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This index refers to the 227,087 individual jazz musicians (1,416,571 total entries) included in over 245,980 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2020.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page A1 A Filetta to Jesus Lam Abreu
Page A2 Jose Abreu to Paul Adamson
Page A3 Bo Adamsson to Clovis Aguiar
Page A4 Come Aguiar to Farid Al-Shami
Page A5 Gerald Al-Shami to Ralph Alessi
Page A6 Tony Alessi to Steve Allee
Page A7 Zeid Alleem to Atso Almila
Page A8 Salvador Almiral to Afifa Amatullah
Page A9 Amina Amatullah to Peter Fuur Andersen
Page A10 Poul Andersen to Sari Andoni
Page A11 Koce Andonov to Thomas Annan
Page A12 Scott Annandale to Luca Aquino
Page A13 Luis Aquino to Ben Armentano
Page A14 Armando Armentero to Alan Arthy
Page A15 John Arthy to Frank Assunto
Page A16 Fred Assunto to Bunny Austin
Page A17 Charles Austin to Dave Azzopardi
Page A18 Mary Azzopardi to a_dontigny


Page B1 Bobby B to Susy Baechler
Page B2 Larry Baeder to Earl Baker
Page B3 Earl Baker to Mirco Ballabene
Page B4 Tony Ballad to Jesse Bannister
Page B5 John Bannister to Richard Bargel
Page B6 Dennis Barger to Stan Baron
Page B7 Von Baron to George Barth
Page B8 Hans-Michael Barth to Pierluigi Bastioli
Page B9 Marcio Bastista to Willi Baumgartel
Page B10 Henrik Baumgarten to Armand Beaudoin
Page B11 Bill Beaudoin to Larry Beers
Page B12 Laurence Beers to William J. Bell
Page B13 Zwelakhe-Duma Bell to Jan Bengtson
Page B14 Jorgen Bengtson to Kofi Bentsi-Enchill
Page B15 Cheryl Bentyne to Mikael Berglund
Page B16 Mike Berglund to Rachel Bernsen
Page B17 Randy Bernsen to Veronique Betourne
Page B18 Maryse Betrisey to Lolly Bienenfeld
Page B19 Peter Biener to Brent Ivory Birckhead
Page B20 Bird to Carolyn Black
Page B21 Cary Black to Wilson T. Bland
Page B22 Tom Blandcarte to Guillaume Blouin
Page B23 Hugues-O. Blouin to Max Boehm
Page B24 Peter Boehm to Michael Bolger
Page B25 Mike Bolger to Danny Bono
Page B26 Eric Bono to Thomas Borno
Page B27 Ralf Bornoswki to Maurice Bouchard
Page B28 Michelle Bouchard to Lester Bowie
Page B29 Martin Bowie to Everett Bradley
Page B30 Frank Bradley to Julian Bransby
Page B31 Alan Branscombe to Tracey Brennecke
Page B32 Michael Brenneis to Regis Bringolf
Page B33 Serge Bringolf to Jon Bronk
Page B34 Jaap Bronkhorst to Calvin Brown
Page B35 Cameron Brown to Scoville Brown
Page B36 Sedatrius Brown to Henry Brunies
Page B37 Merritt Brunies to Horst Buchberger
Page B38 Daniela Buchbinder to Andrei Bulbucean
Page B39 Maritza Bulcock to Bugs Burgon
Page B40 Shelley Burgon to Marie Burstrom
Page B41 Arthur Burt to Charlie Butterfield
Page B42 Craig Butterfield to Barry Bzweig


Page C1 Billy C to Ignazio Calderone
Page C2 Francisco Caldes to Bernard Camion
Page C3 William Camire to James Cann
Page C4 Jim Cann to Jean-Michel Carbonnel
Page C5 Jean-Bertrand Carbou to Jack Carman
Page C6 Marty Carman to Dave Carroll
Page C7 David Carroll to Robert Carwithen
Page C8 Sue Ann Carwll to James Castoe
Page C9 Bobbie Caston to Valentin Ceccaldi
Page C10 Andre Ceccarelli to Miroslav Chakaryan
Page C11 Armen Chakmakian to Jean-Francois Charbonnier
Page C12 Patrick Charbonnier to Jasmine Chen
Page C13 Jiebing Chen to George Chisholm
Page C14 Hayden Chisholm to Harlan Christy
Page C15 Jan Christy to Bjarne Claesson
Page C16 Catherine Claesson to Dagmar Claus
Page C17 Fe Claus to Club Royal Quintet
Page C18 Dan Clucas to Hagal Cohen-Milo
Page C19 Haggai Cohen-Milo to Julito Collazo
Page C20 Michael Collazo to Rene Coman
Page C21 Marco Comande to Peppe Consolmagno
Page C22 Antonella Consolo to Deborah J.R. Cooper
Page C23 Deirdre Cooper to Davide Cornaggia
Page C24 Philippe Cornaz to Sonny Costanzo
Page C25 Stefano Costanzo to Gene Cowell
Page C26 Jay Cowell to Connie C. Crayton
Page C27 Joanne Crayton to Maurice Crossley
Page C28 Patrick Crossley to Ben Cullum
Page C29 Brian Cullum to Dave Cutler
Page C30 David Cutler to Roland Czyzyk


Page D1 Bubba D to Beverly Dahlke-Smith
Page D2 Anna "Bruno" Dahlman to Jean Dane
Page D3 Jean R. Dane to Gary Dartnell
Page D4 Bob Dartsch to Spadge Davies
Page D5 Steve Davies to Wilmer Davis
Page D6 Wilson Davis to Angelo Debarre
Page D7 Antenor de Barros to Warn Defever
Page D8 Warren Defever to Jimmy Delaney
Page D9 Joe Delaney to Gonzalo del Val
Page D10 Alvaro del Valle to Maurice Dennis
Page D11 Michel Dennis to Alessandro de Santis
Page D12 Carl DeSantis to Tom Devine
Page D13 Tom Devino to Brian DiBlasio
Page D14 Denis DiBlasio to Michiel van Dijk
Page D15 Piet van Dijk to Ruben Distasio
Page D16 Pino Di Staso to Marvin Doerling
Page D17 Clyde Doerr to Bunny Donin
Page D18 Ilran Donin to Art Dougherty
Page D19 Big Bob Dougherty to Annie Draper
Page D20 Bill Draper to Jacques Dubois
Page D21 James Dubois to Pascal Dumont
Page D22 Pierre Dumont to John Durante
Page D23 Mauro Durante to Rob Dz
Page D24 Aleksandar Dzambasov to Beth Dzwil


Page E1 Sheila E to Julien Ecrepont
Page E2 Gyongyi Ecsi to Jurgen Ege
Page E3 Marcel Ege to Bertil Ekman
Page E4 Bjorn Ekman to Kirk Elliott
Page E5 Larry Elliott to Lyle Emmons
Page E6 Tim Emmons to Clive Erard
Page E7 Jacques Erard to Mario Escobar, Jr.
Page E8 Mario Escobar, Sr. to Bill Evans
Page E9 Bill Evans to Dave Ezzy


Page F1 F to John Falstrom
Page F2 Bertil Falt to Larry Farris
Page F3 Phil Farris to Hans Fehmer-Harloff
Page F4 Christian Fehr to Hugh Ferguson
Page F5 Ild Ferguson to Jens Ferslev
Page F6 Hubert Fersterer to Filt
Page F7 Filu to Otto Fischer
Page F8 Paul Fischer to Robert Flavelle
Page F9 Scott Flavin to Adam Fluschman
Page F10 Flush to Thomas Seminar Ford
Page F11 Tim Ford to Mo Foster
Page F12 Patrick Foster to Connie Francis
Page F13 Darrel Francis, Sr. to Ruth Frasier
Page F14 Nino Frasio to Maria Frej
Page F15 Harry Frekin to Lothar Fritz
Page F16 Magnus Fritz to Perry Fulfs
Page F17 Jeff Fulgham to Aqi Fzono


Page G1 Juanito G to David Galbraith
Page G2 Frank Galbraith to Alan Ganley
Page G3 Allan Ganley to Renaud Garel
Page G4 Ross Garen to Loulou Gaste
Page G5 Unsere Gaste to Hartmut Geerken
Page G6 Robby Geerken to Dan Georgescu
Page G7 Marian Georgescu to Oxana Gheorghies
Page G8 Alexander Gheorghiu to G. Gihoul
Page G9 Tony Gijselinck to Sole Giminez
Page G10 Jim Gimino to Peter Glaser
Page G11 Richard Glaser to Sean Peter Godfrey
Page G12 Sir John Godfrey to Joanna Goldsmith
Page G13 John Goldsmith to Nick Gonzalez
Page G14 Nicki Gonzalez to Wally Gordon
Page G15 Wycliffe Gordon to Tyrone Govan
Page G16 John Gove to Laszlo Graner
Page G17 Tillmann Graner to Arthur Grayson
Page G18 Ben Grayson to Mike Greene
Page G19 Mike Greene to Michael Griener
Page G20 Kuuk Griep to Groentjie
Page G21 Greg Groeper to Dave Grupp
Page G22 David Grupp to Sebastien Guillaume
Page G23 Stephane Guillaume to June Gustafsson
Page G24 Lena Gustafsson to John Gzowski


Page H1 Arthur H to Henry Hagemann
Page H2 Per Hagemann to Arthur Hall
Page H3 Ashley Hall to Ham & Cabbage Trio
Page H4 Achim Hamacher to Mike Hams
Page H5 Sylvain Hamy to Sigurd Hansen
Page H6 Soren Hansen to Dennis Harker
Page H7 John Harker to Jeremy Harris
Page H8 Jerome Harris to Paul Hart
Page H9 Pedro Hart to Simone Hassler
Page H10 Bill Hasson to Paul Hawkins
Page H11 Paul Hawkins to Jon Heagle
Page H12 Billy Heagney to Johnny Heighes
Page H13 Brian Height to C.A. Helvey
Page H14 Ron Helvie to Finn Henriksen
Page H15 Finn Harald Henriksen to Sven Hermann
Page H16 Heinz Hermannsdorfer to George Hess
Page H17 Herbie Hess to Chris Higginbottom
Page H18 Felix Higginbottom to Don Hilton
Page H19 Ed Hilton to Paul Hitz
Page H20 Friedmar Hitzer to Carl Hoffman
Page H21 Cassie Hoffman to Friedrich Hollaender
Page H22 Alex Holland to Bill Holt
Page H23 Bob Holt to Steven Hope
Page H24 Susan Hope to Vladimir Horvath
Page H25 Zoltan Horvath to Ekle Howell
Page H26 Ele Salif Howell to Fred Huffer
Page H27 Charles Huffine to Craig Hundley
Page H28 Garnet Hundley to Ludwig Huss
Page H29 Walter Huss to Markku Hyytia


Page I1 The I 94 Horn Section to Vitali Imeroli
Page I2 Bud Imes to Oier Iruretagoiena
Page I3 Cory Irvain to Einar Iverson
Page I4 Ethan Iverson to Virginia Izzo


Page J1 Brian J to Ayal Jacob
Page J2 Billy Jacob to Francois Jalbert
Page J3 Stephane Jalbert to Guus Janssen
Page J4 Guus Janssen to Jim Jedeikin
Page J5 Thore Jederby to Hans Ulrik Jensen
Page J6 Harald Jensen to Ana Jobim
Page J7 Ana Lontra Jobim to Cecily Walls Johnson
Page J8 Cee Pee Johnson to Paul Johnson
Page J9 Paul Johnson to Bruce Jones
Page J10 Bryan Jones to Ted Jones
Page J11 Terry Jones to John Joseph
Page J12 Johnathan Joseph to Hirose Juntsugi
Page J13 Sami Juntunen to Jens Jyde


Page K1 Adrian K to Lars Kallfelt
Page K2 Lars "Lade" Kallfelt to Nikos Kapilidis
Page K3 Theo Kapilidis to Kashif
Page K4 Tatsuhiko Kashima to Hideki Kawamoto
Page K5 Toyohiro Kawamoto to Simon Keijzer
Page K6 Ton Keijzer to Chris Kelsey
Page K7 Chris Kelsey to Richard Kermode
Page K8 Al Kern to Sergey Khoutas
Page K9 Kaigal-Ool Khovalyg to Warren Kime
Page K10 Neil Kimel to Tony Kinsey
Page K11 Nikolaus Kinsky to Morten Kjaer
Page K12 Soren Kjaer to Jason Klinke
Page K13 Bob Klinkel to Erling Knudsen
Page K14 Gry Elisabeth Knudsen to Isadora Kohon
Page K15 Hank Kohout to Jack Koomans
Page K16 David Koome to Emrah Kotan
Page K17 Octavio Kotan to Ernst Kramer
Page K18 Frank Kramer to Michail Krimyan
Page K19 Adam Kriney to Robert Kubiszyn
Page K20 Heinrich Kubitscheck to Andre Kunz
Page K21 Charlie Kunz to Nils Kyndel
Page K22 Otto Kyndel to Laurent Kzrewina


Page L1 Kader L'Aktivist to Bob La Girardia
Page L2 Juan Carlos Laglere to Wies Lambrechts
Page L3 Dick Lambreghts to Jean-Pierre Lanfranchi
Page L4 Allan Lang to Laco Largent
Page L5 Marcos Larghero to David Lastie
Page L6 Joe Lastie to Bill Law
Page L7 Billy Law to Melinda Learned
Page L8 Art Learner to Jiye Lee
Page L9 Joan Lee to Thorsten Lehmen
Page L10 John Lehmkuhl to Calvin Lennig
Page L11 Harry Lennix to Jay Leslye
Page L12 Indra Lesmana to Alicia Levy
Page L13 Allegra Levy to Christian Li
Page L14 Constantin Li to Mario Lima
Page L15 Matthew Lima to Henrik Lindstrand
Page L16 Josefine Lindstrand to Jeff Little
Page L17 Jerry Little to Paul Lockwood
Page L18 Robert Lockwood, Jr. to Page C. Long
Page L19 Patty Long to Stefan Loschner
Page L20 Dario Losciale to Robert "Boysie" Lowery
Page L21 Sean Lowery to Lex Luijnenburg
Page L22 Bob van Luijt to Nancy Luther Jara
Page L23 Max Luthert to Arnold Lz


Page M1 M to Red Mack
Page M2 Ronnie Mack to Debora Maffeis
Page M3 Ombretta Maffeis to Al Maiorca
Page M4 Giacinto Maiorca to Auguste Malle
Page M5 Mallekat to Beppe Mangano
Page M6 Don Mangano to Carla Manzon
Page M7 Andrea Manzoni to Tubs Margranate
Page M8 Ann Margret to H.Charlie Markus
Page M9 Mark Markus to Tom Marshall
Page M10 Tonie Marshall to Will Martina
Page M11 William Martina to Izumi Masakiyo
Page M12 Martin Masakowski to Guillermo Masutti
Page M13 Takashi Masuzaki to Wilfried Matthaus
Page M14 Chris Matthay to Elizabeth May
Page M15 Frank May to Cam McAlister
Page M16 Barney McAll to Jack McCormack
Page M17 John McCormack to Alistair McEvoy
Page M18 Dave McEvoy to Sarah McIver
Page M19 Allison McIvor to Derek McMahon
Page M20 Ed McMahon to Bob Meashey
Page M21 Kelly Meashey to Chad Mekela
Page M22 Alex Mekelburg to Jeff Menenedez
Page M23 Roberto Menescal to Frank van Merwijk
Page M24 Lucas van Merwijk to Hazel Meyers
Page M25 Helen Meyers to Tomek Miernowski
Page M26 Eli Mierri to Charles Miller
Page M27 Charles Miller to Michael Mills
Page M28 Mike Mills to Tony Miranda
Page M29 Victor Miranda to Bernard Mixon
Page M30 Brian Mixon to H.K. "Ezbie" Moilwa
Page M31 Abdul Moimeme to Xavier Monge
Page M32 Giacomo Mongelli to Pat Moonchy
Page M33 Makeeba Mooncycle to Leo Moran
Page M34 Marina Moran to Willy Morgan
Page M35 Win Morgan to Paula Morrison
Page M36 Peck Morrison to Steinar Mossige
Page M37 Dave Mossing to Veronique Mueller
Page M38 Tom Muellner to Edward Mumm
Page M39 Tracy Mumma to Frank Murray
Page M40 Fred Murray to Myrrh
Page M41 Mikael Myrskog to Sipo Mzimela


Page N1 Philippe N'Bess to Diane Nalini
Page N2 Tony Nalker to Louis Navarro
Page N3 Maria Navarro to Chris Nelson
Page N4 Chris Nelson to Wolfgang Neumann
Page N5 Brigitte Neumarker to Bill Nichols
Page N6 Billy Nichols to Pepe Nieto
Page N7 Ubaldo Nieto to Samba Njang
Page N8 Njega to Christina Nordstrand
Page N9 Rolf Nordstrand to Andrea Novicov
Page N10 Karen Novie to Sophie Nzuki-Balisidya


Page O1 Charlie O to Ben Oakley
Page O2 Dewayne Oakley to George Ogilvie
Page O3 Kenny Ogilvie to Paul Olenick
Page O4 Willie Olenick to Suzanne Olsson
Page O5 Sven Olsson to Claes Orlandersson
Page O6 Biagio Orlandi to Abe Osser
Page O7 Abe "Glenn" Osser to Kirk Overmoe
Page O8 Kieran Overs to Marta Ozzetti


Page P1 Sarah P to Francisco Pais
Page P2 Afonso Pais de Sousa to Sergey Panasenka
Page P3 Dan Panasenko to Fred Parham
Page P4 Herbert "Duke" Parham to Barry Parr
Page P5 Bob Parr to Vivek Patel
Page P6 Sally Patella to Glenn Paulson
Page P7 Jamie Paulson to Justin Pearson
Page P8 Ken Pearson to John Pell
Page P9 Mel Pell to Richard Perciful
Page P10 Rasheema Percira to Cameron Perret
Page P11 Etienne Perret to Brian Peters
Page P12 Brock Peters to Andrea Petrity
Page P13 Joe Petrizzo to John Philips
Page P14 Johnny Philips to Dave Piecka
Page P15 Gary Piecka to Mike Pinella
Page P16 Dario Pinelli to Mike Pittsley
Page P17 Jeff Pittson to David Poe
Page P18 Evelyn Poe to Marcel Pomes
Page P19 Davide Giovanni Pometti to Gene Porter
Page P20 George Porter to Godfrey Powell
Page P21 Gordon Powell to Don Pressell
Page P22 Gabor Presser to Gregory Privat
Page P23 Jo Privat to Gordon Pulis
Page P24 Damiano Puliti to Cankut Pzgul


Page Q1 Apt. Q-258 to Morten Qvenild


Page R1 Bob R. to Fabio Ragnelli
Page R2 Frank Rago to Guillermo Ramos
Page R3 Hesiquio Ramos to Manfred Rasch
Page R4 Ulrich Rasch to Monty Ray
Page R5 Nancy Ray to Ken Reece
Page R6 Red Reece to Ernie Reid
Page R7 George Reid to Don Renaldo & His Strings and Horns
Page R8 Alex Renard to Bill Reynolds
Page R9 Blake Reynolds to Mickey Rich
Page R10 Milton Rich to Chief "Smiley" Ricks
Page R11 Eddie "Sticks" Ricks to Brad Riley-Moorhead
Page R12 Lauren Riley-Rigby to Stan Rivera
Page R13 Terri Rivera to Ryan Roberts
Page R14 Saieshwar Roberts to Willard Robinson
Page R15 William Robinson to Jochy Rodriguez
Page R16 Joe Rodriguez to Johnny Rohrberg
Page R17 Jurgen Rohrberg to Mikkel Romstad
Page R18 Rent Romus to Louis Rosen
Page R19 Marc Rosen to Briar Rossi
Page R20 Claudio Rossi to Gary Rouzer
Page R21 Thierry Rouzies to Dan Ruddick
Page R22 Jo Ruddick to Al Rushing
Page R23 Frank Rushing to Patty Ryan
Page R24 Paul Ryan to Krzysztof Rzucidlo


Page S1 Akosh S to Dianna Said
Page S2 Mustafa Said to Caspar Salo
Page S3 Jaakko Salo to Rodolfo Sanchez
Page S4 Serafin Sanchez to Ron Sant
Page S5 Antonio Sant'Anna to Loek 't Sas
Page S6 Louck't Sas to Eero Savela
Page S7 Herita Savela to Gilson Schachnik
Page S8 Arpad Schacht to Gerhard Scherer
Page S9 Katrin Scherer to Kuno Schmid
Page S10 Lars Carl Schmid to Lorenz Schnyder
Page S11 Patrick Schnyder to Brody Schroff
Page S12 Silvester Schroger to Peter Schwartz
Page S13 Pierre Schwartz to Noel Scott
Page S14 P. Scott to Bob Seely
Page S15 Jim Seely to Marek Semeniuk
Page S16 Igor Semenoff to Olli Sevakivi
Page S17 Christel Seval to Paul Shapiro
Page S18 Ricky Shapiro to Susana Sheiman
Page S19 Dov Sheindlin to Masayuki Shigihara
Page S20 Paul Shigihara to Joe Shrapnel
Page S21 Doug Shreeve to Kirsten Siggaard
Page S22 Bunndino Siggalucci to Mark Simmonds
Page S23 Ossie Simmonds to Doug Sinclair
Page S24 Douglas Sinclair to Jan Skager
Page S25 Morten Skaget to Wanja Slavin
Page S26 Vladas Slavinskas to Alton Smith
Page S27 Amalie Smith to June Smith
Page S28 Justin Smith to Joan Smyth
Page S29 Patricia Smyth to Ivan Sokolovsky
Page S30 Fred Sokolow to Chris Soole
Page S31 Aneel Soomary to Staszek Soyka
Page S32 Uli Soyka to Tony Speranza
Page S33 Vito Speranza to Chandra Srivastava
Page S34 Ramesh Srivastava to Anna Staniak
Page S35 Elvis Stanic to Christopher Steele
Page S36 Christopher A. Steele to Norman Stenfolt
Page S37 Sigi Stenford to Mike Stever
Page S38 Slobodanka Stevic to Norm Stockton
Page S39 Sarah Bouchard Stockton to Viola van der Straaten
Page S40 Jorg Strabburger to Bengt Strom
Page S41 Bengt Strom to Adrian Suarez
Page S42 Alberto Suarez to Sun
Page S43 An Sook Sun to Kazuo Suzuki
Page S44 Keiko Suzuki to Rick Swift
Page S45 Rob Swift to Eugeniusz Szymecki


Page T1 Billy T to Nicolas Talbot
Page T2 Gordon Talbott to Rayborn Tarrant
Page T3 Rip Tarrant to Kayla Taylor
Page T4 Keith Taylor to Joan Temple
Page T5 Johnnie Temple to Marie-Ange Teuwn
Page T6 Meg Tevelian to Chris Thomas
Page T7 Chris Thomas to Earl Thompson
Page T8 Earma Thompson to Norman Thrasher
Page T9 Thrasher Sisters to Thomas Timonen
Page T10 Tuomas Timonen to Murat Toktas
Page T11 Toktek to Fernando Tordo
Page T12 Jean Tordo to Paul Townsend
Page T13 Pete Townsend to James Tribble
Page T14 T.N.T. Tribble to Frankie Trumbauer
Page T15 Buddy Trumbo to Lionel Turchi
Page T16 Jack Turchin to John Tyler
Page T17 John Tyler to Michail Tzurichenko


Page U1 Jimi U to Neil Unterseher
Page U2 Mike Unthank to Imani Uzuri


Page V1 Frankie V to Dag Vallberg
Page V2 Oistein Valldal to Alma Vane
Page V3 Jimmy Van Eaton to Pedro Vargas
Page V4 Reginaldo Vargas to Art Velasco
Page V5 Arturo Velasco to Jeroen Vermeulen
Page V6 John Vermeulen to Landen Vieira
Page V7 Lilian Vieira to Trine Vinkler
Page V8 Bob Vinnard to Adrian Vogeli
Page V9 Peter Vogeli to Gary Voudrie
Page V10 Stratos Vougas to Pascale Vyvere


Page W1 W to George Walcott
Page W2 Louis Eugene Walcott to Johnny Wallberg
Page W3 Arne Wallblom to Beibei Wang
Page W4 Bruce Wang to Daniel Waryo
Page W5 Anthony Was to Alec Watson
Page W6 Alex Watson to Stanley Webb
Page W7 Stanley "Champ" Webb to Mark Weiner
Page W8 Matt Weiner to Greg Wells
Page W9 Gregg Wells to Louis West
Page W10 Louisa West to Jon Whinnery
Page W11 Tom Whinnery to Beans Whitley
Page W12 Charles Whitley to Stan Wiggins
Page W13 Tracy Wiggins to Ethyl Will
Page W14 Stefan Will to Joe Williams
Page W15 Joe Williams to Chad Willis
Page W16 Charlie Willis to Stan Wilson
Page W17 Stan Wilson to Stormy Winters
Page W18 Tiny Winters to Alfredo Wolf
Page W19 Alois Wolf to Woody Woodard
Page W20 John Woodards to Bo Wremstad
Page W21 Clif Wren to Albert Wynn
Page W22 Baldy Wynn to Michael Wzrson


Page X1 Andreas X to XZV3


Page Y1 Y to Steve Yeager
Page Y2 Wayne Yeager to Debra Siler Young
Page Y3 Dee Dee Young to Frederic Yzerman


Page Z1 Bojan Z to Zarifah
Page Z2 Jennifer Zarine to Z. Zicka
Page Z3 Bill Zickefoose to Jakub Zomer
Page Z4 Job Zomer to Doc Zywan