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This index refers to the 219,958 individual jazz musicians (1,374,297 total entries) included in over 238,908 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of November, 2018.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page D9 - Pierre De Leye to Hans Demeurisse

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
Pierre De Leye11904cl
Yannick Delez52000-2010p
Barbaro Torres Delf-gado11998lute
Alexandre Del Fa11993g
Guido Del Fabbro12011vln
Ernie Delfante21998-2007saxes,as,bar,fl
Ali Delfau31983keyboards,voice,synt
Allie Delfau12003p,keyboards
Mike Del Ferro141989-2015p,keyboards,keyboard,synt
Gaetano Delfini61973-1976tp,vcl,perc,tb
Junji Delfino12010vcl
Sacri Delfino12009g
Rolf Delfos221985-2012as,sop,bar,sax,declamation
Hector Delfosse11954unknown inst
Alexandre del Fra12002g
Riccardo Del Fra881979-2013b,p,arr
Ernie Del Frante21983-1986as,sop
Klaas Delfsma61973-2006tb,euph
Willem van Delft11980b
Adriana Delgado12004dancer
Al Delgado11981vib,cga
Barbara Torres Delgado11998lute
Candido Delgado11999g
Celeste Delgado11997vcl
Elpidio Chappotin Delgado12003tp
Elvira Delgado12001vcl
Evita Delgado12012vcl
George Delgado101991-2017cga,perc,bgo,unknown inst
Guillermo Delgado21995-2003b
Hiram Delgado11964steel perc
Isaac Delgado12000vcl
Isidre Delgado22004-2007tp
Jennifer Delgado11995vcl
Jimmy Delgado191976-2011timb,perc,timbales,shakeres,bell,d,cga,cowbell,cow
Julie Delgado61992-1993backing-vcl,vcl,background vcl
Junior Delgado12007vcl
Lito Delgado321942-1954cl,ts,saxes,as
Manuel Delgado11985background vcl,g
Mario Delgado132000-2014g,el-g,dobro,ac-g,lap steel-g,el-sitar-g
Michel Salazar Delgado12018b
Pibe Delgado41943-1944saxes,cl,as
Publio Delgado21999-2012g
Rafael Delgado11942ts
Susana Delgado41984-1986vcl
Susana E. Delgado41987-1990vcl
Terry Delgado12007perc
Victor Delgado12007perc
Vince Delgado61986-2008perc,hand-perc,dumbek,chimes,Egyptian tabla,bgo
Jaime Delgado Aparicio31964-1976p,arr
Mario Delgarde11949b
Robert Delgardo12013d
Lew Del Gatto661968-2012fl,ts,bar,reeds,cl,oboe,pic,sax,alto-fl,sop,horns,eng-hrn,as,woodwinds,brass-arr,b-cl,saxes,hrns
Enrico Del Gaudio21997-2014perc,d
Felice Del Gaudio141987-2012b,g
Luciano del Gaudio12011g
Todd DelGiudace12016ts
Todd DelGiudice91994-2017as,cl,sop,ts,b-cl,fl,saxes,sax
Al Del Governatore31955-1958p
Michele Delgutte11988vcl
Rene Delhaye11980b-tb
Jacques Delhez41940-1942cello,p
Jean Delhez71938-1955cello,org,arr,p,accor,b
Rob Delhinger12008tp
Dave Delhomme121991-2007keyboards,sound-program.,sound-program,org,g
David Delhomme11999d-prog
Pierre Delhoumeau321930-1947cl,as,saxes
Pierre Delhournaud11943cl
Joe Delia21978-2014p,keyboards
Joe Delia21985-1986b
John Delia41992-2007cl,saxes,reeds
Michael Delia21994g,perc
Donato Deliano41978-1985el-p
Djordje Delibasic21985-1988d,perc
Tom Delibero141977-2003tp,flhrn
Alex DeLica11983tb
Hans Henrik de Lichtenberg21981-1982as,sop
Sunny Delight11993rhythm-programs
Roger Delillo81957-1999tb,b-tp
Francois de Lima21991-1995tb,valve-tb,vcl
Paulo de Lima21992-1998d,wbd,vcl
Silvana de Lima11999vcl
Diane Delin171995-2006vln,Zeta-vln,vcl
Willerm Delisfort102009-2018p,keyboards,org,el-p
"Big Eye" Louis Nelson Delisle101940-1949cl,talking
D.S. DeLisle11973arr
Francois Delisle31997-1998b-tb,tb
Paul Delisle31948-1952tp
Doddy Delissen101939-1942vcl
Peter DeLisser12000ts,bar
Tobias Delius641986-2015ts,cl,vcl,melodica
Raymond Delize21931-1938d
Carlos del Junco31996-2005hca
James Delk11984d
Al Dell31940-1941b
Bob Dell41976-1977reeds,cl,ts
Christopher Dell301988-2017vib,perc,voice,el-b,g,dir,mar
Diana Dell121928vcl
Eddie Dell71944-1945d
Gene Dell21947g
Herbie Dell51939tp
Jim Dell11973g
Lou Dell11981flhrn
Maurey Dell11954p
Monica Dell11952vcl
Peggy Dell231933-1939vcl,p
Richard Dell11994tp
Tony Dell71947b
Virginia Dell21944-1945vcl
Francie Dell Fave11978fl
Jill Dell'Abate11997backing-vcl
Menino Dell'Aera11965p
Desiree Dell'Amore12007harp
Raul Dell'Angelica11960cl
Cesare Dell'Anna32002-2004tp
Luca Dell'Anna22012-2014p
Sebastiano Dell'Arte11992flhrn,tp,vcl
Dino Dell'Atri12001fhr
Ponte Dell'Olio11985p
Valerio Della Fonte82002-2015b
Marco Della Gatta12008keyboards,arr,p
Roberto Della Grotta181973-2001b,el-b,kalimba
Alain Della Maestra131985-2008tp,flhrn,dir
Antonio della Marina22009-2012live electronics,sinewaves
Gennaro della Monica12007cello
Sergio Della Monica21983-1987d
Bernard Della Nave11986tp
Paolino Della Porta12007b
Sara Della Posta21996-2002fhr
Damiano Della Selva12011d
Heinz Della Torre31993-1996tp,flhrn
Monica Della Vedova12002vcl
Vincent Della-Rocca11978as,ts,fl
Mario Dellacha21988-1993flhrn,tp
Nelson Dellamaggiore11979reeds
Steven Dellannoye12015ts
Enrico Dellantonio12003bar
Stan Dellar11957d
Rick DellaRatta101995-2001p,vcl,arr
Vinnie Dellaroca11988ts,fl
John Dellavedova12006d
Dewey Dellay41980-1988b,el-b
Frank Delle451986-2015bar,b-cl,ts,fl,sop,cl,saxes,alto-fl,reeds,woodwinds
Karen Delle Fave11978vln
Terri Delle Fave11978vln
Fabio Delle Foglie32010-2013d
Piero Delle Monache42003-2009ts,as
Carlo Delle Plane11981vcl
R. van Dellen11983unknown inst
Elsebeth Dellenfors51981vcl
Martin Deller21980d,perc
Tassilo Dellers31990-2007ts,g,fl,sax,sop,electronics
Kjersten Dellert11959vcl
Matthias Dellert11999b
Sigge Dellert471957-1996d,wbd
Yves Dellicour22006b-cl,sop
Manny DelLima11984tp
Jay Dellinger11987b
Seth Dellinger221998-2001b,strings,vcl
Riccardo Dellocchio12001g
Gerard Delloue11982p
The Dells51961-2000vcl,vcl group,vcl quartet
Anders Dellson22009-2010as,cl
Frederic Delluc11998tu
Luc van Delm11985bj
Tony Delmado11949tp
Elliot Delman11997g
Andy Delmar31944b
Elaine Delmar231959-2005vcl
Jerry Delmar21937as
Jonno Delmar21976g
Ted Delmarter71927-1928bj,g,vcl
Delme String Quartet11985strings
Veronique Delmelle21996-2007bar
Hugo Delmi21985-1989keyboard,keyboards
Hugo Delmirani11992vib,org
Ugo Delmirani11986keyboards
Helio Delmiro301968-2006g,el-g
Gildo Del Mistro11969d
Franco Delmonego11999d
Mario Del Monico11988perc
Christophe Delmono11984d,tp,perc
Al Del Monte21971tp
Emilio Del Monte51964-2006timb,Latin-Amer-perc
Emilio Del Monte, Jr.41997-2006perc,chorus,bata-d
Emilito del Monte12010vcl,perc
Mario del Monte12001cencerro,tumbadora,guiro,cga,timb
Osain Del Monte12018perc
Reinaldo Valera del Monte61983-1988perc,d
Emilio del Monte Valdes21999-2001Cuban perc,Cuban-perc
Andrea Delmue42001-2006flhrn,tp
Dan Del Negro52001-2007p
Paul Del Nero151980-2002b
Arnold Delnick11967strings
Guy Delo21969org
Ken Delo11980vcl
Gerry DeLoach12007ts
Lois Deloatch41998-2010vcl
Mike de Loise11966d
Selena del Olmo12016vln
Eddy Delomenie11991as
Albert Delone31962-1963as
Austin Delone11989p,g,accor,vcl,perc
Krysta deLong11999vln
Paul De Long31988-2001d
Gus Deloof491930-1953tp,arr,vcl,cnt,ldr
Henk De Loose22002-2007tp
Bram de Looze62012-2017p,el-p
Thibault Delor41990-1993b
Thomas Delor22015-2016d
Tibo Delor12014b
Fernando Delorenzini51986-1990p
Dan DeLorenzo161983-2010b,perc
Daniel DeLorenzo22006-2012b
Leonardo De Lorenzo12006d
Victor Delorenzo21992d,trancephone
Deborah De Loria21981b
Michel Delorie11990el-g
Larry R. Delorier41983-1987pic,fl,snare d
Adriano Delorio11994tb
Gabriel DeLorme41974el-g,g,water-bag
Serge Delorme11985vln
Alfred Delory21965p
Walter deLory21937tb
Wendell deLory181935-1940tb,tp
Alain Delos11982perc
Walfredo de los Reyes91957-1992d,cga,perc,timb,cabassa,Latin-perc,clave,cowbell,r
Walfredo de los Reyes, Jr.31955-2018d
Carmelo de Los Santos12005vln
Jeannie De Lou11981vcl
Eugene Delouche11937as
Denis Deloup12009tb
Pascal De Loutchek41990-1998g
Rob de Louw11974bj
Marc Delouya22010-2012d
Karl De Lovely11980ts
Silva Delovska11979vcl
Jorge De Lozano11977cl
Paolo del Papa12013tb
Maxime Delparle12008b
R. del Perugia31928-1930tu
Catherine Delpeuche12014cello
Bruno Delpeut11995vln
Franck Delpeut22000-2011tp
Frank Delpeut22009tp
Paul Delph11982keyboards
Enrico Del Piano11983d
Roberto Del Piano101974-1985b,el-b
Henri Delpierre11985hrn
Maxime Delpierre32005-2008g
Israel Del Pino11958vcl
Jorge Del Pino51996b,bgo
Frederic Delplanco11999ts
Fred Delplancq62005-2010ts
Roberto Del Plano11991el-b
Francois Delporte22008-2015g,el-g
Maxime Delporte32010-2014b
Paco del Pozo21997-2013vcl
Dolf Delprado71979-1994b
Nestor Del Prado42001-2017b,el-b
Gino Del Prete12012d
Luigi Del Prete12013d
Mike Delprete72003-2012b,el-b
Alain Delpuech41967-1969d
Arlos del Puerto11995b
Carlitos del Puerto301990-2017b,el-b
Carlos del Puerto251975-1997b,el-b,d,vcl
Carlos Del Puerto, Jr.11996b
Joe Delrait11956vcl
Aldo Del Rio12000tres cubano
Jack Del Rio181955-1963perc,cga,bgo,latin-am perc,tamb,kettledrums,cabasa
Mike Del Rio11971p
Carlos del Rosario22001-2007org,gong,perc
Carolyn Del Rosario11991p
Quique del Rosario11996el-b
Carlos del Rosario Fernandez11985oboe
Dan DelSanto21972g
Charlie Delsart11956ts
Jose Delsart11989tp
Christophe del Sasso12007arr
Leo Delsemme21958-1960tb,arr
Brian Del Signore11988vib
Eduardo del Signore21993b,el-b
Al Del Simone51950-1957tp
Delta Rhythm Boys201941-1950vcl,vcl quartet,vcl group
The Delta Rhythm Boys vcl251940-1959vcl group,vcl
Patrick Deltendre12010g
Patrick Deltenre161989-2008g,el-g,vcl
Jeff Delterdt11992p
Guillermo del Toro22003-2018perc
Guillermo del Torro Varela12011cga
Emile Deltour171929-1942vln,ldr,arr
Felix Del Tredici12012b-tb
Ermanno Del Trono41982d
Michel Deltruc11997d,perc
Veronique Deltruc-Mougin11997xyl,perc
Stefano Delu21983-1985g
Michel Deluc11985b
David Deluca11976vcl
Dennis DeLuca21995d,vln,vcl,keyboards,b
Emiliani De Luca12006b
Emiliano De Luca12001b
Ignacio de Luca12002vcl,perc
Joe de Luca71923-1993tb,el-g
Laura Deluca31999-2001cl,b-cl
Matthew Deluca11997d,perc
Nando De Luca201973-2009p,arr,el-p,dir
Nick DeLuca11951bgo,cga
Nicola De Luca12002d
Peppino DeLuca91957-1959tb,vcl
Pupo De Luca221949-1964d
Rudy DeLuca71945-1946tb
Rudy DeLuca11958d
Tom DeLuca11955arr
Larry DeLucca12011reeds
Palm DeLucca11952ts
Rudy DeLucca11944tb
Vincenzo Deluci92000-2004tp,flhrn
Ed DeLucia32004-2009g
Jon De Lucia42005-2016as,fl,sop,cl,alto-cl
Michele de Lucia32003-2008cl
Paco de Lucia241967-2009g,arr,handclaps
Milton Delugg71946-1967accor,cond,arr
Silvana Deluigi31992-2000vcl,voice
Antonio De Luise22009-2014b,keyboards
Cesio De Luisi11976cello
Pete DeLuke11991cl,as,ts,vcl
Raquel De Luna12000perc
Louis de Lussanet41965-1975d
Liza Deluxe41982background vcl,vcl
Guy Deluz21959-1960b
Marc Deluz31954-2001cnt,flhrn
Gonzalo del Val32009-2015d
Alvaro del Valle12015g
Amy Del Valle11994vcl
Ayana Del Valle22006-2008vcl
Christophe Delvalle12010p
Jeff Del Valle11994vcl
Kathy DelValle11980as
Fernand Delvaux11904fl
Henri Delvaux11989tb
Niels Delvaux12008perc,d
Angelo Del Vecchio11965tb
J. Delventhal11977b
Americo Del Ventura31933-1938vln
Derek Delves11994vcl
Paul Delvi11930d
Michel Delville112005-2017g,g-synt,electronics,el-g,samples,stylophone,loops,synt,vcl,bouzouki
Pierre Delvincourt31946b
Fabio Delvo22010-2013sax,reeds
Paolo Delvo12008reeds
Aili Delwiks22011-2012vln
Istvan Dely51976cga,cowbell,perc
Laszlo Dely51976-1990cga,perc
Robert Dely21995-2000g,el-g,fretless-g
Roby Dely12000perc,g
Lucienne Delyle31939vcl
Bobby de Lys31923d
Helaine DeLys11971vcl
Sherrie Delys21981-1985vcl
Luc Delysle31962-1966tp
Franky Delzersnyder11995tb
Arian Dema21980g,el-g,ac-g,perc
Alex De Macedo12010g,b
Roger Demael11960cl,as
Marc de Maeseneer12009ts,bar
Clement De Maeyer11965b
Emanuelle de Magalhaes11996vcl
David DeMaio11968tp
Giacomo De Maio11981p
Massimo de Majo11987d
Quentin Demamme11983d
Berlinde Deman42004-2012tu,vcl
Lea Deman12015vcl
Oliver Demand12005tb
Sascha Demand32005-2006el-g,e-table-g
Udo Demandt12008cajon
Francis Demange12010p
Hank DeMano31956-1963flhrn,tp
L.O. Demant11991b
Jack Demany181937-1943ts,vln,cl
Bob De Marbaix31953-1954d
Fernando De Marca12003b
Fabio De March81988-2009b,el-b
Ray DeMarch12005d
Fabio De Marchi11996el-b
Ray DeMarchi91994-2009d,perc
Bob DeMarco21999-2000g
Diane De Marco12000backing-vcl
Fernando de Marco41995-2000el-b,b
Joe DeMarco11997vln,g,vcl,keyboards,el-b
Kevin DeMarco22009-2011g
Michael Demarco12014vcl
Mike DeMarco12006d
Paolo De Marco11990vln
Peter Demarco41980-1996p
Woody DeMarco12009p
De Marco Sisters11945vcl
Juan de Marcos Gonzalez11996ldr,tres
Joe DeMare21962-1963tp
Phil Demaree101978-2005b,arr,tu,vcl
Philip Demaree22002-2003b
Phillip Demaree12005b
Paul Demarest21995-2007rhythm-g,g
Paul Demarest, Jr.12003g
Rene Demaret41925p
David De Marez Oyens11991b-synt,b-g
Paul de Margerie11965cond,arr
Ann DeMarinis11981keyboards,perc
Anne DeMarinis21994-1997accor
Ilario de Marinis181982-2010b,el-b
Paul DeMarinis31997-2005sop,ts
Elio De Mario61937-1939vln
Gerard Demarta31959-1972tb
Marc De Martelaere11995sas,el-b
Roger De Martelaere31958-1960d
Maurice de Martin221991-2011d,perc,voice,waterfone,keyboards,shrutibox,sampler
Carlo de Martini12003viola,vln
Frank De Martino31945tp
Marina De martino11996backing-vcl
Sam De Martino121945-1949bar,as
Jean-Pierre Demas21983-1984b
Edoardo De Masellis11964strings
Franco De Masi21953fhr
John DeMasi11981tb
Mike de Masi42012-2016b
Sergio de Masi12006d
Tom DeMasters31993-2001g,el-g,vcl
Geoffroy De Masure201992-2016tb
Aino-Maija Riutamaa de Mata12012cello
Fiore DeMatteis11984tb
Ed DeMatteo21965-1967b
Raffaelia De Mattheis12004vcl
Massimo De Mattia211990-2014fl,alto-fl,cond,flutes,b-fl
Bu-Baca De Maurice11993d
Jim DeMauro12000tp
Andre Demay21976g,el-g
Clement De Mayer321953-1967b,arr
Amelia DeMayo12009dir
John Dembeck61967-1973vln
Bogdan Dembek91969-1973tp
Adama Bilorou Dembele22014perc,backing-vcl
Assistan Dembele31988-1992vcl,backing-vcl
Assitan Dembele11987vcl
Ioumana Dembele11999bara,dosso n'goni,tamani,doundoun,djembe,vcl,marac
Madou Dembelle21998djembe
William Dembinsky11938vln
Brian Dembow101992-2011viola,vla
Bronislaw Dembowski31997poetry
Drew Dembowski32003-2015b
Drew D. Dembrowski11993b
Stephen Dembski11996cond
Dave Demdrey12016ts
Peppino De Meco11988flutes,reeds
Doug Demeerleer11990b
Walter De Meester11983tb
Eli DeMeff11964tb
Chris DeMeglio12014vcl
Jerome De Meirleir11951bassoon
Oscar De Mejo21936p
Sue Demel32000-2010vcl,g
Flavia DeMello11995vcl,perc
Gaudencio Thiago de Mello21989-1991perc,vcl
Marilane De Mello21997-1998vcl
Thiago De Mello52000-2006perc,vcl,p,berimbau,g
Arnou de Melo12014b
Ermenio De Melo11991g
Joao Jeronimo de Menezes F.11986vln
Patrick Demenga11984cello
Thomas Demenga21980-1990cello,viola
Jack Demenint21932as
Ray Demeno21952-1955vcl
Tamara DeMent12015vln
Tanya Dementeva11988vln
Bob Demeo61980-1997d
Eva DeMeo12000vcl
Jimmy DeMeo61939-1940as
Stefano De Meo11994p,keyboards
Les DeMerle271969-2014d,vcl,arr
Charlie Demeroe71952-1958ts
Matt DeMerritt12003ts
Arjan van de Merwe22015fhr
Benoit de Mesmay271985-2013keyboards,p,synt,arr,org
Ronald De Mesquita11967d,perc
Laszlo Demeter31989-2005d
Santino Demeter12004b
Steve Demeter22004g,rhythm-g
Titi Demeter12004g
Walter Demeter11975as,bar
Kimberly Demetre11988vcl
Stefan Demetriadis12005b-tb
Duru Demetrius12009cga
Dennis Demetsenaere12001p
Jacques Demettre121976-1995tp
Leon Demeuldre11946d
Leon "Bodash" Demeuldre131941-1972d
Hans Demeurisse11995hrn

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