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This index refers to the 219,958 individual jazz musicians (1,374,297 total entries) included in over 238,908 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of November, 2018.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page W21 - Seymour Wright to Michael Wzrson

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
Seymour Wright122000-2011as,sax
Shannon Wright12007vcl
Sheyvonne Wright21979-1990vcl
Specs Wright371947-1959d,gong,tymp,vcl
Stan Wright81998b
Steve Wright191968-2010cnt,as,cl,sop,ts,arr,bar,reeds,b-cl,tp,bassax,ldr,vcl
Steve Wright61921d
Steve Wright21980-2000perc
Steve Wright31979-1981flhrn,tp,pic-tp
Syreeta Wright61975-1992vcl,backing-vcl,backing vcl
Tim Wright21970-1980g,b
Todd Wright31987-2012as
Tom Wright21928-2004el-vln,tb
Tony Wright41990-1994g,d
Tracey Wright21996-1999vcl
Tracy Wright31968-1970b
Trey Wright42008-2014g,ac-g
Wallace Wright11931tu
Wally Wright21963b
Walter Wright51927-1930tu,b
Wayne Wright311963-1988g,rhythm-g,el-g
Wilbo Wright41987-2006b,el-b,g
Willard Wright21983-1986b
Winston Wright61973org
Yuko Eguchi Wright12014vcl
Zack Wright11950bar
Bob Wrightsman21944p
Stan Wrightsman1771937-1971p,celeste,b
Austin Wrinkle22004-2009d,perc
Johannes Wrisberg51972-2008cl
Johs. Wrisberg51978-1987Es-cl,cl
Jorgen Wrisberg11996as
Pat Wristen11998tp
Claude Wrobel31991-1994as,sax
Engelbert Wrobel451985-2016cl,ts,sop,as,cnt,ss,arr,saxes,vcl
Ernst Wrobel231936-1939tb
Frank "Fluffy" Wrobel51943-1949d
Matt Wrobel12001g
Matthew Wrobel12001g
Piotr Wrobel22005-2017b-tb,tb
Micky Wrobleski11994tu
Marianna Wroblewska51972-1977vcl
Adam Wroblewski12009loop station,cello
Jan Wroblewski111957-1970ts,b-cl,cl,fl
Jan "Ptaszyn" Wroblewski621956-2007ts,cond,arr,ldr,bar,cl,vcl,comp,fl,dir,as,reeds,synt,tp
Michal Wroblewski12010p
Pascal von Wroblewsky11985vcl
Piotr Wrombel12008el-p
Zbigniew Wrombel51986-2017b,el-b
Katie Wronowski11994chorus
Craig Wroten31983-1985p,org,keyboards
James Wrubel12015p
Al Wrubelsky11989d
Gyorgy Veredi Wselvelodoff71946ts
Pawel Wszolek12015b
Christine Wu12007strings
Christopher J. Wu12001vln
Joli Wu11997viola
Mia Wu11991vln
Semay Wu12008cello
Suchi Wu12007p
Eric Wubbels12017cond
John Wubbenhorst81995-1999fl,bansuri,bansuri fl,bansuri-fl,bonsuri-fl,wester
Gulendem Wubuli12006vcl
Jurgen Wuchner361972-2011b,pic-b,piccolo-b
Craig Wuepper42000-2001d
Jack Wuerl71924-1926vln
Eva Wuerttemberger12000vcl
Harry Wuest121944-1986as,ts,bar
Bob Wuffers11973tp,vcl
Mike Wuflestad11973tp
Ellen Wuhr12000vcl
Gil Wukitsch11995flhrn,tp
Alfredo Wulf41954-1968tb
Andy Wulf12008ts
Joe Wulf221986-2005tb,vcl,swaneewhistle
Willy Wulf11983b
Jack Wulfe81950cello
Dave Wulfeck21991-1995tb
Heinz Wulfestieg21958tp
Alfredo Wulff21996tb
Fred Wulff12013g
Julius Wulff81954-1957b
Michael Wulff11965ldr,cnt,arr
Peter Wulff11987g
Rene Wulff11977d
Susan Wulff42007-2010b
Chr. Wulff-Pedersen11957b
Alfred Wulff-Woesten12001tb
Bob Wulffers261970-1977tp,tp-mouthpiece,alto-hrn,scat vcl,vcl
Eike Wulfmeier22007-2008p,accor
Nils Wulker11987flhrn,tp
Bill Wullen31926cl,as,sop,ts
Brigitte Wullimann72004-2013vcl,backing-vcl
Ueli "Wulli" Wullschleger11970cl
Jos van de Wulp11986tp
Tom van der Wulp21979p
Roland Wulser11971bj,g
Gossamer Wump11975triangle
Steve Wunder21997-2007ts,as,fl,sop
Nadja Wunderle11991vcl
Hans Wunderli32004-2009cl,ts
Klaus Wunderlich21960-1980org,el-org,arr
Bernhard Wundrak52011-2014ldr,ts
Christoph Wundrak121993-2007tp,flhrn,euph,cnt
Julian Wundrak12014d
Dave Wundrow131980-2008b
Johannes Wunner11978p
Ulli Wunner11984cl
Ulrich Wunner21978-2005as,cl
Ferry Wunsch11934tp
Frank Wunsch231980-2001p,harpsichord
Heather Wunsch11994p
Herbert Wunsch301936-1950tp
John Wunsch31982-1993g,6 string-g
Hannu Wuorela11997cond
Gunter Wurfel11980keyboards
Eric van der Wurff21971org
Arne Wurgler11960b
Hannes Wurgler31996-2006d,perc
Markus Wurgler11996tp
Bruno Wurleitner11999accor
Werner Wurm51996-2009tb,backing-vcl
Felix Wurman91986-1995celli,cello
Lisa Wurman11995vln
Alex Wurmbrandt12002vln
Kristina Wurminghausen11990voice
V. Wurmser41945-1946tp
John Wurr471964-2014cl,as,bar,sop,sax,ts
Hugo Wursch31975-1994d
Emil Wurster231970-1994as,ts,saxes,reeds,sax
Thomas Wurth22004-2010tp,flhrn,pic-tp
Carl Wurtz21988synt programs
Pilou Wurtz11997el-b
Rodney Wurtz12017viola
Aristid von Wurtzler11947harp
Arisztid Wurtzler21947harp
Rick Wurzbacher22001-2002g
Alan Wurzburger11998vcl
Horst Wurzebesser61977-1988b
Mario Wurzebesser51983-2002d,cga,perc
Denny Wurzel11959reeds
Beate Wurzer12002vcl
Alfons Wurzl71963-1989cl,sop
H. Wuschak21936unknown instr
Gerhard Wust11998cl,vcl
Cristel-Renate Wustenbecker11972vln
Wolfgang Wusteney31981-1984d,perc
Gunther Wusthoff21972-1973sax
Lee Wuthenow161982-2010ts,fl,sax,as,saxes
Niki Wuthrich51996-2006tb
Wege Wuthrich51992-2001as,cl,sop,ts
Werner Wuthrich41993-2008ts,as
Rusty Wutkiewicz12009org
Rusty Scott Wutkiewicz11996p
Anton Wuts22000-2001ts
Jean-Pierre Wuttke31971-1973as,ts,arr,vcl,fl
Ole Wuttudal12014viola
Roman Wutzl21989-1991tp
Frank Wuyts61975-1987d,p,recorder,synt,keyboards,perc,el-p
Georges Wuyts91940-1944b
Mark Wyand311997-2010ts,cl,sop,reeds,as,fl,sax
Ruth Wyand11995dobro,g,el-g,vcl
Richard Wyands1371949-2012p,el-p,keyboards
Frank Wyant12018d
Scott Wyant11973perc
Aaron Wyatt12012viola
Alan Wyatt22009-2011ts
Alex Wyatt62009-2017d,perc
Bob Wyatt41946-1960org,p
Bob Wyatt41984-2012d,perc
Claude Wyatt11980background vcl
Darrell Wyatt22000-2004tb
Don Wyatt31971-1997p,background vcl,keyboards
Eric Wyatt161995-2016ts,sop,as,fl,saxes,sax,vcl
Francis Wyatt51996-1997d
Frank Wyatt11979recorder
George Wyatt11995tb
Ian Wyatt11959bj
Jack Wyatt211979-1990b,vcl
Jackie Wyatt11985tp
Kate Wyatt42008-2015p,el-p
Keith "Mr. Big D." Wyatt11994g
Ken Wyatt21965-1966as
Kevin Wyatt71998backing-vcl
Malvin Wyatt11927ts
Marcus Wyatt92000-2012tp
Maxine Wyatt11969vcl
Michael Wyatt61952-2014tp
Norm Wyatt261948-1990tb
Robert Wyatt1631967-2011vcl,d,keyboards,perc,p,tp,cnt,org,g,voice,tray,electronics,fingersnaps,battery,mellotron,cymbals,cencerro bell,flexitones,toy-p,wineglass,toys,pocket-tp,el-p,backing-vcl,b-g
Sam Wyatt11970baby song
Sean Wyatt22008-2009tb
Steve Wyatt12006b-tb
Tom Wyatt12013d
Bill Wybel11984strings
Jimmy Wyble521946-1991g,el-g
Johnny Wyble11946d
Peer Wyboris351966-2005d
Leroy Wyche11929p
Lorenzo Wyche11980tp
James Wyckoff11983tb
Robbie Wyckoff12014vcl
Michael Wycoff11983keyboards
Robbie Wycoff12006vcl
James Wydeman19999-0000p
T.C. Wyder11992g
William Wyder21924-1925tu
Roykey Wydh111982-1988g,g-synt
Bernard Wydler21952-1960ts,as
Thomas Wydler12014perc,d
I Nyoman Wydod12015dir
Mark Wydra11991g
Edward Wyer21919-1922vln
Paul Wyer451919-1934cl,vln,as
Howie Wyeth71970-1979d,org,p
Kenny Wygal11946tp
Rick Wygant11995tp
Roy Wykes61944-1949d
Ralph Wyld52014-2016vib
Simon Wyld22002-2004tb,arr
Susan Wylde22009-2011p,vcl,keyboards,org
Dick Wylden201941-1944vcl
George Wyle21948-1970arr,p
Stuart Wylen22001g
Laurent Wyler62000-2004d
Stefan Wyler12003tp
Piotr Wylezol112000-2014p,el-p
Stephan van Wylick11992b
Allan Wylie31946-1988vcl,tp
Allister Wylie101920-19282nd p,as,vln, 2nd p,dir,p,cl,saxes
Buster Wylie11999el-b
Chris Wylie11993tb
Harold Wylie11957ts
James Wylie32010-2014as,cl
Nathan Wylie22002-2003d
Pam Wylie11990wbd
Sam Wylie11975g
Tony Wylie11969perc
Dan Wyllie21927as,bassax
Jack Wyllie12009loops,sop
Suzanne Wyllie41994-1997vcl
Bill Wyman11944bar
Bill Wyman11981el-b
Jane Wyman31944-1952vcl
Mark Wyman31995-1997p,accor
Sam Wymann11989g
Henri Wyn11945p
Kris Wyn11982vcl
Bram Wynands11990p
Peter Wynands101990g,g-synt,d-to-midi,el-b,d,keyboards,voice,b,synt-a
Jerry Z. Reese Wynans12015org
Reese Wynans71989-2000org,p,keyboards,el-p
John Wynd11963d
Nancy Wyndam12000backing vcl
Joe Wyndham11936d
Nancy Wyndham21985-1996background vcl,vcl
Tex Wyndham551971-2000p,vcl,cnt,commentary,ts,cl,tp,sop
Harold Wyness11921xyl
Al Wynette51981-1992tp,cnt
Albert Wynn411926-1961tb,vcl
Baldy Wynn31955p
Big Jim Wynn171948-1974bar,ts
Bob Wynn31947-1954as
Columbus Wynn12005flhrn,tp
Columbus Wynn, III42001-2004tp,flhrn
Dony Wynn12011d,perc
Ed Wynn11957vcl
Eric Wynn41949-1951b
Jim Wynn31951-1952bar,sax,ldr,ts
Jim Wynn11954unknown inst.
Jim Wynn11997b,el-b
Jimmy Wynn81945-1961bar,saxes,ts
John Wynn31976-1988cl,sop,as,ts
Nan Wynn221937-1940vcl
Red Wynn21974-1976tp
Terry Wynn91974-2008cl,ts,as,vcl,sax,reeds
Tobie Wynn11969bar
Columbus Wynn, IIII12007flhrn,tp
Billy Wynne41925d,dir
Ed Wynne51988-2009as,sop,ts
Eric Wynne11950b
H.L. Wynne51924cl,as,bassax,sop
Ian Wynne22007-2010p
Jim Wynne11996b-g
Johnnie Wynne31957g
Matthew Wynne101997hrn-arr,synt,p,el-p
Wilbur Wynne171955-1961g
Richard Wynston11987d
Stich Wynston81986-2011d,vcl,perc,dancing,triangle,handclaps,castanets,p,
Cornelius Wynter11993b
Courtney Wynter81973-1989saxello,sop,b-cl,as,woodwinds,cl,bassoon,ts
Luke Wynter12015el-g,effects,el-b
Preacherman Herman Wynter11998vcl
Gail Wynters191980-1998vcl,backing-vcl
Sharyn Wynters12005vcl
Michelle Wynton11994vln
John Wynyard11980b
Hakan Wyoni31992-1994g,el-g,perc
Sebastian Wypych72000b
John Wyre41975-1986mar,perc,xyl,toy-p
Eric Wyrick21994vln
Peter Wyrick41990-1998cello
Tomasz Wyroba11997cello
Linus Wyrsch52007-2015cl,ts
Roland Wyrsch12017euph
Simon Wyrsch62006-2014cl,b-cl
Urs Wyrsch21990-1996b
Linus Wyrsh12017cl,ts
Bill Wysaske42008-2015d
Jim Wyse31965-2005cl,ts,sax
Greg Wyser-Pratte102001-2015d,perc
Buddy Wyshniowsky11959b
Frank Wysochanski31937-1939tp
Andrzej Wysocki12003b
Bogdan Wysocki31997-2007tp,flhrn
Jerzy Wysocki51982-1986tb
Liliana Wysocki11995voice
Wieslaw Wysocki12011b-cl,cl,sop
Adrian Wyss11999tb
Franz Wyss12000tp
Gerard Wyss11966p
Lisette Wyss12005arr
Lukas Wyss62009-2015tb,euph
Marcel Wyss11994as
Martin Wyss42001-2014b,tb
Peter Wyss151950-1976cl
Alexander Wyssmann22009-2013p,el-p
Anny Wystraete11981vcl
Bernard Wystraete81970-2008fl,sop,synt,pic,fl-synt
Dick Wythe11973as
Tony Wythe11983tp
Henk Wytman11977d
Dave Wytmar11982vib
Michael Wzrson12014tb

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