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This index refers to the 217,641 individual jazz musicians (1,359,237 total entries) included in over 236,346 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of April, 2018.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page A1 A Filetta to Jean Abushc
Page A2 Ali Abuwi to Obie Addy
Page A3 Oboe Addy to Tina Ahlin
Page A4 Anita Ahlm to Adrienne Albert
Page A5 Amuel Albert to Chantal Alexandre
Page A6 Didier Alexandre to Mike Allen
Page A7 Mike Allen to Danny Altier
Page A8 Michel Altier to Ruedi Amrein
Page A9 Eric Amrine to Peter Anderson
Page A10 Peter R. Anderson to Koorosh Angali
Page A11 Domenico Angarano to Sigbjorn Apeland
Page A12 Jaap van Apeldoorn to Enrique Arias
Page A13 Jorge Arias to Arrigoni
Page A14 Dino Arrigotte to Monica Aspelund
Page A15 Bjorn Asper to Bob Aul
Page A16 Dave Aul to Adou Azouhouni
Page A17 William Azoulay to a_dontigny


Page B1 Bobby B to Conrad Baeschlin
Page B2 Lourenco Baeta to Ken Baker
Page B3 Kenny Baker to Guillaume Ballin
Page B4 Peter Ballin to Ramses Rodriguez Baralt
Page B5 Stan Baran to Jeppe Barkman
Page B6 Jeppe Barkmann to Luis A. Barrera
Page B7 Lulo Barrera to Tony Bartone
Page B8 Chris Bartos to Terrell Batiste
Page B9 Otto Batka to John Bayless
Page B10 Tim Bayless to Bob Becker
Page B11 Bob Becker to Wes Belcamp
Page B12 The Belcanto Quartet to Andrew Bemkey
Page B13 Gregory Bemko to Russell Bennett
Page B14 Ruth Bennett to Frans van Bergen
Page B15 Gene Bergen to Clem Bernard
Page B16 Conn Bernard to Thomas Bertsch
Page B17 Rene Bertschi to Carlos Bica
Page B18 Johnny Bica to George Binkley
Page B19 Jimmy Binkley's Jazz Quintet to Dag Bjornsen
Page B20 Ben Bjornskov to Stefaan Blancke
Page B21 Alonso Blanco to Matt Blostein
Page B22 Lucien Blot to Almuth Boekhoff
Page B23 Oliver Boekhoorn to Philippe Bollenrucher
Page B24 Annica Boller to Benny Booker
Page B25 Beryl Booker to Michiel Borstlap
Page B26 Ivar Borsum to Aziz Boulachrat
Page B27 Jacky Bouladoux to Gerard Boyaval
Page B28 Brian Boyce to Luiz Otavio Braga
Page B29 Paulinho Braga to Sarah Braun
Page B30 Stefan Braun to Pat Brewster
Page B31 Ralph Brewster to Nick Broadhurst
Page B32 Phil Broadhurst to Valentine Brooks
Page B33 Wendell Brooks to Joe E. Brown
Page B34 Joe Brown, Jr. to Karlie Bruce
Page B35 Kenneth Bruce to Jeff Bryant
Page B36 Jeffrey Bryant to Buddy Budson
Page B37 Robert Budson to Pavel Burda
Page B38 Aleksey Burdelev to Leon Burns
Page B39 Mark Burns to Adoria Butler
Page B40 Al Butler to Barry Bzweig


Page C1 Billy C to Hansonia Caldwell
Page C2 Happy Caldwell to Thomas Campaert
Page C3 Angelo Campagna to Jose Canoura
Page C4 Judy Canova to Rodolfo Cardoso
Page C5 Teco Cardoso to Sean Carney
Page C6 Steve Carney to Mort Carson
Page C7 Neil Carson to Tom Casey
Page C8 "F. Nation" Freddie Cash to Dick Cathell
Page C9 Rachel Catherall to Luis Ceravolo
Page C10 Bebo Cerbara to Denis Chancerel
Page C11 Scott Chancey to Tommy Chase
Page C12 Tyrone Chase to Luca Chiaraluce
Page C13 Rich Chiaraluce to Walter Kegel Christensen
Page C14 Wilhelm Christensen to Edgardo A. Cintron
Page C15 Noel Cintron to Arthur F. Clarke
Page C16 Ayanda Clarke to Michael Clifton
Page C17 Neil Clifton to Phil Cogliano
Page C18 Tiziano Cogliati to Terry Coleman
Page C19 Todd Coleman to Roberto Coltellacci
Page C20 Harry Coltello to Cezary Conrad
Page C21 Charlie Conrad to Adrienne Cooper
Page C22 Al Cooper to Leslie Corley
Page C23 Robert Corley to Edmund Costanza
Page C24 Chris Costanzi to Adrian Cowie
Page C25 Dave Cowie to Prosper "Pros" Creado
Page C26 William Creager to Sandra Crouch
Page C27 Stanley Crouch to Bill Cummings
Page C28 Bob Cummings to Ladislas Czabanyck
Page C29 Brian Czach to Roland Czyzyk


Page D1 Bubba D to Jurgen Dahmen
Page D2 Udo Dahmen to Dani
Page D3 Roberto Dani to Fernando Paiva da Silva
Page D4 Francisco DaSilva to Captain John Davis
Page D5 Carl Davis to Eddie Dawson
Page D6 Emily Dawson to Steven DeBruyn
Page D7 Camille de Bruyne to Romie DeGuise-Langlois
Page D8 Aleksey Degusarov to Todd DelGiudace
Page D9 Todd DelGiudice to William A. Demones, III
Page D10 Nikola Demonja to Bart Der Stepanian
Page D11 Tom Van Der Zaal to Ralph De Sylva
Page D12 Ralph DeSylvestro to Rasmus Diamant
Page D13 Shanty Diamant to Carlos Diernhammer
Page D14 Lisbeth Diers to Sogbety Diomande
Page D15 Alexandre Dion to Markus Dobmeier
Page D16 Karl Dobnik to Stephen Donald
Page D17 Steve Donald to Le dos Santos
Page D18 Mane dos Santos to Rogdam Dragus
Page D19 Rogdan Dragus to Joshua Dube
Page D20 Pierre Dube to Paul Dummall
Page D21 Steve Dummer to James Durant
Page D22 Jimmy Durant to Michal Dziewinski
Page D23 Pawel Dziewonski to Beth Dzwil


Page E1 Sheila E to Clifton "Foo-Foo" Eddie
Page E2 Jerry Eddie to Tristan Eggener
Page E3 Ines Eggenschwiler to Larry Elam
Page E4 Lawrence Elam to Linda Ellis
Page E5 Lisle Ellis to Peter Engberg
Page E6 Jan-Erik Engblom to Owen Erickson
Page E7 Paully Erickson to Gene Esposito
Page E8 George Esposito to Tom Evans
Page E9 Tommy Evans to Dave Ezzy


Page F1 F to Gaetano Falzarano
Page F2 Robert "Fougasse" Falzarano to Giulia Fasolino
Page F3 Laszlo Fassang to Istvan Fekete
Page F4 Janos Fekete to Angelo Fernandez
Page F5 Arturo Fernandez to Tavinho Fialho
Page F6 Bumi Fian to Baron Fingus
Page F7 Brian Finigan to Morgan Fisher
Page F8 Morton Fisher to Le Roy Fletcher
Page F9 Liz Fletcher to Jens Foltynowicz
Page F10 Dan Foltz to Sievert Forsberg
Page F11 Siewert Forsberg to Mose Fowler
Page F12 Muriel Fowler to Peter Franken
Page F13 Rob Franken to Daniel Freedman
Page F14 Danny Freedman to Gabriela Friedli
Page F15 Klaus Friedli to Ron Fudoli
Page F16 Francis Fuego to Ben Fussell
Page F17 Johnny Fussell to Aqi Fzono


Page G1 Juanito G to Eric Gale
Page G2 Frank Gale to Amen Garabedian
Page G3 Arman Garabedian to Erroll Garner
Page G4 Heather Garner to Dan Gaucher
Page G5 Eric Gaucher to Gerard Gelas
Page G6 Ray Gelato to Greg Gerlach
Page G7 Herbert Gerlach to Denise Gibbons
Page G8 Eric Gibbons to Ricard Gill
Page G9 Rob Gill to Jean-Pierre Girondin
Page G10 Sebastien Girordot to Ted Glockler
Page G11 Fritz Glocksieper to Matthew Gold
Page G12 Mervin Gold to Serdar Gonenc
Page G13 Serdar Gonenci to Kadri Gopalnath
Page G14 Jess Gopen to Rob Goubitz
Page G15 Ananda Goud to Stefan "Butcho" Grahn
Page G16 Ivana Grahovac to Casey Gray
Page G17 Catherine Gray to Blair Greenberg
Page G18 Carl Greenberg to Carolyn Grey
Page G19 Carylyn Grey to Danny Grisset
Page G20 Danny Grissett to Roy Grundstrom
Page G21 Hense Grundy to Paul Guilford
Page G22 Conor Guilfoyle to Rigmor Gustafsson
Page G23 Roger Gustafsson to John Gzowski


Page H1 Arthur H to Jules Hagenaar
Page H2 Arno Hagenaars to E.J. Hall
Page H3 Ed Hall to Cees Hamelink
Page H4 Hans Hamelink to Peter Handsworth
Page H5 Capt. John Handy to Wilgot Hansson
Page H6 Sverre Hanstad to Ronald Harmsen
Page H7 Uli Harmssen to Ron Harris
Page H8 Roosevelt Harris to Jim Hartog
Page H9 Rudy den Hartog to Anna Hauf
Page H10 Boris Hauf to Grace Hayes
Page H11 Hamilton Hayes to Lovejoy Hecht
Page H12 Tony Hecht to Scott Helberg
Page H13 Vincent Helbers to Scott "Slim Hutchinson" Henderson
Page H14 Sharon Henderson to Werner Herbers
Page H15 Andy Herbert to Harry Herrmann
Page H16 Heinz Herrmann to Charley Hickerson
Page H17 Kyle Hickerson to Steve Hill
Page H18 Steve Hill to Vincent Hirschi
Page H19 Bob Hirschman to Gerry Hoelke
Page H20 Stefan Hoelker to Ned Holder
Page H21 Tiffany Holder to Soren Holmstrom
Page H22 Ture Holmstrom to Lou Hoover
Page H23 Louis Hoover to Lajos "Kis Patkany" Horvath
Page H24 Lajos Kathy Horvath to George Howell
Page H25 Ghost Howell to Markus Hug
Page H26 Martin Hug to Bob Hunt
Page H27 Bobby Hunt to Arthur Hutchinson
Page H28 Basil Hutchinson to Markku Hyytia


Page I1 The I 94 Horn Section to Giovanni Imparato
Page I2 Paul Imperato to Chris Irwin
Page I3 David Irwin to Syohei Iwasaki
Page I4 Toshinobu Iwasaki to Virginia Izzo


Page J1 Brother J to SheVon Jacob
Page J2 Sylvain Jacob to Aaron James
Page J3 Adam James to Peter Jansson
Page J4 Robert Jansson to Thomas Jefferson
Page J5 Thomas Jefferson to Poul Jensen
Page J6 Poul Preben Jensen to Heida Karine Johannesdottir Mobeck
Page J7 April Johannesen to Dottie Mae Johnson
Page J8 Doug Johnson to Susanna Johnson
Page J9 Sy Johnson to Ernest Jones
Page J10 Ernie Jones to Helgi Hrafn Jonsson
Page J11 Henrik Jonsson to Erick Jovel
Page J12 Jovi to Jens Jyde


Page K1 Adrian K to Ariel Kalma
Page K2 Miklos Kalman to Steve Kaplan
Page K3 Vladimiras Kaplanas to Peedu Kass
Page K4 Wondwossen Kassa to Peter Kay
Page K5 Randy Kay to Chris Kellas
Page K6 James Grant Kellas to Jack Kendle
Page K7 Eran Kendler to Laszlo Kertesz
Page K8 Peter Kertesz to Mark Kierne
Page K9 Wouter Kiers to Gerryck King
Page K10 Gloria King to Kenny Kirland
Page K11 Robbyn Kirmsse to Pablo Klein
Page K12 Peter Klein to Bobby Knight
Page K13 Buddy Knight to Werner "Baer" Koella
Page K14 Werner "Bear" Koella to Kazuhiko Kondoh
Page K15 Tatsuo Kondoh to Sibel Kose
Page K16 Kenji Kosei to Benjamin Kraef
Page K17 Finn Kraefting to Willem Kreuger
Page K18 Wim Kreuger to Henry Krutosik
Page K19 Marie Kruttli to Katsuo Kuninaka
Page K20 Namanuma Kunio to Ben Kynard
Page K21 Charles Kynard to Laurent Kzrewina


Page L1 Kader L'Aktivist to Rino Lagona
Page L2 Charlie Lagond to Chris Lammont
Page L3 Esther Lamneck to Tony Lang
Page L4 Walter Lang to Steve Larrance
Page L5 Eduardo "Tito" Larre to Bela Lattman
Page L6 Bela Lattmann to Steve Lawrence
Page L7 Syd Lawrence to Roberto Carlos Lecaros
Page L8 Brian Lecchi to Paul Leenaerts
Page L9 Kevin Leenan to Roy Leith
Page L10 Tom Leith to Tony Leonheart
Page L11 Adelio Leoni to Piero Leveratto
Page L12 Pietro Leveratto to Mark Lewis
Page L13 Marlon Lewis to Kate Light
Page L14 Peter Light to Preben Lindhardt
Page L15 Peter Lindharme to Jeff Lisk
Page L16 Lindon Lisk to Teona Lock
Page L17 Rob Lockart to Tracy London
Page L18 The London Philharmonic Orchestra to Alan Lornie
Page L19 Marco Lo Rosso to Hugh Lowenstein
Page L20 Marc Lowenstein to Erik van der Luijt
Page L21 Willem Luijt to Adalbert Lutter
Page L22 Andy Lutter to Arnold Lz


Page M1 M to Don MacKay
Page M2 Duncan Mackay to Olivier Magarotto
Page M3 Dan Magarrell to Tony Majdalani
Page M4 Jack Majdecki to Alberto Malo
Page M5 Alex Malo to Ed Mann
Page M6 Elizabeth Mann to Paolo Marcellini
Page M7 Augusto Marcellino to Mark Marineau
Page M8 Anthony Marinelli to Herman Marquis
Page M9 Renee Marquis to Bruce Martin
Page M10 Bruce Martin to Alberto Martino
Page M11 Bruno Martino to Claude Massacrier
Page M12 Mahindi Massai to Dan Matrazzo
Page M13 Dr. Dan Matrazzo to Dave Maurakis
Page M14 Claude Maurane to Mark Mazui
Page M15 Roger Mazuit to ... McClelland
Page M16 Chuck McClelland to Jim McDonald
Page M17 Joe McDonald to Mark McGuirk
Page M18 Mike McGuirk to John McLean
Page M19 Jordan McLean to Bridgette McWilliams
Page M20 Brigitte McWilliams to Gabriel Meir
Page M21 Meira to Ava Mendoza
Page M22 Billy Mendoza to Xavier Mertian
Page M23 Hans Mertl to Joe Meyers
Page M24 Louis Jay Meyers to Andrea Migliarini
Page M25 Jay Miglieri to Emmett Miller
Page M26 Eric Miller to Hyman Milord
Page M27 Rajko Milosavljevic to Misha
Page M28 Lynne Mishalanie to Hajime Mizoguchi
Page M29 Takashi Mizoguchi to Thomas Molgaard
Page M30 Torolf Molgaard to R. Monta
Page M31 Jean-Claude Montac to Harold Moore
Page M32 Harold Moore to Boris Morelli
Page M33 Franco Morelli to Angelo Moroni
Page M34 Dado Moroni to Ferris Mosby
Page M35 Todd Mosby to Basile Mouton
Page M36 Claude Mouton to Gyorgy Muller
Page M37 Hans Muller to Andreas Murner
Page M38 Sandro Murner to Corey Mwamba
Page M39 Michael Mwenso to Sipo Mzimela


Page N1 Philippe N'Bess to Pete Namlook
Page N2 Dan Namovicz to John Nazarenko
Page N3 Kim Nazaretov to Louis Nelson
Page N4 Luke Nelson to Trevor New
Page N5 The New Allegros to Leif Ingvar Nicklas
Page N6 Friederike Nicklaus to Mark Nilan
Page N7 Daria Nile to Ryan Noel
Page N8 Sirrah Noel to Kjeld Norregaard
Page N9 Mads Norregaard to Denise Nunez-Matt
Page N10 Paolo Nunin to Sophie Nzuki-Balisidya


Page O1 Charlie O to Mike Oakley
Page O2 Olly Oakley to Kuniyasu Oguri
Page O3 Kazumi Oguro to Bob Olinger
Page O4 Cara Olinger to Marco Ominici
Page O5 Shunsuke Omino to ... Orphelien
Page O6 Cremas Orphelien to Jeremy Ostrander
Page O7 Phil Ostrander to Greg Owens
Page O8 Henry Owens to Marta Ozzetti


Page P1 Sarah P to Jenni Paivinen
Page P2 Joni Paivinen to Charles Panelli
Page P3 Charlie Panelli to Parisi
Page P4 Carlo Parisi to Jermaine Parrish
Page P5 John Parrish, Jr. to Bill Patrick
Page P6 Cameron Patrick to Mario Pavone
Page P7 Michael Pavone to Claus Clement Pedersen
Page P8 Craig Pedersen to Charles Pemonte
Page P9 Al Pena to Idafe Perez
Page P10 Isidro Perez to Phil Perry
Page P11 Phill Perry to Darren Peterson
Page P12 Dave Peterson to Marius Peyer
Page P13 Ralf Peyer to Palmino Pia
Page P14 Tony Pia to Nicholas Pike
Page P15 Peter Pike to Frank Piscioneri
Page P16 Sam Pisciotta to Jack Plovanich
Page P17 Mike Ploven to Tommy Pollard
Page P18 Trey Pollard to Eypor Porlaksson
Page P19 Ryszard Porowiecki to Joe Powe
Page P20 Kevin Powe, Jr. to Tony Prentice
Page P21 Bud Prentiss to Alan Pritchard
Page P22 Bill Pritchard to Enrico Pulcinelli
Page P23 Wojciech Pulcyn to Cankut Pzgul


Page Q1 Apt. Q-258 to Morten Qvenild


Page R1 Bob R. to Jeremy Ragsdale
Page R2 Scott Ragsdale to Brent Rampone
Page R3 Kenny Rampton to Dave Rasmussen
Page R4 Dennis Rasmussen to John Raymond
Page R5 Lew Raymond to Lula Reed
Page R6 Margo Reed to Ilja Reijngoud
Page R7 Jussi Reijonen to Buzz Renn
Page R8 Terry Renn to Malika Rhami
Page R9 Miss Rhapsody to Sally Richards
Page R10 Shela Somalia Richards to Florian Riedl
Page R11 Frank Riedl to Walter Rios
Page R12 Jose Rios Furito to Mario Robbiani
Page R13 Mary Robbie to Bill Robinson
Page R14 Bill "Bojangles" Robinson to Terry Rodd
Page R15 Viv Rodd to Al Rogers
Page R16 Alan Rogers to "Popo" Romano
Page R17 Aldo Romano to Rick Rosato
Page R18 Tania Rosato to Frank Ross
Page R19 Fred Ross to Ray von Rotz
Page R20 George Rotzer to Queenie Ada Rubin
Page R21 Ron Rubin to John Ruocco
Page R22 Hannes Ruoff to Holly Ruzicka
Page R23 Jiri Ruzicka to Krzysztof Rzucidlo


Page S1 Akosh S to Didier Saint Aulaire
Page S2 Mariannick Saint Ceran to Joanne Saltzman
Page S3 Larry Saltzman to Rolf Sander
Page S4 Wade Sander to Widor Santiago
Page S5 Willie Santiago to Yasuhiko Sato
Page S6 Yasuhiko "Hachi" Sato to Steve Sax
Page S7 Atty. General Saxbe to Hansjorg Schaltenbrand
Page S8 Don Schamber to Benno Schilling
Page S9 Bill Schilling to Lucien Schmitt
Page S10 Martin Schmitt to Alfred Schoonjans
Page S11 Charly Schoonjans to Anders Schumann
Page S12 Andreas Schumann to Betty Scott
Page S13 Bill Scott to Filippo Sebastianelli
Page S14 Franco Sebastiani to Dominic Seldis
Page S15 H. Seldon to Peggy Serra
Page S16 Sandro Serra to Ray Shange
Page S17 Sandile Shange to Howie Shear
Page S18 Jerry Shear to H. Shewring
Page S19 Natalia Sheykina to Tony Short
Page S20 Val Short to David Sierra
Page S21 Dawn Sierra to Vojilas Simil
Page S22 Vojislas Simil to Henry Sincigno
Page S23 Adam Sinclair to Ricky Skaggs
Page S24 Dan Skakun to Brian "Lord" Sledge
Page S25 Russell Sledge to Bill Smith
Page S26 Bill Smith to Les Smith
Page S27 Leslie Smith to Roger Snell
Page S28 Jim Snelling to Toti Soler
Page S29 Vicenc Soler to Peter Sorensen
Page S30 Peter Brem Sorensen to Joe Spargo
Page S31 Pete Spargo to John Spindler
Page S32 Mike Spindloe to Fred Staeble
Page S33 Rudi Staeger to Neal Starkey
Page S34 Victor Starkey to Harold Stein
Page S35 Harry Stein to Friwi Sternberg
Page S36 Guy Sternberg to Cathy Stiles
Page S37 Clark Stiles to Guus Stoots
Page S38 Bernie Stopak to Manfred Streule
Page S39 Martin Streule to Everett Stump
Page S40 Gordon Stump to Tom Sullivan
Page S41 Tommy Sullivan to Didier Sutton
Page S42 Dudley Sutton to Geoff Sweeney
Page S43 Joellen Sweeney to Ulrich Szuba
Page S44 Andy Szucs to Eugeniusz Szymecki


Page T1 Billy T to Angelina Tallaj
Page T2 Franco Tallarita to Lana Tasse
Page T3 Alex Tassel to R. Lee Taylor
Page T4 Randy Hope Taylor to John Gentry Tennyson
Page T5 Jean-Marc Tenois to Leif Thauland
Page T6 Poul Thaulow to Jeff Thomas
Page T7 Jeff Thomas to Richard D. Thompson
Page T8 Richie Thompson to Davis Tibbitts
Page T9 Andrew Tibbs to Teddy Tissot, Jr.
Page T10 Elvy Tistrand to Lee Tomboulian
Page T11 Tomchess to Nestor Torres
Page T12 Nestor R. Torres to Kees Trappenburg
Page T13 Chris Trapper to Preben Trojel-Hansen
Page T14 Pia Trojgaard to Dion Tucker
Page T15 Ed Tucker to Sean Turner
Page T16 Seguito Turner to Michail Tzurichenko


Page U1 Jimi U to William Upchurch
Page U2 Rob Updegraff to Imani Uzuri


Page V1 Frankie V to Flavia Vallega
Page V2 Raoul Valleho to Stef van Es
Page V3 Jospeh Van Esch to Jari Varpama
Page V4 Pino Varracchio to Barry Velleman
Page V5 Daniela Velli to Alfredo Verrengia
Page V6 Francesco Verrengia to Remi Vignolo
Page V7 Remy Vignolo to Eduardo Visbeek
Page V8 Ole Visby to Peter Vollmers
Page V9 Jurg Vollmin to Vladimir Vysotin
Page V10 Igor Vysotsky to Pascale Vyvere


Page W1 W to Murray Wald
Page W2 Richard Wald to Raimo Wallen
Page W3 Totty Wallen to August Wanngren
Page W4 Hans H. Wanning to Chandra Washington
Page W5 Charles Washington to John Watson
Page W6 John Watson to Jurgen Weber
Page W7 Katharina Weber to Al Weisbard
Page W8 Arthur Weisberg to Jens Wendelboe
Page W9 Andreas Wendelholt to Erik Westin
Page W10 Henrik Westin to Eric White
Page W11 Ernie White to Vaclav Wicher
Page W12 Gustav Wicherek to Willie Wild Sparks
Page W13 Jurg Wildberger to Charles "Hungry" Williams
Page W14 Charles James Williams to Rebecca Williams
Page W15 Regina Marie Williams to Curt Wilson
Page W16 Dale Wilson to Jim Wingo
Page W17 Mike Wingo to Barry Withworth
Page W18 Pekka Witikka to Daniel Won
Page W19 Kofo Wonder to Martin Wopmann
Page W20 W. Worbowskij to Joe Wulf
Page W21 Willy Wulf to Michael Wzrson


Page X1 Andreas X to XZV3


Page Y1 Y to Robert Yelin
Page Y2 Lev Yelisavetsky to Jeffrey Young
Page Y3 Jermaine Young to Frederic Yzerman


Page Z1 Bojan Z to Paul Zauner
Page Z2 Petr Zavadil to Zbigniew Zietara
Page Z3 Julia Zietek to Mark Zubek
Page Z4 Stanislaw Zubek to Doc Zywan