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This index refers to the 224,508 individual jazz musicians (1,402,297 total entries) included in over 243,576 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2019.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page D6 - Christophe Davisseau to Vincenzo De Bernardis

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
Christophe Davisseau12016fl,saxes
Dan Davisson161993-2007bj,ukulele,tenor-g,g,vcl
Daniel Davisson12009bj
Ron Davisson11981ts
Charlie Davot12012bgo
Christophe Davot311992-2018g,vcl,bj,mand
Napua Davoy101991-1998vcl,synt,p,voice,synt-fl
Irakli de Davrichewy11996tp
Colin Davy21969d
Keith Davy21959-1960tb,tp
Kevin Davy21991-1998tp
Roy Davy11963xyl
Sanny Davy21948vcl
Sergei Davydov11999keyboards
V. Davydov12015ts
Jack Daw12008b
Jef Daw11969g
Marjorie Daw11958vcl
Deva and Dawai12000vcl
Rene-Philippe Dawan11986g
Antoine Dawans12017tp
Bob Dawbarn51950-1955tb
David Dawda12007b
Cheryl Dawdy11992vcl
Michael Dawe11988d
Ray Dawe11974tb
Bob Dawes681945-1959bar,reeds
Dwight Dawes41995-2000keyboards
Gene Dawes11990d
Jack Dawes21993d
Jason Dawes12002vcl
Lennie Dawes21954bar
Patrick Dawes12016perc
Robert Dawes11947bar
Tim Dawes12003b
Chief Dawethi11991vcl
Mauricio Dawid12018b
Art Dawkins41992-1993sax
Arthur Dawkins81976-1995ts,fl,alto-fl,b-cl,as,bar,dir,sop
Chris Dawkins21996-2002g
Derryck G. Dawkins12006el-g
Dr. Arthur Dawkins31996-2001fl
Ernest Dawkins72004-2018as,ts,perc,sop,arr,comp,sax,cond
Ernest "Khabeer" Dawkins271985-2013as,ts,perc,fl,reeds,vcl,comp,sax,cl,dir,sop,contra-alto-sax,saxes
Frank Dawkins11978g,el-b
Hasaan Dawkins11980ts
Hassan Dawkins41975-1976fl,as,perc,sop
Janet Dawkins71996-2010vcl
Jimmy Dawkins21971g
Patrick Dawkins32012-2019vln
Skyle Dawkins12002classical-g
Stewart Dawkins141936-1957tb
Walter Dawkins11981ts
Billy Dawn11960backing-vcl
Charene Dawn31993-2004vcl
Dolly Dawn51937-1981vcl
J. Dawn11947vcl
Carolyn Daws11985vln
Hanley Daws21974-1985vln
Adam Dawson12016d
Alan Dawson1641953-1995d,vib,perc,vibes,tymp,vcl
Alice Dawson12007backing-vcl
Anna Dawson41981-1994vcl
Aundre Dawson11984org
Ben Dawson22008-2012tp
Bill Dawson31927-1928tb,vcl
Brent Dawson21976-1978bassoon,sop
Brett Dawson11995tb
Byrne "Muggsy" Dawson21954-1956cnt
Chris Dawson271993-2016p
Claude Dawson121933-1934d
Cliff Dawson41988background vcl
Colin Dawson481979-2017tp,vcl,cnt,flhrn
Colin T. Dawson22017-2018tp,cnt,flhrn,vcl
Craig Dawson12015as
David Dawson11987b
Doris Dawson11975backing vcl
Earl Dawson41984b
Eddie Dawson31949-1962b
Emily Dawson11998b
Eric Dawson551950-1960b
Frank Dawson91980-2002g,el-g
George Dawson441961-2006cl,sop,as
Glyn Dawson11990vcl
Grant Dawson42000-2002tb,b-tb
Gregory Dawson12005as,sop
Hannah Dawson32008-2018vln
Herb Dawson11955ts
Herbert Dawson11962fl,sax
Herbie Dawson71947p
Horsley Dawson131975-1978b
Joe Dawson12015unknown inst.
John Dawson22005-2013sax,reeds
Josh Adam Dawson12013vcl
Kevin Dawson21960b
Lauren Dawson12013vcl
Lisa Dawson21980-1982vcl
Loren Dawson12013org
Luke Dawson32016-2018b
Michael Dawson12006perc
Muggsy Dawson11956cnt
Nick Dawson171998-2006p,vcl,arr,as,cl
Owen Dawson32015-2017tb
Paul Dawson12002g
Peter Dawson31922vcl
Rachel Dawson12018cello
Richard Dawson12013voice,g,b-g
Rick Dawson11986p
Roger Dawson61968-1975cga,orchestra bells,perc
Sid Dawson81952-1978tb,ldr,vcl
Sonny Dawson11939g
Steve Dawson71982-2007g,ukulele,reeds,backing-vcl,saxes,brass,tp,tricone-g,weissenborn
Steve Dawson11997flhrn
Terry Dawson11995tu
Thomas Dawson11992programming,keyboards
Thomas Dawson11984b
Vinny Dawson22012-2016tp
Warren Dawson21971-1973b,g
Will Dawson12008as,keyboards,g,vcl
William Dawson12011p,melodica,org,b-g,vib,vcl
Talib Ahmad Dawud211944-1957tp
Benjamin Daxbacher12016as
Alice Day51976-2006vcl
Allan Day12002b-tb
Ann Day21993-1997d,perc
Anthony Day11979d
Arita Day11934vcl
Arly Day11962vcl
Basie Day81945-1949b
Billy Day11927vcl
Bob Day11994flhrn
Bobby Day51970-2006tp,bj,flhrn
Bobby Day11952vcl
Brian Day381969-2004b,b-g
Bryan Day141981-2018b,vcl,invented instruments
Chris Day12009b
Cora Lee Day21960vcl
Daniel Day41994-2010b,el-b
Dennis Day31942-2008vcl
Derek Day31994-1995g
Devorah Day21999-2003vcl
Doris Day611939-1961vcl
Elisa Day12016vcl
Emily Day12015vcl
Eric Day31998-2006tp
Fred Day21940g
Graeme Day141980-1990bj,g,b
Ike Day31948-1949d
Ilene Day41957vcl
Jackie Day11965vcl
Janice Day141988-2003vcl
Jeff Day11989backing-vcl
Jim Day12008g
John Day161960-2011b,d
Johnny Day21927d
Jon Day22004-2011p,keyboards,org,backing-vcl
Jules Day22010-2011vcl
Ken Day11981tp
Kiku Day52004-2013shakuhachi
Laurie Day21926p
Margie Day101947-1959vcl
Matt Day22005-2006keyboards
Micheline Day21937-1971vcl
Micky Day11956ldr,b
Norm Day11974g
Phil Day32001-2002bj,ts
Richard Day31976perc
Ron Day11970tp
Sally Day12006b-cl,cl
Sanny Day331943-1977vcl,perc,cymbal
Shannon Day12016backing-vcl
Steve Day141980-2018tb,euph,vcl,voice,perc,spoken word,d,hand-perc
Suzanne Day101951-1952vcl
Terry Day591968-2010perc,vcl,as,d,bamboo-pipes,bamboo pipes,etc,p,mandolin,cello,balloons,fl,toys,mand,cond,crackle box,sop,bamboo reed pipes,etc.,voice,hca,bamboo reeds,thumb-p,synt,fl's,pipes,el-org,d-machine,recorder,pocket-tp,keyboards,bamboo-fl,sax,small inst,harmonium,tp
Thomas Day21997electronics,g
Tony Day21998-2002d
Valerie Day31992-1996perc,vcl
Virgil Day12011d
Wyatt Day31969rhythm-g,cond,arr,vcl
Yadley Day11998vcl,perc
The Day Dreamers31945-1947vcl group,vcl
Barbara Day Turner21991-1992cond
Kara Day-Spurlock12005vln
Navasha Daya12006vcl
Edan Dayan11994el-b
Guy Dayan12015vcl,claps
Jean-Luc Dayan51978-1984d
Jordan Dayan71996b
Tom Dayan22017d,perc
Kathy Daycock11983soprano vcl
Josette Dayde31940vcl
Marion Dayden11996b
Irene Daye831938-1949vcl
Margaret Daye11956vcl
Yussef Dayes22016-2017d
Don Daygert11990tb
Carl Daykins11964d
Aubrey Dayle81992-2008d,programming,keyboards,el-perc,d program
Charmaine Dayle12004narrator
Janice Dayle12004vcl
Embra Daylie41947b
Beverly Daylke-Smith11998woodwinds
Alex Dayo11999spk
Pierre Dayraud71991-2001perc,d
Norman Dayron11969synt,keyboards
Bob Dayton21942tb
Greg Dayton12008g
Jeff Dayton11978steel-g
Ronnie Dayton21946vcl
Samira Dayyani12009cello
Jose Alexis Daz11987cga,perc
Julian Daz11993tp
DJ Daze11997scratching
Wayde Dazelle12013saxes
Jeff Dazey32001-2006ts,bar,reeds
DC12003sound design,d-programming,vcl,vcl-engineering,key
Filipe Dias De12013sitar
Jean de Parseval12010el-b
Theryl De'Clouet12001vcl
Eldar De'Zade12000p
Denise Ola De-Jean11985vcl
Arrigo De-Luigi21958d
Ivan De-Swarte11977vcl
De 3 Rhythm Girls51933-1935vcl group
Geoff Dea11982tp
Heather Dea Jennings11996vcl
Alexandre Jose de Abreu21998-1999tu,b
Bibiano Miranda De Abreu11931d
Ivor Deach61968-1991as,bar,direct
Lou Deach51988-1991ts
Stuart Deadhill11962b
Carey Deadman41982-2009tp,flhrn,arr
Gail Deadrick11989backing-vcl
Rock Deadrick21993cga,perc
Bob Deagan11962p
Joe De Aguero21965-1966vib
A.C.S. de Aguiar11980vib
Jose de Aguiar Ribeiro11987cymbals
Eduardo de Aguirre31980-1992p
Jaime de Aguirre11980b
Alan Deak31976-1993arr,p
Andras Deak11995dir
Jon Deak21975-2000b
Mihaly Deak41960-1976d
Sandor Deak31973-1976tp
Tamas Deak41956-1980tp,arr,ldr,cond
Dave Deakin12016tb
Don Deal12015tb
Joe Deal21984-2010b
Mel Deal11997g
Ronnie Deal31975-1976cl
Scott Deal12003perc
Russ DeAlba11978bar
Michael De Albuquerque11971g,vcl
Vitor de Alcantara11995ts,fl,sop
Pedro de Alcantra11997keyboards
Schuyler Deale51988-2000b,b-g,el-b
Escola de Alejo Poveda12006perc
Alberto DeAlmar12004g
Celso de Almeida162008-2019d,arr
Goncalo De Almeida22006b
Henrique de Almeida22001-2008d,perc
Isaias de Almeida12003mand
Israel de Almeida120037 string-g
Joao Daltro de Almeida11986vln
Jose De Almeida11989synt
Luis De Almeida12004g,el-g
Marcio De Almeida11992cavaquinho
Alceu de Almeida Reis11986cello
Peter Dealno12007p
Max De Aloe181999-2015hca,chromatic-hca,accor,electronics
Maria De Alvear12001vcl
Clive Deamer62007-2018d,perc,maracas,bells,cymb
Alan Dean121948-1983vcl,tp
Alex Dean551979-2011ts,fl,cl,sop,b-cl,as,saxes,sax,reeds,oboe,woodwinds,owl calls
Allan Dean21966-1995tb,flhrn
Anthony Dean22001chorus
Barry Dean31972-1975el-b,b
Berna Dean19999-0000vcl
Billy Dean12009vcl
Bob Dean21970d
Bob Dean11925cl,ts
Buddy Dean41959-1983d
Buddy Dean21942cl,bar
Charlie Dean11923bj
Chase Dean51954-1960b-cl,cl,as,ts
Chasemy Dean11955saxes
Chasey Dean11960ts,bassax,b-cl,fl,B-flat-cl
Chasy Dean12003cl,as
Chris Dean191979-2004tb,g,bj,dir
Clark Dean11999sop
Craig Dean11987eng-hrn
Dan Dean111975-2015b,el-b,el-g
Demas Dean211922-1943tp,cnt
Dolphus Dean21946-1960b
Don Dean101946-1947tp,as
Don Dean41984el-b
Don Dean11933vcl
Donald Dean371961-2012d,perc,bells
Donald Dean11933ldr
Doud Dean11981perc
Ed Dean21987-1994g,vcl,el-g
Elton Dean1671968-2005as,saxello,el-p,saxes,sax,sopranino,c-mel,sop,fl,straight-as,wood-fl,ts
Felice Dean12006perc
Gerri Dean31972background vcl
Hal C. Dean41925-1926bj
Hannah Dean21960vcl
Heston Dean12002p
Jack Dean11960d
James Dean11984claves
James L. Dean81985-2010cl,ts,fl,as,arr,bar
Jane Dean11930vcl
Jeff Dean11973tb
Jim Dean21982-1990d,bar
Joe Dean11958bar
John Dean31969-1980perc
Johnny Dean11970chimes
K. Dean21993Jamaican-rap
Kelly Dean12006reeds
Ken Dean101948-1982cnt,vcl,tp
Ken Dean51970-2011as,reeds,fl,cl,ts
Kevin Dean281990-2019tp,comp,arr,spoken-word,org,flhrn
Kevin Dean11988keyboards
L. Dean11960p
Lawrence "Bubbles" Dean22004-2010d
Libby Dean11957vcl
Lorna Dean11949vcl
Mal Dean11970tp
Manda Dean11991vcl
Maurice Dean31982-1987vcl
Melvin Dean12011steel-d
Merv Dean21946-1948tp
Mia Dean11989vcl
Michael Dean11994backing-vcl,vcl
Mikel Dean11989vcl
Mladen Dean11996vln
Motter Dean11981harp
Nick Dean21975-1977b
Patricia Dean22005-2009d,vcl,perc
Peter Dean91972-1997vcl,uke,bar,background vcl
Phil Dean12007tb
Robert Dean31928-1931as
Robert B. Dean31924-1925reeds
Roger Dean301975-2013p,keyboards,el-p,synt,computers,programming,b,elec
Sabrina Dean12000p
Sarah Dean101951-2015saxes,as,cl,vcl
Stephanie Dean12001vln
Suzanne Dean61985-1990cond,arr,vcl,p
Terence Dean11994ts
Tom Dean11997vcl
Tommy Dean81949-1958p,org
Vinnie Dean1091948-1960as,bar,fl,pic
Wade Dean12010saxes
Wallich Dean21949-1957b,el-b
Wesley Dean121938-1939d
William Dean11998vcl
Dean Sisters11963vcl
Jane Dean-Burkhart12008p
Gilmario M. de Andrade11991d
Ruben De Andrea41967-1995d,perc
Marco De Andreis11983g,el-b
Victor de Andres11997tb
Joe DeAndries21974-1975fl,reeds
Alison Deane21992-2009p,harpsichord
Chris Deane11988perc
Debbie Deane31991-2006p,vcl
Dino J.A. Deane22013-2017live sampler,electronics,sampler,lapsteel dulcimer
Dorena Deane11950vcl
Ed Deane11983g
Ernest Deane11970flhrn,tp
J.A. Deane981983-2008tb,electronics,sampler,cond,live sampling,perc,b-f
Laura Deane11936vcl
Ron Deane21951g
Sammy Deane21942-1943tp
Teddy Deane11999cl
Terry Deane12006ts
James DeAngeles21927-1930cl,ts
Victor DeAngeles21927-1930accor
Lorenzo de Angeli22007-2009b,el-b
Adi de Angelis181940-1959d
Bob De Angelis321976-2018cl,saxes,as,ts,reeds,arr,bar,sop,fl,sax
Bobbie De Angelis12010ts
Bobby De Angelis21995-1998ts
Charles De Angelis51963-1965ts,cl,as,alto-fl,fl
Chris DeAngelis22012-2013b
Generoso De Angelis11996as
Jerry DeAngelis91960-1964as
Jim DeAngelis21985-1987g
Joe DeAngelis111959-1978fhr,fhr-overdub
Joseph De Angelis91968-1983fhr
Luciano De Angelis12005perc
Mario De Angelis11994b
Maurizio De Angelis71960-1970g
Milo De Angelis12001vcl
Pasquale de Angelis32000-2002b
Peter De Angelis21965cond,arr
Phil DeAngelis71979g,synt,el-g,perc
Tony Deangelis32001-2005d
Jeff DeAngelo11988tp
Danny Deans91945-1946tp
Maurice Deans11946tp
Michael Deans31997fl,ts
Mickey Deans21937-1945ts
Micky Deans41946tp
Auguste De Anthony21975g,el-g
Joao De Aquino11992g
Luis De Aquino12003g
Kirwin Dear21970g,perc
Bill De Arango211945-2006g
Joe Dearani12010ts
Antoine "Caito" Dearborn101990cga,bgo,quinto,shekere
Master Antoine Dearborn11977cga,perc
Antoine Cayito Dearborne12005cga
Manuel de Arcos11990hca
Kevin Dearden12007as,bar,g,sop
Chuck Deardorf761977-2018b,el-b,b-g,fretted-b,fretless-el-b,fretless-b
Glen Deardorff21975-1977g
Blossom Dearie521948-1999vcl,p,arr,el-p,keyboards,cond,clavecimbel,clavinova
Phil Dearle61951-2002p
Ramon DeArman31937-1939g,b
Miguel de Armas12017p,keyboards
Miguel Angel de Armas41986-2001p,keyboards
Carol DeArment12005b
Al Dearmon21979-1980p
Magnus Dearness12014tb
Caroline Dearnley51996-2017cello
Greg Dearth82002-2015as,cl,ts,vcl,reeds,ukulele,tenor-g
Gary Deary71994-2006b,flhrn,el-b
Robin Deary11995vcl
Eddie Deas21930-1931d,vcl
Josef Deas12007b
Kevin Deas21995-2001vcl,vcl-baritone
Adam Deascentis32011-2017b,el-b
Deante Dease12006tp
Gwendolyn Dease32015marimba
Michael Dease622003-2019tb,ts,tu,bar,v-tb,sop,vtb,tp,dir
Mike Dease22008tb
Piero De Asmundis131988-2008p,keyboards,el-p
Dave Deason12011p
Matt Deason32006el-b
Gilson De Assis11990d
Mike Deasy151964-1973g,unknown inst,el-g,vcl,perc
Jean-Luc Deat12008b
Jacob Deaton12011g
Ronnie Deauville521947-1958vcl
Beverly Deaver11993vcl
Susan Deaver11975fl
Daudeth De Azevado21973cavaco
Daniel De Azevedo32004backing-vcl
Doudeth De Azevedo11985g
Lex DeAzevedo31962-2010p,arr,celeste
Roberto de Azevedo11964cavaquinho,cl,bandolim,clarone,arr,fl
Walter Batista de Azevedo11962tb
Hindol Deb12017sitar
Jan De Backer41993-2002tb
Raphael Debacker12012p
Vital De Backer11947tp
Anne-Gabriel Debaecker12010digital-p,samples
R. De Baets11957cl,sax
Jean Debaisieux11972tb
Sylvain Debaisieux12017sop,ts
Veronique Deballe11991pic
Andrea De Balsi12010bassoon
Jean-Pierre Debarbat121977-1984ts,sop,fl,as,saxes,b-cl,arr,cl,sax,bar,reeds
El DeBarge11996vcl
Willis De Barge12006d
Sabino de Bari12018classical-g
Angelo Debarre241989-2009g,arr,g
Antenor de Barros21980bar
Oscar de Barros71944-1946vcl,p
Waldir de Barros11968tp
Rene Debas11985g
Jean-Luc Debattice12003spoken word
Yves de Bay11971sop
Yves-Pierre De Bay11977bj
Debbie and the Diplomats11959vcl
Amos Oscar Debe12001perc
Remy Belanger de Beauport22018cello
Antonio Cuadros De Bejar12018g
B. Debek21974tp
Josef Debek11969tp
Eddy De Belder241953-1957p,ldr,org
Edgard De Belder11954p
Fafa de Belem11983vcl
Fabien Debellefontaine62010-2017sousa,tu,fl
Bob DeBellis281990-2012fl,as,b-cl,ts,bar,sop,cl,alto-fl
Daniella DeBellis11998vcl
Robert DeBellis12009ts
Sandro de Bellis32000-2006perc
Caroline de Bendern21969-1971african instruments,vcl
Bob DeBenedette22010-2012p
David Deberg21990d
Davide De Bernardi11995b
Emilio De Bernardis61929-1948tp
Vincenzo De Bernardis21948-1949tp

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