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This index refers to the 213,844 individual jazz musicians (1,330,013 total entries) included in over 231,514 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of April, 2017.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page D22 - David Duthie to Beth Dzwil

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
David Duthie11993b
Isabelle Duthoit22000-2004cl,vcl
Julien Duthu22004-2007b
Sylvain Duthuille12007p
Ezequiel Dutil32004-2011b
David Dutka11991flhrn,tp
John Dutka11970d
Artur Dutkiewicz131986-2007p,synt
Gene Dutkin11974tp
Erik Dutko12004g
Richard Dutoin11928cl,as,bassax
Chambon Dutour11971tp
Pierre Dutour331961-1992tp,flhrn,c-mel,bandoneon
Andrea Dutra12014backing-vcl
Vitor Dutra12014vln
Christophe Dutray31989-1991tp,flhrn
Honore Dutrey151923-1929tb
Sam Dutrey61961-1971cl
Albert Dutrieux11954accor
Guillaume Dutrieux22001-2004flhrn,tp,pocket-tp
Marcel Dutrieux81950-1953b
Thomas Dutronc22002-2006g
Pat Dutrow41980-1982bj,g
Pat "Flash" Dutrow11980bj
Hank Dutt101981-2001viola,vla,vln
Jim Dutt11986unknown inst
Kanai Dutta21961tabla
Manfred Duttkowski11973b
Bill Dutton31928-1982vcl,d
Brent Dutton21989-2004tu
Carolyn Dutton32006-2011vln
Charles Dutton11992vcl
Elizabeth Lim Dutton22001-2002vln
Fred Dutton141951-1963b,bassoon,contra-bassoon,basson
Gilbert Dutton41922-1927cl,as,ts
Jim Dutton11994tu
Ken Dutton31936b
Kenny Dutton21937b
Larry Dutton12002viola
Lawrence Dutton32001-2008viola
Paul Dutton111993-2003vcl,voice,hca,ts
James Duttore11945ts
Alexandra Dutulescu11998cello
Brad Dutz1591981-2016perc,mar,vib,cymb,xyl,bgo,crotales,concertina,glass-mar,d,pods,cupchimes,mallets,sampler,melodica,cga,hand-d,rainstick,nipple gongs,teponatzli,whistles,cajon,aerophones,samplers,gongs,orchestra bells,flangerbell,bells,udu,berimbau,frame-d,clay bowls,kidi,daff,hand-perc,metal-perc,tp,caxixi,voice,cup chime,kanjira,tu-fl,hanjira,bell plate,heavy bell,rig,Steel-d,etc,batas,obsidian chimes,clay jay call,bougarabou,synt,snare-d,tablas,spinner,glass,acate chimes,finger-cymb,shakers,balloon whistle,samples,zarb,priste-gongs,bones,b-d,Indian bells,mallet,bass-slit-d,wing gong,tabla,batajons,vcl,tymp,hand perc,waterphone,ratchet,birdcalls,cl,pandeiro,string-cajon,arp axxe,bird whistles,timp,tb,bougarrbou,sogo,bell chimes,hand d,sound discs,mega-cupchime,rotosound,hadjira,balaphone,windchimes,mallet-synt
Jasper Dutz22003-2006cl,b-cl,B-flat-cl
Esben Duus41999-2004d,snare-d
Thomas Duus11996d
John Duva41990slide-g,g,vcl,el-g
Judy Duva12007p
Mike Duva31990-2007as,bar,b-cl,cl,reeds
Bruno Duval22006-2009d
Dan Duval32008-2015g
Dominic Duval1541987-2012b,electronics,Hutchins-b,osie-d,live electronics,mallets,cymb,p,chamber-b,el-b,prepared-b,thumb-p,prepared b,mallets on p,vcl
Duke DuVal11940tp
Gene Duval11948tp
Jack Duval32002-2008d,balafon
Jean-Michel Duval11973p
Kendra Duval12013fhr
Laurent Duval11980g
Matthew Duval12011vib,marimba,glockenspiel
Roland Duval11975cga,perc
Taiwo Duval11961african-perc
Billy DuVall41952tp
Frank Duvall51995-2002b
Harry DuVall21958-1969voice,vcl
Mary Duvall11995spoken word
Matthew Duvall12008perc
Rich Duvall12006perc
Thomas Duvall11960perc
Reginald Duvalle31969-2000tb
Pierre Duvanel31971-1979tp
Alex Duvel32001-2006flhrn,perc
Clement Duventru21993-1994d
Kevin Duvernay11990b
Antoine Duvernet21975as,ts,fl
Henri Duvet11934p
Daniel Duvgard12008b
George Duvivier8241941-1985b,arr,el-b,strings
Joachim Duwe11982b
Sonke Duwer11995d
Baki Duyarlar51975-2012p,keyboards,ud
Charles Duyff11978d
Erol Duygulu11996sax
Tayfun Duygulu12010sax
John Duykers11981tenor
Koos Duym31981-1982d
Henk Duymelink11975cnt
Paul van Duyn11983bar
Sytze van Duyn11980tp
Wil Duyn11967d
Will Duyn11970vcl
Paul Duynhouwer11959tb
Fred van Duynhoven191974-1997d,perc
Martin van Duynhoven781966-2014d,perc,comp,b-d,ts
Gregoire Duynslaeger11990vln
Mary Duys11972vcl group
Willem Duys11969cond,p
Dick Duyvis11964b
Ryszard duz12001vcl
Claude Duze11982g
General Duze31953-1960g
Bronislav Duzhy11989tb
Bronek Duzy21987-1997tb,fl,vcl
Bronislaw Duzy31986-1996tb
Howee Duzzit31998-2002perc
Milos Dvoracek32001-2010perc,d,p,kalimba,vcl
Jim Dvorak391976-2013tp,pocket-tp,vcl,perc,voice,whistles,penny whistle,fl,hrn-arr
Jiri Dvorak12000arr,ldr
Michal Dvorak41969-1971tp
Milan Dvorak31964-2006p
O. Dvorak11962b
Ota Dvorak11945as
Petr Dvorak11986el-b
Zdenek Dvorak191976-1996g,vcl,el-g
Zdenek Sarka Dvorak22001vln
Aleksandras Dvorakovskis11986d
David Dvorin11996computer,sampler,bj,g,el-g,bowed psaltery
Larry Dvorin51977-2005cl,ts,fl,sax,saxes
Valeri Dvornikov11967b
Petr Dvorsky121993-2013b
R.A. Dvorsky11930p,vcl
Ernst Dvorzak11972tp
Zlatko Dvorzak161966-1980p,el-p
Victor Dvoskin241972-2007b,el-b
Ellen Dwan11992voices
Steve Dweck81962-1968tymp,latin perc,perc
Irv Dweir21959p
Herschel Dwellingham111973-2001d,arr,hrn-arr,vcl
Steve Dwiggins21996bj,g
Damon Dwight12001d
John Dwight11985arr
Carlo Dwijs11988org
Matt Dwonszyk22014b
Aaron Dworkin11980vln
Don Dworkin12005b,vcl
John Dworkin12006el-g
Richard Dworkin211979-2016d,talking-d,perc,bgo
Ernst Dworschak21963-1965tp
Baila Dworsky11982bj,g,vcl
Manfred Dworsky31978-1987d
Rich Dworsky11996p
Ernst Dworzak71963-1978tp
Adrian Dwyer11998b
Ben Dwyer22014-2015g
Bob Dwyer461964-2006tb,vcl
Herb Dwyer51928-1929cl,as
Hugo Dwyer11992perc
Jennifer Dwyer11992voices
Larry Dwyer31968-2007tb,arr,p
Matt Dwyer11993g
Maura Dwyer12014strings
Paul Dwyer12009b
Phil Dwyer711986-2012ts,sop,p,sax,as,arr,dir,saxes,fl,cond,bar,comp,woodwinds
Robert L. Dwyer11925tb,sax
Beth Dwzil12008viola
Aleksei Dyachkov12000viola
Viktor Dyakonov11944vln
Prezemek Dyakowski12005ts
Przemek Dyakowski12007saxes
Colin Dyall21989-1990saxes
Sharon Dyall42000-2015vcl
Johnny Mbizo Dyani751964-1986b,vcl,p,perc,bells,tamb,keyboards,fl,bamboo-fl,bell
Thomas Dyani-Akiru161983-2004perc,cga,talking-d,gongs,djembe,bata
J.B. Dyas21991-1993b
Arne Dybdahl12012d
Helene Dybdahl11996vcl
Per Dybdahl31943-1945tp
Erik Dybeck11969cello
Herbert Dybeck81935-1943as,ts
Darryl Dybka71974-1981el-p,synt,rhythm arr
Linda van Dyck11979vcl
Marcia van Dyck11973vln
Ralph Dyck11983synt,electronics,el-p
Tom van Dyck32003-2013bar,as,sop
Wolfgang Dyck11982bj
Glenn Dydak11987ts,fl
Grzegorz Dyduch12002b
Adrian Dye11977hrn,org
Antoine Dye11995tp
Bill Dye11986g,bousouki,lap steel-g
Charles Dye11991tb
Elbert "Coots" Dye31946-1978p
John "John-John" Dye11991bar-hrn
Ken Dye11989dir
Mimi Dye32004-2009viola,strings
Oscar Dye21974-1984cga
Steven Dye12005flubaphonics,b-cl
Roland Dyens11997g
Ada Dyer71992-2006vcl,backing-vcl
Ann Dyer31993-2006vcl
Beverly Dyer11977cello
Bob Dyer11940ts
Bokani Dyer12007keyboards
Brian Dyer22004-2007vcl
Bryan Dyer12004vcl
Bugs Dyer21976-1978arr,as
Chris Dyer11987tp
Dick Dyer131944-1945vcl
Jeff Dyer12008vcl
John Dyer12001ts
Johnny Dyer11998vcl,hca
Julian Dyer12007p
Margie Dyer31985-1988vcl,p
Margie Lou Dyer31993-2007p,vcl
Melani Dyer12007viola
Melanie Dyer51997-2011viola
Mike Dyer11996tp
Nikki Dyer11998pic,fl
Penny Dyer31994-1998vcl,backing-vcl
Pete Dyer471957-1998tb
Refiloe Dyer12007backing-vcl
Steve Dyer102003-2007g,programming,keyboards,fl,storotoro,el-g,ts,vcl,p
Warwick Dyer11951tb
Warwick "Wocka" Dyer341947-1955tb,vcl,p
Wilbert Dyer11977as
Wilbur Dyer81950-1952as
Errol Dyers11991el-g
Greg Dyes11991digital prog.,synt,p
Clayton Dyess51987-2008g
Wayne Dyess11960dir
Don Dygert11970tb
Harry van Dyk971936-1943d,claves
Nick van Dyk11992tb
... Dyke11953tp
Frank Dyke11937b
Fred Dyke11937p
Joe Dyke11996tp
Johnny Dyke12002strings,keyboards
Louis van Dyke11961p
Ralph Dyke11970vib
Roy Dyke31971-1980d
Greg Dykes11962bar-hrn
Jimmie Dykes51995-2009p
Katrina Dykes22007-2008backing-vcl,vcl
Brian Dykstra21976-1982p
Marek Dykta11998g
Edward Dylag21964b
Roman Dylag1341957-2005b,g,vcl
Bob Dylan11962hca
Twm Dylan12016b
Chris Dyle12010as
Kelly Dylia12005viola
Kelly Dylla32004viola
Lars Dylte21992-1995p
Michal Dymny12010g
Charlie Dynamite21976d
Three Dynamites11947vcl
Sean Dynan12007saxes
Paul Dyne151982-2012b
Lee Dynes12012el-g
Carsten Dyngeland21981-1997p
Tor Dynna11963g
Johan Dynnesen21999backing-vcl
Lise Dynnesen11984synt,p,harmonium
Mogens Dyrberg11972d
Jeff Dyrda12011vln
Errol Dyres71989g
Jacob Dyring11998g
Krzysztof Dys22010-2012p
Jonathan Dysart11989vln
Belle Dyson11929vcl
D.K. Dyson111986-2004vcl,voice,backing-vcl
David Dyson421949-2015el-b,b,arr,d
Dennis Dyson21949d
DK Dyson12011vcl
Elizabeth Dyson52003cello
Elliot Dyson11999ts,sop
Emil Dyson11950vcl
Joe Dyson51957-2015d,tp
Joseph Dyson12008d
Joseph Dyson, Jr.12015perc,cowbell,d,tamb
Kat Dyson11995g
Kathy Dyson12010g
Mal Dyson11971bj
Nick Dyson12010tp
Willard Dyson331994-2015d,perc
Willard B. Dyson, Jr.12011d
Steve Dyte22003flhrn,tp
Hans Dyvik201991-2013tp,flhrn
Per Dywling31990-2003cnt,tb,bar-hrn
Rob Dz22008-2014vcl,spoken word
Aleksandar Dzambasov11986cond
A. Dzambazov11980cond
Jan Dzavik11996vln
Kwaku Dzidzornu21975-1994cga,backing vcl,perc
B. Dziedzic11977perc
Krzysztof Dziedzic81996-2008d,perc,voice,vcl
C. Dzierla11969tu
Udo Dzierzanowski22002-2004g
Michal Dziewinski12013d
Pawel Dziewonski21997fhr
Kuno Dzikowski11982tb
Mark Dziuba52002-2012g,mand
Tomasz Dziubanski11985g,el-g
L. Dziwoki11977tb
Dzsindzsa :12009
Agnieszka Dzubak12004cello
David Dzubinski12012keyboards
Marina Dzukljev12014p
Vig Dzurinko11997p
Virg Dzurinko31979-2015p
Peter Dzurkov11978synt,clavinet,p,el-p
Barbara Dzuro11987p
Beth Dzwil81999-2009viola

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