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This index refers to the 224,508 individual jazz musicians (1,402,297 total entries) included in over 243,576 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2019.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page F17 - Randy Fullerton to Aqi Fzono

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
Randy Fullerton11974b
Tim Fullerton12000el-b
Walt Fullerton11996cnt
Miranda Fulleylove11992strings
Ted Fullick31977-1986tp,vcl
Teddy Fullick231967-2007tp,vcl,fl,flhrn
H. Fullihan21937b
Cindy Fullmer21973vln
Eddy Fullylove21947vcl
Dave Fulmer11981cond
David Fulmer22012vln,viola
Mimmi Fulmer12000vcl
Ervin Fulop61969-1971as,org,g,fl
Mihaly Fulop11961tp
Marcy Fulsom11980p
Ron Fulsom11968vln
Lowell Fulson51949-1970g,vcl,poss.g
Ted Fulte21993-1995d
Harry Fulterman91939-1940d
Marty Fulterman11968oboe
Angela Fulton21993vcl
Bill Fulton41997-2018p,keyboards,synt
Champian Fulton132007-2019p,vcl,voice
Chris Fulton51992-1994tb
David Fulton121978-1989g,tb,el-g,tibetan bells,slab,tarirona fl,el-d,12-s
Dick Fulton11955p
Euan Fulton22007-2010p
Greg Fulton31997-2000g,el-g
Jack Fulton861925-1938tb,vcl
Jack Fulton121959-1993tb
Jack Fulton21950-1952as,fl,sax
John Fulton51949-1952saxes,fl,woodwinds,cl,ts
Joseph Fulton11963d
Lori Fulton81985-1990backing-vcl,vcl
Meghan Fulton22013-2014fhr
Mike Fulton32002-2003tp
Paula Fulton11973vib
Rob Fulton12011vcl
Shelika Fulton12000vcl
Stephen Fulton42012-2018flhrn,tp
Willie Fulton41973el-g
Noah Fulton-Beale12009tp
Dick Fultz61946tp
Glenn Fultz11926unknown inst.
Scott Fultz31995-1998ts,sop,as,fl
Leo Fumagalli12016effects,sax
Sam Fumance12002as,fl,Asian double-reed horn
Rio Fumara12007as,ts
Pippo Fumaroli21982p,el-p
John Fumasoli91979-2017tb
Horacio Fumero371986-2017b,p,acharangado,g
Isoca Fumero51973-1974charango,g,small 10 string
Wolli Fummler11980ts
Gregorio Fumo71942-1946d
John Fumo501982-2013tp,flhrn,cnt,valve noise,transient,lip smacking,pic-tp
Jose Fumo11934saxes
Marco Fumo31983-1999p
John Fumosoli11988tb
Jimmy Funai11975b
Akiyuki Funaki11976b
Tomoko Funaki12011b
Hideo Funamoto11975d
Wild Bill Funaro31956cnt
Hiroshi Funato61992-2018b,perc
Jo Funato12006tp
Takane Funatsu12016vln
Jacob Funch22002-2004g,perc
Rune Funch51992-2007g,vib
Buleador Fundador12007pandeiro,cua,guiro macho,hang-d,wind chimes,cuica,
Greg Fundas12002d
Anson Funderburgh119966-string-b,g
Tom Funderburk21986-1988background vcl,vcl
Wes Funderburk32007-2016tb,arr,backing-vcl
Havard Nordberg Funderud12017g
Brother Fundi11972vib,perc,electronics
Greg Fundis32001-2014d,el-d
Craig Fundyga121986-2016vib,mar,perc
Craig Fundygo12017vib
Matt Funes91997-2014viola,strings,vla
Bob Funesti22009-2011b
Basil Fung31991g
Chern-Hwei Fung22009-2015vln,viola
Darelynn Fung51992bassoon,perc
Jay Fung11984b
Kristin Fung22014-2017vcl
Selene Fung21973-1975cheng,ching
Bas Funk61990tb
Bob Funk501945-2006tp,tb,hrn
Bob Funk81984-1992tb,hrn
Buck Funk11982sax
Dr. Funk11979vcl
Eric Funk12010p
Florian Funk12001b-cl
Gunnar Funk11995sousa
JoAnn Funk12015p,vcl
Klaus Funk31937-1938tb
Manny Funk11974wbd
Melody Funk11974vcl
Phil Funk11955as
Robert Funk42000tb
Werner Funk11969g
Ad Funke51965-1989bj,g
Georg Funke11980b
Michael Funke11989cl,as
Ruth Funke11999fhr
Walter Funke21930tp
Werner Funke11993as,sop
Tony Funke-Kupper11956d
QF da Funkee P11994rap
John Funkhauser31993-2016b,p
John Funkhouser421992-2016b,p,el-p,celeste
John Funkhouser11981vcl
Charles Funn21997-2000tb
Kris Funn111998-2019b
Kyle Funn81995-2006tp,flhrn
Bon Bon Funnell11953vcl
Ruth Funnell12007vln
Flare Funston51986-1991d,d-programming,perc
Kathi Funston11994vcl
Alexander Funtikov12007fl,tp,perc,ocarina
Charles Fuqua121935-1944vcl,uke,g
Ed Fuqua42000-2006b
Harvey Fuqua61955-1960vcl
Tony Furanno11947tp
Sven Furberg31985-1989el-b,b
Vladimir Furduj41972-1991d,vcl,perc
Tret Fure11978vcl
Bob Furem11990d
Felix Furer12000d
Eric Furfine21999-2000flhrn
Lindsay Furgesaon11999perc
Joe Furia21973cello
Massimiliano Furia12011d
Maxx Furian71991-2017d
Stephane Furic71990-2006b
Stephane Furic Leibovici11990b
Grandmother Flash and the Furious Five11982vcl
Lilli Furlan11985b
Peter Furlan21981-2019ts,sop
Ric Furley12004tymp,glasses,scythe,hedge-clippers,perc
Jack Furlong91959-2010bar,arr,saxes
Luis Furlong12016g,bj
T.C. Furlong21990-2005pedal steel-g,pedal-steel-g
Thomas Furlough12005b
Benjamin Furman22014p,keyboards,vcl
Brandon Furman21990-2000g,el-g
Dan Furman22005-2009p
George Furman21944-1951as
Jaakko Furman51944-1988d,tap dancing
Jeff Furman32001-2006tu
John Furman11971tp
Leszek Furman21969-1972p
Sal Furman21944-1947tp
Sam Furman31947-1957p,dir
Harold Furmansky111947-1968viola,strings
John Furmasoli11994tb
Sam Furnace481983-2006as,fl,sop,bar,woodwinds,saxes,pic
Sergio Furnari41998-2004ts,arr,as,cl
David Furnas12008el-b
Rolly Furnas61952-1970tb,vcl
Alexandre Furnelle21981-2015b
Daniel Furnemont21985-1989tp
Bill Furness31942p
Denver Furness81989-1998d
Peck Furness31942b
Peter Furness12008cl
Slim Furness141932-1942g
Trevor Furnet11988reeds
Pete Furnish12014b
Paul Furniss1151963-2012cl,sop,as,reeds,vcl,ts,tin-whistle,fl,sax,rec,recorder
Rosemary Furniss21992-1993strings,vln
Cliff Furnival11972d
Egil Furre11992sax
Georges Furrer191952-1977b
Pit Furrer41985-2015perc
Anita Furrer-Wiederkehr12011tp
Stefanie Furry11995fhr
Arve Furset71987-2001synt,keyboards,kybd-programs,el-p
Michail Fursikov31939-1944tb
"Baby" Lopez Furst81986-1995p,el-p
Baby Lopez Furst22001-2006arr,p
Carlos Lopez Furst11972b
Eric Furst11982flhrn,tp
H. Furst11958p
Hector Lopez Furst11972el-vln
Jean Furst12005vcl
Jeff Furst11967p
Kalle Furst11936vcl
Magda Furst11972viola
Markus Furst31984-1990perc,d
Martin Furst31997-2003d,cello
Reto Furst11993g
Ruben Lopez Furst91961-1992p,el-g
Wally Furst101980-2006bj,g
Dominik Furstberger12016d
Klaus Furstner22007-2016d
Ernie Furtado271956-1984b,el-b
Eymard Furtado12012p,el-p
Steve Furtado231966-1991tp,flhrn
Benjamin Furter12000el-b
Max Furth31995el-b
Svein Magnus Furu12008cl,sax
Tsuyoshi Furuhashi12009ts,fl
Kare Furuholmen21963-1968tp
Magne Furuholmen12005p
Vidar Furuholt11976sop
Hatsuho Furukawa81990-1994synt,p,el-p,keyboards
Natsuko Furukawa12012p
Norio Furukawa11996cello
Nozomi Furukawa21984-1985g
Saori Furukawa12004vln
Tatsuya Furukawa11995keyboards
Saori Furukuwa22004vln
Amy Furumoto11990vcl
Eduardo Furundarena21985-1993d
Julio Furundarena21985-1993p
Mitsuaki Furuno321972-2005b
Junichi Furusato31992-1997b
Ryojiro Furusawa341972-2003d,perc
Yutaka Furuta11956d
Alan Furutani11991ts,vcl,fl,sop
Marsha Furutani11991triangle,backing-vcl,vcl
Tetsuya Furutani41978-1981perc,cga
Hideo Furuya11998ts
Jun Furuya12015p
Nobuyasu Furuya22009-2010fl,ts,b-cl,cl
Takashi Furuya131959-1986as,vcl,ts,bar,fl
Mike Fury11994keyboards
Pete Furzer11976b
Tadahiro Fusahara12006tp
Frank Fusari12008b
Brent Fuscaldo12018b,thumb-p,hca,floor tom,classical-g,gongs,el-g,vcl
Andy Fusco461978-2017as,cl,fl,saxes,ts,sop,sax,reeds,woodwinds,woodwind
Antonio Fusco62008-2018d,perc
Bob Fusco21971-1973g
Francesca Fusco12017vcl
Frank Fusco11964vln
Guy Fusco21939tb
Pete Fusco161954-1957as,ts
Ruth Fusco11990as
Takafumi Fuse11980computer-d
Ross Fusedale21950-1953cl,vcl
Tetsuo Fushimi451963-1996tp,flhrn
Aldo Fusi12008b,el-b
Daniele Fusi31989-1995d,perc
Eric Fusillier12005b
Dylan Fusillo21999-2000d
Carsten Fuss12018tb
Deborah Fuss21973d
Dominik Fuss22010-2014tp,flhrn
Florian Fuss12017fl,sax
Florian "Flo" Fuss12010ts
Martin Fuss391983-2018ts,fl,as,sop,saxes,arr,bar,cl,sax,pic,hrn-arr,tb,alto-fl,reeds,woodwinds,tin-fl,b-cl,claps
Uli Fussebeger11994b
Ben Fussell291944-1952as,reeds,saxes,ts
Johnny Fussell11938tap-dancing
Uli Fussenegger51994-2001b
Uli Fussenhauser111979-1996d
Andy Fusso11962tb
Fritz Fust441944-1959as,cl,bar,ts,bars
Steffi Fust31990-2001d
Francis Fuster151985-2003perc,cga
Julio Fuster12016b,el-b
Gabor Fusti Balogh31976-1981p,el-p
Gaetan Fustier11989vcl
Korhan Futaci242004-2017ts,as,voice,reeds,fl,sop,loops,bar,theremin,effects,electronics,sax,perc,ts-mouthpiece,backing-vcl,kaval,vcl
Kiichi Futamura111987-2012p
Sergey Futas12005b
Stephen Futrell11990vcl
Lex Futshane31997-2003b,b-g,el-b
Monde "Lex" Futshane21992-1995b,el-b,backing-vcl
Joel Futterman441979-2017p,sop,curved-sop,Indian-fl,fl,wooden-fl,recorder,B-flat-fl,Indian fl,E-flat-fl,sax,perc,curved sop,Indian-wood-fl
Steve Futterman12001vcl
Daisuke Fuwa71986-1998b
Martin Fux11983d
Peter Fuzes11983fhr
Holger Fvestmann11976tp
Fred Fydler131949-1965tb,vcl
Sean Fyfe12016p
John Fyffe11972g,vcl
Terry Fyffe81976-1979cnt,vcl
Laura Fygi301992-2010vcl
Beye Fyle71973-1999fhr
Bob Fylling12000p
Egil Fylling11992keyboards
Boris Fyodorov11960g
Irina Fyodorova11985vln
Aqi Fzono12008synt-theremin

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