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This index refers to the 213,437 individual jazz musicians (1,326,705 total entries) included in over 231,004 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2017.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page J12 - Jubilee Four to Jens Jyde

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
Jubilee Four31962-1963vcl
The Jubilee Singers51961-1962vcl
The Jubilee Train Singers11986vcl group
Jun Jubo12009shinobue,fl
Adnan Jubran12009oud
Dele Jubril11988vcl
Dirko Juchem12002b-cl
Dominque Juchors11992vln
Rudi Juckelandt381930-1939cl,ts,arr
Gideon Juckes32004-2012tu
Ruth Jucksch11985vln
Thomas Jucksch11985cello
Charles Judah21950-1951vcl
Radu Olahu Ben Judah52001-2003b,el-b
Radu Oluwu Ben Judah12004b
Bob Judd11984ts
Ron Judd11993sax
Ross Judd11994tp
Steve Judd11992d
Larry Judd Pierce11995keyboards
Emmanuel Jude11943b
Michail Judenich21990-1991d,vcl,perc
Chris Judge12006g
Christopher Judge12012g
Dick Judge51941vcl
Louis Judge31949-1951ts
Malcolm Judge11971ts,fl
Mike Judge21981b
Pete Judge71998-2015tp,flhrn,effects,electronics,bells,celeste,glockenspiel
Phil Judge21985-1988tb
Tony Judge11986vcl,keyboard
Emmanuel Judith12000d
John Judson31983-1988d
Tom Judson21990-1995accor
Christian Judurcha11988d,d-computer
Cristian Judurcha12004d
George Judy11998perc
Ned Judy32001-2008synt,digital-p,keyboards
Susan Judy11975vcl
Anne Juel11994tin-can
Jorgen Juel12000d
Kai Juel11980b
Marguerite Juenemann71978-2006vcl,backing-vcl
Marguerite Rose Juenemann12005vcl
Uli Juenemann11990as
Hilary Juergen12005d
Bastian Juette22002-2003d
Marc Jufer12010sop,ldr,ts
Martin Jufer12003p
Bernhard Jugel11985vcl
Jake Jugs11984el-b
Sly Juhas232003-2010d
Tom Juhas12010g,vcl
Attila Juhasz31993-2004p,zongora
Endre Juhasz41997-2000oboe,eng-hrn,angol kurt,bansuri,ldr
Gabor Juhasz161991-2009g,el-g,oud,ac-g,tampura
Laszlo Juhasz41969-1973tp,b-g
Marton Juhasz12015d
Zoltan Juhasz61987-1998b,fl
Philippe Juhel22001-2003g,hca,vcl
Anders Juhl21989-1993ts,tb
Erik Juhl12006b
Lars Juhl11993keyboards,p
Poul Erik Juhl11996vcl
Signe Juhl12015vcl
Sigurd Juhl11932arr
Aage Juhl-Thomsen11935ldr,tp
Franklin Juhlert21944arr,p
Benedikte Juhlin11996vcl
Bo Juhlin1111963-2006tu,b-tb,sousa,b,tb,sousaphone,double b,sous,accor
Stefan Juhlin12000vcl
Jim Juhn21986EMU II,g,b,perc,whirled tube
Gerrit Juhnke21997d
Volkmar Juhnke11992sousa
Laszlo Juhos31983-1985bj
Jonathan Juice21993funky countoff,funky intro
Ivan Juillen11968tp
Corinne Juillerat41989-1993ts
Corrine Juillerat41990-1995ts
Juju11993funky intro
Joe Jukasik12000cl
Delas Jukes11951vcl
Robert Jukic112005-2013b,g,vcl
Roby Jukic12007b
Rainer Jukiewicz11992fhr
Robert Juklo12003b
Axel Jul11959bj
Eberhardt Jularbo71936-1951accor
Karl Karlsson Jularbo11916hca
Sly Julas12006d
Michel Jules11993g
Arnau Julia12011d
Albert Julian151992-1995d,perc
Albert Julian11931g,vcl
Bob Julian11939g
Calmes Julian11947saxes
Donald Julian11954background vcl
Eddie Julian261939-1942d
Edward Julian21947-1955d
Jo Julian21976-1977vib,marimba,mar
Joe Julian11969b
John Julian11965p
Kai Julian91932dir,vln,triangle
Les Julian111929-1930vln
Lewis Julian61936-1937vcl
Lynne Julian11986cor anglais
Mike Julian11980d
Mike Julian11976tb
Phil Julian22009electronics
Raymond Julian21929ldr,p
Rick Julian11992vcl
Terri Julian12002sax
Tijuana Julian41995-2002tp,flhrn
Zeb Julian161939-1943g
Sherie Julianne12014vcl
JJ Juliano12011d
Jeff Juliar11981tb
Alec Julien22003-2005g
Guillaume Julien11984as
Ivan Julien41962-1970tp
Leonard Julien, III12005vcl,bar
Michel Julien21988-2009d
Patricia Julien22003-2005fl
Richard Julien12006g,vcl
Francis Julierie11929ts
Ralph Julin51981tp
Antonin Julina561945-1964g
Roberto Julio12001p
Joy Julks51978-1994el-b,b,fretless-b
Ivan Jullian11963tp
Jean-Pierre Jullian101989-2009d,perc
Jean Julliard11967ts
Michael Jullich81972-1991d,perc,vib,marimba,fl,tabla,mar
Ivan Jullien451961-1995tp,arr,dir,ldr,cond,strings arr
Michel Jullien21997-2014d
Arthur Jullitzer11961tb
Dan Julson41992-1994tp,cnt
Henri Julsonet11953p
Jan Julvik41960-1979tp,vcl
Katherine Julye51956-1958harp
Kathryn Julye101955-1960harp
Kathryne Julye81956-1981harp
Katharine Julyie11954harp
Fredy Jumbo11942d,ldr
Jerry Jumonville111965-2004ts,as,bar,arr,saxes
Hashimoto Jun12003g,el-g
Jacky Jun81943-1955ts,as
Jun Jun12004g
Numata Jun11988b
Rose Marie Jun31966-1987vcl,voices
Yu Jun21997-1998Chinese-harp,gu-zeng
Pat Juna21947-1948vcl
Florian Juncker12011tb
Jorgen Juncker191988-2008bj
Cheo Junco21960perc
Marc Jundt61986-1997perc,d,tuned gongs,mar
Guitar June11975g
Holly June11992cl
L. Juneck11934tu
Ulli Junemann51998-2012as,ts,sop,fl,cl
Alain Jung21998tp
Albert Jung41990-2001cello
Alexander Jung12009as
Alton Jung11934as
Berit Jung22007-2008b
Bob Jung261956-1979as,bar,reeds,fl,arr,sax,pic
Ernie Jung11926p
Hans Jung71942-1949b
Hans Otto Jung11942p
Heiko Jung32005-2008d,b
Jean-Yves Jung201998-2013p,org,keyboards
Lars Erik ter Jung11995vcl
Martin Jung11968b
Ray Jung31994-1998el-b
Robert T. Jung11974strings
Tom Jung11985synt
Young-Ae Jung12013vcl
Jupp Jungblut71934-1938g
Gerd Junge11969b
Dorothy Jungels12010voice,perc
Marcel Jungen22015tp
Margarete Jungen12006vcl
Samuel Jungen11998b
Gerhard Jungermann21974-1978cl
Barbara Jungfer12001el-g
Heinz Junghans41957-1982tp
Steefan Jungmau11991as,pic
Mats Jungner151982-1992tu,sousa
Norbert "Jumbo" Jungo12001ts,bar
Barb Jungr42005-2012vcl,hca
Olle Junholm41988g,perc
Alabama Junior11978g,vcl
Detroit Junior11979p
Dorival Junior11994tp
Edmur Junior12011strings
Floriano Inacio Junior12008p
Mat Junior31993-1997p,keyboards,org,b,synt,programming
Pedro Paulo Junior11997choir
Tenorio Junior21973-1974el-p,org
St. Aloysius Junior School Choir11995vcl
G. Junius11981tu
Guy Junius11992cga
Tilmar Junius41999-2012p
Hirose Junji31988-1992sax
Lee Junk-sik11997ts,sop
Don Junker31987-2004tp
Manfred Junker71997-2013g
Marcel Junker62000-2006as
Bob Junneman11978whistling,hca
Charles Junod11961p
Marco Junod31940-1963p
Paul Junod11943b
Dan Junor22010-2011as,sax
Dave Junor12012as
Yamagishi Junshi11993g
Anders Junstrand21980-1981sax
Martin Junstrand21980-1981p
Hirose Juntsugi12015d
Sami Juntunen12008accor,vcl,keyboards
Chuck Juntzman12013slide-g
Ruth Juon81983-1997vcl
Mike Jupin12006b
Eric Jupp21953ldr,arr
Vilmos Juptner11989perc
"Negro" Rodriquez Jurado11987tp
Carlos Rodriguez Jurado41953-1956tp
Nickie Jurado11995background vcl
Guillaume Juramie22006-2008b,el-b
Frederic Juranville11983ts
Ondrej Jurasi32002-2008tp
Vladimir Juravsky11965d
Jason Jurcak32000-2002tu,g,bj,sousa,ukelele,b
Colin Jurczak31994d
Laura Jurd72012-2016tp,synt,pic-tp,ldr,dir,vcl,flhrn
Nick Jurd22011b
Drew Jurecka212003-2015vln,as,cl,viola, backing-vcl,saxes
Mieczyslaw Jurecki71984b-g
Scott Jurek11984reeds
Shaun Jurek12010b
Gabriela Jurewicz11997vcl
Marian Jurga11955g
Rainer Jurgeit11993posaune,tenorkrummhrn,sologesang
Dick Jurgens21939-1948dir
Arnd Jurgensen11999g,sax
Susana Juri11966vcl
Josip Juric21993-1998tb
Mirko Juric11980tp
Petar Juric11962saxes
Vic Juris1611975-2016g,el-g,g-synt,2,3,4,5,6,8,vcl,steel-string-g
R. Jurist11946g
David Juritz21978-1993vln
Robert Juritz41988-1993bassoon,ts,as
Robert Jurjendal31995-2008g,E bow,e-bow,synt,vcl
Blaz Jurjevcic41997-2002keyboards,p,b
Marta Jurjevich11980viola
Betty Jurkovic11960vcl
Carli Jurkovic12001g
Darko Jurkovic72001-2009g,el-g
Jess Jurkovic22007-2008p
Alexander Jurman12010b-g
Walter Jurmann161929-1931vcl
Bill Jurney31953-2005ts,as
Govert Jurriaanse21970-1971fl
Hanna Jursch22009-2010vcl
Vic Jurusz11986g
Victor Jurusz11995g
Matti Jurva11942vcl
Brendan Jury32000-2003viola,vla,vcl
Jelena Jushvik12001vcl
Reni Jusis11991vcl
Kim Jusjong31996-2000d
Henri Juskowiak11953cl
Jochum Juslin12011g
J.P. Jussey11990perc
Jean-Pierre Jussey12002perc
Kari Jussila11992b
Esben Just91992-2004p,vcl,perc
Per Just11979el-b
Rick Just11994g
Travis Just41999ts,fl,cl
Jean-Jacques Justafre141971-1995fhr,tu,tb
Olivier Juste12008perc
Dave Justh11995d
Luis Carlos Justi11985oboe
Maria de Lourdes Justi11985vln
Paul Justi11981perc
Pedro "Peruchin" Justia31957p
Jenny Justice11993p
Rick Justice12006d
Tom Justice11960tp
Tommy Justice121951-1955cnt
Craig Justin11969d,perc
Tom Justin21970-1978el-g
Angel Justinado11976cga,cow-bells,vcl
Miss Justine21998-2004vcl
Phyllis Justine12011vcl
Angel Justiniano12006cga
Harry Justiniano12006b
Bill Justis41958-1969arr,dir,ts
Bob Justis11978d
William Justis11968vcl
Brian Justison11997d
Luisa Justiz41986background vcl,vcl
Pedro "Parrachin" Justiz21955co-ldr,p
Pedro "Peruchin" Justiz11957p
Pedro Justiz (Peruchin)11959p,arr
Amy Justman22000-2007vcl
Gaston Justras11960b
Tim Justus11999flhrn,tp
Serguei Jutas12004g
Petri Jutilainen11992cond
The Jutland Chamber Choir11999vcl group
Stephanie Jutt31974-1989fl,pic
Bastian Jutte161999-2014d,perc,g
Johan Jutterstrom12008sax
Thomas Jutterstrom61966-1983p,arr,klaviatures
Peter Jutzi12005tb
Kjeld Juul11975tb
Lars Juul161991-2006d,perc,electronics,voice,clay pot,sampling
Mette Juul32009-2015vcl,g,arr
Roar Juul31987-1999tb
Kari Juusela11977b
Inga Juuso11997jogk
Ingrid Juuso11997vcl
Aino Juutilainen12010cello
Hanna Juutilainen11996pic,fl
Jussi Juutilainen11973g
Petri Juutilainen91975-1983tb
Guolf Juvalta12003p
Aaron Juvelier21963viola,cello
Henri Juvet71935-1938p
Jean-Claude Juvet12000p
Juwon Vocal Ensemble11990vcl
Alan Juza12005oboe
Ferri Juza531928-1956tb
Jelena Juzvik12001vcl
Jens Jyde11979ts

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