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This index refers to the 222,746 individual jazz musicians (1,391,355 total entries) included in over 241,692 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2019.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page K5 - Al Kay to Darren Keith

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
Al Kay91976-2012tb,tp,brass
Alan Kay21996-2018b-cl,cl
Alastair Kay181977-2015tb
Alistair Kay12013tb
Armin Kay41958-1959cnt,tp
Art Kay61953-1960vib,b,p
Billy Kay11966d
Bob Kay41946-1992p,b
Brad Kay61996-2009p,cnt,tp
Brian Kay11994tb
Carol Kay281939-1953vcl
Carroll Kay11979d
Carroll B. Kay11980d
Charles Kay11969d
Connie Kay3181946-1993d,perc
David Kay31984-1985as,ts,sax
Derek Kay31983-1984b
DeWitt Kay31970-2002b
Diane Kay11979fl
Dolly Kay71924-1928vcl
Eddie Kay11956arr
Eric Kay12011as
George Kay21929-1999vcl,b
Georgie Kay19999-0000d,ldr
Heather Kay21977-1978vcl
Helena Kay32016-2018ts,as,cl
Hershel Kay31949-1961cond,arr
Howard Kay151937-1957vln,viola
Ira Kay12002perc
Jeff Kay21993-1994saxes
Jerry Kay21993-1995tp
Jimmy Kay51984-1986d
Joe Kay11938d
Johnny Kay171950-1960p,vcl,org
Johnny Kay11966g
Jonathan Kay51999-2003ts,cl,sop,saxes,shaker,fl
Judith Kay21986vcl
Judy Kay21995-1997fhr
Kendall Kay691989-2018d,perc,drums,cga
Lila Kay171946-1952vcl
Mady Kay11957vcl
Martin Kay81993-2008as,cl,bar,b-cl,sax
Martine Kay41974-1977vcl
Marty Kay12008reeds
Mary Kay11991vcl
Mary Ann Kay11958vcl
Nelly Kay11943vcl
Pat Kay31940-1945vcl
Peter Kay12001electronics
Randy Kay11970p
Stan Kay21947-1974d
Stanley Kay171946-1974d,bgo,perc
Tommy Kay811942-2015g,el-g,vcl
Burak Kaya12013g
Christian Kaya11993cl
Dou Kaya51977-1979b,perc,voice,as,synt,small inst,tu,balafon,bells,v
Feryin Kaya12004b,el-b
Eri Kayama11994vcl
Yuzo Kayama11977vcl
Kada Kayan11970b
Huseyin Kayaroglu12008darbuka
Billy Kaye71962-2014d
Bob Kaye21976p
Bobby Kaye11997p
Cab Kaye111948-1984vcl,p,bgo
Carol Kaye471964-1996el-b,b,g,b-g,el-g,e-g
Carole Kaye11968b
Charlotta Kaye101937-1938vcl
Cyril Kaye11929p
Danny Kaye61945-1966vcl
Dave Kaye211930-1945p
Dinah Kaye31947-1962vcl
Doug Kaye11996tb
George Kaye51969-2005b,tp
George Kaye11995b
Glenn Kaye21984tp
Guy Kaye12003g
Harriet Kaye11936vcl
Howard Kaye11955vln
Ira Kaye12001d
James Kaye12008d
Jean Kaye11970vcl
Jeff Kaye111995-2009tp,flhrn,arr
Jeffrey Kaye21993tp
Jerry Kaye131978-1998tp
Jimmy Kaye11963d
Joe Kaye11954b
Joe L. Kaye21974bar
Joel Kaye681961-2018bassax,bar,fl,arr,pic,reeds,cond,alto-fl,sop,b-fl,comp,sax,bs,woodwinds,b-cl,oboe,saxes,ldr
John Kaye141980-1995perc,misc. perc
Kaplan Kaye11977perc
Kimberly Kaye12000vcl
Larry Kaye11972p
Leonard Kaye131943as,cl
Mady Kaye21981-2002vcl
Malcolm Kaye11960b
Mara Kaye12012vcl
Mark Kaye12000org
Mary Kaye71959-1961vcl,p
Maury Kaye31957-1962p,fhr,tp
Michael Kaye11996b-tb
Mickey Kaye21958d
Milton Kaye21970-1972p,talking
Moss Kaye31947-1949oboe,reeds
Pat Kaye11938vcl
Randy Kaye181970-2001d,perc,mar
Richie Kaye12011g,vcl
Robert Kaye51976-1990p
Robin Kaye51953-1955tb
Romy Kaye12009vcl
Saul Kaye11946tb
Sid Kaye21942d
Ted Kaye61942cl,as
Teddy Kaye11949p
Tommy Kaye12008g
Tony Kaye51973-2001arr,synt,g
Gary Kayes11965vcl
Lawrence Kayes11953org
Ali Emre Kayhan31995-1996tb
Emre Kayhan11996tb
Kauko Kayhko11939g
Esra Kayikci12016vcl
Irwin Kayles11988g
Simon Kaylor22008-2009ts
Ali Kaymak21981-1985kanun,canun
Ken Kayman11965tp
Keala Kaymeheiwa12007b
Roland Kayn31967-1976vib,org,mar,p
Cameron Kayne22009-2010b
Dave Kayne12005vib
Kaba Kayoute12005djembe,balafon,vcl,timo
Jeanette Kays71978-1997vcl,perc
Annette Kayser21996-1998d,perc
Jerome Kayser11995choir
Pit Kayser51985-1999synt,voice,p,vcl
Roland Kayser11975p
Todd Kayton11984as
Eric Kaz11973hca
Fred Kaz11960p
Jacob Kaz11946viola
Yas Kaz11992perc
Toni Kaza11991backing-vcl
Ildar Kazakhanov12007g
Vladimir Kazakov12015vcl
Laszlo Kazal71940-1947vcl
Kanya Kazama31979-1980d
Takashi Kazamaki111982-1996perc,dora,taiko,hca
Hasan Kazan12002baglama,vcl
Lainie Kazan111965-2007vcl
Marek Kazana11989bar
Kaz Kazanoff12000woodwinds
Mark Kazanoff11998hca
Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff71981-1991saxes,as,ts,bar,vcl,hca
Hachig Thomas Kazarian61966-1967cl,perc
Evgeni Kazaryan61965-2004d,perc
Yevgeni Kazaryan21997d
Ivo Kazasov21997tp
W. Kazassyan21970-1978ldr,dir
Jim Kazcmarek11986ts
Jan Kazda121987-1997b,keyboards,g,arr,keyboard,el-b,b-g,vcl
Nate Kazebier1731935-1947tp
Jeff Kazee11998org
Shahram Kazemi21992tombak,daff
Rob Kazenel12011d
Robert Kazenel12009d
Robert Harold Kazenel21994-1995d
M. Kazhlaev12002cond
Murad Kazhlaev11967cond
Stevan Kazimic11996bassoon
Nazim Kazimor12005dir
M. Kazlaev11966comp
Grzegorz Kazmierczak12000vcl
Lajos Kazonova11976vln
Hajime Kazuhara11976tp
Michio Kazuhara11979tp
Shin Kazuhara331973-2001tp,flhrn
Susumu Kazuhara51971-1998tp,flhrn
Uchihashi Kazuhisa51994-1999g,effects,electronics
Uchihasi Kazuhisa12001electronics,g,daxophone
Watanabe Kazuo12004viola
Kate Kazura11994vcl
Kitahara Kazuto12015tb
Okayama Kazuyoshi11982d
Sawa Kazuyuki22000g
Rima Kcheich12002vcl
Edi Kchlaurfer11994g-synt,g
Stacy Keach11968vcl
Joe Keady22006-2009tu
Phil Keaggy21988-2010g,el-g
Charlie Keagle12006ts,fl
Danny Kean12008g,synt,p,vcl,org,el-p
Larry Kean51956-1993d,cl,ts
Larry Kean, Jr.41979-1980d
Aaron Keane32006-2008b
Barry Keane31974-1978d,perc
Brian Keane91981-1990g,synt,d,rhythm-g,el-g,perc
Chuck Keane11998ts
Danny Keane22011-2012keyboards,cello
John Keane11987d
Richard Keane12003ts
Ron Keane11948vcl
Sean Keane12003fiddle
Shake Keane601953-1993tp,flhrn,fhr,perc,claves,piccolo-tp
Tom Keane11996synt
Bill Keaney31986perc,synt
Wilf Kear11963tp
Justin Kearin32008-2011b-tb,tb
Robert Kearley21996-1997vcl
Bridget Kearney22007-2009b
James Kearney31945-1946tp
Jamie R. Kearney41989-1992tb
Joe Kearney32001-2005b,g
Kevin Kearney11990p
Rex Kearney11952tp
Stefan Kearney11962d
Tike Kearney41924-1925p
Graham Kearns12000g
Harold Kearns101937-1938tp
Jimmy Kearns12004as
Joe Kearns451937-1939as,cl
Martin Kearns12016org
Marty Kearns11990background,vcl,accor
Ron Kearns81996-2011as,ts,sax,sop
Seth Kearns12008perc
Mike Kearsay11996tb
Mike Kearsey11995tb
Roan Kearsey-Lawson12013d,vib,p,mar
Ken Kearsley11979tb,b,vcl
Ken "Kipper" Kearsley31977-2008tb,vcl,b
Kipper Kearsley11978b,vcl
Bram Keat11975tu
Gordon Keates61979-1991saxes,as,fl,reeds
Ken Keates101978-1980tb,vcl
Lyn Keath11969vcl
Adrian Keating21994vln
Ashley Keating121971-2004bj,b,tenor-bj,ldr
Barbara Keating11991background vcl
Dee Keating91941-1947vcl
Harold Keating11928cl,ts
Johnny Keating541950-1999arr,tb,cond,dir,ldr
Kennan Keating21996keyboards,d-programming,perc-programming,d,b,b-pro
Meaghan Keating12008vln
Petra Keating51971bj
Preston Keating21995-2008d,perc
Russ Keating11991b
Steve Keating31984-1991d
Todd Keating12006b
The Keating Twins41930-1931vcl
John Keatley11980ldr,tb,tu
Niall Keatley12017tp
Chris Keaton11994programming,keyboards
Chris Keaton11988saxes
Debbie Keaton12005vcl
Larry Keaton41944-1945cond
Larry Keats11978d
Tom Keats11977g
David Keay12016d
Kebataola12003vocal group
Ryan Keberie12016tb
Erica Keberle12017vcl
Ryan Keberle292005-2018tb,melodica,vcl,el-p,p,org,synt
John Kec11942tp
Bill Kech11976tu
Andre Kechida22001-2008d
Bama Kechkemethy12003fl
Bill Keck21955-1994g,p
Bob Keck101945-1953d
Bruce Keck11977tu
Didier Keck11994vib,cga
Johannes Keck11999tb
Thomas Keck71954-1959d
Kurt Keckeis12004org
Irena Kecman11963vcl
Micha Keding32004-2008b,tu
G. Kedves11993fhr
Gustav Kedves11986fhr
Jaroslaw Kedziora11996sax
Alex Kee11975cl
Chris Kee21991-1998b
David Kee21981-1986tp
Euguene Kee21955dir
Gene Kee71955-1962p,alto-hrn,arr
Guy Kee51951tp
John P. Kee11994vcl
Sista Kee22007-2010p,vcl
Fred Keeble11949reeds
Christopher Keech11994woodwinds
Dave Keech11995tb
David Keech12002tb
John Keech12003b
Terry Keef11981vib,bar,sop
Bernadette Keefe11989vcl
Bob Keefe21964-1983g,b
Bob Keefe11993bar
Brent Keefe11998d
Dylan Keefe11994b
Erin Keefe12012vcl
T.O. Keefe11988perc
Ray Keefert11929reeds
Brian Keegan32004-2016b-tb,tb
Ed Keegan41939-1940ts
Matt Keegan132000-2012ts,sop,reeds
Geoff Keehn11983as
Greg Keel12010sax
Joe Keel61988-1997keyboards,p
Joel Keel11978b
Kristi Keel12000eng-hrn
Kulli Keel12001eng-hrn
Lewis Keel21990-1992as
Marianne Keel12009vcl
Paul Keel11976tp
Michael Keelan12014vln
Nick Keelan51975-1998tb
Al Keeler31985-1999Latin-perc,perc
Don Keeler21956-1957p
Jean Keeler61983-1996p,vcl
Ken Keeler151983-2009bj,vcl,tenor-g,arr,bar-bj,tenor-bj,scat-vcl,ldr
Matt Keeler101990-2006d
Steve Keeler11996g
Frank Keeley21999g
Stan Keeley21958-1960bj,g
Bryan Keeling11986d
Gregg Keeling12001bj
Jack Keeling11977cl,as
Bunky Keels21945-1988p,unknown inst
Sylvester Keels11956vcl
Peter Keeman31974-1981tb
Alex Keen51996-2015b,b-g,fretless-b
Bonnie Keen21990-2008backing-vcl,background vcl
David Keen12010vln
Denise Keen11976vcl
Harold Keen11980tb
Helen Keen42000-2004fl,alto-fl
John Keen231979-2003d,tp,vcl
John Keen11985tp,vcl
Jon Keen11957bar
Joni Keen22010-2012vcl
Larry Keen11953p
Leisa Keen12006vcl
Michael Keen11971tp
Ralph Keen21968-1980bj
Robyn Keen12010vcl
Steve Keen22000-2007p,org,arr
Val Keen11995perc
The Keenaires11951vcl
Bob Keenan11976cnt
Bonbonfera Tim Keenan71995-2006d,perc
Brian Keenan11995p
Dave Keenan12006vcl
Eleanor Keenan101975-2013vcl
Kevin Keenan21975-1982reeds
Norman Keenan961942-1973b,el-b
Paddy Keenan11999Willean pipes
Wayne Keenan12011fl,ts
Billy Keene11970vcl
Bob Keene111951-1960cl
Brian Keene119856-string-g,12-string-g
Christopher Keene11980cond
Ian Keene11993g
James Keene12017tb
Joel Keene32000-2001b-tb
Kahn Keene91942-1954tb
Linda Keene111938-1945vcl
Paul Keene11993p
Richard Keene111974-2016ts,sop,fl,oboe,sax,as,reeds
Ronnie Keene61953-1954ts
Steve Keene11990vln
Tom Keene11982synt programs
Tommy Keene11949b
Kyle Keener61983-2011d,vcl
Dean Keenhold21978-1985b
Peter Keenlee12004g,Chapman stick
Max Keenlyside92009-2017p
Ray Keenlyside11980vln
Raymond Keenlyside21992-1993vln
Tom Keenlyside201980-2011fl,ts,sop,sax,saxes,cl,melodica,pic,alto-fl,as,reeds,woodwinds,keyboard seq
Steve Keens12008reeds
Chick Keeny91947-1959d
Louis "Chick" Keeny21947d
Andy Keep11998b
Gladys Keep11934vcl
Tony Keep12012d
The Keep Shufflin' Trio11929vcl
Cyril Keepfer41961-1962cl
Cyril Keepher11964ts
Trey Keepin12006ts
James Keepnews22010-2015g,electronics
Paul Keepwhiteman21969tb
Yann Keerim22014-2018p
Logan Keese42001-2011tp
Paul Keesling12011perc
Wim Keessen41992-1996cl,as,b-cl
Bill Keeth11975steel pedal
Helen Keeting11960vcl
Angela Keeton12009vcl
Dale Keever151949-1950bar
Sam Keevers181995-2013p,el-p,clavinet
Adrian Keevil12004p
Justine Keeys12004vcl
Geoff Keezer1051988-2018p,el-p,keyboards,arr,org,synt,p-samples,marimba,omnisphere,moog,dir,vib,perc
Ronald Keezer12001dir
Bill Kefauver41971-1972tb
Felicitas Kefer12005ldr,cond
Sibylie Kefer12005vcl
Bob Kefford71995-2002tb
J. Kefurt11945tp
Miroslav Kefurt231945-1968g,tp
Marco Kegel61992-2006as,fl,ts,cl,sax
Ortrud Kegel12003fl
Wim Kegel141989-2014d
Paul Kegg51997-2004cello
Charles Kegley31929-1930d
Janos Kegye11976as,sop
Pete Kehagy12006tp
Assaf Kehati22010g
Milen Kehayov11990fl
Daniel Kehl11994tp
Peter Kehl111997-2006tp,flhrn
Greg Kehl Moore21999woodwinds,bar
Bjorn Kehlert41996-1998d,vcl
Ken Kehner21993-2011p
Tome Kehoe12009fl
Michael Kehraus22002-2005b
Kevin Kehrberg112002-2009b
Heinz Kehrer21998-2017bj,vcl
Henry Kehrer22003-2004g,bj
Horst Kehrer31963d
Heinz Keibling11973arr
Bhinda Keidel22011ts,woodwinds
Ed Keifer41944tb
Fred Keifer11964cello
Rick Keifer21988-1992flhrn,tp
Uemura Keiichiro12006d
Haino Keiji41991-1996vcl,voice,g,perc
Roland Keijser401966-2009ts,sop,fl,as,cl,p,bamboo-fl,xyl,dvojnice,bansuri,souna,org,bamboo fl,cnt,bombarde,wind inst,donno,bar,cow horn,tp
D. Keijzer11995arr
Emil Keijzer11975p
Marc Keijzer21981-1989d,bass-d
Remco Keijzer32008-2014ts
Siem Keijzer61965-1988tb,vcl,fl,kazoo,ldr
Simon Keijzer21960-1961vcl
Ton Keijzer51965-1984bj,g,vcl
Ben Keijzers21975-1976bj,b-g
Midorikawa Keiki22002cello
Armin Keil51978-1979p
Bill Keil21970-1975saxes,as,fl
Charlie Keil12009vcl,perc,v-tb
Mag Roland Keil11994keyboards
Roland Keil31992-1996tp,samples,keyboards,slide-tp,zither,tb,org,-accor
Erwin Keiles21978-1980g
Beate Keilhack12005vln
Don Keiling31992-2004g,rhythm-g
Garrison Keillor11991narration
Rafael Keilt-Freyre12004b
Harry Keilwerth11991tu,b
Dave Keim111972-2018tb
David Keim51998-2017tb
Paul Keim11988d
Peter Keim11958bj
Warren Keim11966tp
Pat Keiner11998g
Wilfried Keinert11956tu
Kathryn Keink11976vln
Harold Keinz11940ts,cl
Tim Keiper142000-2012perc,vcl,claps
Dave Keir111952-1962tb,as
Aaron Keirbel12009dumbek,assorted d
Bill Keis12012p,el-p
Peter Keiser171976-2003el-b,b
Rudolf Keiser11943tp
Stanley Thomas Keiser11994saxes,fl
Walter Keiser191976-2003d,perc,moon d
Sirkka Keiski12008vcl
Shane Keister111977-2012synt,arr,keyboards,p,string,el-p
Torigoe Keisuke12011b
Aly Keita121999-2015balafon,balaphone,balaphon
Assitan "Mama" Keita71995vcl,hand-claps
Billy Leo Keita12002d
Djawara Keita11988tama
Mamadi Keita11997djembe
Mamani Keita12007vcl
Modibo Keita41991-2016tb,perc
N. Keita11983d
Salif Keita41983-2005vcl
Seckou Keita32016-2017kora,vcl,djembe,talking-d
Sudiata Keita21982-1989perc
Tiawara Keita21987soucou,tama
Dieter Keitel71978-1988d,perc
Al Keith51985-2014tp,flhrn,el-b
Alan Keith81997-2005tp
Bill Keith31967-1980bj
Carl Keith22016-2018g,cuatro venezolano
Darren Keith12007d

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