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This index refers to the 219,958 individual jazz musicians (1,374,297 total entries) included in over 238,908 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of November, 2018.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page E9 - Nell Evans to Dave Ezzy

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
Nell Evans31946-1948vcl
Nick Evans681968-2000tb,v-tb
Nick Evans11995vcl,mand
Noah Evans12001vln,perc
Nora Evans21979-1995vcl
Orrin Evans981995-2018p,keyboards,el-p,synt,dir,keyboard,computor audio processing,keyboard-b,korg triton
Owen Evans12014as
Patrice Evans11987strings
Paul Evans41995-2009tp,flhrn,vcl,backing vcl
Pervis Evans12015vcl
Pete Evans11981vln
Peter Evans561979-2018tp,pic-tp,piccolo-tp,melodica,slide-tp,bar-hrn
Peter Evans32006-2011el-vln,vln
Peter Evans22010-2012d
Phil Evans12002bar
Rachel Evans41987-1999viola,vcl
Ray Evans51924-1925as
Redd Evans71939-1945vcl
Reggie Evans41985-2000d
Richard Evans1251955-2015arr,b,cond,dir,d,el-b,horn arr,fhr,el-p,synt,orchestrations
Rickie Evans11976b
Rob Evans12001b
Rod Evans101975-2005bj,g,vcl
Roland Evans41949cl,as
Roland Evans11965tu,b
Rowland Evans11973p
Roy Evans291925-1931vcl,p,d
Rudy Bayfield Evans21929vcl
Samirah Evans22002-2008vcl
Sandy Evans531980-2017ts,sop,fl,wind controller,saxes,toys,sax,as,computer,flax,tamb,reeds,wind-controller,suling,vcl,wood-fl
Sandy Evans201951-1952vcl
Scott Evans21987-1991tb,perc
Seeward Evans41946-1947ts
Spencer Evans32008cl
Steve Evans71980-1988el-b,b,el-p,synt,arr,p,vcl,fl
Steve Evans12006vcl
Steve Evans11976tp
Sticks Evans531947-1982d,perc,tymp,bass-d,vib
Stump Evans121923-1927as,c-mel,sop,C-mel,bar
Sue Evans1151969-2012perc,d,cga,tymp,celeste,mar,mallets,spoons,cowbell
Sue Evans11955harp
Susan Evans61978perc
Ted Evans31963-1965as
Terry Evans111968-2008g,vcl
Tom Evans151973-2010cl,vln,vcl,mand,ts,sop,g,wbd,sax,triangle
Tommy Evans11953vcl
Trevor Evans21975-2006b
Trudy Evans11946vcl
Valerie Evans12003tb
Vicky Evans19999-0000vcl
Vince Evans221977-2012keyboards,p,b,synt,programming,el-p
Vincent Evans21992-2011p,keyboards
Vincent Leroy Evans21993kalimba
Virgil Evans101952-1960tp
Warren Evans61941-1949vcl
Wendy Evans12004vln
Wiley Evans12006tu
Will Evans41979-1986perc,synt
William Evans111995-2013p,el-p
William Evans11949d
William Evans11982org,p,el-p
William "Bill" Evans41948-1961ts,fl
William "Pill" Evans21996p
Yve Evans61989-2005vcl,p,arr
Bill Evans 111981sop
The Johnny Evans Singers11957vcl
The Evans Sisters11954vcl
Edye Evans-Hyde12011vcl
Jonathan Evans-Jones41978-2004vln
Nicola Eveleight11993fl
Eveline31987background vcl
Clifford Evelyn41961d
Dennis Evelyn21953vib
Claude Evelyne101951-1952vcl
Eran Har Even22011-2014g
Jenny Even21943vcl
Adina Even-Zohar12013vcl
Roy Evenett31957b
Philippe Eveno22003-2007g,backing-vcl,el-g
Andy Evens12010sax
Gabe Evens51998-2010p,keyboards
Finn Evensen11995vcl
Scott Evensen12005tb
Terje Evensen62002-2017perc,electronics,d,sound editor
Tom Evensen11983tb
Stein Erik Evenstad21990d
Al Ever11927tp
Keith Ever11980perc
Danny Everaert12005cl,ts
Danny "Bigard" Everaert11994cl,sax
Bob Everard11986d
George Everbach11947d
Tom Evered11997recitation
Robert Everest22003-2006g,vcl
Adam Everett22017-2018d
Angela Everett12005as
Angela R. Everett32002-2004as,sop
Berkley Everett12009p
Bill Everett11978vcl
C.J. Everett11989d
Charles Everett71994-2003vln
Charlie Everett21996-1998vln
Danielle Everett31997-1999vcl
DeJuan "D Priest" Everett22005-2009rap,spoken word,poetry
Ferdinand Everett11963d
Fred Everett21987cl
Grover Everett11977d
Harrison Everett11984tb
Neil Everett12009p
Peven Everett11999tp
Philip Everett22001d,perc
Rand Everett11994g
Ray Everett21956-1976d
Russ Everett11984tb
Sangoma Everett251983-2013d,perc
Skip Everett11952d
Tom Everett11991tb
Pete Everette12005b
Peven Everette11995tp
Bob Everhart131980-1998tp
Bobby Everhart11992tp
Matthew Everhart12011b
Robert Everhart12006tp
Ray Everitt11993vcl
W. Everitt11927ts
Bo Everling11969as
Jan Everling11969b
Jack Everly12006arr
Jason Everman11991b
Ben Evers11926dir
Jan Evers12001bar,fl,sop
John Evers181972-1999tp,flhrn,vcl,ldr
Jorg Evers21971-1972el-b
Lu Evers12006cl
Martin Evers21978-1981tb,b-tb
Rens Evers21976cl
Mike Eversden61975-1976tb
Bobby Everson11997timp
David Everson12010fhr
Malcolm Everson171962-1979bar,cl,as,ts,bj,sop
Terry Everson11999tp
Ken Everts31981-2015d
Kendon Everts31981-1993d,synt,perc
Kenny Everts11983d
Dave Evertson12013b
Magnus Evertsson51989-1993b-tb,tb
Dieter Everwien11948b
Hubert Eves, III21973el-p
Matt Eves21997-2001b,el-b
Mick Eves11974ts
Bill Evetts31930b
Chris Evetts12002arr
Jack Evetts111927-1933b,d,tu
Eveyln Freeman Singers11958vcl
Demet Evgar12006vcl
Brad Evilsiver61995perc
Brad Evilsizer51994-2007d,perc
Evin11994unknown inst.
Connie Evingson271991-2014vcl,arr
Dan Evmark21993-1999flygel,keyboards,synt,cello
Margaretha Evmark11999b,vcl
Nikolai Evpak62006-2014ts
Guy Evra12010fhr
Jean Evrard11953vcl
Jean-Yves Evrard32001-2006g
Evripidis Evripedou12012g,el-b
Jessica Evry12005cello
Nina Evtuhov32007-2015vln
Michael Evtushenko11988as
Tricia Evy12012vcl
Kaspar Ewald22004-2008arr,p,ldr,dir
Red Ewald11923vln
Kaspar Ewalds12002cond,b-cl
Alise Ewan12012vln
Louis Cesar Ewande11996keyboards,djembe
Kai Ewans751924-1946as,cl,vcl,arr,b-cl,tin whistle,ldr,dir
Wally Ewanski21947-1972b
David Ewart61993-2009vln,strings
Douglas Ewart421976-2011b-cl,perc,fl,as,cl,sop,bassoon,vcl,pic,bamboo-fl,reeds,alto-cl,didjeridoo,shakuhachi,sopranino,ts,electronics,dijeridu,palm,African-fl,shaker,whistles,cymbals,gong,rain stick,musette,saxes,didgeridoo,transverse-fl,whistle,recitation,gongs,didjeridu,bass-d,s-cl,ewartophone,b-fl,Eb-sop,cass. recorder,contra-b-cl,contrabase-cl,d,shakuhachi-fl,Eb-sopranino,p,little-inst,woodwinds,rain sticks,Ewart-fl,b-transvers-fl,Ewartphone,repeater
Douglas R. Ewart12009fl,sax,perc
Michael Ewbank12007p
David Ewell121997-2009b,tamb,vcl
Don Ewell1411946-1981p,celeste
Lindy Ewell11983d
Val Ewell11990g
Sandy Ewen32011-2017g,objects
Keith Ewer41980perc
Emil Ewering11949b
Luiz Ewerling151994-2008d
Frede Ewert21986-1996keyboards
Azrt van Ewijck11941tb
Willem van Ewijk11997tb
Aaron Ewing12009d
Bob Ewing71949-1994b
Brian Ewing12003reeds
Charlie Ewing12003b
Elmer Ewing21947g
John Ewing831938-1990tb
John Ewing52002-2010perc,d,vcl
John "Streamline" Ewing31946-1978tb
Maryhelen Ewing71992-1997viola,vla
Pauli Ewing12012vln
Rob Ewing82002-2015tb
Wayne Ewing11961ts
Oseho Ewlaeifoh11999vcl
Yair Ewnine12010cello
Katrien EX11993d
Katrin Ex11991d
Luc Ex101991-2006b,b-g
Terrie Ex61991-2006g,Hessels
Richard Exall232000-2015as,cl,ts,bar,vcl
Spiros Exaras12001classical-g,g
The Excellos Five 11926
Balto Exclamationpoint12016prepared-ts,balto! sax,ts
Nola Exel12014fl
Billy Exiner681937-1965d,perc
William Exiner11956d
Bill Exley31978-2001vcl,cooking pot,theremin,kazoo
Joe Exley12016tu
Billy Exner11951d
The Exotic Strings11966strings
Thaddeus Expose61996-2006b
Virgilio Exposito11995p
B.T. Express11974vcl
The Expressions21994-2006vcl
El Extasis11995perc
Marcius Extavour42001-2008flhrn,tp
Extended Blues Gators11984shouters
Karlheinz Exter11973d
Ruth Exter11987tb
Trevor Exter12007cello
Ricky Exton12008d
Marjorie Extract11997vcl
Susanne Eychmuller31993-1999cello
Hans van Eyck31964-1965g
Jaap van Eyck11972el-b
Maurice van Eyck61964-2005d,vcl
Bill Eyden581955-1987d
Sarah Eyden61993-1997vcl
Brian Eydmann71980-1982b
Yamataka Eye22003electronics,vcl,steel-g,objects,bj,org,el-fan,perc
Yamatsuka Eye121989-1995vcl,voice
Damian Eyer11994tp
Esben Eyermann12017b
Tim Eyermann291972-2004as,sop,reeds,ts,fl,b-fl,alto-fl,all woodwinds,wood
Bright Eyes11991rap
Ernie Eyes41988dir
Klaas Eygelaar11985sousaphone
Henk Eygendaal11983d
David Eyges201972-2004cello,el-cello,p
Herve Eyhani11973synt,el-b
Rene Eyheralde31948-1979cl,vcl,sop
John van Eyk11992keyboards
Tonny Eyk21975-1978p,accor
Hans Eykenaar31982-1984d
Dominica Eykmans12005vla
Randy Eyles11981perc
Tim Eyles21984-1989tp,vcl,bugle,euph
Guido Eyman32001-2005g
Rich Eyman11981tb
Frederic Eymard41999-2008viola,vln
Raybays Eynar31967d
Leon Eynatyan12004perc
Cy Eynon11930as
Nick Eyock11975vcl,perc
Douglas Eyre11986bassoon
Geoff Eyre11980d
Tommy Eyre91972-1994keyboards,vcl,fl,string synt
Jeff Eyrich11999b
Wieslaw Eyssymont11962tp
Mike Eytcheson12009b
Yasef Eyvazov22007-2014oud
Francisco "Pancho" Eyzaguirre11956p
Masafumi Ezaki22004-2005tp,metals
Titenn Flamenca Ezanno12012vcl
Bert Ezard1071953-1990tp,tb
Katsuhiko Ezawa31994-1998accor
Will Ezell131926-1929p,vcl
Carlos Ezequiel12010d
Alvin Ezer11955d
Jesus Ezquijarrosa21955perc
Ezra22011-2012beat box,vcl
Jake Ezra12013g
Andy Ezrin231996-2017p,el-p,org,Wurlitzer
Mayuka Ezure12012p,vcl
Bernt Ezzard11978tp,flhrn
Bert Ezzard381957-1990tp
Mike Ezzo11990d
Dave Ezzy31980-2002d,perc

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