stand for other chords2
All clad in Lincoln Green1
All Clare1
All clean1
All clear5
All clear now1
All come to meet her1
All comes together1
All cool1
All coons look alike to me1
All cracked up1
All creation sang1
All creatures of our God and King4
All cried out1
All cry glory1
All cycles are vicious1
All dark people are light on their feet1
All day1
All day & all night long1
All day all night7
All day all night John Coltrane1
All day all night with you1
All day and all of the night1
All day belly rumble1
All day blizzard1
All day breakfast1
All day feeling1
All day long32
All day long all night long rock1
All day long Ive been crying1
All day long sang my song going home I1
All day Monday1
All day next week1
All day pass1
All day rhythm1
All day Saturday1
All day Sunday1
All decks2
All deliberate speed1
All den Tauben1
All dom andra1
All done in blues1
All doors look alike1
All Dr Harris children got rhythm1
All drams behind1
All dressed up3
All dressed up and no place to go1
All dressed up in new rags1
All dressed up in spic and spanish1
All dressed up to smile1
All dressed up tonight and no place to go1
All dressed up with a broken heart8
All dressed up with nowhere to go1
All dudes1
All ears3
All eins sein1
All en el rancho grande1
All fades away1
All fall1
All fall again1
All fall down6
All feets can dance2
All flat deebee geegee too1
All flow1
All flows forth1
All flutes1
All folks1
All food comes from China1
All for a better way1
All for a foolish dream1
All for a shadow1
All for blues2
All for grits and gravy1
All for Hall1
All for love3
All for me1
All for nothing1
All for now1
All for one8
All for one one for all1
All for one prelude1
All for one twist1
All for Shirley1
All for Strauss1
All for the love1
All for the love of a woman1
All for the love of Lil5
All for the love of Lill1
All for the love of sunshine1
All for the love of you1
All for the sake of love1
All for the swing1
All for you18
All for you Louis2
all four titles1
All fours for the drum bum1
All frequencies1
All friends1
All funked up2
All fuzzed up1
All glory Laud and honor2
All God has is us1
All gods1
All Gods children4
All Gods children got a home in the universe1
All Gods children got rhythm17
All Gods children got soul1
All Gods chillin got rhythm1
All Gods chillun3
All Gods chillun got rhythm146
All Gods chillun got shoes2
All Gods chillun got wings3
All Gods chilluns got rhythm1
All Gods chullun got rhythm1
All Gods critters got a place in the choir1
All god’s chillun got rhythm1
All god’s chillun got rhythm )1
All gone8
All gone love1
All gone over you1
All good children1
All good intentions1
All good things2
All good things come to an end1
All goodbyes aint gone1
All green1
All grown up3
All hail3
All hail Kirby1
All hail to Pep1
All hallows eve1
All hands1
All hands on deck1
All hands to dance and skylark1
All Haqq1
All hat no saddle1
All heart15
All heart no soul1
All hearts1
All Heath1
All Heaven broke loose2
All heaven in a rage1
All hell broke loose1
All hell ever need1
All her wind and her will1
All hid1
All his children2
All hours1
All hype1
All I am1
All I am to you1
All I ask2
All I ask is love1
All I ask is your love2
All I ask of you16
All I can do1
All I can do is cry1
All I can feel is a hunger1
All I can give2
All I can say1
All I can say is Im sorry1
All I can think of1
All I care1
All I care about1
All I care about is you1
All I could do was cry3
All I desire2
All I do7
All I do is cry3
All I do is dream of you98
All I do is lie back suck my thumb1
All I do is think of you1
All I do the whole day through1
All I do the whole day through is dream of you2
All I do the whole night through is dream of you2
All I ever ask1
All I ever do is worry1
All I ever need is you5
All I ever want is you1
All I ever wanted3
All I ever wanted was my life1
All I find1
All I got1
All I got is you1
All I had was 50 cents1
All I have3
All I have is you1
All I have to do is dream4
All I have to give2
All I hear1
All I heard was nothing1
All I knew1
All I know7
All I know is the way I feel1
All I need14
All I need is a boy1
All I need is a girl2
All I need is a girl like you1
All I need is a luck break1
All I need is just a girl like you1
All I need is love1
All I need is the girl11
All I need is you30
All I need now is the girl1
All I need to know2
All I really want to do6
All I really want to do is dance2
All I remember is you7
All I saw was their voice1
All I saw was you1
All I see are firetrucks1
All I sing is blues1
All I touch2
All I wanna do2
All I wanna do is sing1
All I wanna ever do1
All I want42
All I want for Christmas4
All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth7
All I want for Christmas is you2
All I want from you2
All I want in this world is you1
All I want is ittle ootsie oo1
All I want is just to be with you1
All I want is my clothes2
All I want is one more chance1
All I want is out of here1
All I want is someone to love1
All I want is you5
All I want is your love1
All I want to do4
All I want to say1
All I wantGive peace a chance1

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