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This index refers to the 224,508 individual jazz musicians (1,402,297 total entries) included in over 243,576 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2019.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page A1 A Filetta to John Abriani
Page A2 Mario Abricone to Amina Adbullahi
Page A3 Adwin Adcock to Mike Aguilar
Page A4 Pedro Aguilar to Noel Alain
Page A5 Rashied Al Akbar to Bobby Alexander
Page A6 Bria Alexander to Brian Allen
Page A7 Bridget Allen to Douglas Alonso
Page A8 Fran Alonso to Franco Ambrosetti
Page A9 Gianluca Ambrosetti to Chris Anderson
Page A10 Chris Anderson to Stig Andreassen
Page A11 Thor Andreassen to Clive Anstee
Page A12 Laura Anstee to Mingo Araujo
Page A13 Patricia Araujo to Leslie Armstrong
Page A14 Lil Armstrong to Alexey Asantcheeff
Page A15 Asante to Doug Atkin
Page A16 Josh Atkin to Lucho Avellaneda
Page A17 Luis Avellar to a_dontigny


Page B1 Bobby B to Peter Baek
Page B2 Houle Baekdal to Geoffrey Baker
Page B3 George Baker to Fred Ballard
Page B4 Gene Ballard to Jeff Banyots
Page B5 Russ Banzer to V. Barilov
Page B6 Nic Bariluk to Michel Barouille
Page B7 Valerie Barouille to Dave Bartle
Page B8 Del Bartle to Rob Batchko
Page B9 Willie Batchler to Thomas Bauser
Page B10 Mary Bausfield to Landon Beaver
Page B11 Missy Beaver to Monica Behan
Page B12 John Behe to Randy Bellerjean
Page B13 Dick Bellerose to Asher Benjamin
Page B14 Austin Benjamin to Mircea Berchi
Page B15 Gusti Berchtold to Sven Bergstedt
Page B16 Gunnar Bergsten to Craig Berry
Page B17 Dana Berry to Big Mama Bev
Page B18 Andy Bevan to Colin Biggin
Page B19 Jim Biggins to B. Birringer
Page B20 Paolo Birro to Marvin Blackman
Page B21 Olly Blackman to Ralph Blauvelt
Page B22 Marco Blauw to Rob Blumenthal
Page B23 Saul Blumenthal to Nikolai Bogelund
Page B24 Rasmus Bogelund to Bomani
Page B25 Darryl Bomar to Florian Boos
Page B26 Francesco Boosaglia to Frank Bosch
Page B27 Hans Bosch to Francois Bourassa
Page B28 Yf Bouray to Joe Boyd
Page B29 Johnny Boyd to Anouar Brahem
Page B30 Weedie Brahima to Buenaventura Braunstein
Page B31 Neil Braunstein to Roy Brewster
Page B32 Tex Brewster to Harold Broadbent
Page B33 Henry Broadbent to Robert Brooks
Page B34 Ron Brooks to J.T. Brown
Page B35 Jack Brown to Tonya Broyles
Page B36 Dunca Broz to Chananja Bryan
Page B37 Courtney Bryan to Nicholas Bucknall
Page B38 Ron Bucknam to Nicole Bunout
Page B39 Jan W. Bunschoten to Michel Burnand
Page B40 Campbell Burnap to Jeff Bush
Page B41 Jeffrey Bush to Eddie Byrd
Page B42 Eric Byrd to Barry Bzweig


Page C1 Billy C to Ramon Calduch
Page C2 Maurizio Caldura to Sergio Cammalleri
Page C3 Craig Camman to Tom Canning
Page C4 Gianni Cannizzaro to Emery J. Cardas
Page C5 Kris Cardella to Vangie Carmichael
Page C6 Ralph Carmichael Chorus and to Joan Carroll
Page C7 Joe Carroll to Luis Casals
Page C8 Al Casamenti to Nelson Castro
Page C9 Oscar Castro to Tom Ceerino
Page C10 Lou Cefus to Cathy Chamberlain
Page C11 Dave Chamberlain to Jon Charles
Page C12 Joseph Charles to Fung Chernhwei
Page C13 Larry Chernicoff to Sung Hee Choi
Page C14 Yoon Sun Choi to John Churchville
Page C15 Mike Churchwell to Ali Clark
Page C16 Alice Clark to Freddy Clayton
Page C17 Gerald Clayton to Philip Cobb
Page C18 Randy Cobb to Ed Colbourne
Page C19 Randall Colbourne to Bill Collins
Page C20 Billy Collins to Dax Compise
Page C21 Charles Compo to Tino Contreras
Page C22 Alberto Contri to Tamara Cooper
Page C23 Thurman Cooper to Roz Corral
Page C24 Carlos Corrales to Orlando Cotto
Page C25 Piero Cotto to John Coxon
Page C26 Jimmy Coxson to Pascal Cretheur
Page C27 Patrice Cretien to R. Crumb
Page C28 Robert Crumb to Bob Cunningham
Page C29 Bradley Cunningham to Roland Czyzyk


Page D1 Bubba D to Lasse Dahlquist
Page D2 Annika Dahlqvist to Guy Danel
Page D3 Marc Danel to Nicolas Dary
Page D4 Aris Daryono to Frank "Paquito" Davilla
Page D5 Paquito Davilla to Willie Davison
Page D6 Christophe Davisseau to Vincenzo De Bernardis
Page D7 Massimo De Bernart to Johnny DeFrancesco
Page D8 Papa John DeFrancesco to Guylenn Delassus
Page D9 Lorry "Big Larry" Delatie to Bob De Marbaix
Page D10 Fernando De Marca to Karl Denson
Page D11 Louise Denson to Francois Descoeudres
Page D12 Pierre Descoeudres to Charlie DeVore
Page D13 Darrell DeVore to Doles Dickens
Page D14 John Dickens to Terry Dillard
Page D15 Varetta Dillard to Divinity
Page D16 Roberto Di Virgilio to Jim Dolan
Page D17 Kate Dolan to Don Donovan
Page D18 Gerald Donovan to Val Douglas
Page D19 Wayne Douglas to Anna Dresch
Page D20 Mihaly Dresch to Jacques Ducrot
Page D21 Francois Ducroux to Willy van de Dungen
Page D22 Charles Dungey to Justin Durrie
Page D23 Bruno Durring to Beth Dzwil


Page E1 Sheila E to Tonnie Ector
Page E2 Vince Ector to Jesper Egelund
Page E3 Austin Egen to Benny Ekstrand
Page E4 Bob Ekstrand to Steve Elliott
Page E5 Stuart Elliott to ena
Page E6 Teodora Enache to Jim Ercole
Page E7 Joe Ercole to Paul Eshelby
Page E8 Dave Eshelman to Faith Evans
Page E9 Falkner Evans to Dave Ezzy


Page F1 F to Craig Faltin
Page F2 Michael Faltin to Adrian Farrugia
Page F3 Alfred Farrugia to Dick Feige
Page F4 Eduard Feige to Michael Ferguson
Page F5 Mike Ferguson to Klaus & Hannes Fessmann Steinklange
Page F6 Fessor's Big City Band to John Finch
Page F7 Johnny Finch to Andrew Fisendon
Page F8 Zdenek Fiser to Michael Fleiner
Page F9 Bernie Fleischer to Fabio Fochesato
Page F10 Andrew Fockel to Michael "Sugie Bear" Foreman
Page F11 Mitchel Foreman to Tino Fotsch
Page F12 ... Fotzhobel to Luciano Francisci
Page F13 "Fast Eddy" Francisco to Kevin Frazee
Page F14 Roy Frazee to Heinz Frentrop
Page F15 Manfred Frenz to Bert Frohman
Page F16 Denice Frohman to Phil Fullerton
Page F17 Randy Fullerton to Aqi Fzono


Page G1 Juanito G to Frank Galbreath
Page G2 George Galbreath to Ezra Gans
Page G3 Harald Gansberger to Mauro Gargano
Page G4 Nadir Gargano to Al Gata
Page G5 Renat Gataulin to Eva Gehring
Page G6 Flip Gehring to David Geradts
Page G7 Marc Geraerts to Ghost of Greg Nice Past
Page G8 Guy Ghozland to Freddy Gilbert
Page G9 Geoff Gilbert to Joseph A. Ginson
Page G10 Bud Ginther to Ruth Glatt
Page G11 Curtis Glatter to N. Michael Goecke
Page G12 Blake Goedde to Antonio Golino
Page G13 Gregorio Golinsky to Donald Goodall, Jr.
Page G14 John Goodall to Mike Gorman
Page G15 Preston Gorman to Martin Graber
Page G16 Max Graber to Pamela Grant
Page G17 Patsy Grant to Alan "Buzz" Green
Page G18 Alby Green to Sonny Greenwich, Jr.
Page G19 Woodrow T. Greenwich to Sheba Griffin
Page G20 Stephanie Griffin to The Grooveneers
Page G21 Daniel Groover to Bob Guarnieri
Page G22 Franco Guarnieri to Jostein Gulbrandsen
Page G23 Andrzej Gulczynski to Dale Gutman
Page G24 Didi Gutman to John Gzowski


Page H1 Arthur H to Bill Hagen
Page H2 Billy Hagen to Bob Hall
Page H3 Bob "Big Sunflower" Hall to Jennifer Hamady
Page H4 Motoya Hamaguchi to Anders Hana
Page H5 Hajime Hana to Torben Hansen
Page H6 Torben Riis Hansen to Dale Harkness
Page H7 Sean Harkness to John "Ironman" Harris
Page H8 Johnny Harris to Istvan Hartai
Page H9 F.R. Hartauer to Gus Haston
Page H10 Iosif Hastreiter to Bill Hawley
Page H11 Dave Hawley to Susan Heapwood
Page H12 ... Heard to Susanna Heilmayr
Page H13 Anna Heilmeier to Jonas Hemmersbach
Page H14 Grete Hemmeshoj-Frederiksen to Charlie Henry
Page H15 Chicken Henry to Alex Hernandez
Page H16 Andres Hernandez to Walter Hessum
Page H17 Walther Hessum to Bryan Highbloom
Page H18 Jack Highborn to Hindustani
Page H19 Mac Hine to Jason Ho
Page H20 Maguin Ho to Michael Hoffmann
Page H21 Mike Hoffmann to Clay Holley
Page H22 Dorian Holley to Roman Holub
Page H23 Vaclav Holub to Jimmy Hopps
Page H24 Roger Hopps to Gregor Hotz
Page H25 Hans-Peter Hotz to Brad Hoyt
Page H26 David Hoyt to Fred Hughes
Page H27 Fred Hughes, Jr. to Pee Wee Hunt
Page H28 Peter Hunt to David Hutson
Page H29 Jay Hutson to Markku Hyytia


Page I1 The I 94 Horn Section to Jan Imhoff
Page I2 Matthias von Imhoff to Andy Irvine
Page I3 Brian Irvine to Darryl G. Ivey
Page I4 Ed Ivey to Virginia Izzo


Page J1 Brian J to Frank Jacob
Page J2 Hennes Jacob to Jimmy Jam
Page J3 Ze Jam to Wim Janssen
Page J4 Carolien Janssens to Jason Jeffers
Page J5 Marcus Jeffers to Jorgen Jensen
Page J6 Jorn "Jonne" Jensen to Harry Jockin
Page J7 Jackie Jocko to Cliff Johnson
Page J8 Cliff Johnson to Richard Johnson
Page J9 Richard D. Johnson to Clarence Jones
Page J10 Clarence Jones to William Jones
Page J11 William "Buddy" Jones to Shashank Joshi
Page J12 Ari Joshua to Vic Jurusz
Page J13 Victor Jurusz to Jens Jyde


Page K1 Adrian K to Ike Kallio
Page K2 Ilpo Kallio to Allan Kaplan
Page K3 Amy Kaplan to Dave Kasik
Page K4 Serge Kasimoff to Tetsuro Kawashita
Page K5 Nobuo Kawato to Shane Keister
Page K6 Torigoe Keisuke to Mathias Kemmer
Page K7 Ray "Gabe" Kemmerer to "Baby Ruth" Kerr
Page K8 Anthony Kerr to Bill Kick
Page K9 Dan Kickey to Tom Kincaid
Page K10 Deane Kincaide to John Kirby
Page K11 Malcolm Kirby to Walther Klaebel
Page K12 Harry Klaffenbock to Sandy Klose
Page K13 Stefan Klose to Jun Kobayashi
Page K14 Jun-ichi Kobayashi to Jiri Kolar
Page K15 Karel Kolar to Bernd Koppen
Page K16 Christian Koppenhafer to Jan Kouwenhoven
Page K17 Osmane Kouyake to Hymie Krasner
Page K18 Louis Krasner to Vladimir Krnetic
Page K19 Sascha Krobath to Denis Kugappi
Page K20 Klaus Kugel to Blacky Kurmann
Page K21 Stephan Kurmann to Laurent Kzrewina


Page L1 Kader L'Aktivist to Frederic Lagnau
Page L2 Elisabeth Lagneau to Maria Lambros Kannen
Page L3 Issa Lambson to Dave Lang
Page L4 David Lang to Commodore Lark
Page L5 Lauren Lark to Richie Lataille
Page L6 Erik Latan to D.D. Lawka
Page L7 Badstuter Lawl to Chuck Leavell
Page L8 Julian Leaver to LeShawn Lee
Page L9 Linda Lee to Kari Lehtomaki
Page L10 Hannu Lehtonen to Lance van Lenten
Page L11 Enea Lenti to Rita Lester
Page L12 Sonny Lester to Valerie Levy
Page L13 Ward Levy to Matt Libman
Page L14 Paul Libman to Giani Lincan
Page L15 Louis Lince to Jiri Linha
Page L16 Andrew Linham to Lisa Liu
Page L17 Patti Liu to Jorgen Lof
Page L18 Tage Lof to Charles Loos
Page L19 Lanny Loos to Jim Loughnan
Page L20 Jimmy Loughnan to Esdras B. Lubin
Page L21 Jacques Lubin to Luna
Page L22 Brent Luna to Randy Lyght
Page L23 Erlend Lygren to Arnold Lz


Page M1 M to James Mack Singers
Page M2 The Mack Sisters to Glen Mafoko
Page M3 Armando Mafufo to Thomas Mair
Page M4 Ivor Mairants to Paul Mallinger
Page M5 Tristan Malliot to Luis Mangual
Page M6 Bruno Manguelro to Vera Mara
Page M7 Sam Marabella to Fala Mariam
Page M8 Marguerite Mariama to Tony Marlow
Page M9 Alex Marlowe to Nicole Marteau
Page M10 Vittorio Martegani to Blasegues Martinez
Page M11 Bob Martinez to Tal Mashiach
Page M12 Alex Mashin to Blaine Mathe
Page M13 Christiane Mathe to Onzy Matthews
Page M14 Paul Matthews to Clement Mayer
Page M15 Danny Mayer to Chauncey McBeth
Page M16 Bill McBirnie to Stanley McCoy
Page M17 Taj McCoy to Karen McGargle
Page M18 Kent McGarity to Steve McKeever
Page M19 Ian McKeinee to George McMullen
Page M20 Herbert McMullen to Jerry Medina
Page M21 Jessica Medina to Alain Melet
Page M22 Ulrich Meletschus to Jan Menu
Page M23 Patrick Menuau to Bill Messinetti
Page M24 Marc Messing to Adam Micevich
Page M25 Colette Michaan to Emily Mikesell
Page M26 Elizabeth Mikhael to Jon Miller
Page M27 Josh Miller to Sam Mims
Page M28 T.S. Mims to Seth Misterka
Page M29 Marco Mistrangelo to Atle Mjorlaug
Page M30 Andreas Mjos to Camilo Molina-Gaetan
Page M31 Camilo Molina-Gaeten to Chris Montague
Page M32 Perry Montague-Mason to Jacksom Moore
Page M33 Jackson Moore to Frithiof Morell
Page M34 John Morell to Tania Morley
Page M35 Tom Morley to Jeff Morton
Page M36 Jelly Roll Morton to Frank Moura
Page M37 Mario Moura to Mary-Margaret Mullen
Page M38 Pat Mullen to Yoshito Murakami
Page M39 Jimmy Satoshi Murakawa to Aziza Mustafa-Zadeh
Page M40 Elza Mustafa-Zadeh to Sipo Mzimela


Page N1 Philippe N'Bess to Pablo Nalli
Page N2 Skip Nallia to Arno Navratil
Page N3 Eric Navratil to Elizabeth Nelson
Page N4 Emery Nelson to Andy Nevala
Page N5 Kathy Nevala to John Nichols
Page N6 Keith Nichols to Adam Niewood
Page N7 Gerry Niewood to Pierre Noack
Page N8 Noah to Bobby Norfolk
Page N9 Ana Norgaard to J. "Jenttu" Nowak
Page N10 Jan Nowak to Sophie Nzuki-Balisidya


Page O1 Charlie O to Dwane Oakley
Page O2 Dwayne Oakley to Horace Ogle
Page O3 Rod Ogle to Rune Harder Olesen
Page O4 Siri Olesen to Heinz Oltersdorf
Page O5 Horst Oltersdorf to Eugene Orloff
Page O6 Gene Orloff to Jeff Oster
Page O7 Martien Oster to Gustavo Oviedo
Page O8 Julien Oviedo to Marta Ozzetti


Page P1 Sarah P to Marcus Paisley
Page P2 Carol Paisner to Nikolai Panchenko
Page P3 Iris Pancheri to Ali Paris
Page P4 Barbara Paris to Franco Parravicini
Page P5 Jean-Luc Parreau to Martin Patfield
Page P6 Kalman Pathak to Gunther Paust
Page P7 Dmytro Pautkin to Cristiano Pecchio
Page P8 Giovanni Pecchioli to Joe Pellicane
Page P9 Emanuele Pellicano to Miguel Leiria Pereira
Page P10 Monique L. Pereira to Bruno Perris
Page P11 Harry Perritt to Wim Peters
Page P12 Peters Sisters to Rudy Petshauer
Page P13 Bob Petsy to Jack Phillips
Page P14 James Phillips to Tom Pierce
Page P15 Vincent Pierce to Roland Pinsard
Page P16 Bob Pinsker to Kap't'n Planet
Page P17 Jerry Planin to Cesar Poirier
Page P18 Eric Poirier to Frank Ponti
Page P19 Alfonso Ponticelli to Tim Posgate
Page P20 Hal Posie to Marion Powers
Page P21 Mark Powers to Charlie Price
Page P22 Charlie "C.Q." Price to Henning Protzmann
Page P23 Olivier Prou to Dave Purple
Page P24 David Purpur to Cankut Pzgul


Page Q1 Apt. Q-258 to Morten Qvenild


Page R1 Bob R. to Frank Rago
Page R2 Jackie Rago to Joshua Ramos
Page R3 Kid Ramos to Rasheeda
Page R4 Mihail Rashev to Carlos Raya
Page R5 Curtis Rayam to Dalton Reed
Page R6 David Reed to Mike Reid
Page R7 Mr. Boone Reid to Frederic Renaudin
Page R8 Daniel Renault to Jimmy Reynolds
Page R9 Jo Reynolds to Lucile Richard
Page R10 Marc Richard to Billy Riddick
Page R11 Clyde Riddick to Rudi Rindermann
Page R12 Danie Rindlisbacher to Cristian Riviera
Page R13 Dave Riviera to Don Robertson
Page R14 Doug Robertson to Bibi Roca
Page R15 Enrique Roca to R.J. Rodriguez
Page R16 Ralph Rodriguez to Andreas Rokseth
Page R17 Masahiko Rokukawa to Ray Ronnei
Page R18 Kari Ronnekleiv to Marcello Rosenberger
Page R19 Michael Rosenberger to Cristina Rosso
Page R20 Fernando Reinoso Rosso to Steve Rowland
Page R21 Trevor Rowland to Andrea Ruedi
Page R22 F. Ruedi to Kennedy Russell
Page R23 L.J. Russell to Saito Shacho Ryoichi
Page R24 Inger Lise Rypdal to Krzysztof Rzucidlo


Page S1 Akosh S to Gunnar Saiets
Page S2 Toshiko Saiga to Or Salomon
Page S3 Wolfgang Salomon to Ida Sand
Page S4 Jordan Sand to Jurandir Santana
Page S5 Lukax Santana to Tadashi Sase
Page S6 Doug Sasfai to Santo Savino
Page S7 Johnny Savira to John A. Schaeffer
Page S8 Lone Schaeffer to Micha Scheunemann
Page S9 H.J. Scheuner to Elmar Schmidt
Page S10 Elmer Schmidt to Gunter Schofisch
Page S11 Robert "Sumo" Schofner to Live S. Schulerud
Page S12 Ervin Schulhoff to Charles Schweitzer
Page S13 Charlie Schweitzer to Bernard Scovella
Page S14 Glenn Scoville to Arjun Sehgal
Page S15 Kabir Sehgal to Lars Seniuk
Page S16 Kobfe Seniwongse to Kenny Seymour
Page S17 Mark Seymour to Todd Sharp
Page S18 Tom Sharp to Vonda Shepard
Page S19 Wendell Shepard to Kunitoshi Shinohara
Page S20 Naoko Shinohara to Bill Shupp
Page S21 Ben Shur to David Silk
Page S22 Eric Silk to Freddie Simon
Page S23 Freddie Simon to Bob Sinicrope
Page S24 Michael Sinicropi to Buddy Skipper
Page S25 Eva Skipper to Lars Slow
Page S26 M.C. Slow to Darren Smith
Page S27 Darryl Smith to Paul Jason Smith
Page S28 Paul Tillman Smith to Frank Snyder
Page S29 Fred "Moe" Snyder to Greg Solomon
Page S30 Hans Solomon to Antonello Sorrentino
Page S31 Daniele Sorrentino to Matt Spataro
Page S32 Giselher Spath to Peter Spissky
Page S33 Alberto Spisso to Jack Stafford
Page S34 Jesse Stafford to Booker Starks
Page S35 Devin Starks to Cliff Stein
Page S36 Dan Stein to Dan Stern
Page S37 Denny Stern to Hans Stich
Page S38 Margreth Stich to Keith Stone
Page S39 Kim Stone to Nico Strazzullo
Page S40 Dan Strba to Matt Stubbs
Page S41 Matthew Stubbs to Alicia Suigals
Page S42 Iipo Suikkanen to Mariama Suso
Page S43 Moro Suso to Beulah Swan
Page S44 Eddie Swan to Jacek Szafraniec
Page S45 Jorge Szajko to Eugeniusz Szymecki


Page T1 Billy T to George Taliarkin
Page T2 Saida Baba Talibah to Joey Tartell
Page T3 Ly Tartell to Louis Taylor
Page T4 Louis Taylor to Denis Tempo
Page T5 Nino Tempo to Francis Awunyor Tey
Page T6 Virginie Teychene to Don Thomas
Page T7 Don Thomas to Harvey Thompson
Page T8 Harvey Thompson to The Three Varieties
Page T9 The Three X Sisters to Yannick Tinguely
Page T10 Martin Tingvall to Juan Toledo
Page T11 Luis Toledo to Mel Torme
Page T12 Steve March Torme to Gijs Tra
Page T13 Adolf Traar to Peter Trill
Page T14 Tammy Trill to Assif Tsahar
Page T15 Matthaios Tsahourides to Erik Turker
Page T16 Todd Turkisher to Larry Tyrie
Page T17 Bernie Tyrrell to Michail Tzurichenko


Page U1 Jimi U to Frank Unzueta
Page U2 Lassi Uolotinen to Imani Uzuri


Page V1 Frankie V to Geo Valle
Page V2 Giulia Valle to Vincent Van Elferen
Page V3 Kurt van Elgg to Tapani varis
Page V4 Jean-Marc Phillips Varjabedian to Henk Martin van Veldhuizen
Page V5 Henk van Veldhuizen to Dan Vernette
Page V6 Frannie Verney to Andre Viervoll
Page V7 Karl-Heinz Viesehon to Gabriel Vinuela-Pelletier
Page V8 Vinx to Erika Voigt
Page V9 John Voigt to Giel de Vries
Page V10 Han de Vries to Pascale Vyvere


Page W1 W to E. Walczak
Page W2 Erika Walczak to Fred Wallcatt
Page W3 Gert-Ake Wallden to Hong Wang
Page W4 Jane Wang to Anders Wasen
Page W5 Danny Wash to Bob Watson
Page W6 Bob Watson to John Webber
Page W7 Jon Webber to Michael Weinreich
Page W8 Craig Weinrib to Tanya Wells
Page W9 Tim Wells to Ingemar Westberg
Page W10 Lennart Westberg to Adam White
Page W11 Addison White to James Whitney
Page W12 James Whitney to Jan van de Wijngaart
Page W13 Nand van de Wijngaart to Steve Willets
Page W14 Terry Willets to Kenneth J. Williams
Page W15 Kenny Williams to Ziggy Willman
Page W16 Fabian Willmann to Christine Wiltshire
Page W17 Johnny Wiltshire to Leif "Nan" Wirtanen
Page W18 Tom Wirtel to Brian Wolfe
Page W19 Bruno Wolfe to Al Woods
Page W20 Alan Woods to Elizabeth Wright
Page W21 Elly Wright to Michael Wzrson


Page X1 Andreas X to XZV3


Page Y1 Y to Douglas Yeats
Page Y2 YEBBA to Eldee Young
Page Y3 Eric Young to Frederic Yzerman


Page Z1 Bojan Z to Amin Zarrinchang
Page Z2 Nicole Zarry to Fiona Ziegler
Page Z3 Gerhard Ziegler to John Zorn
Page Z4 Jonathan Zorn to Doc Zywan