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This index refers to the 217,993 individual jazz musicians (1,361,280 total entries) included in over 236,718 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of May, 2018.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page N10 - Pepe Nunez to Sophie Nzuki-Balisidya

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
Pepe Nunez11989tp
Sal Nunez12002coro,vcl,perc
Denise Nunez-Matt11997vcl
Paolo Nunin11989d
Louis Nunley61984-1997backing vcl,backing-vcl,vcl
Aldo Nunlist11994tb
Billy Nunn41969-2003org,vcl,el-p
Bobby Nunn41949-1952vcl
Brad Nunn11991as
Claire Nunn11945vcl
Kenneth J. Nunn42013-2016ts,fl,cl
Rudy Nunn21940as
Tom Nunn111990-1999perc boards,el-perc,el-inventions,octatonic t-rodi
Veronica Nunn52000-2010vcl
Eddie Nunning11999g
Michael Nunno12001el-b
Mike Nunno11997b
Richard Nunns21999-2011taonga puoro,traditional Maori instruments
"Tio" Nuno11985bgo,cga
Carlos Nuno12009perc
Toshiki Nunokawa121990-1997g,g-synt,bj,el-g
Okoe Nunoo12006perc
Tawiah Nunoo12006perc
Andrea Nunzi32006-2011d
Massimo Nunzi31985-2003tp,flhrn,arr,comp
Stefano Nunzi22006-2010b
Fabio Nunziata12006g
Al Batin Nur71970-1971eng-hrn,Eng hrn
Radoslaw Nur72000b
Shabda Nur11983flhrn
Ameen Nuraldeen11974vib
Shahita Nurallah11986vcl
Jalaluddin Mansur Nuriddin11991vcl
Mehrman Nuriyev12005balaban
Askar Nurlanov12002vln
Gert Nurman31978-1980cl,bar
Raimo Nurmi21960p
Rinat Nurmuknawedev12006g
Kirk Nurock171967-2017p,arr,comp,cond,vcl
Allan Nurse21940-1941p
Leo Nurse11948b
Rupert Nurse31947-1953b,ts
Shahida Nurullah22002-2005vcl
Maulawi Nururdin21974-1981saxes,comp
Marc van Nus131973-1985tp,vcl
Mel Nusbaum11996comp,el-g
David Nuss41994-1997d,perc,org,ts,vcl
Hubert Nuss311988-2016p,keyboards,keybords,celeste,harmonium
Jeff Nuss11994d
Ludwig Nuss821988-2016tb,euph,b-tb
Ernan Nussa12013p
Ruy Adrian Lopez Nussa12013programming
Adam Nussbaum2861977-2017d,cheap shoes,shakers,snare-d,finger snaps
Alexandre Nussbaum51991-2009sop,vib,ts,as,perc,d,mar
Erich Nussbaum141988-2010g,b-g
Jerome Nussbaum21991-1995synt
Joe Nussbaum121943-1951b
Joe Nussbaum11926p
Julius Nussbaum111928-1931tu
Lou Nussbaum61942-1946b
Olivier Nussbaum51991-2008b,el-b,objects,kalimba
Renaud Nussbaum11996tb,tu
Urs Nussbaum11994b
Walter Nussbaum11933tenor-voice
Werner Nussbaum61988-2010tb,vcl,accor,ldr
Xavier Nussbaum22002-2008ts,cl
Alfred Nussbaumer11982as,fl
Florian Nussbaumer61989-1995tp,flhrn
Julie Nussberg21926ts
Peter Nusse31974-1981cnt,tp,vcl
Tonny Nussen11984d
Larry Nusser41994-2000p
Tony Nusser351945-1980d
Brent Nussey41994-2015b
Oivind Nussle12017vln
Wolfgang Nusslein11999cello
Curtis Nutall31995d
Geoff Nutall11994vln
Laurence Nutbey11974b
Michael Nutchtern12005cga
Eugen Nutescu52004g
Noemi Nuti12016harp
Craig Nutt21977-1979tb,folger-phone,clavichords,harpsichord,folgerphon
Dave Nutt11980vcl
Heini Nutt31947-1964bar,ts
Kari Nutt21947-1959b,as
Robert Nutt11976vcl
Koen Nutters32000-2006b
Dave Nutting31978tp
Wilbert Nuttycomb11966vln
Bill Nuttycombe21977vln
Gary Nuttycombe61946-1987viola,vln
Wilbert Nuttycombe11974strings
R. Nuuja11999unknown inst
Leo Nuuts21981-1982tb
Aymee Nuviola11986vln
Arnaud Nuvolone11995vln
Eric Nuyhaus11973d
Gaston Nuyts31956-1994dir,cond
Leo Nuyts11990b
Jimmy Nuzzo191954-1960ts,cl
John Nuzzo11973hca
Gabriele Nuzzoli12003perc
John Nverges11998p
Chim Nwabueze12000musical saw,vcl
Tony Nwachukwu11995drum machine,programming Synt
Chi-Chi Nwanoku12009b
Ugochi Nwaogwugwu22007vcl
Ede Nwigwe11985xyl
Manke Nwosi12009vcl
Bongan Nxele11984d
Gideon Nxumalo11954p
Sipho Nxumalo42007vcl,backing-vcl
Siphon Nxumalo11990vcl
John Nyaku11975d,perc,el-b
Joseph Nyaku11975d,perc,el-b
Jali Nyama Suso11984kora,voice
Alain Nyame11999vcl,b-g
Laszlo Nyari11969cymbal
Mamadi Nyasuma31994-1998perc,cga
Roger Nybakken21982-1983g
Gunnar Nyberg291949-1972d,cowbells,maraccas,bells,perc
Hakan Nyberg11982d
Joacim Nyberg52008-2015b
Leif Nyberg81949-1980b
Lina Nyberg181993-2010vcl,arr,g,music box
Michael Nyberg11994ts
Olle Nyberg11996p,org
Pal Nyberg12016g
Viktor Nyberg52011-2017b
Henrik Nybo11979g
Walter Nyboe11926tp
Anders Nyborg11998vcl
Jimmy Nyborg12010tp
Myriam Nydegger61999-2004p,vcl,el-p
Veli Nydvist11975sax
Louis Nye11957narration
Ricky Nye42003-2011p
Peter Nyegaard31954-1971tb
Peter Elliott Nyegaard241954-2000tb,vcl,ldr
Don Nyer101927-1937d
John Nyerges61985-2009p,keyboards
Rene Nyffeler11952p
Rolf Nyffeler31962-1994ts,p
Samuel Nyffeler12009cello
Mats Nyfjall11992as,fl,sop
Arne Nygaard11980b-tb
Bo Nygaard21954tp
Elisabeth Nygaard12010vcl
Lasse Romer Nygaard21978tp,vcl
Steve Nygaard12007tp
Terje Nygaard21994-2001tb
Tom Nygaard71967-1979tp
Elisabeth Nygard12013vcl
Erica Nygard22000synt,fl,pic-fl
Leif Nygard31941-1945vcl,hca
Rolf Nygard11942hca
Sven Nygard51968-2008ts,cl,sax,cond
Harry "Totta" Nygren11928d
Kalle Nygren11995p
Karl Nygren21956-1957p,g
Peter Nygren31985-1994tb
Hans Nygvist11991v-tb
Bjorn Magne Nyhagen11988flhrn,tp
Per Nyhaug291943-2003d,vib,perc,ldr
Stefan Nyhem11992bar
Lennart Nyhlen141957-1980g
Anders Nyholm21995-1999perc
Bernt Nyholm11969fl
Eddie Nyholm11945tp
Poul Nyholm21997-2000b
Gemma Nyhuis11986vln
Ashild Breie Nyhus22001-2007vln
Paal Nyhus11999samples,beats,voices
Paal "Strangefruit" Nyhus12004electronics
Pal "Strangefruit" Nyhus32004-2006programming,vinyl channeling,turntables
Anssi Nykanen71990-2016d
Harri Nykanen11993reeds
Markku Nykanen11993tb
Bibo Nykjaer41992-1994d
Elith "Nulle" Nykjaer471969-2012cl,hca,as,vcl,pennywhistle,voice,bgo,cl+hca+talkin
Lauri Nykopp11983dijjariduu,as,deiju saw,ts,b-cl,sop
Dr. Phil Nykrin12004p,el-p
Phil Nykrin12007synt,keyboards
Philipp Nykrin22005-2007keyboards,p,melodica,sounds,synt
Rolf Nykvist21996-2009fhr
Shawn Nykwist31994-1999ts,sop
Peter Nykyruj31977-1979d
Lennart Nylan11974g
Kjell Nyland11981tp
Ralph Nyland41957background vcl,vcl
Erik Nylander112005-2014d,perc,d machine,tabla machine,d-programming
Peter Nylander91997-2005g
Stig Nylander11951g
Bernt Nylund11975vln
Jemima Nylund12006vcl
Pekka Nylund101980-2002g,keyboards,el-g
Tove Nylund12003sop
Nicola Nymaim12011vln
Anders Nyman21996vln
Anita Nyman11976vcl
Bengt-Olof Nyman11984d
Hans Nyman11998melodica,g
Henrik Nyman41958-1959ts
Jan Nyman91957-1979d
John Nyman11946g
Marianne Nyman81973-1974vcl
Markus "Marzi" Nyman81999-2005g,p,vcl,d-set
Michael Nyman51976-1982p,tu,bar,marimba,keyboards,jew's harp,glockenspiel
Nalle Nyman161961-1993cl,sop,vcl
Olle Nyman271963-2001bj,g
Hans Nymand591955-2003d
Pierre Louis Nymar11921p
Claus Nymark22002-2009tb
Kare Nymark161994-2011tp,p,flhrn
Kare Nymark, Jr.32004-2013tp
Klaus Nymark11988tb
Lena Nymark12006fl,sax,vcl
Atle Nymo112002-2015ts,b-cl
Frode Nymo131997-2012as,sop
Sally Nyolo11990vcl
Mantwila Nyomo11978g
Zacheuus Nyoni11989vcl
Jan Nypels11977tb
Hakan Nyquist21980fhr
R. Nyquist11998arr
Shawn Nyquist42009as,ts
Hakan Nyqvist681972-2005fhr,tp,flhrn,alto-fl,hrn,cnt,alto-hrn,tb,ts
Ralf Nyqvist22002-2010p,keyboards,accor
Rolf Nyqvist11996fhr
Vili Nyqvist41971-1974saxes
Cliff Nyren11997g,vcl
Maria Nyren12006oboe
Nils Petter "Nipe" Nyren81970-1995g,el-g
Stuart Nyren11997d,vcl
Laura Nyro21968-1970vcl,p
Hallvard Nyrud41985-2010ts,fl,sop
Solmund Nystabakk12009g,vcl
Tommy Nystad11996g
Hakon Daniel Nystedt12012cond
Ake Nystrom11990vcl
Anders Nystrom11992flhrn,tp
Bo Gunnar Nystrom11939g
Carl Nystrom131958-1965fhr,frh,flhrn
David Nystrom11999org
Eric Nystrom51977-2004tp
Evert Nystrom11952d
Jimmy Nystrom51941-1949g,vib
Johanna Nystrom22000vcl
Jonas Nystrom11996string-arr
Mikael Nystrom11978d,perc
Peter Nystrom111987-2000bj
Rolf-Erik Nystrom101998-2016as,sopranino,bar,reeds
Sverker Nystrom211981-2008cl,vcl,as
Todd Nystrom131983-1998d-programming,as,sop,sequencing,ts,fl
Derek Nyte11982cello,perc
Ryan Nyther12011tp
Manfred Nytsch11975b-tb
Koen Nyus12008ts,sop
Lubos Nyvlt11970el-b
Aku Nyyssonen21984-1986d,timb,vcl,perc
Kiala Nzavotunga12011g
Empress Nzingha12005spoken vcl
Sophie Nzuki-Balisidya11978shekere,vcl

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