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This index refers to the 228,709 individual jazz musicians (1,426,401 total entries) included in over 247,782 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of November, 2020.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page A1 A Filetta to Dave Abrego
Page A2 Potolo Abrego to Piotr Adamski
Page A3 Barbara Adamson to Rodrigo Agudelo
Page A4 Luis Agudo to Utku Akyol
Page A5 A. Seren Akyoldas to Iskendar Aleskerov
Page A6 Tony Aless to Irene Allard
Page A7 Jim Allard to Emiliano Almeida
Page A8 Goncalo Almeida to David Amaro
Page A9 Eugene Amaro to Jan Hem Andersen
Page A10 Jens Dalgaard Andersen to Rolf Andersson
Page A11 Sigge Andersson to Rudi Anhang
Page A12 Philippe Anhorn to Erik Applegate
Page A13 Geoff Applegate to Rene Arlain
Page A14 Jeanne Arland Peterson to George Arsenault
Page A15 Martin Arsenault to Briant Aspinall
Page A16 Fred Aspinall to Antonio Augusto
Page A17 Luis Augusto to Mehdi Azaiez
Page A18 Yasmine Azaiez to a_dontigny


Page B1 Bobby B to Evelyn Baechler
Page B2 Nicolas Baechler to Edwin Baker
Page B3 Edythe Baker to Massimo Balla
Page B4 Miklos Balla to Bob Bannister
Page B5 Ferdinand Bannister to Ted Bargas
Page B6 Renato Bargazo to Marc Baron
Page B7 Moran Baron to Vince Bartels
Page B8 Marcus Bartelt to Bill Bastien
Page B9 Cliff Bastien to Peter Baumann
Page B10 Rico Baumann to Wini Beatty
Page B11 Ethel Beatty-Barnes to Leif Been
Page B12 Martien Beenen to Rick Bell
Page B13 Robert Bell to Dag Benend
Page B14 Petr Benes to Charlie Bentley
Page B15 Danielle Bentley to Totti Bergh
Page B16 Joakim Berghall to Clyde Bernhardt
Page B17 Ejric Bernhardt to Roland Best
Page B18 Russell Best to Erich Bieder
Page B19 Margherita Biederbick to Carrie Biolo
Page B20 Jean Bionda to Torben Bjornskov
Page B21 Torben Botker Bjornskov to Harold Blanchard
Page B22 Hurley Blanchard to Joe Blong
Page B23 Jaap Blonk to Perry Bodkin
Page B24 Ota Bodlak to Vladimir Bolcevic
Page B25 Vladimir Bolchevich to Thierry Bonneaux
Page B26 Don Bonnee to Hans Borgstrom
Page B27 Johan Borgstrom to Philippe Botta
Page B28 Alessandro Bottacchiari to Claude Bowen
Page B29 Dai Bowen to Wallace Brackens
Page B30 Sid Bracker to Emil Brandqvist
Page B31 Hakan Brandqvist to Nils Breistein
Page B32 Svein Atle Breistein to Kendall Bright
Page B33 Kenny Bright to Jean-Claude Broes
Page B34 Alex Brofsky to Abbey Brown
Page B35 Abigail Brown to Oscar Brown, Jr.
Page B36 Oscar "Bobo" Brown, III to Marc Brulhardt
Page B37 Dominique Brulin to Everett Bryson
Page B38 Janeen Cornell Bryson to Allen Bugby
Page B39 Dmitry Bugdin to Michael Burge
Page B40 Oliver Burge to Jim Burr
Page B41 John Burr to Brett Butler
Page B42 Buddy Butler to Barry Bzweig


Page C1 Billy C to Rosana Calderon
Page C2 Rosemary Calderon to Joe Camilleri, Jr.
Page C3 Paul Camilleri to Michael Canick
Page C4 Marcel Canillar to Tim Carbone
Page C5 Vince Carbone to Les Carlton
Page C6 Paul Carlton to Graciela Carriqui
Page C7 Ernesto Carrizo to Ivo Carvalho
Page C8 Jorjao Carvalho to Fermin Sifonte Castillo
Page C9 Francisco F. Castillo, Jr. to Roland Cayette
Page C10 Danilo Caymmi to Charlie Chadwick
Page C11 Gabriel Chadwick to Walt Chapman
Page C12 Walter Chapman to DJ Cheers
Page C13 Vivian Cheery to John China
Page C14 Chinaza to Tom Christiensen
Page C15 Francois Christin to Daniel Cisneros
Page C16 Denis Cisneros to Mary Clarke
Page C17 Michael Clarke to Steve Clisby
Page C18 Dino Clissa to Avishai Cohen
Page C19 Aviv Cohen to Ad Colen
Page C20 Jef Colen to Rachelle Colonel
Page C21 Dan Colonna to Bill Connors
Page C22 Bob Connors to Bill Coolen
Page C23 Henk Coolen to Danda Cordes
Page C24 Daniel Cordes to Vladimir Cosma
Page C25 Denis Cosmer to Wiley Cousins
Page C26 Pol Coussee to Thurlow Cranz
Page C27 Tony Crapis to Sean Cronin
Page C28 Whitney Cronin to Henning Cuda
Page C29 Kim Cuda to Dave Curtis
Page C30 David Curtis to Roland Czyzyk


Page D1 Bubba D to Wolfgang Dahlke
Page D2 Bev Dahlke-Smith to Paul Dandy
Page D3 Le Dandy Trio to Dominique Darrouzet
Page D4 Chris Darrow to Ramona Davies
Page D5 Ray Davies to Vincent Davis
Page D6 Vincent Davis to Roberto de Azevedo
Page D7 Walter Batista de Azevedo to Bob De Fara
Page D8 John DeFaria to Nelson de LaMotte
Page D9 George DeLancey to Tom DeLuca
Page D10 Larry DeLucca to Cedrick Dennis
Page D11 Cedricke Dennis to Joost Deryckere
Page D12 Livine Deryckere to Burt de Villiers
Page D13 Chantal de Villiers to Mike DiBari
Page D14 Piero "Pecos" Di Bari to Grazia DiGiorgio
Page D15 Marianne Di Giovanni to Ted DiSanti
Page D16 Tony Di Santis to Tonino Dodero
Page D17 Allan Dodge to Hugo Donch
Page D18 Kurt Donch to Hobart Dotson
Page D19 Kenny Dotson to Bill Drake
Page D20 Bob Drake to Duato
Page D21 DJ Dudu Dub to Dumah
Page D22 Pierre Dumail to Jeep Duquesne
Page D23 Maximino Duquesne to Warwick "Wocka" Dyer
Page D24 Wilbert Dyer to Beth Dzwil


Page E1 Sheila E to Julien Ecrepont
Page E2 Gyongyi Ecsi to Jurgen Ege
Page E3 Marcel Ege to H. Eklund
Page E4 Jenny Eklund to Jeff Elliott
Page E5 Jennie Harrell Elliott to Harry Emmery
Page E6 Ed Emmett to Louis Epstein
Page E7 Peter Epstein to Joe Eschbach
Page E8 Joel Eschbach to Jackie Evancho
Page E9 Louis-Cesar Evande to Dave Ezzy


Page F1 F to Lauren Falls
Page F2 Mildred Falls to Derryl Farrer
Page F3 Joanna Farrer to Fritz Feger
Page F4 Thomas Feger to "H" Bomb Ferguson
Page F5 Al Ferguson to Lorraine Ferro
Page F6 Mike Ferro to Jose Filippi
Page F7 Joseph Filippi to Joel Fischer
Page F8 Joerg Fischer to Molly Flannery
Page F9 Bob Flannigan to John Fluck
Page F10 Jurg Fluck to Marcus Ford
Page F11 Martin Ford to Gerald Foster
Page F12 Gina Foster to Antoine Franchi
Page F13 Antonio Franchi to Miguel Frasconi
Page F14 Bob Frascotti to Jason Freidrich
Page F15 Jurgen Freidrich to Ray Frisby
Page F16 Aaron Frisch to Naomi Fujiya
Page F17 Yuko Fujiyama to Aqi Fzono


Page G1 Juanito G to Robert Galbraith
Page G2 Charlie Galbreath to Jimmy Ganmnon
Page G3 Ron Gannaway to Elisabetta Garetti
Page G4 Jean-Michel Garetti to Sylvie Gasteau
Page G5 Martin van Gastel to Robin van Geerke
Page G6 Hartmut Geerken to E. Georges
Page G7 Isabelle Georges to Jordan Gheen
Page G8 Michael Ghegan to Claudio Giglio
Page G9 Felix Giglio to Johnny Gimble
Page G10 Bobby Gimby to Manolo Glas
Page G11 Piet Glas to Karl Godejohann
Page G12 Manuel Godek to Vivien Goldman
Page G13 Mona Goldman-Yoskin to Joel Gonzalez
Page G14 Jorge Gonzalez to Phil Gordon
Page G15 Pick Gordon to Calum Gourlay
Page G16 Doug Gourlay to Baptiste Grand
Page G17 Maria Grand to Mike Gray
Page G18 Morris Gray to Chris Greene
Page G19 Claude "Fats" Greene to Sonny Grey
Page G20 Tony Grey to Blaz Grm
Page G21 Mike Groaner to George Grund
Page G22 Otto Grund to Stefano Guidotti
Page G23 Tito Guidotti to Sikkil Gurucharan
Page G24 Navaraj Gurung to John Gzowski


Page H1 Arthur H to Justin Hageman
Page H2 Paul Hageman to Alan Miguel Hall
Page H3 Albert Hall to Simen Kiil Halvorsen
Page H4 Brenda Halvorson to Tim Hampton
Page H5 Ulysses Hampton to Owe Hansen
Page H6 Oystein Hansen to Roy Hargrove
Page H7 Kent Harian to Gary Harris
Page H8 Gene Harris to Hattie Hart
Page H9 Howard Hart to Curtis Hasselbring
Page H10 Jack Hasselbring to Delores Hawkins
Page H11 Derek Hawkins to Dave Hazlitt
Page H12 Tom Hazlitt to Julie Heid
Page H13 George Heid,III to Forrest Helmick
Page H14 Thomas Helmig to Steve Hennig
Page H15 Steven Hennig to George Herman
Page H16 George Herman to Gary Herzenstiel
Page H17 Glen Herzer to Kato Hideki
Page H18 Midorikawa Hidenori to Charles Hillman
Page H19 Christoph Hillman to Larry Hisanaga
Page H20 Mustafa Hisarli to Horst Hofer
Page H21 Klaus Hofer to Jim Hole
Page H22 Sigurd Hole to Gerhard Holmstrom
Page H23 Gilbert Holmstrom to Vernard Stix Hooper
Page H24 Jason Hoopes to Colin Horton
Page H25 Craig Horton to Paul Howards
Page H26 Alan Howarth to Peter Hudson
Page H27 Phil Hudson to Cory Humnick
Page H28 Die Humoresk Melodiers to Zack Hurt
Page H29 Don Hurta to Markku Hyytia


Page I1 The I 94 Horn Section to Greg Imboden
Page I2 Markus Imboden to Alfred Irmer
Page I3 Christoph Irmer to Staffan Ivarsson
Page I4 Alexander Ivashenko to Virginia Izzo


Page J1 Brian J to Jack Jacmides
Page J2 Marc Jaco to Tadeusz Jakubowski
Page J3 Michael Jakusch to Jean-Louis Janson
Page J4 Kjell Janson to DJ Val Jeanty
Page J5 Val Jeanty to Erling Budde Jensen
Page J6 Erling K. Jensen to Nathalie Joachim
Page J7 Oswald Joachim to Buddy Johnson
Page J8 Buddy Johnson to Neil Johnson
Page J9 Nicholas Johnson to Bob Jones
Page J10 Bob Willis Jones to Sherry Jones
Page J11 Shirley Jones to Aisu Joseph
Page J12 Alain Joseph to Steefan Jungmau
Page J13 Mats Jungner to Jens Jyde


Page K1 Adrian K to Kitty Kallen
Page K2 Walter Kallender to Bronislaw Kaper
Page K3 Dolf Kaper to Jeff Kaser
Page K4 Josh Kaser to Esther Kawai
Page K5 Hitoshi Kawai to Kevin Kehrberg
Page K6 Heinz Kehrer to William V.P. Kelly
Page K7 Willis Kelly to Taavi Kerikmae
Page K8 Siyavush Kerimi to Golfam Khayam
Page K9 Michele Khazak to Will Kimball
Page K10 Paul Kimbarow to Gerald Kinnebrew
Page K11 Duncan Kinnel to Juho Kivivuori
Page K12 Osman Kivrak to Thomas Klinge
Page K13 Martin Klingeberg to Errol Knowles
Page K14 Greg Knowles to Tino Kohler
Page K15 Val Kohler to Marek Konstantynowicz
Page K16 Aloys Kontarsky to Fredrik Koster
Page K17 Harold Koster to Bernd Krainz
Page K18 Damjan Krajacic to Brendan Krieg
Page K19 Eberhard Krieg to Dylan Kruziki
Page K20 Ian Kruzliak to Ronald Kunene
Page K21 Sipho Kunene to Kwatret Wilanowski
Page K22 Don Kwaymoo to Laurent Kzrewina


Page L1 Kader L'Aktivist to Walter Lageson
Page L2 Pierre Laget to Henk Lambooij
Page L3 Patrick Lamborn to Ziggy Lane
Page L4 Ken Lane Quintet to Cora LaReed
Page L5 Andreas Lareida to Dieter Lassle
Page L6 Hans Lassnig to Michael Lavoie
Page L7 Mike Lavoie to Pekka Leander
Page L8 Charles LeAndre to Henry Lee
Page L9 Herbert Lee to Hans Lehmann
Page L10 Heinz Lehmann to Andras Lengyel
Page L11 Hunor Lengyel to John Lesko
Page L12 Cecilia Leskovar to Dan Levitan
Page L13 Daniel Levitov to Carl "Sonny" Leyland
Page L14 Carl Sonny Leyland to Ana Lim
Page L15 Andrew Lim to Margaret Lindsay
Page L16 Melrose Lindsay to Mieke van Lith
Page L17 James Litherland to Carl Lockett
Page L18 Dorian Lockett to Barbara Long
Page L19 Barry Long to Nathalie Loriers
Page L20 Jack Lorimer to Jennifer Lowe
Page L21 Jenny Lowe to Jesper Ludwigs
Page L22 Tommy Ludwigson to Kestutis Lusas
Page L23 Tony Luschen to Humphrey Lyttleton
Page L24 Paul Lytton to Arnold Lz


Page M1 M to Mellow Mack
Page M2 Peter Mack to Emile Maetens
Page M3 Rudi Maeyaert to Rodrigo Botter Maio
Page M4 Rogerio Botter Maio to Tim Malland
Page M5 Marcio Mallard to Richard Manetti
Page M6 Corinna Manetto to Yasek Manzano
Page M7 Al Manze to Xavier Margogne
Page M8 Mitch Margold to Lauren Marks
Page M9 Lydia Marks to Morgain Marshall
Page M10 Neil Marshall to Terrace Martin
Page M11 Terry Martin to Fabio Marziali
Page M12 Francesco Marziani to Eric Mastro
Page M13 Ery Mastro to Ferry Matt
Page M14 Karl-Martin Matt to Derek Maxwell
Page M15 Dick Maxwell to Emilio Mazzotta
Page M16 Rich Mazzotta to Adam McCollom
Page M17 David McCollough to Kenny McDougald
Page M18 William McDougald to Billy McInnis
Page M19 Mike McInnis to Johnny McLellan
Page M20 Bill McLemore to Hal Mead
Page M21 John Mead to Gabriele Meirano
Page M22 Pascoal Meireilles to Emilio Mendez
Page M23 Eric Mendez to Jonathan Merrill
Page M24 Judith Merrill to Joseph Meyer
Page M25 Justin Meyer to Yanko Midadinov
Page M26 Mario Midana to Grace Millan
Page M27 George Millane to Robert Millikan
Page M28 Bob Milliken to Arnold Mintz
Page M29 Billy Mintz to Trent Mitchell
Page M30 Tressie Mitchell to Bill Moffett
Page M31 Charisse Moffett to Bright Moments
Page M32 Preshish Moments to Monty Montgomery
Page M33 Paul Montgomery to Mike Moorman
Page M34 Milam Moorman to Catrin Win Morgan
Page M35 Charles Morgan to Lisa Morris
Page M36 Lou Morris to Ivo Mosettig
Page M37 John Albert Mosey to Dennis Mpale
Page M38 Mpelelezi to Peter Muller
Page M39 Peter Muller to Brian Murphy
Page M40 Brian Murphy to Akira Myazawa
Page M41 Janusz Mych to Sipo Mzimela


Page N1 Philippe N'Bess to Diane Nalini
Page N2 Tony Nalker to Francisco Navarro
Page N3 Francisco "Pancho" Navarro to Billy Nelson
Page N4 Billy Nelson to Mikael Neumann
Page N5 Olaf Neumann to Matthew Nicholl
Page N6 Al Nicholls to Michael Niesemann
Page N7 Gertrude Niesen to Tsuyoshi Niwa
Page N8 Yasuo Niwa to Domenico Nordio
Page N9 Anders Nordkvist to Pavel Novak
Page N10 Rudy Novak to Stuart Nyren
Page N11 Laura Nyro to Sophie Nzuki-Balisidya


Page O1 Charlie O to The Oakland Youth Chorus
Page O2 Nigel Oaklands to Ryo Oghihara
Page O3 Henry Ogier to Mariusz Oleksa
Page O4 Jean-Claude Oleksiak to Oscar Olsson
Page O5 Ove Olsson to Origin
Page O6 The Original Calypso Boys to Kim Osmond
Page O7 Jean Osmont to Harry van Oven
Page O8 Adam Over to Marta Ozzetti


Page P1 Sarah P to Riccardo Paio
Page P2 Settimo Paioletti to Panaiotis
Page P3 Teddy Panama, Jr. to Rene Parez
Page P4 Yuri Parfenov to Joe Parnello
Page P5 Jimmy Parner to Kenneth Patchen
Page P6 Laura Patchen to Tony Paulos
Page P7 Elation Pauls to Delzora Pearson
Page P8 Dick Pearson to Butch Peleman
Page P9 Karel "Pretty Boy" Peleman to Antonio Peral
Page P10 David Perales to Jukka Peronnen
Page P11 Marie-Anges Peronnet to Rainer Peter
Page P12 Ralf Peter to Michaela Petri
Page P13 Theo Petri to Jimmy Philip
Page P14 Lance Philip to Brian Picking
Page P15 Willie Pickins to Frank Pincente
Page P16 Trevor Pinch to Guido Pitti
Page P17 Christian Pittius to Jorgeline Pochintesta
Page P18 L. Pochman to Elliot Polsky
Page P19 Alice Polson to Laia Porta
Page P20 Paola Porta to Sam Pow
Page P21 Ted Powder to Charith Premawardhana
Page P22 Simona Premazzi to Jeanfrancois Prins
Page P23 Jeanfrancois Prins to Raymond Pugh
Page P24 Roger Pugh to Cankut Pzgul


Page Q1 Apt. Q-258 to Morten Qvenild


Page R1 Bob R. to Jeff Raglus
Page R2 Fabio Ragmato to Eduardo Ramos
Page R3 Edwin Ramos to Ken Rarick
Page R4 Ed Rariff to Jerry "Radar" Ray
Page R5 Joe Ray to Toni Redo
Page R6 Michel Redolfi to Audley Reid
Page R7 Benny Reid to Michael Remold
Page R8 Hiram Remon to Ricardo Reyes
Page R9 Ricardo Izquierdo Reyes to Rich Rice
Page R10 Sam Rice to Dave Rickenberg
Page R11 Rob Rickenberg to Gyan Riley
Page R12 Harry Riley to Emedin Rivera
Page R13 Enedin Rivera to Lee S. Roberts
Page R14 Lenny Roberts to Reba Robinson
Page R15 Reg Robinson to Bobby Rodriguez
Page R16 Bobby Rodriguez to Philipp Rogler
Page R17 Guy Rogne to Guillermo Romero
Page R18 Hector Romero to Mel Rose
Page R19 Melissa Rose to Robert "Skeets" Ross
Page R20 Roberto Ross to Hal Rous
Page R21 Marke Rous to Efren Rubio
Page R22 Evelyn Rubio to Jim Rupp
Page R23 Kenny Rupp to Charles E. Ruzicka
Page R24 Holly Ruzicka to Krzysztof Rzucidlo


Page S1 Akosh S to Seko Saho
Page S2 Yogish S. Sahota to Kenny Salmon
Page S3 Murray Salmon to Omar Gonzalez Sanchez
Page S4 Orlando Sanchez to The Fred Sans String Ensemble
Page S5 Bruno Sansalone to Kid Sarsky
Page S6 Pancho Sarskyrano to Walter Savage, Jr.
Page S7 Warren Savage to Eddie Schaaf
Page S8 Gabriela Schaaf to Robert Schenk
Page S9 Wolf Schenk to Tiny Schmauch
Page S10 Brigitte Schmaus to Dave Schnell
Page S11 Jean-Jacques Schnell to John Schroder
Page S12 Jurgen Schroder to Anton Schwartz
Page S13 Barbara Jane Schwartz to John Riley Scott
Page S14 Johnnie Scott to Ess See
Page S15 Harry See to Verne Sellin
Page S16 Gerald Sellinger to Liz Sesier-Beckman
Page S17 Dick Sesink to Timo Shanko
Page S18 Shanks to Ollie Shearer
Page S19 Richard Bruce Shearer to H. Shewring
Page S20 Natalia Sheykina to Bill Short
Page S21 Bob Short to Frank Siegrist
Page S22 Gene Siegrist to Jan Sima
Page S23 Jiri Sima to Bennie Sims
Page S24 Beverly Sims to Bastian Sjelberg
Page S25 Kristoffer Sjelberg to Rondo H. Slade
Page S26 Ales Sladek to Jan Smets
Page S27 Jean-Paul Smets to Imo Smith
Page S28 Ira Nate Smith to William Smith
Page S29 William Smith to Marcus Soderstrom
Page S30 Ron Soderstrom to Tobias Sonden
Page S31 Adam Sonderberg to David Sousa
Page S32 Ian de Sousa to Dave Spence
Page S33 Di Spence to Simon Springer
Page S34 David Springfield to Arjan Stam
Page S35 Jan Stam to Leland Stavens
Page S36 Jan Stavenuiter to Almut Steinhausen
Page S37 Anna Steinhauser to Fabian Stevens
Page S38 Florent Stevens to Albert Stinson
Page S39 Andrew W. Stinson to Alexander Storozhuk
Page S40 Alan Storr to Laura Strickland
Page S41 Marcus Strickland to Kenny Stumpf
Page S42 Peter Stumpf to Scott Sullivan
Page S43 Sean Sullivan to Clyde "the Slyde" Sutliff
Page S44 Bob Sutman to Dave Swarbrick
Page S45 Anders Sward to Peter Szendofi
Page S46 Adam Szendrei to Eugeniusz Szymecki


Page T1 Billy T to James Talbot
Page T2 Jamie Talbot to Chris Tarr
Page T3 Selwyn Tarradath to Johnny Taylor
Page T4 Johnny Taylor to Thomas Tempel
Page T5 Frans Tempelaar to Emilio Teubal
Page T6 Fred Teuber to Bob Thomas
Page T7 Bob Thomas to Creighton Thompson
Page T8 Dale Thompson to Asta Thorsteinsson
Page T9 Ditte Thorsteinsson to Mark Timmermans
Page T10 Tim Timmermans to Tapani Toivanen
Page T11 Janne Toiviainen to Tune Toppers
Page T12 Graham Topping to Mike Townend
Page T13 Bob Towner to Gilles Tressos
Page T14 Mihail Trestian to Eric True
Page T15 Katherine True to Johnny Tunsill
Page T16 Helen Tunstall to Avron Twerdowsky
Page T17 Hans-Rudolf Twerenbold to Michail Tzurichenko


Page U1 Jimi U to Ernst Unterlechner
Page U2 Werner Unterlercher to Imani Uzuri


Page V1 Frankie V to Giovanni Vallarino
Page V2 Dag Vallberg to Maria Van Dyke
Page V3 Marsha Van Dyke to Hector Vargas
Page V4 Javier Vargas to Karel Vejvoda
Page V5 Vahidin Vejzovic to Jerry Verme
Page V6 Frans Vermeer to Nick Videen
Page V7 Ivan Videky to Michelle Mailhot Vines
Page V8 Rob Vines to Claus Vogel
Page V9 David Vogel to Tjerk de Vos
Page V10 Tony Vos to Pascale Vyvere


Page W1 W to Collin Walcott
Page W2 Dino Walcott to Alfred Wallbank
Page W3 Eskil Wallberg to Bruce Wandmayer
Page W4 Wando to Drammen Warup
Page W5 Gersim Warutian to Colin Watling
Page W6 Gordon "Ace" Watling to Pete Webb
Page W7 Ray Webb to Hermann Weindorf
Page W8 Tobias Weindorf to Bobby "BW" Wells
Page W9 Brian Wells to Frankie West
Page W10 George West to Michael Whelan
Page W11 Pat Whelan to Scott Whitfield
Page W12 Scott Whitfield to Sepp Wiest
Page W13 Steve Wiest to Jon Wilkinson
Page W14 Katie Wilkinson to James "D-Train" Williams
Page W15 Jami (Ju Ju Child) Williams to Tom Williamson
Page W16 Tom Williamson to Rail Wilson
Page W17 Ralph Wilson to Martin Winter
Page W18 Niklas Winter to Nils Wohrman
Page W19 Nicke Wohrmann to Richard Wood
Page W20 Rita Wood to Jelle Wouters
Page W21 Joseph Wouters to Michael Wycoff
Page W22 James Wydeman to Michael Wzrson


Page X1 Andreas X to XZV3


Page Y1 Y to Debby Yeager
Page Y2 Jason Yeager to Dave Young
Page Y3 Dave Young to Frederic Yzerman


Page Z1 Bojan Z to Mariano Zarich
Page Z2 Zarick to Janice Ziarko
Page Z3 Solek Ziarko to Alessandro Zolo
Page Z4 Eugenia Zolotarenko to Doc Zywan