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This index refers to the 228,157 individual jazz musicians (1,423,671 total entries) included in over 247,300 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of October, 2020.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page A1 A Filetta to Potolo Abrego
Page A2 Charley Abrens to Barbara Adamson
Page A3 Billy Adamson to Arnaud Aguergaray
Page A4 Alf Aguero to Fawzi Al-Aiedy
Page A5 Ali Al-Assi to Raymond Alessandrini
Page A6 Simone Alessandrini to Mike Allard
Page A7 Shirley Allard to Laurindo Almeida
Page A8 Livio Almeida to Johnny Amarosa
Page A9 Joao Paulo Amarsl to Jorgen Sennenwaldt Andersen
Page A10 Jorn Andersen to Sven Andersson
Page A11 Sven-Olof Andersson to Edward Aniol
Page A12 Anirahtak to Pete Appleton
Page A13 Ray Appleton to Charles Arlington
Page A14 Charlie Arlington to Masha Art
Page A15 Art House Choir to Badi Assad
Page A16 Clarice Assad to Georgie Auld
Page A17 Kylie Auldist to Kurt Azesberger
Page A18 Carlos Azevedo to a_dontigny


Page B1 Bobby B to Jason Baedke
Page B2 Cynthia Baehr to Frank Baker
Page B3 Fred Baker to Kamal Ballan
Page B4 Pete "Buffalo" Ballance to Bill Banovertz
Page B5 Bill Banovetz to Phil Barger
Page B6 Dave Bargeron to Von Baron
Page B7 Ana Barona to Felix Barth
Page B8 Fritz Barth to Jim Bastin
Page B9 Louis Bastin to Agnes Baumeler
Page B10 Ushma Agnes Baumeler to Jeanette Beaucemont
Page B11 Chicago Beauchamp to Ronnie Beer
Page B12 Zsolt Beer to Thom Bell
Page B13 Tim Bell to Jean-Christophe Beney
Page B14 Nestor Beney to Pete Bentley
Page B15 Steve Bentley to Eric Bergkvist
Page B16 Monika Bergkvist to Andre Bernier
Page B17 C. Eugene Bernier to Felix Betancourt
Page B18 Jose Betancourt to Jess Bielenberg
Page B19 Natasja Bielenberg to The Bir Ihtimal Choir
Page B20 Kamal Bir Nandra to Henry Bjurstrom
Page B21 Ted Bjurwill to Norbert Blancke
Page B22 Stefaan Blancke to Kurt Bloom
Page B23 Lawrie Bloom to Jozsef Bodo
Page B24 Mike Bodolosky to Mark Boldenburg
Page B25 Lex Bolderdijk to Jack Bonner
Page B26 Jim Bonner to L. Borissov
Page B27 Geza Borissza to Arturo Botti
Page B28 Chris Botti to Tyrone Bowen
Page B29 Vincent Bowen to Felix Brade
Page B30 Felix "Benny" Brade to Horst Brandt
Page B31 Jens Brandt to Gerard "Ootsie" Breland
Page B32 Nicole Brellenthin to Dmitry Bril
Page B33 Igor Bril to Sid Brokaw
Page B34 Jack Brokensha to Andrika Brown
Page B35 Andy Brown to Rachel Brown
Page B36 Ralph Brown to Marius Brun
Page B37 Max Brun to Cyril Bubiakin
Page B38 Tobias Bublat to Doug Buhler
Page B39 Fredy Buhler to Walter Burger
Page B40 Wayne Burgeron to Raymond "Boz" Burrell
Page B41 Reggie Burrell to Jeff Butler
Page B42 Jerry Butler to Barry Bzweig


Page C1 Billy C to Rosana Calderon
Page C2 Rosemary Calderon to Tony Camillo
Page C3 Michel Camilo to Juan Manuel Canizares
Page C4 Yilian Canizares to Remedios Heredia Carbonell
Page C5 Rocio Heredia Carbonell to Dany Carly
Page C6 Gaston Carly to Thomas James Carrol
Page C7 Tom Carrol to Luis Carlos Carvalho Alves
Page C8 Jorge Carvallo to Barry Castle
Page C9 Ben Castle to Al Cazentre
Page C10 Alain Cazes to Eduardo Chagas
Page C11 Enok Chagas to Margaret Chappell
Page C12 Marvin Chappell to Pavel Chekmakovskiy
Page C13 Pavel Chekmakovsky to Paul Chipello
Page C14 Peter Chipello to Art Christmas
Page C15 Johnny Christmas to Gerry Citron
Page C16 Mike Citron to Vince Clarke
Page C17 Zack Clarke to Pam Close
Page C18 Patrick Close to Isadore Cohen
Page C19 Jack Cohen to Scott Coletta
Page C20 Umberto Coletta to Kristi Colton
Page C21 Lenny Colton to Andre Conrad
Page C22 Andrew Conrad to Robin Coombes
Page C23 Sam Coombes to Jan Corduwener
Page C24 Heather Cordwell to Cadu Costa
Page C25 Carlo Costa to Tom Covello
Page C26 Tom Coveney to Hank Crawford
Page C27 Howard Crawford to Charlie Crosby
Page C28 Daniel Crosby to Sal Cuevas
Page C29 Sandra Cuevas to T. Howard Curtis
Page C30 T. Howard Curtis, III to Roland Czyzyk


Page D1 Bubba D to Bev Dahlke-Smith
Page D2 Beverly Dahlke-Smith to Chris Dane
Page D3 Evan Dane to Thurlow Darrow
Page D4 John Darst to Roger Davies
Page D5 Ron Davies to Warren Davis
Page D6 Wayman Davis to Vital De Backer
Page D7 Anne-Gabriel Debaecker to Gil Defay
Page D8 Pierre-Yves Defayes to Winston Delandro
Page D9 Al Delaney to Michele de Lucia
Page D10 Paco de Lucia to Dick Dennis
Page D11 Don Dennis to Wanda De Sah
Page D12 Angel Desai to Sandrik Devilliers
Page D13 Tam De Villiers to Soren Dibbern
Page D14 Cynthia Dibble to Davide di Gregorio
Page D15 Gigi Di Gregorio to Pete DiSiena
Page D16 Sunil Di Silva to Abass Dodoo
Page D17 Alison Dods to Michel Doneda
Page D18 Brian Donegan to George Double
Page D19 Hillary Double to Martin Drake
Page D20 Michael Drake to Michel Dubeau
Page D21 Max Dubendorfer to Daniel Dumitra
Page D22 Dumitru Dumitrache to Sharman Duran
Page D23 Yailen Duran to Charlie Dynamite
Page D24 Three Dynamites to Beth Dzwil


Page E1 Sheila E to Julien Ecrepont
Page E2 Gyongyi Ecsi to Jurgen Ege
Page E3 Marcel Ege to Jenny Eklund
Page E4 Jerker Eklund to Jerry Elliott
Page E5 Jim Elliott to Jerry Emmett
Page E6 Pat Emmett to Peter Epstein
Page E7 Ruth Anne Epstein to Achim Escher
Page E8 Annatina Escher to Gino Evangelista
Page E9 Luigi Evangelista to Dave Ezzy


Page F1 F to Virginie Falquet
Page F2 Yann Falquet to Bob Farrington
Page F3 Bob Farrington to Lajos Feher
Page F4 Milton Feher to Charlie Ferguson
Page F5 Curtis Ferguson to Frank Ferrucci
Page F6 Chuck Ferruggia to Senol Filiz
Page F7 Manu Fillat to Karl Fischer
Page F8 Karl Albrecht Fischer to Marius Flatby
Page F9 Ingebrigt Haker Flaten to Dr. Jay Fluellen
Page F10 Mary Fluellen to Reinoud Ford
Page F11 Rene Ford to John Foster
Page F12 John M. Foster to Carlos Francia
Page F13 Manlio Francia to Eric Fraser
Page F14 Ernest Fraser to Fritz Freilinger
Page F15 Alexandre Freiman to Art Fristoe
Page F16 Goran Fristorp to Ken Fukui
Page F17 Ryo Fukui to Aqi Fzono


Page G1 Juanito G to Robert Galbraith
Page G2 Charlie Galbreath to Ron Gannaway
Page G3 Dave Gannett to Jean-Michel Garetti
Page G4 Curt Garey to Martin van Gastel
Page G5 Cochemea Gastelum to Robby Geerken
Page G6 Romana Geermans to Dan Georgescu
Page G7 Marian Georgescu to Albert Gheorghe
Page G8 Oxana Gheorghies to Anthony Gigliotti
Page G9 Sonny Gigliotti to Luis Gimenez
Page G10 Pablo Gimenez to Carol Glaser
Page G11 Don Glaser to Bruce Godfrey
Page G12 Charles Godfrey to Brian Goldsboro
Page G13 Mack Goldsbury to Luis Gonzalez
Page G14 Luis Eric Gonzalez to Rob Gordon
Page G15 Robbin Gordon to Alan Gout
Page G16 Dick Gout to Vincent Grande
Page G17 Alexander Grandel to Sonny Gray
Page G18 Steve Gray to Frank David Greene
Page G19 Fred Greene to Earl Grice
Page G20 G. Earl Grice to Lolic Grobety
Page G21 Rudolf Grobli to Peter Gruneis
Page G22 Lennart Grunell to Nicole Guiland
Page G23 Vera Guilaroff to Isadore Izzy Gusikoff
Page G24 Michel Gusikoff to John Gzowski


Page H1 Arthur H to Justin Hageman
Page H2 Paul Hageman to Albert Hall
Page H3 Alex Hall to Kathy Halvorson
Page H4 Mary Halvorson to Walt Hampton
Page H5 Will "The Thrill" Hampton to Per Juul Hansen
Page H6 Per Kruse Hansen to Ralph Hariman
Page H7 Bob Haring to Harlan Harris
Page H8 Harold Harris to Jim Hart
Page H9 Jimmy Hart to Jon Hassell
Page H10 Pete Hassell to Gideon Hawkins
Page H11 Gideon L. Hawkins to Youssef Hbelsch
Page H12 Luo Qian Qian He to Klaus Heidenreich
Page H13 Ewald Heidepriem to Ramses Helmut
Page H14 The Helmut Geiger String Section to Bernd Henninger
Page H15 Fred Henninger to Randy Herman
Page H16 Ray Herman to Gunther Herzog
Page H17 Hansjorg Herzog to Margot Hielscher
Page H18 Jessica Hiemstra to Graydon Hillock
Page H19 Billy Hillpot to Gardner Hitchcock
Page H20 Graham Hitchcock to Gunnar Hoff
Page H21 Hans Hoff to Ture Holgersson
Page H22 Mike Holguin to Gary Holopoff
Page H23 Marty Holoubek to Joe Hooven
Page H24 Morris Hooven to Ron Horton
Page H25 Sampson Horton to Don Howe
Page H26 Dorothy Howe to Jack Huentelman
Page H27 Fernando Huergo to Willie Humphrey
Page H28 Babafemi Humphreys to Mike Hurwitz
Page H29 Richard Hurwitz to Markku Hyytia


Page I1 The I 94 Horn Section to Tris Imboden
Page I2 Vitali Imereli to Louise Ironside
Page I3 Mark Irose to Anne Mette Iversen
Page I4 Arild Iversen to Virginia Izzo


Page J1 Brian J to Marc Jaco
Page J2 Andrew Jacob to Michael Jakusch
Page J3 Matti Jalakas to Lauren Janson
Page J4 Nils Janson to Pete Jeavons
Page J5 Peter Jeavons to Flemming Sjolund Jensen
Page J6 Frank Jensen to Avo Joala
Page J7 Jader Joanes to Burr Johnson
Page J8 Burt Johnson to Norman F. Johnson
Page J9 Norsola Johnson to Bobby Jones, Jr.
Page J10 Bonnie Jones to Sonia Jones
Page J11 Spike Jones to Christopher Joseph
Page J12 Chuck Joseph to Dorival Junior
Page J13 Edmur Junior to Jens Jyde


Page K1 Adrian K to Walter Kallender
Page K2 Fabian Kallerdahl to Sylvia Kapernaros
Page K3 Jurij Kapetzkij to Pascal Kaser
Page K4 Thomas Kaser to Michael Kawai
Page K5 Ryoichi Kawai to Heinz Keibling
Page K6 Bhinda Keidel to Ziggy Kelly
Page K7 Lauren Kelly-Washington to Heini Kerkdijk
Page K8 Kaj Kerke to Farid Khenfouf
Page K9 Sami Kheshaiboun to Kim Kimberley
Page K10 Pete Kimberley to Liz Kinnon
Page K11 Heikki Kinnunen to Wiley Kizart
Page K12 Willie Kizart to Paul Klinger
Page K13 Peter Klinger to Wes Knowles
Page K14 William Knowles to Peter Kohloff
Page K15 Markus Kohlprath to Maija Kontunen
Page K16 Valdermaras Kontvainis to George Kostoulis
Page K17 Gavril Kostov to Arnie Krakowsky
Page K18 Dana Kral to Frank Kriell
Page K19 Karl Kriener to Akira Kshii
Page K20 Zacharie Ksyk to Jolly Kunjappu
Page K21 Joy Kunjappu to Holger Kyas
Page K22 Tunde Kyboye to Laurent Kzrewina


Page L1 Kader L'Aktivist to Michael Lagger
Page L2 Mario Laginha to Julien Lamborot
Page L3 Stephane Lambotte to Mark Lanen
Page L4 Roberto Laneri to Didier Large
Page L5 Fred Large to Timo Lassy
Page L6 David Last to Peaches Lavon
Page L7 Jean Lavorel to Nara Leao
Page L8 Pedro Leao to Jeffey Lee
Page L9 Jennifer Lee to Rene Lehmann
Page L10 Rolf Lehmann to Claude Lenissois
Page L11 Phil Lenk to James Leslie
Page L12 Jim Leslie to Stella Levitt
Page L13 Teresa Levitt to Salomon Lezorgen
Page L14 Bill Lezotte to Alfredo Silvera Lima
Page L15 Aloides O. Lima to Lisa Lindsey
Page L16 Lynn Lindsey to Laura Littardi
Page L17 Jacob Littauer to Daisy Lockheart
Page L18 Jeff Lockheart to Huey Long
Page L19 Ignacio Long to Mauro Lorusso
Page L20 Tina Lorusso to Richard Lowell
Page L21 The Gene Lowell to Marshall Lufsky
Page L22 Marshall P. Lufsky to Kurt Lustenberger
Page L23 Rolf Lustenberger to Arnold Lz


Page M1 M to Mellow Mack
Page M2 Peter Mack to Emile Maetens
Page M3 Rudi Maeyaert to Laura Maioli
Page M4 Walter Maioli to Tony Mallard
Page M5 Will Mallard to Edouard Mojammed Manga
Page M6 Eduoard Manga to Gina Manziello
Page M7 ... Manzilla to Charlie Margolis
Page M8 Jacques Margolis to Ron Marks
Page M9 Ronnie Marks to Shannon Marshall
Page M10 Sherie Marshall to Vince Martin
Page M11 Walker Martin to Joseph "Kitflus" Mas
Page M12 Kitflus Mas to Hiromi Masuda
Page M13 Ichiro Masuda to Muddy Mattei
Page M14 Paul Mattei to Robert Maxwell
Page M15 Shawn Maxwell to Sipho Mbele
Page M16 Abdoutaye Mbengue to Ed McConnell
Page M17 Jimmy McConnell to Murray McEachern
Page M18 Peter McEachern to Ham McIntry
Page M19 Robin McInturff to Phil McLeod
Page M20 Raice McLeod to Marion Meadows
Page M21 Mark G. Meadows to Russ Meissner
Page M22 Russell Meissner to Denzel Mendoza
Page M23 Denzell Mendoza to Frank Merriweather
Page M24 Ted Merriweather to Steve Meyer
Page M25 Thomas Meyer to Francis Midell
Page M26 Memry Midgett to Alex Miller
Page M27 Alex Hand Miller to Bruce Mills
Page M28 Bryan Mills to Manuel "Guajiro" Mirabel
Page M29 Reynaldo Lopez Mirabel to Nikola Mitrovic
Page M30 Stanislav Mitrovic to Vincent Mogniot
Page M31 Fats Ramoba Mogoboya to Patrice Moncell
Page M32 Chris Moncelli to Bruno Montrone
Page M33 Jack Montrose to Jorge Moraga
Page M34 Mark Moraghan to Greg Morgan
Page M35 Helen Morgan to Tracy Morris
Page M36 Tyler Morris to Patricia Mosley
Page M37 Ray Mosley to Oliver Mtukudzi
Page M38 Samson Mtukudzi to Moon Mullican
Page M39 Nodu Mullick to Marge Murphy
Page M40 Mark Murphy to Lucy Myers
Page M41 Mark Myers to Sipo Mzimela


Page N1 Philippe N'Bess to Diane Nalini
Page N2 Tony Nalker to Jerry Navarro
Page N3 Joey Navarro to Brandon Nelson
Page N4 Brenda Nelson to Roger Neumann
Page N5 Scott Neumann to Billy Nicholls
Page N6 Brian Nicholls to Josef Niessen
Page N7 Jorg Niessner to Dean Nixon
Page N8 Dianna Nixon to Marielle Nordmann
Page N9 Kristin Nordmark to Bratislav Novakovic
Page N10 L. Novakovic to Bengt Nystrom
Page N11 Bo Gunnar Nystrom to Sophie Nzuki-Balisidya


Page O1 Charlie O to The Oakland Youth Chorus
Page O2 Nigel Oaklands to Ryo Oghihara
Page O3 Henry Ogier to Mariusz Oleksa
Page O4 Jean-Claude Oleksiak to Ove Olsson
Page O5 Peter Olsson to Alfio Origlio
Page O6 Ryoji Orihara to Cristobal Osorio
Page O7 Egenio Osorio to Don Overberg
Page O8 Marcel Overberg to Marta Ozzetti


Page P1 Sarah P to Riccardo Paio
Page P2 Settimo Paioletti to Teddy Panama, Jr.
Page P3 Michael Panarin to Harold Parfitt
Page P4 Jez Parfitt to Gilles Parodi
Page P5 Jean-Luc Parodi to Jim Patcos
Page P6 Charlie Pate to Hanna Paulsberg
Page P7 Andreas Paulsen to Ed Pearson
Page P8 Eric Pearson to David Pelicano
Page P9 Fernando Peliche to Pentti Peramaki
Page P10 Manue Peran to David Perper
Page P11 Joca Perpignan to Remy Peterelli
Page P12 Rico Peterelli to David Petrik
Page P13 Oleg Petrikov to Wolfgang Philipp
Page P14 Friedrich Philipp-Pesendorfer to Bob Pickwood
Page P15 Bobby Pickwood to Tony Pinciotti
Page P16 Andrea Pinckett to Dave Pittman
Page P17 Eliana Pittman to Harry Podal
Page P18 Harry Podalsky to Laszlo Polya
Page P19 Mike Polyack to Kees Portengen
Page P20 Markus Portenier to Bert Powell
Page P21 Bertha Powell to Horzt Prensky
Page P22 Dave Prentice to Gavin Prior
Page P23 Greg Prior to C.J. Puhala
Page P24 Franc Puhar to Cankut Pzgul


Page Q1 Apt. Q-258 to Morten Qvenild


Page R1 Bob R. to Fabio Ragmato
Page R2 Ola Ragnar to Federico "Freddy" Ramos
Page R3 Felix Ramos to Dave Rasbury
Page R4 Levi Rasbury to Karen Ray
Page R5 Kevin Ray to Wille Redtzer
Page R6 John Redwind to Cameron Reid
Page R7 Carl Reid to Charles Remue
Page R8 Alfredo Remus to Randall Reyman
Page R9 Jacques Reymond to Clarence "Count" Rich
Page R10 Dave Rich to Chris Ricketts
Page R11 Dave Ricketts to Kelly Riley
Page R12 Lauren Riley to Marco Rivera
Page R13 Mari Carmen Rivera to Mona Roberts
Page R14 Nick Roberts to Shawn Robinson
Page R15 Shine Robinson to Emiliano Rodriguez
Page R16 Eric Rodriguez to Matt Rohde
Page R17 Peter Rohde to Sabrina Romero
Page R18 Steve Romero to Alex Roseff
Page R19 Helfried "Friedl" Rosegger to Patrice Rossborough
Page R20 Jorgen Rosschou to Jean-Jacques Roussel
Page R21 Kyle Roussel to Wojciech Rucinski
Page R22 Heinz Ruck to Joe Ruscheck
Page R23 Rudolf Ruschel to Dan Ryan
Page R24 Dave Ryan to Krzysztof Rzucidlo


Page S1 Akosh S to Rachim Ausur Sahu
Page S2 Danny Sahupala to Ralph Salmon
Page S3 Romain Salmon to Pancho Sanchez
Page S4 Patrick Sanchez to Corey Sansolo
Page S5 Elliott Sansom to Richard Sartomme
Page S6 Pascal Sarton to Fredrik Savander
Page S7 Mathiue Savanier to Ab Schaap
Page S8 Henri Schaap to Daniel Schenker
Page S9 Friedrich Schenker to Adrian Schmid
Page S10 Alfa Schmid to Bill Schnepper
Page S11 Andreas Schnerman to Butch Schroeder
Page S12 Carl Schroeder to Frank Schwartz
Page S13 Gabriel Schwartz to Lauren Scott
Page S14 Laurence Scott to Phil Seed
Page S15 Phillip Seed to Alec Selser
Page S16 Dan Selsik to Souta Seta
Page S17 John Setar to Pat Shannon
Page S18 Preston Shannon to Bob Sheehan
Page S19 Carol Sheehan to Gary Shider
Page S20 Debbie Shidler to Willis Shorter
Page S21 Paul Shortgen to Albert Sierra
Page S22 Ana Carla Maza Sierra to Peter Simenauer
Page S23 Tripo Simenuti to Margaret Sims
Page S24 Mark Sims to Gunnar Sjogren
Page S25 Hans Sjogren to Gian Slater
Page S26 Gordon Slater to Gordon Smillie
Page S27 John Smillie to Jennie Smith
Page S28 Jeremy Smith to Joe Smithling
Page S29 Pieter Smithuijsen to Bob Sogge
Page S30 Roberto Soggetti to Eric Songer
Page S31 Terry Songer to Helen Southern
Page S32 Jeri Southern to Geoff Spencer
Page S33 George Spencer to Valters Sprudzs
Page S34 Lem Spruell to Tom Stamper
Page S35 Hank Stampf to Chris Stearn
Page S36 Al Stearns to Dave Steinmeyer
Page S37 David Steinmeyer to Melissa Stevens
Page S38 Michael Stevens to Rick Stitzel
Page S39 Jean-Pierre Stival to Wally Stott
Page S40 Claus Stotter to Robert Stright
Page S41 Barbara Strijbos to Ted Sturgis
Page S42 Jan Sturiale to Frantisek Sulz
Page S43 Martha Sulz to Didier Sutton
Page S44 Dudley Sutton to Arron Sweeney
Page S45 Bonita Sweeney to Szabolcs Szoke
Page S46 Szandra Szoke to Eugeniusz Szymecki


Page T1 Billy T to Johnny Talbot
Page T2 Mick Talbot to Ricard Tarragona
Page T3 Emily Tarrant to Johnny "Manhattan" Taylor
Page T4 Jonathan Taylor to Rod Temperton
Page T5 Kate Tempest to Edwin Teuerzeit
Page T6 Gabi Teufner to Broadway Thomas
Page T7 Bruce Thomas to Dave Thompson
Page T8 Dave Thompson to Snorri Thorvaldsson
Page T9 Thor Thorvaldsson to Bobby Timmons
Page T10 Marlo Timmons to Michal Tokaj
Page T11 Tyoshi Tokanaga to Rafael Toral
Page T12 Donato Torallo to Colin Towns
Page T13 Darren Towns to George Trevare
Page T14 Graham Trevarton to Erik Truffaz
Page T15 Nina Truffaz to Jukka Tuovinen
Page T16 James M. Tuozzolo to Jan van Twuijver
Page T17 Nana Twum Nketia to Michail Tzurichenko


Page U1 Jimi U to Werner Unterlercher
Page U2 Beat Unternahrer to Imani Uzuri


Page V1 Frankie V to Giovanni Vallarino
Page V2 Dag Vallberg to Paul Van Dyke
Page V3 Rene van Dyke to Juan Francisco Vargas
Page V4 Kris Vargas to German Velaico
Page V5 Kai Velander to Francois Vermeille
Page V6 Koen Vermeiren to Iztok Vidmar
Page V7 Lztok Vidmar to Peer Vinge
Page V8 Vera Vingerhoeds to Jules Vogel
Page V9 Karsten Vogel to Grigory Voskoboynikov
Page V10 Voskovec & Werrich to Pascale Vyvere


Page W1 W to Collin Walcott
Page W2 Dino Walcott to Alfred Wallbank
Page W3 Eskil Wallberg to Bruce Wandmayer
Page W4 Wando to Carl Warwick
Page W5 Dee Dee Warwick to Carl Watral
Page W6 Jean Philippe Juanito Watremez to Reginald Webb
Page W7 Riley Webb to Andy Weiner
Page W8 Annette Weiner to Chuck Wells
Page W9 Clem Wells to Jim West
Page W10 Jim West to John Whellock
Page W11 Andrew Whelpley to Dick Whitford
Page W12 Jack Whitford to Stig Roar Wigestrand
Page W13 Bo Wiget to Michael Wilkinson
Page W14 Neal Wilkinson to Jeff Williams
Page W15 Jeff Williams to Ernie Williford
Page W16 Harry Williford to Rocco Wilson
Page W17 Roland Wilson to Hanne Winterberg
Page W18 Sigi Winterberg to Kajtek Wojciechowski
Page W19 Katjek Wojciechowski to Ted Wood
Page W20 Terry Wood to Teodor Woycik
Page W21 Alain Woygnet to Rick Wygant
Page W22 Roy Wykes to Michael Wzrson


Page X1 Andreas X to XZV3


Page Y1 Y to Jon Yeager
Page Y2 Phil Yeager to Dave Young
Page Y3 David Young to Frederic Yzerman


Page Z1 Bojan Z to Zarick
Page Z2 Brigitte Zarie to Conrad Ziarniak
Page Z3 Jeff Zias to Steve Zoloto
Page Z4 Vitaly Zolotov to Doc Zywan