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This index refers to the 225,828 individual jazz musicians (1,409,428 total entries) included in over 244,847 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2020.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page A1 A Filetta to Juan Carlos Abreu
Page A2 Yaroldi Abreu to Awwalu Adamu
Page A3 Jan Adamus to Rafael Aguila
Page A4 Annette Aguilar to Eric Alabaster
Page A5 Jorge Alabe to Adolphe "Tats" Alexander, Jr.
Page A6 Alana Alexander to Barclay Allen
Page A7 Bernard Allen to Vilde Sandve Alnaes
Page A8 Alnora to John Ambrico
Page A9 Enrico "Joe" Ambrogi to Arlyn Anderson
Page A10 Becky Anderson to Martin Andre
Page A11 Maurice Andre to Amari Ansari
Page A12 Anayat Ansari to Jean-Luc Aramy
Page A13 Dan Aran to Adam Armstrong
Page A14 Al Armstrong to Knut Arvidsson
Page A15 Bo Arvinder to Ivan Atanassov
Page A16 Neli Atanassova to Jaime Austria
Page A17 John Austria to a_dontigny


Page B1 Bobby B to Cynthia Baehr
Page B2 Erik Baek to Ellis Baker
Page B3 Ernie Baker to Leo Ballandike
Page B4 Leo Ballandyk to Harpreet Bansal
Page B5 Harpreet Bansan to Mamadou Bari
Page B6 Richard Bari to Mark Barone
Page B7 Mike Barone to Johannes Barthelmes
Page B8 Karl Barthelmes to Sadeek Basyouni
Page B9 Shevachia Bat-Israel to Thomas "Funder" Baumgartner
Page B10 Walter Baumgartner to Marcel Beaujojan
Page B11 Roger Beaujolais to Michael Beeton
Page B12 Rachel Beeton to Roberto Bellan
Page B13 Roger Bellan to Marc Benham
Page B14 Pat Benham to Virginia Benz
Page B15 Carlo Benzi to Tol Bergman
Page B16 Torbjorn Bergman to Barney Bernzweig
Page B17 Jocelyne Beroard to Cliff Betts
Page B18 Dave Betts to Gary Bierschwal
Page B19 Pierre Biersma to Elsa Birge
Page B20 Jean-Jacques Birge to Neil Black
Page B21 Nigel Black to Tyler Blanton
Page B22 Walt Blanton to Sugar Blue
Page B23 T.K. Blue to Jan Boes
Page B24 Karlos Boes to Ira Bolling
Page B25 Pillie Bolling to Lynn Book
Page B26 George Bookataub to Alberto Borsari
Page B27 Vinnie Borselli to Billy Bouffard
Page B28 Genevieve Bouffard to Russ Bowman
Page B29 Skip Elliott Bowman to Pete Bradshaw
Page B30 Steve Bradshaw to Michael Brassner
Page B31 David Brassoi Kozak to Carlos Breton
Page B32 Eric Breton to Lars Brisman
Page B33 Bastien Brison to Alisha Brooks
Page B34 Allain Brooks to Donald Brown
Page B35 Donald "Mista Enz" Brown, Jr. to Warren Brown
Page B36 Watson Brown to Gary Brunotte
Page B37 ... Bruns to Thomas Buchreitz
Page B38 Robert Buchs to Rick Bullock
Page B39 Tim Bullock to Raymond Burke
Page B40 Reginald Burke to Rod Burton
Page B41 Roland Burton to M. Buys
Page B42 Marco Buys to Barry Bzweig


Page C1 Billy C to Tony Caldicot
Page C2 Franco Caldironi to Cherry Camm
Page C3 Des Camm to Eren Cannata
Page C4 Jean-Louis Cannaud to Gino Carcassola
Page C5 Carcilia Mandolin Orchestra to Archie Carmichael
Page C6 Bill Carmichael to George W. Carroll
Page C7 Georgia Carroll to Joe Casados
Page C8 Gherardo Casaglia to Christina Castro
Page C9 Cono Castro to Robin Ceci
Page C10 Danny Cecil to Scott Challinor
Page C11 Beth Challis to Bernie Charles
Page C12 Bobby Charles to Adrien Chennebault
Page C13 Jose Chenoll to Jeanne Chloe
Page C14 Petr Chlouba to Chulo
Page C15 Barry Chum to Nick Clandro
Page C16 George Clane to Martin Clawson
Page C17 Andrew Claxton to Jean Marie Coatantiec
Page C18 Andrew Coates to "Kid Sheik" Cola
Page C19 D. Cola to Mal Collier
Page C20 Micah Collier to Joe Comfort
Page C21 Nir Comforti to Rosemary Conte
Page C22 Sam Conte to Larry Cooper
Page C23 Lee Cooper to Dominique Cornil
Page C24 Andre Cornille to William Cote
Page C25 Edward Cotello to Jake Cox
Page C26 James Cox to Dennis Creller
Page C27 Naomi Crellin to Stephen Crowe
Page C28 Steve Crowe to Gailanne Cummings
Page C29 Gary Cummings to Cyro & George
Page C30 Casey Cysik to Roland Czyzyk


Page D1 Bubba D to Bob Dahlquist
Page D2 Lasse Dahlquist to Andreas Danel
Page D3 David Danel to Jihad Darwish
Page D4 Basem Darwish-Schurmann to Lalo Davila
Page D5 Paquito Davila to Mike Davison
Page D6 Pete Davison to Daniella DeBellis
Page D7 Robert DeBellis to Arne Deforce
Page D8 Clemence De Forceville to Wayne Delano
Page D9 Leopold Delanoit to Alex De Macedo
Page D10 Roger Demael to Peter Denny
Page D11 Phyllis Denny to Charles Descarfino
Page D12 Charlie Descarfino to Jim Devlin
Page D13 John Devlin to Vince DiCiccio
Page D14 Johnny di Cicco to Juampi Di Leone
Page D15 Alfred Di Lernia to Fridmar Dittloff
Page D16 Frotwin Dittloff to James Doherty
Page D17 Jim Doherty to Mick Donnely
Page D18 Alex Donner to Dorian Douglas
Page D19 Ernie Douglas to The Dreams
Page D20 Al Dreares to Roberta Duchak
Page D21 Charles DuChateau to Danny Duncan
Page D22 Daryl Duncan to Sjahin During
Page D23 Roland Duringer to Beth Dzwil


Page E1 Sheila E to Emmanuel Ector
Page E2 Felicidad Ector to Pierre Egea
Page E3 Boo Egebjer to Lars Ekman
Page E4 Maans Ekman to Louise Elliott
Page E5 Lu Elliott to Edward "Sonny" Emory, III
Page E6 Florence Emory to Richard Erb
Page E7 Till Erb to Brittney Escovedo
Page E8 Coke Escovedo to Charlie Evans
Page E9 Chick Evans to Dave Ezzy


Page F1 F to Bobby Falta
Page F2 Csaba Faltay to Ernie Farrow
Page F3 Kris Farrow to James Fei
Page F4 Peng Fei to John Ferguson
Page F5 Johnny Ferguson to Joost Ferwerda
Page F6 Mario Ferzi to Paul Finazzo
Page F7 John Finbury to Valerie Jean Fischer
Page F8 Vera Fischer to Bela Fleck
Page F9 Ben Fleck to Jimmy Flynn
Page F10 Justin Flynn to Jerry Forde
Page F11 Sarah Forde to Stan Foster
Page F12 Stephen Foster to Kay Francis
Page F13 Kemba Francis to Dorel Fratila
Page F14 Dumitru Ovidiu Fratila to Frank French
Page F15 George French to Per-Anders Froding
Page F16 Maria Frodl to James Fuller
Page F17 Jane Fuller to Aqi Fzono


Page G1 Juanito G to Mike Galbraith
Page G2 Robert Galbraith to Oliver Gannon
Page G3 Sharon Gannon to Los Garfield
Page G4 Todd Garfinkle to Ed Gaston
Page G5 James Gaston to Christian Gehl
Page G6 Stephen Gehl to Andreas Georgiou
Page G7 Eve Georgiou to Sylvain Ghio
Page G8 Hermes Maria Ghirardini to Mark Gilbanks
Page G9 Gene Gilbeaux to Bill Ginn
Page G10 Glenn Ginn to Phillip Glass
Page G11 Preston Glass to Laurindo Godoy
Page G12 Lucio Godoy to Ray Goldstein
Page G13 Rene Goldstein to Ubaldo Gonzalez Lanuza
Page G14 Indira Gonzalez Oliva to Lukasz Gorewicz
Page G15 Max Gorey to Dusko Goykovic
Page G16 Dusko Goykovich to Alan Grant
Page G17 Albert Grant to Margret Grebowicz
Page G18 Gianni Grecchi to Tim Greenhalgh
Page G19 Tom Greenhalgh to Bessie Griffin
Page G20 Bill Griffin to John Gronberg
Page G21 Laura "Cicci" Gronberg to Pierre Grzeskowiak
Page G22 Steve Grzeskowiak to Bud Guin
Page G23 Francois Guin to Tony Guterres
Page G24 Nick Gutersohn to John Gzowski


Page H1 Arthur H to Rob Hageman
Page H2 Harry Hagemann to Ashley Hall
Page H3 Audrey Hall to Cordula Hamacher
Page H4 Brian Hamada to ChungEun Han
Page H5 Connie Han to Steen Nikolaj Hansen
Page H6 Steen Vig Hansen to Jack Harkevy
Page H7 Sue Ann Harkey to Jody Harris
Page H8 Joe Harris to Sarah Hart
Page H9 Sean Hart to Debby Hastings
Page H10 Dennis Hastings to Edwin Hawkins Singers
Page H11 Donna Hawkinson to Val Healey
Page H12 Walt Healey to Seppo Heikkonen
Page H13 Bernd Heil to Mitch Hemes
Page H14 Dylan Heming to Carlos Henriques
Page H15 David Henriques to Caris Hermes
Page H16 Peter Hermesdorf to Lars Hesselgren
Page H17 Christina Hesselholdt to Monk Higgins
Page H18 Naomi Higgins to Bobby Hind
Page H19 Serik Hind to Louis Hjulmand
Page H20 Ingvar Hjulstrom to Reimer R. Hoffman
Page H21 Reiner Hoffman to Stan Holland
Page H22 Stevie Holland to Wim Holthaus
Page H23 Bjorg Holthe to Noah Hopkins
Page H24 Phil Hopkins to Harold Hoss
Page H25 Wendell Hoss to Eric Howington
Page H26 Ein Howitt to Jeff Huggins
Page H27 Arnold Huggler to Cecil Hunt
Page H28 Chip Hunt to ... Hutchinson
Page H29 Alec Hutchinson to Markku Hyytia


Page I1 The I 94 Horn Section to Jonas Imhof
Page I2 Manuel Imhof to Charlie Irvin
Page I3 Dee Irvin to Lovell Ives
Page I4 Lowell Ives to Virginia Izzo


Page J1 Brian J to Clemens Jacob
Page J2 Danny Jacob to Margaret Jalkeus
Page J3 Margareta Jalkeus to Herbert Janssen
Page J4 Horst Janssen to Adam Jedrzejowski
Page J5 Cas Jeekel to Ingrid Jensen
Page J6 Jacob Jensen to Arno Jobs
Page J7 Herbert Jobski to Charlie Johnson
Page J8 Charlie Johnson to Phil Johnson
Page J9 Plas Johnson to Buzz Jones
Page J10 Byron Jones to Tony Jones
Page J11 Tony Jones to Papa Joseph
Page J12 Papa John Joseph to Laura Jurd
Page J13 Nick Jurd to Jens Jyde


Page K1 Adrian K to Margaretha Kallin
Page K2 Sture Kallin to Laszlo Kapitany
Page K3 Jacques Kapitein to Mitch Kashmar
Page K4 Ilya Kashtan to Utah Kawasaki
Page K5 Yosuke Kawasaki to Pat Keiner
Page K6 Wilfried Keinert to Jim Keltner
Page K7 Dave Kelton to Ed Kernan
Page K8 Jack Kernan to Vanessa Kibbe
Page K9 Otis Kibber to Hiroki Kimura
Page K10 Hitoshi Kimura to Martin Kippenberger
Page K11 Terry Kippenburger to Ola Kjellman
Page K12 Staffan Kjellmor to Vlastu Kloc
Page K13 Adam Klocek to Edith Knusel
Page K14 Felix Knusel to Shiraishi Koji
Page K15 Miran Kojian to Zdenek Kopecky
Page K16 Dieter Kopei to Hannes Kottek
Page K17 Serge Kottelat to Daniela Krammer
Page K18 Franz Kramml to Vivi Kristensen
Page K19 Eva Kristensson to Ilona Kudina
Page K20 Joseph Kudinka to Jurgen Kupke
Page K21 Harold Kupper to Laurent Kzrewina


Page L1 Kader L'Aktivist to Bob La Girardia
Page L2 Juan Carlos Laglere to Dominique Lambrey
Page L3 Evgeni Lambrinov to Arthur Lang
Page L4 Bernhard Lang to Gerhard Larisch
Page L5 Horst Larisch to Christian Lastrape
Page L6 Jacques Lasure to Ken Law
Page L7 Kenneth Law to Al Leas
Page L8 Ellen Lease to Julian Lee
Page L9 Jungmin Lee to Marty Lehr
Page L10 Aaron Lehrfeld to Michael Lenore
Page L11 Adriane Lenox to Martin Lessiak
Page L12 Andrew Lessman to Jesse Levy
Page L13 Jessey Levy to Jerry Libby
Page L14 Mark Libby to Marvin Limonick
Page L15 Peter Limonick to Gary Lineker
Page L16 Bob Liner to Ken Littler
Page L17 Thomas Littleskare to Dan Loeb
Page L18 Dave Loeb to Kimberley Longstreth
Page L19 Paul Longstreth to Stefanie Lottermoser
Page L20 Daniel Lottersberger to Andre Loyraux
Page L21 Moises Marquez Loyva to J. Lukenio
Page L22 Dizzy Lukes to Pekka Luukas
Page L23 Pekka Luukka to Arnold Lz


Page M1 M to Stuart Mack
Page M2 Ted Mack to Simona Maffini
Page M3 Rocky Maffit to Bob Mair
Page M4 Jim Mair to Quintin Mallette
Page M5 Quinton Mallette to Nick Mangini
Page M6 Chuck Mangione to Gordin Mapika
Page M7 Nelson Maple to Christian Mari
Page M8 Debbie Mari to Alphonse Marlier
Page M9 Claude Marlier to Raphael Marsonet
Page M10 Claudia Marss to Roberto Martinelli
Page M11 Samuel Martinelli to Luigi Masciari
Page M12 Aldo Masciolini to Michal Mateika
Page M13 Ivan Matejcek to Emmett Matthews
Page M14 Fat Man Matthews to Ueli May
Page M15 Willy May to Ginny McArthur
Page M16 Iain McArthur to Charlie McCoy
Page M17 Charlie McCoy to Lester McFarland
Page M18 Loretta McFarland to Sarah Ann McKay
Page M19 Scotty McKay to Jams McMillan
Page M20 Jimmy McMillan to Barbora Medekova
Page M21 Alfonso Medela to Lars Meldal
Page M22 Christian Meldau to Mohamed Menni
Page M23 Carol Mennie to James Messbauser
Page M24 Andrea Messeda to Mezz Mezzrow
Page M25 Rasan Mfalme to Tomislav Mihajlovic
Page M26 Fernando Mihalache to Glenn Miller
Page M27 Gloria Miller to Alec Milstein
Page M28 Amir Milstein to Bob Misener
Page M29 Dick Misener to Shoichi Miyazawa
Page M30 Takashi Miyazawa to Laura Mole
Page M31 Miff Mole to Soren Monrad
Page M32 Eline Monrad Vistven to Chante Moore
Page M33 Charles Moore to Pepe Moreale
Page M34 Anais Moreau to John Morillas
Page M35 Ilana Morillo to Rob Morse
Page M36 Robinson Morse to Renee Motteler
Page M37 John Motter to Nick Mulcahey
Page M38 Betty Mulcahy to Todd Munnik
Page M39 Michele Munno to Egidio Muscau
Page M40 Pol Musch to Sipo Mzimela


Page N1 Philippe N'Bess to Nate Nall
Page N2 Kim Nalley to Jim Naveira
Page N3 Raul Naverrette to Dave Nelson
Page N4 David Nelson to Bernard Neuranter
Page N5 Keir Neuringer to David Allen Nichols
Page N6 Don Nichols to Ed Nieuwenhuyse
Page N7 Frank Nieuwenhuyzen to Melane Nkounkolo
Page N8 Saadati Nkulega to Stig Nordvall
Page N9 Joachim Nordwall to Kristin Novotny
Page N10 Linda Novotny to Sophie Nzuki-Balisidya


Page O1 Charlie O to Ben Oakley
Page O2 Dewayne Oakley to Kenny Ogilvie
Page O3 Ronnie Ogilvie to Helmer Olesen
Page O4 Jens Haack Olesen to Pete Olstad
Page O5 Peter Olstad to Josh Orlando
Page O6 Pam Orlando to Jacek Ostaszewski
Page O7 Johan Ostberg to Nancy Overton
Page O8 Richard Overton to Marta Ozzetti


Page P1 Sarah P to Vladimir Paisan
Page P2 Simon Paiser to Spyros Panayotopoulos
Page P3 Catherine Pancake to Merlijn Paridaen
Page P4 Guy Paridaens to Fito de la Parra
Page P5 Gregory Parra to Ben Paterson
Page P6 Bob Paterson to Peter Paulus
Page P7 T. Paulus to Bob Pease
Page P8 Dan Pease to Riccardo Pellegrino
Page P9 Silvia Pellegrino to Paul Peregrine
Page P10 Alexandre Pereira to Pascal Perrig
Page P11 Raymond Perriguez to Ken Peters
Page P12 Kevin Peters to Blagoje Petrovic
Page P13 Bosko Petrovic to Brenda Phillips
Page P14 Brigham Phillips to Dale Pierce
Page P15 Dan Pierce to Reg Pink
Page P16 Maceo Pinkard to Bernard Pizzorno
Page P17 Richard Pizzorno to Mika Pohjonen
Page P18 Bill Pohl to Pondaza
Page P19 John Pondel to Dudu Portes
Page P20 Shai Portgaly to Ricky Powell
Page P21 Rig Powell to Maurizio Preti
Page P22 Rene Pretschner to Wolfgang Prohaska
Page P23 Gergely Prohle to Nicola Puntillo
Page P24 Claudio Puntin to Cankut Pzgul


Page Q1 Apt. Q-258 to Morten Qvenild


Page R1 Bob R. to Frank Rago
Page R2 Jackie Rago to Jose Carlos Ramos
Page R3 Jose Carlos "Big Horn" Ramos to Uan Rasey
Page R4 Sidney Rash to Shibsanker Ray
Page R5 Shilpa Ray to Buddy Reed
Page R6 Bulman Reed to Johnny Reid
Page R7 Karl Reid to Paul Renard
Page R8 Roger Renard to Frank Reynolds
Page R9 Frankie Reynolds to Dominique Richard
Page R10 Ervin "Dick" Richard to Ron Rico
Page R11 Stella Rico to Joanna Rimmer
Page R12 Reine Rimon to Curtis Rivers
Page R13 Donald Rivers to Wendy Roberts
Page R14 Wilfred Roberts, Jr. to Ion Robles
Page R15 Jon Robles to Luis Rosa Rodriguez
Page R16 Manuel Rodriguez to Enrique "Zurdo" Roizner
Page R17 John Rojak to Jose Rondinelli
Page R18 Spider Rondinelli to Dr. Johannes Rosenberg
Page R19 Ed Rosenberg to Paul Rossi
Page R20 Paulo Rossi to Booker Rowe
Page R21 Carl Rowe to Bert Ruding
Page R22 Darius Rudis to Anne Russell
Page R23 Arthur Russell to Bobby Ryder
Page R24 Brent Ryder to Krzysztof Rzucidlo


Page S1 Akosh S to Daniel Saieg
Page S2 Gabriel Saientz to Lester Salomon
Page S3 Marcel Salomon to Cecelia Sanchietti
Page S4 Mauri Sanchis to Dayren Santamaria
Page S5 Hugo Santamaria to Susan Sasaki
Page S6 Taizo Sasaki to S. Saville
Page S7 Theodore Saville to Bill Schaefer
Page S8 Charlie Schaefer to Jack Scherschell
Page S9 Martin Schertenleib to Franz Schmidlin
Page S10 Fritz Schmidlin to Adam Schoenberg
Page S11 Eric Schoenberg to Werner Schuchner
Page S12 Evelyn R. Schuck to Martin Schwarz
Page S13 Mary Schwarz to Thad Scott
Page S14 Thomas Frasier Scott to Cookie Segelstein
Page S15 Thomas Segen to Vincent Sendaydiego
Page S16 Julian Sendecki to Hisahiro Sewaki
Page S17 Iwan Sewandono to Dave Sharma
Page S18 Muraga Sharma to Bryce Shelton
Page S19 Chip Shelton to Kei Shimizu
Page S20 Kenji Shimizu to Alex Shuhan
Page S21 Chino Shuichi to Tero Siitonen
Page S22 Hans van der Sijs to Ricky Simmons
Page S23 Ron Simmons to Ludger Singer
Page S24 Marc Singer to Peter Skelton
Page S25 Rand Skelton to Henk Slingerland
Page S26 Lou Slingerland to Buster Smith
Page S27 Buster Smith to Marvin "Bugalu" Smith
Page S28 Marvin "Smitty" Smith to Eldridge Snijders
Page S29 Ronald Snijders to Guiseppe Solera
Page S30 Pepe Solera to Kjeld Sorensen
Page S31 Knud Sorensen to Ralph Spangler
Page S32 Richard Spangler to Daniela Spielmann
Page S33 Max Spielmann to Diana Stabel
Page S34 Frans Stabel to P.T. "Pete" Stanton
Page S35 Robert Stanton to Georgi Stefanov
Page S36 Nikola Stefanov to Louis Stephens
Page S37 Louis Stephens to Jim Stewart
Page S38 Jimi Stewart to Charles Stolfus
Page S39 Roman Stoljar to John Strangman
Page S40 Bjoern Strangmann to Noland Struck
Page S41 Stephan Struck to Al Sudhalter
Page S42 Carol Sudhalter to Ulrika Sunnerheim-Dahlman
Page S43 Christina Sunnerstam to Kristen Svendsen
Page S44 Christian Meaas Svendson to Phil Sylve
Page S45 Bo Sylven to Eugeniusz Szymecki


Page T1 Billy T to Philippe Talet
Page T2 Joe Talia to Carmelo Tartamella
Page T3 Pawel Tartanus to Lisa Taylor
Page T4 Livingston Taylor to Gavin Templeton
Page T5 Janus Templeton to Joe "Habao" Texidor
Page T6 Luigi Texidor to Dave Thomas
Page T7 David Thomas to Gail Thompson
Page T8 Garth Thompson to The Three Nundicks
Page T9 The Three Peters Sisters to Marco "Tindi" Tindiglia
Page T10 Wilbert Tindle to Roberto Tola
Page T11 Ray Toland to Jure Tori
Page T12 Curtis Torian to Koji Toyama
Page T13 Yoichi Toyama to Paul Triest
Page T14 Uwe Trietkau to Pauline Trusselle
Page T15 John Trussler to D. Turgeon
Page T16 Jeremy Turgeon to Frank Tyne
Page T17 T. Tynecki to Michail Tzurichenko


Page U1 Jimi U to Stanley Unwin
Page U2 Tom Unwin to Imani Uzuri


Page V1 Frankie V to Anamaria Valle
Page V2 Boris Valle to Rudi Van Egmont
Page V3 Francis Vanek to Francis Varic
Page V4 Charles Varick to Jose Velazquez
Page V5 Omar Velazquez to Tom Vernaleken
Page V6 A. Vernay to Monito Viera
Page V7 Pete Viera to Teraesa Vinson
Page V8 Will Vinson to Johannes Vogt
Page V9 Martin Vogt to Ernst Vranckx
Page V10 Nicolas Vranken to Pascale Vyvere


Page W1 W to Louis Eugene Walcott
Page W2 Nate Walcott to Arne Wallblom
Page W3 Bo Wallblom to Beibei Wang
Page W4 Bruce Wang to Jukka Wasama
Page W5 Olli-Pekka Wasama to Bernard Watson
Page W6 Bessie Watson to Woody Webb
Page W7 Carol Webb Sortomme to Carl Weingarten
Page W8 Rick Weingarten to Mark Wells
Page W9 Marnie Wells to Richie West
Page W10 Ricky West to Irene Whitaker
Page W11 Jerrell Whitaker to Jerry Whitman
Page W12 Keith Fullerton Whitman to Budi Wiharto
Page W13 Jean-Marie Wihlm to Derek Wille
Page W14 Helga Wille to Johnny Williams, Jr.
Page W15 Jon Williams to Johnnie Lee Willis
Page W16 Joshua "Jack" Willis to Wallace Wilson
Page W17 Wally Wilson to Alexis Wintsch
Page W18 Michel Wintsch to Lutz Wolf
Page W19 Mark Wolf to Nick Woodland
Page W20 Patrick Woodland to Bob Wright
Page W21 Bob Wright to Roland Wyrsch
Page W22 Simon Wyrsch to Michael Wzrson


Page X1 Andreas X to XZV3


Page Y1 Y to Thomas Yearsley
Page Y2 Chauncey Yearwood to Dylan Young
Page Y3 Earl Young to Frederic Yzerman


Page Z1 Bojan Z to Fred Zarr
Page Z2 Malika Zarra to Christian Ziegelwanger
Page Z3 Luke Ziegenhorn to Adriana Zoppo
Page Z4 Zoltan Zorandy to Doc Zywan