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This index refers to the 213,437 individual jazz musicians (1,326,705 total entries) included in over 231,004 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2017.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page M38 - Charlie Musselwhite to Sipo Mzimela

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
Charlie Musselwhite21969-2002hca
Wayne Musselwhite21976tb
Charlie Mussen41972-1984bj,g,g's,vcl
James Mussen151984-1990d,emulator-d oper,slab,sampling,el-d,d sounds,d-ma
Jim Mussen21984-2014d
Christian Musser11994g
Kristina Musser82010-2014vln
Mark Musser11978g
Jean-Paul Mussette21986b
Magali Mussi11996vcl
Misino Mussi21989-1990p
Quentin Mussig22000flhrn,tp
Max Mussigbrodt361936-1939tp
Ian Mussington11986perc
Bob Mussiter11951g
Steffen Mussler11986ts
Walter Mussler11972tp
Bruno Mussman11961d
Bruno Mussmann21961d
Gustavo Musso62009-2014ts,as
Lino Musso31985perc
Misino Musso11989p
Robert Musso151985-2015g,el-g,6-string-el-b,6-string-b,org,string inst,ebow,el-sitar,treatments,12-string-g,bj uke,processing,mand,synt,ambient tapes,moon lute
Vido Musso2401936-t945ts,cl
Roland Mussolff11983keyboards
Nick Mussolini101924-1927tb
Romano Mussolini601954-2002p,el-p,celeste,synt,f-b
Murray Musson31957-1994ts,cl,reeds
Rachel Musson31998-2010ts,reeds
Boris Mussorov21962tb
Victor Mussorov11973tb
Boots Mussulli771943-t945as,arr,bar,cl
Abdul Rahim Mustafa31981reeds
Benny Mustafa11967d
Jihad M. Mustafa11997tp
Melton Mustafa321980-2012tp,flhrn,arr,vcl,perc,cond
Melton Rahsaan Mustafa11997cl,bar
Yamin B. Mustafa11997tp
Aziza Mustafa-Zadeh241978-2006p,vcl,cga
Elza Mustafa-Zadeh21977vcl
Vagif Mustafa-zadeh161966-1978p
Rustem Mustafayev12006vln
Hijaz Mustapha11989vln,g
Houzam Mustapha11989d,vcl
Isfa'ani Mustapha11989perc
Kemo "Kem-Kem" Mustapha11989p,accor
Muktar Mustapha11974poet
Niaveti Mustapha11989vcl,fl
Oncle Patrel Mustapha11989storyteller
Sabah Habas Mustapha11989b
Bill Mustard231941-1947tb
Marcel Muster11982tb
Rob Musters21985-1987saxes,cl
Javier Mustieles12002keyboards
Jim Musto22008d
Bobby Mustol51977tp
Mauri Mustonen31944-1950cl,sax
Mikko Mustonen251991-2012tb,euph,tu,b-tb
Ritva Mustonen-Laurila11962vcl
Manisuli Musubo12009perc
Taki Musuko12001perc
Becki Musuleku11989p
Aramanzani Musulo12009perc
Karimu Musulo12009perc
Dora Musumeci61952-1957p,vcl
Michael Musutafa119968,keyboards,6
Jean Musy21969-1972org
Joel Musy51995-2004bar,ts,yellow pipe,as,sop,didgeridoo
Gentilia Pop Muszka12008vln
Iwona Muszynska72000vln
DJ Mutamassik32004turntables
The Mutare String Trio11996strings
Ralph Mutchler11953arr
Mursaiduma Mutesi12009perc
Henry Muth11997recorder,bagpipes,chorus,perc
Roy Muth12001tp,flhrn
Hans Muthas11987dragspel
Christian Muthspiel371985-2013tb,p,recorder,electronics,voice,synt,vcl,el-p,loops,mouth perc,synt programs,toys,fl,prepared-p,syn,perc,water-gong,toy-p
Gerhard Muthspiel32004-2007b
Wolfgang Muthspiel601985-2016g,el-g,g-synt,vcl,vln,electronics,voice,b,el-sitar,programming
Nick Muti21952-1957tb
Nicola Muti11952tb
Aljosa Mutic21997-2000ts,sax
Sasa Mutic32001-2005p,keyboards
Sascha Mutic12006p
Sasha Mutic12005p
Wambui "Paps" Mutiga12000vcl
Pentti Mutikainen561965-2001b
The Mutineers11962vcl group
Cem Mutlu22000-2012daire,d,bendir
Byron Mutnick11985d
Giordano Muto12006sop,cl,didgeridoo,ts
Kae Muto12003perc
Tomol Muto11977vcl
Toshifumi Muto21958d
Walter Muto21991-2013g,g ,synt-g,vcl
Gerard Mutsaerts101963-1979bagpipe,bass-d
Herman Mutsaerts11979g
Tom Mutsaerts11984bj,g
Hermann Mutschler491949-1974d,perc,timb
Hiram Mutschler21982-1989d
V. Mutschler21988vln
Adriane Muttenthaler71996-2009p,comp,arr
Bertl Mutter291991-2009tb,voice,euph,vcl,electronics,recitation,comp,trit
Steve Mutter12000cga
Horst Mutterer71955-1958p,tp
Clive Bobby Mutyasira12007d
Paul Mutzabaugh52005-2013p,org,keyboards,"mini-kit" loop design,perc
Bernhard Mutzelburg81920-1924tb,bj
Max Mutzke12014vcl
Menzel Mutzke31999-2013tp,as,flhrn
Jean-Philippe Muvien62002-2007g
Birali Muwaya12009perc
Tibita Muwaya12009perc
John Muxlow161974-2011d,vcl,garling,traps
Henk van Muyen351963-2012tb
Paulo Muylaert11990g
Celina Muza11997vcl
Gabriel Muzak12006g
Musulo Muzamini12009perc
Muwewesi Muzamiru22009perc
Michel Muzar11971g
Chris Muzik21985-2005g,el-g
Christian Muzik41991-1993g
Phil Muzio11980g
Richard Muzira11985vcl
Andrzej Muzyk21970-1980cl,ts
Jacek Muzyk21997fhr
John Muzzi11928ldr
Sean Muzzi12014b
Ralph Muzzillo1251935-1946tp
Fred Muzzo11959bar
Laura Mvula22013-2014vcl
Corey Mwamba52008-2014vib,wooden-fl,dulcimer,glockenspiel
Michael Mwenso22007-2010tb,vcl
Rudi Abdullah Mwongozi31981-1991p
Rudy Mwongozi12012p
Tra My12003zither
My Morning Jacket12012vcl
Takana Myamoto21995-1998p,tp
Myanna171990-2003as,ts,sop,bar,background vcl,electronics,vcl
Yoshiaki Myanoue12011g
Kathryn Katie Myatt11947vcl
Akira Myazawa11963ts
Janusz Mych151965-1980vcl,fl
Dennis Mycroft31976tb
Cate Myer11999vln
Hanz Myer11984electronics
Matt Myer12008slide whistle,claves,vox,tp
Tom Myer11997cl,ts
Alex Myers12012alto-fl,as,fl,pic
Amina Claudine Myers561969-2012org,p,vcl,voice,synt,hca,el-p,comp,vib,arr,harpsic
B. Myers11938arr
Billy Myers61925-1927vcl
Bob Myers11977cond,arr
Bob Myers11991d
Bobby Myers11929cnt
Brad Myers21997-2014g,el-g
Bruce Myers21985strings
Bump Myers11958ts
Bumps Myers941927-1960ts
Charles Myers21971-1975d
Chris Myers12001d,perc
Christian Myers12006tp
Christine Myers11975oboe
Coleman Myers11925ts
Dan Myers12002g
Danny Myers11980tb
Dave Myers131970-2000b,b-g,vcl,g,el-b
David Myers32001-2003b
Dickey Myers11979ts
Doug Myers12006tp
Edward "Oscar" Myers31978tamb,cga,misc-perc,cowbell,timb
Eric Myers11989vcl
Ernest Wilson Myers301931-1946b,vcl,arr,bj
Evelyn Myers21940vcl
Frank Myers181930-1956ts,as,cl,b,vcl
Frank Myers11975b
Geoff Myers251970-1980d
George Myers41950-1951bar,vcl
Gord Myers41996-2009tb
Gordie Myers11998tb
Gordon Myers21980-2010tb
Harold Myers51935-1937tp
Isadore Myers11925p
Jack Myers31959-1966el-b
Jason Myers31999-2010p
Jerry Myers11990bgo
Jim Myers21971-1973b
Joanna Myers12006viola
John Myers11993g
Johnny Myers11977g
Kathy Myers21970-1971vcl
Kenny Myers101945-1953tp,vcl
Larry Myers, Jr.11996backing-vcl
Lloyd Myers21974p
Louis Myers141955-1983g,vcl,hca,el-g
Lucy Myers11980wbd
Mark Myers21984-2010d,vcl
Mike Myers11972tu,b-tb
Nicholas Myers22008-2009ts
Nick Myers22014ts,fl,cl
Oscar Myers21964-2001tp,hca
Paul Myers52001-2009g
Pete Myers251964-1986tb,arr
Peter Myers11966tb
Phil Myers52000-2003fhr
Philip Myers11995fhr
Rebecca Kate Myers12005vcl
Richard "Sarge" Myers11977el-b
Ron Myers111967-1993tp,p,tb
Ron Myers171965-1975tb
Russ Myers31943-1967tb
Sam Myers11996vcl,hca
Simon Myers31998-2002b-tb
Terry Myers211984-2012ts,cl,sop,bar,reeds,as,vcl,pic
Todd Myers11993d
Tom Myers61972-2004ts,as,sop
Trevor Myers12013tb
Vic Myers51925-1926saxes
Wayne Myers12010tb
Wilson Myers21943-1946b
Wilson Ernest Myers11945b,talking
Glen Myerscough11985sax
Henry Myerscough31968viola
Roger Myerscough131986-2012cl,vcl,bar,as,bassax,reeds
Glen Myerskoff11979ts
Steve Myerson12009el-p
Willie Myette41998-2005p
Louise Mygatt21992-1997voice,vcl
Dane Mygind31974-1976p
Jacob Mygind11995ts
Jakob Mygind281976-2015sop,ts,sax,as,cl
John Myhill31987arr
Adrian Myhr12013b
Adrian Fiskum Myhr12010b
Frederik Myhr12009mouth harp,d,vcl,glockenspiel,mar,perc
Ken Myhr11988slide-g
Kim Myhr32005-2010g,zither,prepared-g,perc
Borje Myhrberg21948-1949d
Iver Bright Myhre11965bj,g
Jo Berger Myhre32008-2016b,g,electronics,keyboards,synt,handclaps,noises,vcl,radio
Lars Martin Myhre11998org,cond,comp,g,accor
Oyvind Myhre12004d
Reidar Myhre11964cl,sax
Roar Myhre11985tb
Wencke Myhre11999vcl
Sylvia Myintoo12001strings
Geir Myklebust11995vcl
Gisle Myklebust11995ts,sop
Ole Jorn Myklebust61999-2006flhrn,tp
James "Myles" Mylenbush11993p
Lily Myler11987vcl
Richard Myler11969tb
David Myles21979-1982g
Don DeMarco Myles52000-2004tu,b-tb
Gerald Myles12001d
Maddie Myles11999backing-vcl,vcl-arr
Maydie Myles12011vcl
Meg Myles11957vcl
Phyllis Myles11940vcl
Raymond Myles21974dir
Raymond Myles21996p,vcl,all-inst,keyboards
Warren Myles11958p
Mika Myllani21998-2001tp
Mika Myllari101986-2010tp,perc
Steve Mynett12010tb
Teemu Myohanen12011cello
Gary Myose21977-1978as
Alexandre Myrat11987cond
Lester Myrat41949-1953p,vcl
Hans Myrberg21949cl
Pontus Myrberg12000bj
Wojciech Myrczek12010vcl
Lars Myrgren12010ts
Jo Berger Myrhure12007b
Bert Myrick71961-2006d
Don Myrick271971-1986ts,as,horns,sop,woodwinds,fl,sax
Donald Myrick61968-1969bar,ts
Weldon Myrick21974-1986unknown inst,pedal-steel-g
Mattis Myrland12014vcl
Neils Myrner12001d
Niels Myrner12003d,cga
Ryan Myrold11998backing-vcl
Daniel Myron12001perc
Gerald Myrow11979g
Josef Myrow11937p
Claus Myrup12010viola
Juliusz Mysinski31955d,perc
Ivan Myslikovjan21990-1991as,electronics
Valery Mysovsky11985d
The Mystery Man11961vcl
Herbert Mytteis111943-1949vln,vcl
Sipo Mzimela11977vcl

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