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This index refers to the 224,508 individual jazz musicians (1,402,297 total entries) included in over 243,576 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2019.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page H29 - Jay Hutson to Markku Hyytia

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
Jay Hutson51981-2008as,ts,woodwinds,sop
Ken Hutson81975-1986b
Matt Hutson22005-2006tb
Tim Hutson32001-2008d,perc
Timmy Hutson12015d
Verlynna Hutson11971vcl
Collinus Hutt12010vcl
Eugene Hutt31924-1928tp
Steve Hutt11979as
Dave Hutten51992-1997as,fl,ts,sop
Tom Hutten11993as
Erich Hutter11991cello
Ernst Hutter381979-2015tb,euph,b-tp
Larry Hutter12006b
Monique Hutter41991-2007vcl,as
Oliver Hutter21997-2003as,sax
Ed Huttlin11999b-tb
Pete Huttlinger11997g
F. Huttner21936tb
Raimund Huttner71979-1988tp,sound-samples,synt-prog
Frank Hutto41969-1970tb
Pat Hutto11939vcl
Alex Hutton52004-2009p
Armand Hutton12017vcl
Barbara Hutton51971perc
Betty Hutton81939-1947vcl
Cec Hutton11980tb
Ina Ray Hutton11934cond,ldr
Jack Hutton91955-2007p,tp,keyboards,cnt,vcl
June Hutton291941-1951vcl
Keith Hutton31989-2013tb
Kimmy Hutton11996perc
Marion Hutton2931938-1959vcl
Mick Hutton671982-2018b,cuatro,perc,steel-d
Randy Hutton21977-1980g
Randy Hutton11992synt
Rolly Hutton11976b
Will Hutton31940-1941tp
Wilton Hutton61940-1944tp
Gordon Hutts11982vcl
Jouko Huttunen11984el-g
Eugene Hutz12002g,vcl
Brian Hutzell12013b,tb
Willi Hutzler11983b
Herman ter Huurne11986d
Henrik Huus11999tp
Sointu Huuskonen101966-1975tb
Gareth Huw-Davies21997-1998b
Eric Huwe31986-1988d
Jim Huwe31996-2006d,perc
J. Huwiler11957tb
Edward Huws Jones11985gamba
A. Huwyler11930p
Bruno Huwyler71993-2017d,perc
Rolf Huwyler12008d
Samuel Huwyler32012-2016b,el-b
Craig Huxley31989p,org
George Huxley251985-2012sop,cl,as,cl+as,sop+as
Dave Huxtable91956-1997g,bj,b,tb,narration,tp,tenor-bj
David Huxtable31994-1996bj,g
Jo Huy11955cello
Patrick Huybrechts11984vcl
Artie Huycke12006d
Toni Huydecoper11985bar,ts
Tony Huydekoper31965-1966bar,ts
Jan Huydts221960-1983p,el-p,synt,b,keyboards,hca,org,vcl,handclapping,string ens
Christian Huygen11994vcl
Luong Ngoc Huyinh11998monochord,bamboo-fl
Okkie Huysdens21974background vcl
Jasper Huysentruyt12012p
Roger Huysentruyt42005-2010cl,sax,ts
Arend Huysman12003sousa
Cees Huysman21974-1978tp
Peter Huysman61963-1967tp
Hein Huysmans21976vib
Aage Hvalbein21994cello
Janez Hvale11976d
Stig Hvalryg22006-2007b
Stig Hvalrygg21985-2006b
John Hvasta31978-1980d,tymp
Ida Hvid22013-2018b
Jens Carl Hvidbjerg11991p
Kent Hvidbjerg11999b
Henriette Hvidsten Eilertsen12018fl
Jan Hvidtved21981-1982g,vcl
Andreas Hviid11994backing-vcl
Torsten Hviid12009g
Magne Hvilen11976g
Hvicha Hvtisiashvili12005panduri
Kang Tae Hwan201988-2011as
Kim Dae Hwan41993-1996perc,harley pipe
Hogyu Hwang32005-2018b
Jason Hwang42011-2018vln,viola
Jason Kao Hwang771980-2018vln,viola,comp,electronics,el-vln,bird calls,cond
Min Wang Hwang12019voice,janggu,perc,taepyeongso
Nancy Hwang12005music boxes,found sounds,turntables,body parts
Josef Hwarych11977perc
Fung Chern Hwei112010-2017vln
Miki Hyama22005-2008p,el-p
Derek Hyams11985cl,as,bar
Harry Hyams41957-1977viola,strings
L'Ana Hyams31938-1947ts,cl,as,sop
Marjorie Hyams411944-1950vib,vibes,p,d
Mark Hyams261936-1941p,g
Al Hyatt11924cl
Thomas Hyatt12000flhrn,tp,vcl,v-tb
Tom Hyatt41981-2006tp,v-tb,ldr,vcl,flhrn
Harry Hybda11942p,celeste
Bill Hybel41984-1992vln
Vaclav Hybs421959-1966tp,tb
Stig Hyddmark11973cl
Ulf Hyddmark11973as
Alex Hyde51924-1925ldr,vln,effects,vcl
Billy Hyde261948-1964d,bgo
Clifton Hyde12004Chapman stick,electronics
Dick Hyde91965-1991tb,tu
Dick "Slyde" Hyde721960-1994tb,tu,b-tb,b-tp,fhr,bar-hrn
Earl Hyde71947-1952d
Evan Hyde22018d
Garry Hyde11976perc
George Hyde51958-2005fhr,b
Herman Hyde201926-1928as,vln
Howard Hyde21983-1986tp
Jerrine Hyde11934p
Jim Hyde31958-1976cl,sop
Jimmy Hyde41977cl,sop
John Hyde111978-2012b,accor
Jon Hyde21997-2006pedal-steel,tamb,vcl
Kevin Hyde22016-2018tb
Martha Hyde12007cl
Michael Hyde11992keyboards
Pat Hyde101934-1935vcl
Paul Hyde11981flhrn,tp
Peter Hyde41970-1984tp,flhrn
Phil Hyde11992tb
Phill Hyde11993tb
Richard Hyde21966tb
Slyde Hyde41996-2008tb,euph,b-tp
Steve Hyde11998flhrn
Ken Hyder271975-2007d,vcl,perc,ektara,voice,electronics,kalengo,sampling,dungur,kargirah-vcl,strings,khoomei,processing,dried peas,khoomei-vcl,kargiraa-vcl
Eugene Hye11994cello
Eugene Hye-Knudsen31992-1998cello
Tom Hyer131948-1970d
Ken Hyett11961as
Nate Hygelund51965-1969b
Mads Hyhne491991-2012tb,space bone,effects,Chinese-euph,Tibetan-tp,vcl
Beth Hykes22005-2008bar
Lee Hyla11992sampler
Mary Hylan181970-2009vcl,backing-vcl,soprano voice
Bill Hyland61936-1937tp
Sarah J. Hyland12007vcl
Ted Hyland11944ts
Tim Hyland61986-2000tp,fl,org
Will Hyland22005-2008b
Olle Hylbom31967-1971viola,vla
Tinco van Hylckama Vlieg41933-1938b
Susi Hyldgaard111994-2009vcl,keyboards,accor,p,b,backing-vcl
Dorte Hyldstrup11980vcl,perc
Carl-Gustaf Hyllander11973ts
Billy Hyloke11956b
Nicolaj Hylten-Cavallius51988-1996b
Aubrey Hylton11994keyboards
Bob Hylton91944-1947p
Clyde Hylton61944-1946as,unknown inst.
Francis Hylton12019b
Jack Hylton1101921-1944dir,vcl,p,talking,cond
Hylton Sisters11937vcl
Adam Hyman21996-2008viola
Arnie Hyman61959-2002b
Arnold Hyman61950-1970b
Arny Hyman11955b
B. Hyman11947vcl
Dick Hyman4791949-2019p,org,arr,dir,cond,harpsichord,celeste,comp,keyboards,el-p,cl,cel,synt,keyboard,pipe-org,clavinet,harmonium,ldr,interview,vcl
Earle Hyman11997recitation
John Hyman31927-1929cnt
Marianne Hyman11973g
Mike Hyman211974-2018d,perc
Miriam Hyman11995as
Peter Hyman11969vib
Peter Hyman11968vib
Phyllis Hyman101976-1990vcl,background vcl
Ray Hyman11994vcl
Anna Hymas11988vcl
Gemma Hymas11988vcl
Tony Hymas721964-2017p,keyboards,el-p,arr,voice,perc,synt,clav,d prog.,b-synt,dir,vcl
William Hymason11974viola
Rob Hymen12004melodica
Dusty Hymes11957g
Red Hymie141931-1932tp
Jan Hyncica171966-2010tb
Rob Hyner11998p
Dawn Hynes11988vcl
Dennis Hynes31978-1984tb,ldr
James Hynes141992-2004tp
Jim Hynes361980-2016tp,flhrn,hrn,pic-tp
Mark Hynes111990-2014ts,sop,reeds,sax,fl
Ron Hynes12010b
Tom Hynes211980-2012g,el-g,keyboards
Sue Hynett101975-1976fl,voice,vcl,pic
Antti Hynninen12009d,woodwinds,p,el-p
Kari Hynninen51961-1975b,el-b
Laura Hynninen11996harp
Viktor Hynoica11987fl
Yoon Hyoungwook12008piri
Igor Hype11981cymb
DJ Git Hyper11991sampler,turntable
Gary Hypes81976-1992cl,ts,alto-fl,bar,fl,saxes,reeds
Sini Hypponen12005viola
Vesa Hyrskykari42000ts
Gunnar Hyrum41953-1956tp
Knut Hyrum131954-1957bar,ts,as
Peter Hysen12015tu,b-tb
Greg Hyslop131986-2017g
Ricky Hyslop11967vln
Chris Hyson22013-2017el-b,p,b,synt
Jan Kare Hystad201980-2013fl,cl,as,ts,sop,sax,b-cl,saxes,alto-fl,bar
Ole Jacob Hystad211980-2013ts,cl,bar,sop
Sam Hyster631944-1955tb
Leroy Hyter41991-2001keyboards
Antero Hytinkoski11946vib
Pentti Hytonen11993reeds
Mogens Hyttel51976-1998as,cl,vcl
Antti Hytti121975-2004b,perc,finger-p,synt,voice,org,African thumb-p,saw,sitar,cond,Egyptian vln,thumb-p,harmonium,indian-org,Indian harmonium,vcl,indian
Kai Hyttinen11994vcl
Yoshiki Hyuga21996bj
Katie Hyun12019vln
Kim Jong Hyun11989d
Chang Hyun-jin21996buk
Cho Hyung-Joo11990changgu
Eero Hyvarinen31929-1932p
John Hyvarinen12000g
Lauri Hyvarinen12018prepared-g
Samuli Hyvarinen12005cello
Janne Hyvonen11993tb
Markku Hyytia11997vcl

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