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This index refers to the 216,681 individual jazz musicians (1,351,465 total entries) included in over 235,156 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of January, 2018.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page H5 - George Handy to Karel Hanus

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
George Handy391944-1958arr,p,dir,cond,vcl,comp
Greg Handy12000d
John Handy551959-2006as,ts,vcl,saxello,cl,background vcl,perc,fl
John Handy, III12002as
Katherine Handy61922-1953vcl
Sylvester Handy151952-1970b,vcl, vcl
Terry Doc Handy12009perc
Thomas Handy11980g
Trevor Handy62005-2014cello,strings
W.C. Handy131917-1956cnt,vcl,speech,g,talking,tp,p,narration,ldr
John Handy & Friends11977background vcl
John Handy, IV21977d
Anders Hane12004vcl
Janet Hane12011accor
Markus Hane11982tb
Wilfried Hanefeld11998b
Enrique Haneine82005-2012p,synt-pads,perc
Peter Hanel11989fl
Sue Hanel11982g
Robert Hanell21986-1988cond,dir
Charly Hanemann121988-1996g
Tomiya Haneo31978-1979tp,tb
Dieter Haner21969d
Chari Hanes21980-1981fl,pic,alto-fl,vcl,whistles
Hilary Hanes11983el-b
Jeff Hanes12002perc
John Hanes41983-2012d
Luther "Mano" Hanes12010keyboards
Rory Hanes12003b
Per Hanevold11985tb
Chris Haney32009-2014b
David Haney281997-2015p,narration,mallets,electronics,glass bottle,elbows,cond,vcl
Isaac Haney11953vcl
Missy Haney11999hrn,tb
Ron Haney11982tu
Steve Haney31996-2010perc
Wayne Haney11930p
Michael Hanf12007vib
Tom Hanford21981-2012g,vcl
Gesa Hangen21997-2000cello
Ray Hangen12007d
Howard Hanger71979-1986arr,synt,p,narration,vcl,keyboards
R. Hanger11949d
Hannes Hanggli41999-2003d
Marvin Hanglider21992p
Frank Hanglois11954d
Barnabas Hangony12015cello
Barnabas Hangonyi12016cello
Bjorn Hangsel361982-2016b-tb,tb,tu
Markus Hangsel32006-2009b
Petter Hangsel12011tb
Heinz Hanhausen181939-1949tp,ldr
Tomoharu Hani31991-1994keyboards
Craig Hanicek81987-1989ts,sax
Graham Hanify11981tp
Bernard Hanighen11924vln
Eric Hanigsberg21975flhrn
Kaleri Haninen11958d
Alyssa Haning12009vcl
Doug Haning42002-2008contra-alto-cl,p,el-p
Pepper Haning11971d,perc
Sabina Hank71997-2007p,vcl,arr,comp,keyboards,el-p
Vale Hank12012vcl
Uli Hanke21984-1989org,p
Sebastian Hankers12005b
Kyle Hanki12011tb
Coleman Hankin31984cl
Wayne Hankin11984bagpipe
Clyde Hankins11980g
Jim Hankins61990-2012b
Michael Hankins12008tp
Paul Hankins21959-1962org,p
Terry Hankins12014g
Hank Hankinson51980-1982b,d
Pete Hankinson11984g,bj
Bob Hankle41975-1976tb
Matt Hankle12003d
Matthew Hankle11998d
Shanna Hanko12013as,sop,fl
John Hanks71985-2002d
Larry Hanks12011p
Liz Hanks22007cello
Barry Hanley12010tp,vcl
Bill Hanley41957-1979tp
Bob Hanley11987vcl intro
Brendan Hanley21960bj,g
Brian Hanley21960tp,vcl
Charles Hanley11965arr
Eric Hanley61931-1933vcl
Jason Hanley12013g
Jeff Hanley111998-2011b,el-b
Michael Hanley12011bj,vcl
Peter Hanley61946-1957vcl
Rodger Hanley12005d
Steve Hanley12015d
Wells Hanley131997-2013p,el-p
Alan Hanlon101938-1962g
Allan Hanlon71950-1959g
Allen Hanlon791937-1982g,bj,rhythm-g,mand,el-g
Bob Hanlon181974-2015ts,as,bar,cl,saxes,sax,reeds,fl,backing-vcl,woodwind
Clare Hanlon61928-1929tb,tp,vcl
Dave Hanlon31994-2004d,perc
Jake Hanlon32010-2014g
Joe Hanlon31990-1996tp,co-ldr,cnt
John Hanlon21984-1987g
Josh Hanlon52006-2017p,comp,melodica,el-p,org,synt,vcl
Kieran Hanlon12016b
Michelle Hanlon12015vcl
Shawn Hanlon12013p,el-p
Susan Hanlon12013vcl
Tom Hanlon12007el-g
Allen Hanlow21950-1951d
Paul Hanmer52000-2011p,keyboards
Al Hann11929tp
Angela Hann12000cl
Jason Hann22007-2010perc
Andrew Hanna12002as
Anne Hanna12011g
Bill Hanna31987-1995tb,p,cond
Dan Hanna11994vib,perc
Elisha Hanna31945tp
George Hanna31960tb
Jack Hanna12003d
Jake Hanna2301957-2008d,tp,ldr
James Hanna12007strings
Jane Hanna81980-2002fhr,hrn
John Hanna11978vcl
Josh Hanna11985vcl
Ken Hanna921943-1984arr,tp,cond
Kevin Hanna11992tb
Marjorie Hanna31994-2009cello,strings
Michael Hanna12011vcl
Phil Hanna21946-1947vcl
Rick Hanna12002g
Roland Hanna81973-1981p
Sir Roland Hanna3361956-2004p,el-p,arr,org,harpsichord,keyboard,comp,keyboards,p solo,clavinet,dir,tack-p
Victoria Hanna12004vcl
Wendell Hanna12014bassoon
Bill Hannaford41967-1997tb,b,slide-tp,helicon,bar-helicon
Ephraim Hannaford761919-1925tb
Marc Hannaford102007-2012p
Rod Hannaford11982reeds
Chris Hannah11997tb
Dianna Hannah12000cl,ts,fl,sop
Don Hannah31967-2003tu,arr,cond
George Hannah11930vcl
Jack Hannah31976-1977b
Jim Hannah31993-1999timbales,coro,chekere,maracas,gua-gua,arr,guiro,pe
Paul Hannah131990-2011d,as,ts,sax,fl,arr,perc,coro
Rick Hannah71980-2015g,el-g
Rob Hannam22007-2011p,org,el-p
Abdul Hannan21968as,fl
John Hannan21957tp
Neil Hannan11998b
Nick Hannan12002backing-vcl
Tony Hannan21982-1984d
Herbert Hannas11931bj
Michel Hanne31983-1985vln
Willi Hanne21993-2007d
Frans Hanneman11941d
Peter Hannen11991ts
Shane Hannen12004tb
Jacques Hannequand91972-1985tp
Jean-Louis Hannequand61972-1974tp
Jan Hannestad11985tp
Cliff Hanney11961vln
Corlynn Hanney21973-2007backing-vcl,vcl
Bob Hanni12006g
Hannah Hanni11990vcl
Heinz Hanni71981-2009tu,b
Heinz R. Hanni61974-2011tu,b,sousa
Mario Hanni12016effects,d
Vincent Hanni12001electronics
Jim Hannibal11994ts
Tom Hannigal11999b
Sheila Hannigan42000-2004cello
Steafan Hannigan11993uillean-pipes,bodhran,perc
Gabriella Hanninen12010backing-vcl
Jukka Hanninen102000-2004as,ts,sop
Kalevi Hanninen201957-1966d
Chris Hanning32003-2012d,perc
Henrik Hannisdal81996-2005vln
Morten Hannisdal121983-2006cello
Odd Hannisdal91990-2013vln
Per Hannisdal11991bassoon
Rune Hannisdal12007tb
Markku Hannola11983perc
Biff Hannon231977-2000p,keyboards,synt,el-p,arr,moog
Bob Hannon11939vcl
Gary Hannon11980ts
Terome "T-Bone" Hannon12000b
Liz Hanns11969unknown instr.
Lauri Hannu32000g,loop,mercy seat sounds
Miwako Hannya11996harp
Shoji Hano121980-2009d,perc,bamboo-hrn
Patrick Hanoun11991tb
Radim Hanousek12014bar,sop
Curt Hanrahan61999-2012ts,fl,as,cl,sax,saxes
Dan Hanrahan12010g
George Hanrahan111938-1939b
Kip Hanrahan341979-2005comp,ldr,perc,arr,vcl,cond,dir,synt,cga,voice,coro
Leijia Hanrahan12004vcl
Tim Hanrahan12010b
Warren Hanrahan41983-2005d
Dave Hanright11970cnt,tp
Cedric Hanriot12014p
Carl Hanroe12004tp
Ben Hans12004d
Kirsten Hans12005vln
Helmuth Hansan11966tb
Aldridge Hansberry11982alto-fl,fl
Nicole Hansboro12002tb
Arnold Hansch12004flhrn,tp
Roger Hanschel471984-2010as,sopranino,fl,alto-cl,sop,alto-fl,reeds,f-mezzo-sax,f-mezzo s,f-mezzo-sop,vcl
Ron Hanscom61958-1967p,bj
Les Hanscombe12002tb
Jeff Hansel11998b
Ryan Hanseler22011-2014p,el-p
Ralph Hansell291938-1970perc,vib,bells,xyl,tymp,fhr,d,chimes
David Hanselmann11981vcl
Aaron Hansen12001preparations,ts
Anja Sos Hansen11998vcl
Anna Berit Hansen12000cello
Anne Hansen12009vcl
Askel Hansen11986b
Astrid Holm Hansen11994backing-vcl
Axel Hansen11947tp
Bent Bay Hansen41957-1960cl
Bernie Hansen11980d
Bill Hansen11995d,dir,perc
Birge Lonquist Hansen11994vcl
Bjarne Hansen191929-1955saxes,reeds,p,sop,cl,vcl,ts
Bjarne Hansen41957-1960b
Bjarne Hansen11989perc
Bjarne Hansen12000keyboards
Bjarne E. Hansen11979tb
Bjorn Otto Hansen331991-2009d,perc
Blicher Hansen11938vcl
Bob Hansen12003d
Calvin Hansen11963tp
Carl Hansen21925tu
Carsten T. Hansen11987bj
Dave Hansen11990perc
David Hansen91997-2014d,tymp
David W. Hansen12015d
Drew Hansen12010tp
Ebbe Kjaersgard Hansen52007-2014bj
Edgar Hansen41929-1934vcl
Eric Hansen11977tp
Erik Hansen191972-2003tb,d,p,bass-d,b
Erik Hansen21981-1984bass-d
Erik Hansen21944g
Erik "Skippy" Hansen31949-1950tp
Erik "Vand" Hansen61969-1973tb
Erik Lund Hansen11996tp,flhrn
Erik Pyndt Hansen21992-1994saxes
Erik Vand Hansen71999-2002p,d,tb
Erlan Hansen11992g
Ernst Hansen51983-1999b
Eydun Hansen11987g
Finn Hansen21997-1999tb
Finn Otto Hansen1631956-2000tp,vcl,cnt,flhrn
Finnur Hansen21991-1998synt,keyboards,p
Flemming Hansen51951-1956d
Flemming Hansen21978-2000tp
Flemming Boje Hansen22008tp
Frank Hansen41942-2000b,p
Frans Hansen11998perc
Fred Hansen21954-1955p
Gitta Hansen41995-2000vcl
Grave Hansen21957-1958d
Grave Toft Hansen21954-1992d
Gunnar Hansen21952-1958tp
Gunnar Hansen11959vln
H.D. Hansen21974-1976vln
Hakon Hansen11998perc
Han Jorgen Hansen51981-1987cl,as,arr,bar
Hans Hansen21954-1955cnt,tp
Hans "Sjonne" Hansen11997bj
Hans Christian Hansen11987perc
Hans Jorgen Hansen131959-2014cl,sop,as,bassax,bar,b-cl
Heine Hansen171997-2016p
Helle Hansen71991-1999vcl,recorder,backing vcl,recorders,perc
Helmuth Hjorth Hansen81944-1970tb
Henning Hansen11993frh
Henning Friis Hansen21994-1997tb
Henrik Hansen71995-2000d
Henrik Holst Hansen12017d
Hvidbjerg Hansen12009electronics
Ib Buchholtz Hansen21986-1987accor,keyboards
Ida Dueland Hansen21999vcl
Ida Duelund Hansen11999vcl
Ivan Hansen11988gangsa,gong
J. Hansen12006d
Jack Hansen931924-1953tu,b,tp,vcl
Jacob Hansen11962d
Jan Hansen11990d
Jan Hansen21992-1994tb
Jan Erik Hansen11991tb
Jason Hansen141991-1999d,vcl
Jay Hansen22002-2016d,perc
Jennie Hansen51988-2004viola,vla
Jens Bang Hansen11978g
Jens Bjorn Hansen61971-1994d
Jens Iben Hansen11997ts
Jesper Hansen11998steel-d
Jesper Gram Hansen11986cl
Jesper Juud Hansen11975b
Jesper Juul Hansen11998bj
Jesper Sveidahl Hansen21992-1994tp
Jim Hansen21976-1977d
JoAnn Hansen21983-1984vcl
John Hansen451991-2013p,keyboards,el-p
John Hansen11948tp
Jon Hansen12010tu
Jonas Hansen11926tu
Kaj Hansen41959-2007fl,ts,pic,bar,reeds
Karsten Kuhn Hansen71990-2000b
Kent Hansen11982d
Kim Hansen12005synt,keyboards
Kristoffer Hansen12004arr,p
L. Andy Hansen21930-1931tb
Lars Hansen11989tb
Lars Bjerre Hansen11997tb
Lars Dalsgaard Hansen11987cl
Lasse Hansen21968-2007g
Lau Hansen11995vcl
Leif Hansen21994-1996b,p
Leif Kjoge Hansen11983b
Lisa Hansen12003fl
Lise Stengard Hansen11996vcl
Mads Hansen71985-2000d,perc,arr,fl,sax,ts
Mal Hansen12006d
Marcus Hansen11971ts
Margot Hansen12013vcl
Markus Hansen12002video
Marla Hansen22008-2011viola
Michael Boving Hansen11972bj,vcl
Michael Tony Hansen11988g,vcl
Mikael Juul Hansen31978-1985p
Mike Hansen41965-2007perc,prepared record player,el-g,reeds,record play
Mogens Rihn Hansen101974-2000tp
Morten Hansen11965b
Nicolai Land Hansen21997b
Nicolai Much Hansen12000b
Niels Ricardo Hansen321954-1997bj,vcl,bass-d
Niels Schultz Hansen11991alto-fl,fl
Nils Ricardo Hansen11971bj
Olav Hansen11950g
Ole Hansen181955-1988tb,tp,flhrn
Ole Jacob Hansen641954-1998d,perc
Ole Kock Hansen461966-2015p,arr,cond,keyboards,org,el-p,synt,cel
Ole Ulvedal Hansen11984b
Ornulf Boye Hansen11984vln
Owe Hansen161970-2005bj,g,vcl,p,tenor-bj,5-string bj
Oystein Hansen11987vcl,hca,sop
Palle Bo Hansen11996bar
Palle Juhl Hansen11999p
Per Hansen141960-1977tp,cnt,vcl,flhrn
Per Juul Hansen21994-2001tb
Per Kruse Hansen11979b
Peter Hansen191948-2013b,el-b
Peter M. Hansen11989b
Piet Hansen11996sousa
Poul Hansen11960d
Preben Hansen41953-1961g,cnt,bj
Preben Holmberg Hansen11983tp
Randy Hansen21980-1990g,vcl,Gregorian chant
Reider Hansen11963d
Rene Hansen11959p
Ricardo Hansen11971p
Robert Hansen21943tp
Rod Hansen21970-1975tb
Roger Hansen11943tp
Rolf Hansen21996-2011g
Ross Hansen21983-1984g
Rudolf Hansen411952-1993b
Sigurd Hansen21983d
Soren Hansen31973-1983b,el-b
Steen Hansen631980-2015tb,bar-hrn,v-tb,g,bar,bar-tb
Steen Nikolaj Hansen32010-2016tb
Steen Vig Hansen11965sop
Steffen Juul Hansen211978-2009cl,as,sop
Stein Bull Hansen41995-1998g
Stig Hansen11987tp
Susie Hansen11991vln
Terje Hansen11981d
Thirsty Dave Hansen11998vcl
Toni Hansen11959d
Tonny Hansen11961d
Torben Hansen11954b
Torben Riis Hansen11996keyboards
Totto Hansen12004perc
Trond Sverre Hansen71995-2006d
Uffe Hansen21998-1999d
Uffe D. Hansen31997-2000d
Uffe Dahlsgaard Hansen31987-1992d,vcl
Uffe Dalsgaard Hansen12009d
Vern Hansen11996tp
Viggo Hansen11978tb
Werner Hansen31943-1944tp
Annette Hanshaw901926-1936vcl,p,uke,syrinx
Larry Hanshaw11978d
Brett Hanshew31994sax
Nick Hansinger12001flhrn,tp
Anna Hanski21997-2007vcl
Ilkka Hanski161973-1983b,el-b
Andreas Hansl21996-1999g
Mark Hanslip72002-2012ts,as,bar,saxes,reeds
Caspar Hansmann11973ts
Ejji Hansoka11996cl
John Hansom11979vcl
? Hanson11958tb
Bengt Hanson131980-1999b
Bert Hanson41958-1959b
Bertil Hanson11985flhrn,tp
Carl "Slim" Hanson22000-2002g,vcl
Charlie Hanson211930-1942g,bj
Chris Hanson21999-2002as,sax
Claire Hanson11986p
Colin Hanson11974p,vcl
Curt Hanson32000-2002b-g,b,el-b
Dave Hanson171985-2013p,synt,tb,arr,co-ldr,cond,el-p
Eric Hanson11993synt-programs
Erik Hanson21994-2000programming,perc
Hank Hanson21987d
Hedvig Hanson51997-2003vcl
Jack Hanson501937-1956tp
James Hanson41927tp
Jeff Hanson12004perc
Jennifer Hanson12007vcl
Jerry Hanson11959tp
Jerry Hanson11994saxes
John Hanson12009g,vcl
Josh Hanson12000reeds
Judy Hanson12010vcl
Junior Hanson11974el-g
Kevin Hanson22011g
Lloyd Hanson21994el-b
Malcom Hanson12009p
Margot Hanson41975-1978vcl
Mark Hanson11992perc
Mats Hanson81985-2001tp,vcl,cnt
Mick Hanson71995-2002g,el-g
Mike Hanson11971bar
Miles Hanson12012perc
Missy Hanson11994cello
Morgan Hanson12001tp
Nathan Hanson71996-2008ts,electronics,sop,bassoon,fl
Norman Hanson51925-1926d
Ola Hanson141989-2006tb,vln
Ole Hanson11990tb
Ove Hanson12004oboe
Patrik Hanson12011b
Paul Hanson241979-2015bassoon,as,el-bassoon,ts,sax
Peter Hanson12012as
Phil Hanson12003cello
Richard Hanson11952d
Rick Hanson11956d
Robert Hanson12007tp
Roger Hanson11944tp
Sean Hanson22001-2002tp
Snowy Hanson11949p
Steve Hanson51991-2003b
Todd Hanson31996-2006b-tb
Tom Hanson21960-1983d,keyboards
Tripp Hanson21991-1995p,vcl,tap dancing
Jacob Hansonis31990g
Andrea Hanssen12001vcl
Eva Hanssen11988flhrn,tp
Alve Hansson11977b-tb
Anders Hansson11993tb
Bengt Hansson541969-2011b,tb,g,fl,vcl,vln,cello
Bent Hansson12005b
Bernie Hansson41959-1976b
Bo Hansson71967-1969org
Bror Hansson11941tp
Catherine Hansson11998vcl
Clare Hansson51980-2002p,keyboards
Gosta Hansson21936-1941g
Hans Hansson11974b
Henrik Hansson31991vln
Ole Hansson21997b
Pelle Hansson11974vcl
Phil Hansson11988b
Robert Hansson71995-2008tp
Urban Hansson151976-2007fl,sop,ts,vcl,bassax
Wilgot Hansson12006d
Sverre Hanstad21986-2010g
Oddbjorn Hanto22002-2006vcl
Tom Hanton11995tb
Aime Hanuche11953tp
Jean-Willy Hanuise11985ts
Willy Hanuise21974-1985cl,cond
John Hanuluck11996oboe
Ales Hanus12002bj
Karel Hanus12002tp

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